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Refugees arrive desperate, hungry, tired and in need of shelter. Soon they will become your Villagers and become the manufacturing powerhouse that helps propel your civilization to epic heights, unlocks new technologies and adds to your Challenge Score. While Population Capacity is a significant contributor to your Challenge Score, increasing population density is not your only task. Increasing the individual Happiness of each Villager is critical to score in the very Top Tier of BEST competitors.

Refugee/Villager Contributions

Your Refugees are very skilled individuals, and the better their Village becomes the more motivated they will be to contribute valuable items to your mission.

To start, Refugees will forage across Polycraft Island and mine/harvest items that will aid you, such as Iron, Copper, Redstone, and even Nether Stars. As Refugees gain access to advanced machinery in Community Buildings, such as the Machining Mill in the Workshop or the Chemical Processor in the Laboratory, they will be able to make more and more powerful items. While your team of ~1-10 Engineers focuses on 3D Printing and community planning, your dozens to hundreds of Refugees can produce a truly impressive amount of the construction, bedding, and other materials needed to construct an ever-larger Village.

As more refugees settle, they produce increasing amounts of resources every Minecraft evening at 10 PM. There are scaling calculations based on the team size to balance the challenge for different sized teams.

Pro Tip: Building a Storeroom as early as possible is the best way to reap all of the rewards the Refugees have to offer.

Industrious Villager Yields

Note: Having at least 1 Villager at a given tech level will grant the rewards from the previous level.

When you have at least 5 Villagers at ANY Technology Level, they will harvest:

Technology Level 1

When you have at least 5 Technology Level 1 Villagers, they will harvest:

When you have at least 16 Technology Level 1 Villagers (Dirt Houses) and a Bathroom, you will receive:

Technology Level 2

When you have at least 32 Technology Level 2 Villagers (Wood Houses) and a Workshop, you will receive:

Technology Level 3

When you have at least 1 Technology Level 3 Villager (Stone House), you will receive:

When you have at least 48 Technology Level 3 Villagers (Stone Houses) and a Laboratory, you will receive:

Technology Level 4

When you have at least 64 Technology Level 4 Villagers (Polexiglas Houses) and a Commissary, you will receive:

Technology Level 5

When you have at least 80 Technology Level 5 Villagers (ABS Brick Houses) and a Library, you will receive:

Technology Level 6

When you have at least 96 Technology Level 6 Villagers (Bronze Houses) and a School, you will receive:

Technology Level 7

When you have at least 112 Technology Level 7 Villagers (Stainless Steel Houses) and a Clinic, you will receive:

Technology Level 8

When you have at least 128 Technology Level 8 Villagers (Carbon Fiber Houses) and an Art Gallery, you will receive:

  • Only the most advanced will make it this far. It's a surprise. More rewards to come!

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