Village Plot

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Figure 1: This is the area where you can help settle Refugees in engineered dwellings


Figure 2: When you wander into the Village Plot, dynamic scoring shows you key metrics about your Village. The top number is the current value of your Village as built that contributes to your Score Through the Ages. You can also see how many valid structures your team has built, your Population Capacity and your Happiness at the Technology Level that houses the most people in your current village configuration. You also see a count of Community Buildings referenced by their special block (i.e. Toilet for a Bathroom) at your current Technology Level. Typing 'c' or 'v' on the keyboard while you are on the Village Plot opens up more advanced analytics windows that can help the very best civic engineers maximize the impact of your villages.


Your team has been given a specially-designated 48 block x 48 block area on Polycraft Island to build a Village for your Refugees. The Village Plot is designated by a special type of block (example image to the right). Any buildings you build that are not fully on top of the Village Plot will not be suitable for Refugees, and will not count towards your Score.