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Signing Up

Instructions for PC users with Mojang Minecraft accounts

  • Register as a Student with BEST Robotics
  • Download and Install the Polycraft Launcher here.
  • Sign in on the Launcher with your Minecraft: Java Edition Mojang account
  • Hit PCW Update
  • Hit Play Polycraft World
  • If this fails, try signing on with the MultiMC launcher (instructions below)

Instructions for Mac users or PC users with Microsoft Minecraft accounts

More Detailed Set-Up Instructions and Installation FAQs

Troubleshooting and Gameplay FAQs


  • Parent/Teacher/Mentor BEST Robotic accounts are not eligible to participate in this challenge and will not be able to link with Polycraft World.
  • The Polycraft Launcher is experiencing some issues fetching libraries with some users' accounts. If this happens, we recommend you try signing on through MultiMC
  • Problems with your Team's Private Property? Have your entire team log out from the server. Wait for 60 seconds, then try logging in again.
  • Problems with starting Round 2? Make sure to click 'PCW Update' on the launcher before joining the server for Round 2. Note: this option is not available until Nov. 2021.

Gameplay FAQs

How to I access my team's private property?
You can type "/teamspace" to be teleported to your team's Polycraft Island.

How much time do I have left? and What's my team's score?
You can monitor your score and time remaining here. Numbers are updated every day around 4pm Central Time.

Must the 50 hours be played consecutively?
Your team's fifty hours will be based on the timestamp of actions taken in-game. Our scoring analytics will log all of your team's actions on our servers that accrue points (see scoring) and the first fifty hours of actions across all team members will be counted towards your round score.

How do we 'submit' when we are done?
No submissions are necessary! The scoring analytics is logging your actions so we will know when you've successfully completed a task. You can also use 'b' and 'v' as described in Score Through the Ages to see your statistics and score. We encourage you to post snapshots of your progress on your own social media and we may choose to feature your extreme creativity on our global website.

Are there any 'due dates' for when these tasks are due?
Round 1 ends on Sunday, October 31st at 11:59PM Central Time and Rounds 2 ends on Sunday, November 21st at 11:59PM Central Time. Any actions taken towards Round 1 or Round 2 objectives after these times will not be counted towards your round score. Please see the scoring page for details on what actions count towards your Team's Score.

Have more questions? Send them our way at

Challenge Assumptions

The 3D Printing Challenge assumes a basic familiarity with Minecraft. If you are new to the game, we suggest same Vanilla experimentation in your own private world before the timer starts on Polycraft Island. If you are new to the Polycraft World mod, there are several open servers to learn about advanced petrochemistry, electrical engineering and college level chemistry and materials science, now or in preparation for next year's challenge.

Overview of Refugee/Villager Game Mechanics

Refugees will arrive on the shores of Polycraft Island every Minecraft day at 10:00am (every 20 minutes real time). Once housed the Refugees become your Villagers and will work throughout the day to help you advance your mission by mining resources from Polycraft Island, creating equipment in the Workshop, and synthesizing chemicals in the starting laboratory. Every Minecraft evening at 10:00pm (every 20 minutes real time, 10 minutes offset from arrival) refugees will put the materials they have mined, harvested, crafted, machined, smelted, milled, distilled, cracked, refined or otherwise processed into Community Chests in a Storeroom within your thriving village, which you can then collect to expand your settlement even more!

Pro Tips

1) 3D Printing enables rapid scale: While your Minecraft skills are not in question... a burgeoning city is made up of A LOT of blocks. The modern marvels that are 3D Printers can make the impossible possible by empowering you to build a large city in record time. Special Power Tools] also can help with rapid demolition. Do you have what it takes to master this new exciting world of making and breaking.

2) Your refugees are eager to help you, if you let them: Your refugees are just as invested in your Village as you is their Home too after all! They are working diligently every day to gather useful materials and make useful items. Build a Community Chest in a Storeroom early! Villagers can only work so fast each day... They will produce materials per day based on their House Technology Level and Happiness of an amount scaled by the average size of your active team of BEST Engineers logged on during the Current Age.

  • A single team member will get 5X less stuff than a team of 5 Engineers, but will be able to play for 5x as many days before the 50-hour timer expires.
  • The Average logged in metric is tracked separately for each age that is the Current Age.