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The capabilities of your Island Logistics Nexus are all based on your current Technology Level. Each Technology Level unlocks a new type of warehouse building material that your 3D Printer can use, a new level of charging station to equip the warehouses, and a new utility building for your delivery bots to use. As you progress to more and more advanced technologies, the stronger materials and better 3D Printers can support larger and larger structures.

Early on, you could probably build enough structures by hand to advance to the next level. But to build a truly impressive number of structures, 3D Printers is the way to go!

Advancing Technology Level

The delivery bots will return useful raw materials, the payment for the goods they deliver. Once the Technology Level is high enough, the delivery bots will begin delivering the payments of raw materials that will enable you to advance to the next Technology Level. Delivery bots payments are collected every Minecraft Evening at 10:00pm (every 20 minutes real time) in the supply chest in the Storeroom.

Rules to Advance to the next Tech Level:

1) Have enough delivery bots using the previous Tech Level (not counting remaining warehouses from the previous Tech Level): Every level will require 16 more delivery bots than the previous level, meaning you will need 16 delivery bots in dirt warehouses, 32 bots in wood warehouses (not counting remaining dirt warehouses), and so on.

2) Have at least one of each available utility buildings: Every level requires the addition of at least one utility buildings to your Island Logistics Nexus. Some of these buildings, such as the Workshop and Laboratory, are powerful and allow your bots to perform more profitable deliveries.

Tech Level Construction Material Number of delivery bots needed at Current Tech Level to Advance to the Next Level* Utility Buildings needed to Advance to Next Level
1 Dirt 16 Electrical Closet, Central Receiving
2 Wood 32 Tooling Station
3 Stone(not cobblestone) 48 Quality Control Room
4 Polexiglas 64 Data Warehouse
5 ABS Bricks 80 Accounting Office
6 Bronze 96 Automation Hub
7 Stainless Steel 112 Just-in-time Manufacturing Augmentation Hub
8 Carbon Fiber Resin 128 Central Logistics Hub


A warehouse are the bases of operations for your delivery bots. Better warehouses will enable delivery bots to work more efficiently. Warehouses are the main structures on your distribution plot and, as you increase your Technology Level, you will be able to use stronger the construction materials that will enable larger and larger constructions rising up into the sky!

Charging Stations

Every charging station in a warehouse corresponds to 1 delivery bot. Every Technology Level upgrade unlocks new construction material and better charging stations. To count towards your score, any charging station must match the Technology Level of the warehouse it is in.

Utility Buildings

New Technology Levels will also unlock new utility buildings that will help improve your Island Logistics Nexus.

Multistory Houses

As your construction material advances (starting at Technology Level 3), you can start to 3D Print multi-story structures and build vertically! While this gives you increased opportunities to skyrocket your capacity, the delivery bots must still be able to safely enter each warehouse. For any door more than 2 blocks above ground level, it must have a ladder nearby that extends safely to the ground.

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