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The capabilities of your Village are all based on your current Technology Level. Each technology level unlocks a new type of Housing Material that your 3D Printer can use, a new level of Bed to go in those homes, and a new Community Building for your Refugees to use. As you progress to more and more advanced technologies, the stronger materials and better 3D Printers can support larger and larger structures.

Early on, you could probably build enough structures by hand to advance to the next level. But to build a truly impressive number of structures, 3D Printers are the way to go!

Advancing Technology Level

Your Villagers are always trying to advance the size and capabilities of their Village to have larger houses, better Community Buildings, and more amenities. Once the Population of Villagers living at a given Technology Level is high enough, they will begin making Donations that enable you to advance to the next Technology Level. Refugee Donations show up every Minecraft Evening at 10:00pm (every 20 minutes real time) in the Community Chests in the Storeroom.

Rules to Advance to the next Tech Level:

1) Have enough population living at the previous Tech Level (not counting remaining houses from the previous Tech Level): Every level will require 16 more Population than the previous level, meaning you will need 16 people living in dirt houses, 32 people living in wood houses (not counting remaining dirt houses), and so on.

2) Have at least one of each available Community Building: Every level requires the additional of at least one community building to your Village. Some of these buildings, such as the Workshop and Laboratory, are powerful and give your Villagers the equipment they need to produce valuable items.

Tech Level Construction Material Population needed at Current Tech Level to Advance to the Next Level* Community Building needed to Advance to Next Level
1 Dirt 16 Bathroom, Storeroom
2 Wood 32 Workshop
3 Stone (not cobblestone) 48 Laboratory
4 Polexiglas 64 Commissary
5 LEGO Blocks 80 Library
6 Bronze 96 School
7 Stainless Steel 112 Clinic
8 Carbon Fiber 128 Art Gallery
  • Your team needs 32 Population living in Wood houses (Technology Level 2) to advance to Stone Houses (Technology Level 3), not 32 combined population from Wood and Dirt Houses.


A house makes a home. Or something like that. Regardless, your Refugees will not stay long on your island paradise if you do not build suitable houses. Houses are the main structures on your Village Plot, and as you advance the stronger construction materials will enable larger and larger houses rising up into the sky!


Every Bed in a House counts as 1 Population for your Village. Similar to the construction material upgrades, every Technology Level upgrades the quality of the Beds your Villagers will sleep in. To count towards your score, any Bed must match the Technology Level of the House it is in.

Community Buildings

Community Buildings are unlocked at each new Technology Level that help advance your Village from a Refugee Camp to a modern Village.

Multistory Houses

As your construction material advances (starting at Technology Level 3), you can start to 3D Print multi-story structures and build your Village vertically! While this gives you increased opportunities to skyrocket your Population, the Refugees must still be able to safely enter each home. For any Door to valid that is more than 2 blocks above the Village Blocks, it must have a ladder nearby that extends safely to the ground.

3D Printer

3D Scanner

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