Space Station Escape Room

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Round 2 will start your team off in a Space Station. Complete challenges and restore functionality to the station to gain points for your team. This escape room is intended for you to complete as a team. You may want to split up to have the best chance at completing everything. Instructions and guidance are provided in a book that will spawn in your inventory. Read this book to get started.

  • Note: The beds in the Space Station are not part of the challenge. We recommend not sleeping on them as it will hinder your ability to solve puzzles and get points.


Your team will have 3h to complete the Space Station Escape Room. This does not come out of the 50h limit for the rest of the Round 2. Your time in the Space Station is capped at 3h no matter how many people from your team are on and as long as someone is on, the timer is counting down.

Good Luck BEST Robotics Students!

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