COVID Challenge Scoring Round 2

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Round 2 of the COVID Challenge will be scored for all teams over their time in the Space Station Escape Room and their first 50 hours of gameplay. Everything players do will be monitored and certain actions are worth more points than others. All scoring is detailed below.

Teams can monitor their challenge progress here

This should be updated twice a week during the challenge.

Core Gameplay

The points below outline the actions that will be evaluated during the BEST Robotics Polycraft COVID Challenge. All actions have a maximum possible score beyond which repeated actions earn 0 points. While nearly all actions are repeatable, the core milestones will only earn in-game and score-wise rewards once. The actions taken by all players on the same team will be aggregated when scoring. Round 2 begins with The Space Station Escape Room. There is a 3 hour time limit that is not changed by how many players are participating at once. As long as a player is signed in, the timer will count down. Completing challenges in the Space Station will result in higher scores for this phase of the challenge. After the Space Station is completed or 3 hours is up, only the first fifty hours of gameplay on the teamspace will count. Actions taken by players on a team will be summed when calculating your team's round score.

Gameplay timing example for the teamspace: If Team A had 10 players each play for exactly five hours in the teamspace, then all actions taken by all of those players will be summed and scored. At this point, Team A has played for a collective 50 hours. If Team A then had two players log in the next day and continue playing, since the fifty hour limit has already been reached, their actions will not be scored.

Action Points/Action Max Score
Crafting Tree Taps 2 1024
Smelting Rubber Blocks 4 1024
Milestone 1a: Space Station Escape Room - 25% complete 2048 2048
Milestone 1b: Space Station Escape Room - 50% complete 4096 4096
Milestone 1c: Space Station Escape Room - 75% complete 8192 8192
Milestone 1d: Space Station Escape Room - 100% complete 16,384 16384
Crafting DNA Sampler 2 512
Crafting COVID Test Kit (Beginner) 4 1024
Crafting COVID Test Kit (Intermediate) 8 2048
Crafting COVID Test Kit (Advanced) 16 4096
Crafting COVID Test Kit (Expert) 32 8192
Testing Patients 16 2048
Keeping a Healthy Patient Healthy 32 4096
Creating PPE Faceshields 4 1024
Creating PPE Chestguards 8 2048
Creating PPE Leggings 8 2048
Creating PPE Boots 4 1024
Stocking & Activating the Clinic 1024 1024
Crafting Syringes 8 1024
Taking Blood Samples 4 512
Crafting Convalescent Plasma Treatments 16 2048
Successfully Curing Patients 16 2048
Successfully Vaccinating Patients 64 8192
Completion of a Vaccine Round 64 21120
Crafting Vaccines 0.000046811 no limit
Reaching Milestone 2: Achieving Herd Immunity 8192 8192
Reaching Milestone 3a: Crafting 500,000 Vaccines 1024 1024
Reaching Milestone 3b: Crafting 10M Vaccines 8192 8192
Reaching Milestone 3b: Crafting 350M Vaccines 16384 16384

Bonus Points: Polycrafting

Playing Polycraft World during Round 2 is important particularly for Milestone 3. Polycrafting specific inventories will earn scoring rewards in accordance of the chart below. Milestone 3 will require fairly extensive Polycrafting to fully complete.

Action Points Max Score
Crafting Polycraft Inventories:
-Crafting a Machining Mill 128 2048
-Crafting an Injection Molder 128 2048
-Crafting an Extruder 128 2048
-Crafting a Distillation Column 128 2048
-Crafting a Condenser 128 2048
-Crafting an Industrial Oven 128 2048
-Crafting a Steam Cracker 256 2048
-Crafting a Merox Treatment Unit 256 2048
-Crafting a Plastic Chest 256 2048
-Crafting an Oil Derrick 128 2048
-Crafting a Chemical Processor 128 2048
-Crafting Pumps 128 2048
-Crafting Flow Regulators 128 2048
-Crafting Pipes 4 2048


Causing harm to patients in your clinic will cause a reduction in points. “Harm” includes the spreading of infection that may occur within your clinic’s vicinity due to inadequate care provided by the clinicians. This is the only way to lose points in this challenge.

Action Cost/Action
Healthy Patient Getting Infected. -32
Death of a Patient:
-Caused by a team member -2048
-Caused by the environment (e.g. falling/suffocating) -64
-Caused by a mob (Spider/Creeper/Zombie/etc) -64

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