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This is the score that will determine the BEST Robotics Team Champion for the 2023 Refugee Crisis Challenge.

Basic Analytics

Your Challenge Score is the uncapped score which is potentially the highest value scoring portion of the 2023 BEST Robotics - Refugee Crisis Challenge. Regional and National winners will likely be the teams that maximize this metric. Your Challenge Score is a growing (never-shrinking) testament to your hard work, ingenuity, creativity, planning, exploring, problem solving and teamwork. At all times your Challenge Score will be tracked and displayed when you are on the Village Plot. This will toggle the scoring analytics and provide the following information:

Polycraft Village (+Total Score) <-- This is your Challenge Score

These top-level metrics allow your team to track when a new house or Community Buildings are constructed and become valid structures, or when others get demolished.

Advanced Challenge Scoring (Press the 'v' Key to activate and deactivate)

Legend: (+Age Score) <Age Structures Count> [Age Population Capacity] {Age Average Efficiency} | Timestamp when highest Age Score occurred.

  • Level 8: (+xxx) <xxx> [xxx] {xxx} | Timestamp
  • Level 7: (+xxx) <xxx> [xxx] {xxx} | Timestamp
  • Level 6: (+xxx) <xxx> [xxx] {xxx} | Timestamp
  • Level 5: (+xxx) <xxx> [xxx] {xxx} | Timestamp
  • Level 4: (+Level Score) <xxx> [xxx] {xxx} | Timestamp
  • Level 3: (+Level Score) <xxx> [xxx] {xxx} | Timestamp
  • Level 2: (+Level Score) <xxx> [xxx] {xxx} | Timestamp
  • Level 1: (+Level Score) <xxx> [xxx] {xxx} | Timestamp

Your Challenge Score will be the summation of these 8 individual level Scores. Note that the scoring scales by technology age and population density, so teams who get off to a slow start can quickly catch up.

The Challenge Score is simple to calculate, but takes many things into account for a holistic picture of the grandiosity of your Polycraft Village. The Challenge Score combines 1) the Population, 2) the Happiness of your villagers, and 3) the Technology Levels of your Polycraft Village. Every time new refugees arrive, the Technology Level Score is calculated for every Technology Level separately and for the Village as a whole. The summation of all peak Technology Level Scores is your Challenge Score.

Peak Score: For the BEST Leaderboards, the peak score reached at any point in time during the challenge will count for each score. So, if you build a large Dirt house complex at Level 1 and then demolish all of your Dirt houses later to make room, your Peak Technology Level 1 Score will be saved. Similarly, if you don't build a large Dirt, Wood, or other Polycraft Village at a given Technology Level you could always go back later and build up these structures if you wanted to boost your score for that particularly Technology Level.

Pro tip: It pays to invest a bit to build a good Polycraft Village at each Technology Level, as once you move on to the next level it will generally be better to keep expanding at more advanced levels than to go backwards.

Core Gameplay

The points below outline the actions that will be evaluated during the 2023 BEST Robotics - Refugee Crisis Challenge. All actions have a maximum possible score beyond which repeated actions earn 0 points. While nearly all actions are repeatable, the core milestones will only earn in-game and score-wise rewards once. The actions taken by all players on the same team will be aggregated when scoring.

In addition to scores for reaching all milestones and taking various actions, the Maximum Size of your Village at each Technology Level will provide you with an uncapped Challenge Score determined by how many villagers you recruit and are housed and how happy they are.

Core Points: Challenge Score

These scores are reported in game and updated continuously.

Challenge Score Formula Max Score
Peak Technology Level 1 Score Technology Level 1 x Level 1 Population Capacity x Level 1 Average Happiness x 100 Uncapped
Peak Technology Level 2 Score Technology Level 2 x Level 2 Population Capacity x Level 2 Average Happiness x 100 Uncapped
Peak Technology Level 3 Score Technology Level 3 x Level 3 Population Capacity x Level 3 Average Happiness x 100 Uncapped
Peak Technology Level 4 Score Technology Level 4 x Level 4 Population Capacity x Level 4 Average Happiness x 100 Uncapped
Peak Technology Level 5 Score Technology Level 5 x Level 5 Population Capacity x Level 5 Average Happiness x 100 Uncapped
Peak Technology Level 6 Score Technology Level 6 x Level 6 Population Capacity x Level 6 Average Happiness x 100 Uncapped
Peak Technology Level 7 Score Technology Level 7 x Level 7 Population Capacity x Level 7 Average Happiness x 100 Uncapped
Peak Technology Level 8 Score Technology Level 8 x Level 8 Population Capacity x Level 8 Average Happiness x 100 Uncapped

The combined peak scores from each Technology Level are summed up in the Challenge Score.

