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Figure 1: Use a variety of power tools to increase your efficiency as you build and tear down buildings

Power Tools are acquired by completing the Polycraft Recycling and Waste Scavenger Hunt. They can break up to 9 blocks of the same type in a 3x3 area. Very useful for quickly renovating your Village Plot or gathering up lots of dirt, cobblestone, or sand. They also never break, even without any fuel!

Each tool begins at 100% fuel and is slowly drained as it is used. At 0% fuel, the power tools will behave like regular tools. They can be refueled by being placed in the crafting table with a valid fuel, such as diesel or kerosene

Figure 2: Power tools begin at 100% fuel and are drained as you use them
Figure 3: Power tools at 0% fuel behave like regular tools until they are refueled

List of Tools

Powered Shovel

Powered Axe

Powered Iron Pickaxe

Powered Silk Touch Axe (glass clean up)

Powered Diamond Pickaxe

Powered Heated Knife (polymer)

Powered Engineered Carbon-Fiber Pickaxe

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