Red Scanner Module

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Required Technology Level is any one of the following:

The Scanner modules are made from semiconductor processing steps, in the same way that computer chips are fabricated. Base Polycraft World enables full photolithography after the creation of cleanrooms and advanced semiconductor processing tools. While it is technically viable to build a functioning cleanroom in the allotted time, it is recommended to outsource some of this work to more advanced villagers during the 2021 BEST Robotics 3D Printing Challenge. Once you reach Technology Level 2, you should have the right resources to "tech up" toward building a scanner in the first place. At Technology Level 5, if you hit a Level 5 Population Capacity of 128 your Villagers will begin providing Temperature Sensors, which are the gating items to build the Advanced Red Scanner Module upgrades.


Outputs Components Recipe
Silicon Wafer
Block of Redstone
Temperature Sensor
3D Printer

Not at the right Technology Level yet? See if you can make the Yellow Scanner Module or the Blue Scanner Module or stick with the basic 3D Scanner for now.

3D Scanner