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Dirt is so low Tech Level. You could create charging stations with it but there are far better technologies. Would you rather use a nylon charging stations that will recharge your delivery bots much faster? Evolve the machinery in your complex to the latest technology to achieve higher efficiency.

Charging Stations: Every charging stations in a warehouse adds 1 delivery bots to your Distribution Complex, increasing your capacity. Similar to the construction material upgrades, every Technology Level upgrades the quality of the charging stations in your warehouses. To count towards your score, any charging stations must match the Technology Level of the warehouse it is in. As your technology advances, you will be able to get more advanced fibers to construct machinery that is more efficient.

Rules for a valid charging stations:

1) Storage needs space. The larger your structures, the more goods you can store and deliver and more charging stations you can accommodate. A structure can support 1 charging station for every 9 floor blocks.

2) Delivery bots need unobstructed charging stations: The 4 blocks directly above each charging stations (2x2) must be open.

3) High tech warehouses require matching machinery, a virtuous cycle. The charging stations must match the Tech Level of the warehouse.

For the exact charging stations needed for a given Technology Level, see the table below:

Tech Level Required Construction Material Required charging stations Type
1 Dirt Dirt Charging Stations
2 Wood Acrylic Wool Charging Stations
3 Stone(not cobblestone) Olefin Wool Charging Stations
4 Polexiglas Polyester Wool Charging Stations (Beginner)
5 ABS Bricks Polyester Wool Charging Stations (Intermediate)
6 Bronze Nylon Wool Charging Stations (Beginner)
7 Stainless Steel Nylon Wool Charging Stations (Intermediate)
8 Carbon Fiber Resin Nylon Silk Charging Stations (Advanced)

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