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Basic Analytics (Press the 'b' Key to activate and deactivate)

Your Score Through the Ages is the uncapped score which is potentially the highest value scoring portion of the 2021 Best Robotics 3D Printing Challenge. Regional and National winners will likely be the teams that maximize this metric while collecting as many Bonus Points as possible. Your Score Through the Ages is a growing (never-shrinking) testament to your hard work, ingenuity, creativity, planning, exploring, problem solving and teamwork. At all times your Score Through the Ages will be tracked and displayed when you are on the Village Plot and you press the 'B' key. This will toggle the scoring analytics and provide the following information:

Village (+Total Score) <-- This is the Score Through the Ages

These top level metrics allow your team to track when new Housing or Community Buildings are constructed and become valid structures, or when others get demolished.

Advanced Village Scoring (Press the 'v' Key to activate and deactivate)

Legend: (+Age Score) <Age Structures Count> [Age Population Capacity] {Age Average Happiness} | Timestamp when highest Age Score occurred.

Highpoints (Round 2)

  • Level 8: (+xxx) <xxx> [xxx] {xxx} | Timestamp
  • Level 7: (+xxx) <xxx> [xxx] {xxx} | Timestamp
  • Level 6: (+xxx) <xxx> [xxx] {xxx} | Timestamp
  • Level 5: (+xxx) <xxx> [xxx] {xxx} | Timestamp

Highpoints (Round 1)

  • Level 4: (+Level Score) <xxx> [xxx] {xxx} | Timestamp
  • Level 3: (+Level Score) <xxx> [xxx] {xxx} | Timestamp
  • Level 2: (+Level Score) <xxx> [xxx] {xxx} | Timestamp
  • Level 1: (+Level Score) <xxx> [xxx] {xxx} | Timestamp

Your Score Through the Ages will be the summation of these 8 individual Age Scores. The first four Age Scores will be received during Round 1 and the final 4 Age Scores will be received during Round 2. Note that the scoring scales by technology age and population density, so teams behind after Round 1, can make up lots of ground in Round 2.

The Score Through the Ages is simple to calculate, but takes many things into account for a holistic picture of the grandiosity of your Village. The Score Through the Ages combines 1) the Population, 2) the Happiness, and 3) the Technology Levels of your Village. Every time new Refugees arrive, the Technology Level Score is calculated for every Technology Level separately and for the Village as a whole. The summation of all peak Technology Level Scores is the Score Through the Ages.

Peak Score: For the BEST Leaderboards, the peak score reached at any point in time during the Round will count for each score. So, if you build a large Dirt Village at Level 1 and then demolish all of your Dirt houses later to make room, your Peak Technology Level 1 Score will be saved. Similarly, if you don't build a large Dirt, Wood, or other Village at a given Technology Level you could always go back later and build up these structures if you wanted to boost your score for that particularly Technology Level.

Pro tip: It pays to invest a bit to build a good Village at each Technology Level, as once you move on to the next level it will generally be better to keep expanding at more advanced levels than to go backwards.

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