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Your Distribution Complex describes the collection of structures on your 48 x 48 block Distribution Plot. Over the course of the Challenge, your team will construct Technology Level 1-8 warehouses, Utility Buildings and structure improvements (Wi-Fi hot-spots, signage etc.) to increase the Robot Population Capacity of your Complex and the Efficiency of your robots. As you construct additional Warehousing, more Polycraft World Delivery Bots you will able to accommodate, deliver essential goods to the population in need and retrieve raw materials. Autonomous Delivery Robots will available each Minecraft day at 10 AM based on the number of valid charging stations in your Distribution Complex. More advanced warehouses are able to hold more charging stations and be built with increasing numbers of stories to increase your robot population capacity.

To "merely" upgrade your Distribution Complex to Technology Level 4, (or 8 for the likely BEST Champion teams), you do not need to be concerned about your Robots' efficiency. However, this will have a big effect on your final score. As you engineer your distribution complex and unlock new Utility Buildings, you must be creative in your civil engineering to position structures for maximum utility to increase your utility score and bolster each Robot's efficiency (GLC). It is likely that winning teams will use advanced Power Tools to rapidly tear down and renovate structures as the teams progress through different Technology Level.

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