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Phase 1 of the Global Logistics Challenge will be scored for all teams until the reach Technology Level 4. Everything players do will be monitored and certain actions are worth more points than others. All scoring is detailed below.

Phase 2 scoring details can be found here.

Teams can monitor their challenge progress here

Core Gameplay

The points below outline the actions that will be evaluated during the 2023 BEST Robotics - Global Logistics Challenge. All actions have a maximum possible score beyond which repeated actions earn 0 points. While nearly all actions are repeatable, the core milestones will only earn in-game and score-wise rewards once. The actions taken by all players on the same team will be aggregated when scoring. Only the first fifty hours of gameplay and actions taken by players on a team will be summed when calculating your team's round score.

In addition to scores for reaching all milestones and taking various actions, the Maximum Size of your Village at each Technology Level will provide you with an uncapped Distribution Complex Score determined by how many Polycraft World Delivery Bots you recruit and are Warehousing and how efficient they are.

Core Points: Score Through the Aegis

These scores are reported in game and updated continuously.

Score Through the Aegiss Formula Max Score
Peak Technology Level 1 Score Technology Level 1 x Level 1 Robot Population Capacity x Level 1 Average Efficiency x 100 Uncapped
Peak Technology Level 2 Score Technology Level 2 x Level 2 Robot Population Capacity x Level 2 Average Efficiency x 100 Uncapped
Peak Technology Level 3 Score Technology Level 3 x Level 3 Robot Population Capacity x Level 3 Average Efficiency x 100 Uncapped
Peak Technology Level 4 Score Technology Level 4 x Level 4 Robot Population Capacity x Level 4 Average Efficiency x 100 Uncapped

The combined peak scores from each Technology Level are summed up in the Score Through the Aegis.

Bonus Points

These scores are calculated based on our comprehensive log files and updated on our Analytics Website every evening.

Bonus Points: Expanding your Distribution Complex

Action Points/Action Max Score
Milestone 1: Build Central Receiving with a Supply Chest 8,192 8,192
Milestone 2: Recruit 16 robots in Dirt Warehouses and Build a Electrical Closet 16,384 16,384
Milestone 3: Recruit 32 robots in Wooden Warehouses and Build a Tooling Station 16,384 16,384
Milestone 4: Recruit 48 robots in Stone Warehouses and Build a Quality Control Room 16,384 16,384
Milestone 5: Recruit 64 robots in Polexiglas Warehouses and Build a Data Warehouse 16,384 16,384

Bonus Points: 3D Printing

Action Points/Action Max Score
Crafting 3D Printers 2,048 8,192
Crafting 3D Scanners 2,048 8,192
3D Printing a block 4 16,384

Bonus Points: Amenities

For every Warehouse you build, upgrades will improve the efficiency of the workplacework. Improving your Distribution Complex with upgrades at any point during the Round gives you bonus points.

Efficiency Bonuses Points/Action Max Score
Place at least one signage in 16 different Structures. 256 8,192
Injection Mold 1,024 Flower Pot Sections (Wi-Fi hot-spot). 32 8,192
Wi-Fi hot-spot shaped as 256 Flowers (Pro Tip: or Flowering Succulents). 32 8,192
Have at least 16 Structures at the same time each with Lighting: 100% 8,192 8,192
Get Average Efficiency Above 160% with at least 16 Robot Population Capacity at each Technology Level 1-4 8,192 32,768
Utility Bonus Points/Action Max Score
Build a Valid Electrical Closet with four Generators. 4,096 4,096
Build a Generator in a Valid second story Electrical Closet. 8,192 8,192
Build a Valid Tooling Station with four signage and four doors. 8,192 8,192
Build a Valid Quality Control Room with a bed...for those late night experiments 4,096 4,096
Build a Valid Quality Control Room with a Lighting Score of 0%. 8,192 8,192
Build a Valid Data Warehouse with a 16-block Supercomputer. 4,096 4,096
Build a Valid Data Warehouse with nine doors at max door height. 8,192 8,192

Bonus Points: Polycrafting

Playing Polycraft World during this challenge is encouraged, and necessary, to be successful during Round 1. Polycrafting will earn scoring rewards in accordance of the chart below. Players will be best served aiming to attain points by completing the core milestones demonstrated above.

Engineering Bonuses Points Max Score
Craft 128 Tree Taps 8 1,024
Craft a Machining Mill 1,024 1,024
Craft an Injection Molder 1,024 1,024
Craft an Extruder 1,024 1,024
Craft a Distillation Column 1,024 1,024
Craft a Condenser 1,024 1,024
Craft an Industrial Oven 1,024 1,024
Craft a Plastic Chest 2,048 2,048
Craft 4 Gripped Tools 256 1,024
Craft 4 Pogo Sticks 256 1,024
Craft 4 Pairs of Running Shoes 256 1,024

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