Bonus Points

These scores are calculated based on our comprehensive log files and updated on our Analytics Website every evening.

Bonus Points: Expanding your Village

Action Points/Action Max Score
Milestone 1: Build a storeroom with a Community Chest 8,192 8,192
Milestone 2: House 16 villagers in Dirt Houses and Build a Bathroom 16,384 16,384
Milestone 3: House 32 villagers in Wooden Houses and Build a Workshop 16,384 16,384
Milestone 4: House 48 villagers in Stone Houses and Build a Laboratory 16,384 16,384
Milestone 5: House 64 villagers in Polexiglas houses and Build a Commissary 16,384 16,384
Milestone 6: House 80 villagers in ABS houses and Build a Library 16,384 16,384
Milestone 7: House 96 villagers in Bronze houses and Build a School 16,384 16,384
Milestone 8: House 112 villagers in Stainless Steel houses and Build a Clinic 16,384 16,384
Milestone 9: House 128 villagers in Carbon Fiber housesand Build a Art Gallery 16,384 16,384

Bonus Points: Ambience and Community

For every house you build, adding amenities will improve the Happiness of the inhabitants. Improving your Village with upgrades at any point gives you bonus points.

Happiness Bonuses Points/Action Max Score
Enjoy the View (Beginner): Have 16 population living at Height >= 8 and < 16 with 100% Window amenity. 32,768 32,768
Enjoy the View (Intermediate): Have 16 population living at Height >= 16 and < 24 with 100% Window amenity. 32,768 32,768
Enjoy the View (Pro): Have 16 population living at Height >= 24 with 100% Window amenity. 32,768 32,768
Brick Master: Build 32 structures out of ABS Bricks. 256 8,192
Place at least one painting in 16 different Structures. 256 8,192
Injection Mold 1,024 flower pot sections. 32 8,192
Place 256 flowers (Pro Tip: or Flowering Succulents). 32 8,192
Have at least 16 structures at the same time each with Lighting: 100% 8,192 8,192
Get Average Happiness Above 160% with at least 16 Population Capacity at each Technology Level 1-4 8,192 32,768
Community Bonus Points/Action Max Score
Build a Valid Bathroom with four toilets. 4,096 4,096
Build a toilet in a valid second story Bathroom. 8,192 8,192
Build a Valid Workshop with four signage and four doors. 8,192 8,192
Build a Valid Laboratory with a bed...for those late night experiments 4,096 4,096
Build a Valid Laboratory with a Lighting Score of 0%... For photosensitive experiments. 8,192 8,192
Build a Valid Commissary with a 16-block table. 4,096 4,096
Build a Valid Commissary with nine doors at max door height. 8,192 8,192

Bonus Points: Polycrafting

Playing Polycraft World during this challenge is encouraged, and necessary, to be successful during Round 1. Polycrafting will earn scoring rewards in accordance of the chart below. Players will be best served aiming to attain points by completing the core milestones demonstrated above.

Engineering Bonuses Points Max Score
Craft 128 Tree Taps 8 1,024
Craft a Machining Mill 1,024 1,024
Craft an Injection Molder 1,024 1,024
Craft an Extruder 1,024 1,024
Craft a Distillation Column 1,024 1,024
Craft a Condenser 1,024 1,024
Craft an Industrial Oven 1,024 1,024
Craft a Plastic Chest 2,048 2,048
Craft 4 Gripped Tools 256 1,024
Craft 4 Pogo Sticks 256 1,024
Craft 4 Pairs of Running Shoes 256 1,024

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