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As of version 1.3.5, we have introduced the concept of a Cleanroom which is used to perform photolithography to create integrated circuits. The Cleanroom consists of four distinct parts: one floor, four walls, one ceiling, inside blocks. As of version 1.3.5, the only inventory that must be placed in a Cleanroom to function properly is a Contact Printer.


Minimum Cleanroom Dimensions

6 6 6

Maximum Cleanroom Dimensions

64 12 64

Allowed Blocks


A Cleanroom must be at least 6 blocks wide and 6 blocks long and at most 64 blocks wide and 64 blocks long. The floor must be made from Block (PVC) or Pipe. The floor must be rectangular. If the floor is more than 1 block thick, unexpected things may happen and the cleanroom may not function properly. The cleanroom check occurs at the coordinate of the contact printer or the user holding an Air Quality Detector. If the floor below that tile is more than 1 block thick, the cleanroom check will fail. So, if you try to get fancy with pipes, leave an air gap below the floor.


A Cleanroom must be at least 6 blocks tall and less than 12 blocks tall. The Cleanroom must be rectangular and comprise four walls. The walls can be made from Block (PP), stained glass blocks, stained glass panes, Pipes, iron doors, or pumps. The Cleanroom must contain at least one pump that is purifying the air. The pump must be loaded locally in the client world, so you may have to right click the pump once before the Cleanroom is clean if you have been in other chunks or have logged off since you built the pump. The pump must be fueled. The order of checks for a proper Cleanroom is North Wall, East Wall, South Wall, West Wall. The wall must extend down into the floor such that the bottom most wall blocks of the Cleanroom encircle the floor blocks. The cleanroom will not work if the wall does not extend down onto the same Y coordinate as the floor.


A Cleanroom ceiling can contain Block (PP), pipes or stained glass blocks.

Inside Cleanroom

A Cleanroom can contain the following blocks:

  • Collision Blocks (parts of Polycraft inventories)
  • air
  • BlockLight (air blocks lit up by fueled lights)
  • any compressed block
  • any polymer block
  • any polymer slab
  • any polymer stairs
  • any polymer wall
  • pipes
  • iron_door
  • iron_block
  • brewing_stand
  • crafting_table
  • diamond_block
  • dispenser
  • emerald_block
  • enchanting_table
  • ender_chest
  • gold_block
  • sticky_piston
  • piston
  • piston_extension
  • piston_head
  • hopper
  • anvil
  • beacon
  • lapis_block
  • light_weighted_pressure_plate
  • heavy_weighted_pressure_plate
  • obsidian
  • powered_comparator
  • redstone_lamp //maybe
  • redstone_torch //maybe
  • redstone_wire //maybe
  • stained_glass
  • stained_glass_pane
  • unlit_redstone_torch
  • unpowered_comparator
  • unpowered_repeater
  • wall_sign
  • water
  • chest
  • quartz_block