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Flow regulators are used to split items coming from a mixed-pipe into item-specific flows. Flow Regulators are essential in building advanced flow networks. Flow Regulators allow for five outputs - four regulated or item-specific outputs and a default output. Flow regulators must have its default output target connected to a pipe or a chest, otherwise it will not work. Only one pump is required to power all five outputs of a flow regulator - this pump must be placed upstream of the regulator and be connected to its input (blue face). No pumps should be placed between flow regulator's outputs and their intended destination inventories or chests.

Regulation Protocol

Figure 1: Default (green), "Left" (yellow), and "Up" (purple) outputs of a flow regulator

Flow regulators have six distinct faces that convey different meanings. The Blue and Green face map to the universal flow network symbols, with blue indicating the input and green representing the default output (for non-regulated or "other" flow). The other four regulated outputs map as the following:

  • Yellow is the "Left" flow (left of the default output, when facing the green default output)
  • Red is the "Right" flow (right of the default output, when facing the green default output)
  • Purple is the "Up" flow
  • White is the "Down" flow

Items placed in the GUI are flow-regulated exactly. For example: placing 21 Drums of Naphthalene in the up direction will regulate exactly 21 drums of Naphthalene through the purple face. Single drums, a stack of 64 drums, or even 20 drums will all be directed to the default output. Placing a single item (i.e. a single drum of Naphthalene) will flow regulate any size stack of Naphthalene Drums in that direction. Please note that a Drum is not the same item as a Beaker or Vial. It is recommended to either upcycle or down-cycle your input stream before passing it through a flow regulator to ensure consistency in the flow network.

Gui flow regulator.png

Known Bugs & Workarounds

  • As of version 1.5.4, there are known bugs with the rendering of pipes connected to flow regulators. While they do not appear to be connected, they do in-fact work and properly transfer items through the flow regulator. In the below image, the plastic chest is successfully connected to the default (green) output even though the pipe looks to be disconnected. Please ignore these graphical glitches for now.


  • As of version 1.5.4, The input pipes to a flow regulator must be placed backwards (i.e., from the source to the flow regulator). This does NOT affect the outputs of the flow regulator, where pipes must be placed normally: from the destination to the source (where the source is the flow regulator output). This is an anomaly that will be fixed in a future version.


Name Value
Release Version 1.0.0


Crafting Table

Outputs Components Recipe
Flow Regulator
  • Flow Regulator
Copper Pipe
Regulator (Extreme Pressure)
Flow Regulator



Gui flow regulator.png