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Figure 1: A scenic nighttime image of an under-developed Polycraft Island from the arrival dock in the harbor of Polycraft Island Cove. A welcome chest awaits for daring, brave Hunters. A small greenhouse to the left helps with early food and Hay Bale Beds for your first Polycraft Dirt Houses. Your Village Plot is straight ahead and a bit to the left.

Welcome to your new home!

After you link your BEST Robotics Account and type "/teamspace", you will be transported to your team's own Island deep in the oceans of the Polycraft World Kingdom. Your team is the first of multiple waves of Polycraft World Refugees that have drifted ashore as plights have befallen other parts of the Polycraft World domain. You must balance several competing tasks on your new island: survive, don't starve, gather materials, explore your island, solve puzzles to win rewards and engineer the civil infrastructure to attract other refugees to your growing Village who will also become productive members of your village (in their own special ways) by providing you nightly the fruits of their daily labors in a Community Chest to help your village continue to thrive and grow.

Polycraft Island holds many secrets. From vast cave systems to raging waterfalls, beautiful beaches, dense jungles and a protected cove proving a watery entry point to access your island's Village Plot, or the area where your growing village expands its Population Capacity. To succeed and win the 2021 Best Robotics 3D Printing Challenge, your team will have to be daring, be brave, be resilient and be specialized. The best strategies are likely going to require advancing in many areas simultaneously: increasing population density, but not so fast that you ignore your population's Happiness. Solving challenges in the puzzle-rich scavenger hunt, but not spending so much time there that you can't get your village off the ground.

Explore. Create. Have Fun. An island adventure awaits. Go Hunt, or go Build. Good luck.

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