Polycraft Recycling and Waste Scavenger Hunt

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Figure 1: Mysterious adventures await you

Welcome Builders!

Polycraft Puzzle Master here with a fun set of puzzles for your team to decipher, demystify, and deconstruct. Reduce them to simplicity, reuse answers as needed and recycle your way to the top! Completing this journey will help you get valuable Power Tools to help with your main challenge by speeding up your resource harvesting and construction.

There will be puzzles throughout the wiki and within your private property. The first thing you need is a map of your island. I know I set one in the wiki here somewhere...

Oh yeah! Just a reminder, wiki pages will all have the same link format - 'https://polycraft.utdallas.edu/index.php?title=**** ' with **** usually being replaced with the answers you find (all capital letters).

Where's the map?

Please understand, this first map is just a rough sketch of your island.
Really, it's all you need to get started.
Any more detail would just distract you.
What else do you need to know?
Sets of puzzles will align with the tiers of advancement.
Hints will come in the form of books or special builds on your island.
My hope is that this won't take too much time from your village.
All resources you need will be available to you within your private property; you may have research some information.
Polycraft World's discord is probably the place to go if you get stuck to discuss problems with other teams (or me, if it's really bad).

Useful Internal Links

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