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Hay Bales are so last Tech Level. Would you rather sleep on a rough bed with wood supports, or a nylon bed on top of Diamond? Give the people what they want.

Beds: Every Bed in a House counts as 1 Population for your Village. Similar to the construction material upgrades, every Technology Level upgrades the quality of the Beds your Villagers will sleep in. To count towards your score, any Bed must match the Technology Level of the House it is in. As your technology advances, your Villagers will be able to provide you with more and more advanced fibers and supports for a restful and refined night's sleep.

Rules for a valid bed:

1) People need space. The larger your structures, the more beds they can support. A structure can support 1 bed for every 9 floor blocks.

2) People don't like hitting their head, and sometimes even want to jump on the bed: The 4 blocks directly above each bed (2x2) must be open.

3) Nicer houses need nicer accoutrements, a vicious cycle. The bed must match the Tech Level of the House.

For the exact bed needed for a given Technology Level, see the table below:

Tech Level Required Construction Material Required Bed Type
1 Dirt Hay Bale Bed
2 Wood Acrylic Wool Bed
3 Stone (not cobblestone) Olefin Wool Bed
4 Polexiglas Polyester Wool Bed (Beginner)
5 ABS Bricks Polyester Wool Bed (Intermediate)
6 Bronze Nylon Wool Bed (Beginner)
7 Stainless Steel Nylon Wool Bed (Intermediate)
8 Carbon Fiber Resin Nylon Silk Bed (Advanced)


Technology Level

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