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Oil Fields are randomly generated on Z-level 5 on every world file with the Polycraft mod loaded. Oil Fields may be "tapped" with Oil Derricks that automatically pull drums of oil out of this block. Oil Fields are bedrock tiles that are rotated 90 degrees for the observant wildcatter to spot. These blocks are unbreakable and cannot be moved. Oil Fields have a meta-data value randomly assigned that determines the number of stacks of crude oil drums it generates (ranges between 5 and 9 stacks, or sets of 64 drums). Please note: Oil Fields placed after world generation will not yield oil, as their meta-data values for oil production are defaulted to 0.

Pro tip: The F3 menu will identify which block you are currently looking at


OilField on en.wikipedia.org


Name Value
Hardness -1
Resistance 18,000,000
Veins per Chunk 1
Blocks per Vein 1
Depth Min 5
Depth Max 5
Release Version 1.0.0