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An oil derrick is one of the most advanced inventories in Polycraft World. An oil derrick must be placed on an oil field tile for it to work. Oil field tiles are special bedrock tiles whose textures have been rotated by 90 degrees, so they can be found by diligent oil wildcatters. Oil field tiles are given random meta data values greater than 5. Each metadata value holds 64 drums of crude oil. Thus each oil tile that replaces bedrock will produce during their lifetime somewhere between 320 drums and 960 drums of crude oil during its lifetime as of version 1.3.0. This will likely be reduced in future releases.

Each time an oil derrick is destroyed or harvests 64 drums, the metadata of the underlying oil-containing bedrock tile is decremented. This means that you could be wasting up to 64 oil drums each time you destroy an oil derrick. After the derrick taps out the underlying oil tile, it can be moved to a new tile. In future releases, we will likely enable more detailed "fracking" procedures to extract additional oil from each block. This will be dependent on new technologies not yet implemented as of version 1.4.4.

After finding an Oil Field block, place an oil derrick by pointing your cursor at the Oil Field and simply right-clicking. The oil derrick UI will turn green if you place the derrick on an oil field block, and it will begin producing crude oil drums. As of v. 1.4.4, shift-right-clicking will place an oil derrick that will not produce any oil - this bug will be patched in future releases.

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Name Value
CompoundVesselToSpawn Drum (Crude Oil)
AmountToSpawn 1
SpawnFromOre OilField
SpawnFreq (sec) 15
Release Version 1.0.0



Outputs Components Recipe
Structural Truss
Regulator (High Pressure)
Structural Truss
Structural Truss
Structural Truss
Structural Truss
Plastic Chest
Oil Derrick


v1.5.4: Oil Derrick production speed increased from 90 seconds per barrel to 15 seconds per barrel