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Delivery bots, also know as automated robots, need infrastructure to recharge, collect goods and deliver them to the populations in need. Soon they will become your ticket to efficiency and success and help you become the logistic powerhouse that helps propel your civilization to epic heights, unlocks new technologies and adds to your final score. While Robot Population Capacity is a significant contributor to your score, increasing the number of available delivery bots is not your only task. Increasing the individual Efficiency of each bot is critical to score in the very Top Tier of BEST competitors.

Delivery Robot Contributions

The productivity of your delivery bots will increase with the technology level of the supporting infrastructure. They will be to deliver more goods and, consequentially, retrieve more payments in the form of raw materials that will be useful to your mission.

To start, robots retrieve payment in the form of Iron, Copper, Redstone, and even Nether Stars. As the quality of the goods Robots deliver increases by employing advanced machinery in Utility Buildings, such as the Machining Mill in the Tooling Station or the Chemical Processor in the Quality Control Room, they will be able to collect better compansation. While your team of ~1-10 Engineers focuses on 3D Printing and infrastructure planning, the payments for the good's deliveries will allow you to equip and upgrade your infrastructure.

As you accommodate more robots to serve your increasing warehouse capacity, they will return increasing amounts of resources every Minecraft evening at 10 PM. There are scaling calculations based on the team size to balance the challenge for different sized teams.

Pro Tip: Building Central Receiving as early as possible is the best way to reap all of the rewards the Robots have to offer.

Round 1 - Industrious Robots Yields

When you have at least 5 Robots at any Technology Level, you will receive:

When you have at least 5 Technology Level 1 Robots, you will receive:

When you have at least 16 Technology Level 1 Robots (Dirt Warehouses) and a Electrical Closet, you will receive:

When you have at least 32 Technology Level 2 Robots (Wooden Warehouses) and a Tooling Station, you will receive:

When you have at least 1 Technology Level 3 Robot (Stone Warehouse), you will receive:

When you have at least 48 Technology Level 3 Robots (Stone Warehouses) and a Quality Control Room, you will receive:

When you have at least 64 Technology Level 4 Robots (Polexiglas Houses) and a Data Warehouse, you will receive:

Round 2 - Industrious Villager Yields

These will be a surprise for the first teams to get here, but you will have a huge advantage if you progress quickly. We may choose to update this section in a few weeks with itemized rewards to help teams that got off to slower starts, plan their strategy and try to catch up.

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