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Figure 1: Location Where Players Can See Their Polycraft Level

In Polycraft World, players are given a leveling system to track their progress within Polycraft World. The higher the level of the player, the more the player has access to the Polycraft World's unique items and features. This leveling system do not provide hard locks on the system, but rather acts as stepping stones for each step, with each level providing resources or machines that will help build up to the next level's machines and items. A player's Polycraft World's level can be located by logging into the Polycraft World website, as shown in figure 1.

Level Requirements

Level 1 - Craft (Level 1 - You will be a Level 1 Polycrafter when you make a crafting table )

Level 2 - Smelt (Level 2 - You will be a Level 2 Polycrafter when you craft a furnace and tree tap )

Level 3 - Mill, Mold, Extrude (Level 3 - You will be a Level 3 Polycrafter when you build a machining mill, extruder, and an injection molder)

Level 4 Distill (Level 4 - You will be a Level 4 Polycrafter when you build a distillation column)

Level 5 Crack (Level 5 - You will be a Level 5 Polycrafter when you build a steam cracker )

Level 6 Treat (Level 6 - You will be a Level 6 Polycrafter when you build a merox treatment unit )

  • Craft a chemical processor
  • Process plastics to improve their properties: faster shoes, better gripped tools, bouncier blocks, etc.

Level 7 Process, Condense (Level 7 - You will be a Level 7 Polycrafter when you build a chemical processor )

Level 8 Frack (Level 8 - You will be a Level 8 Polycrafter when you build an oil derrick )

  • video - petrochemical refining at scale
  • Craft ABS and Plastic Bricks
  • video - rapid construction with Plastic Bricks

Guides to Check Out Before Starting

For players new to Minecraft, read the First Two Days guide.

To learn about common commands, mod quirks, and other tidbits for Polycraft World, read the Starting Off Polycraft World

Level Guides

The following are short guides to assist the player in going up the leveling system

Level 0 - Pre-Polycraft World

Obtain Wood

You will need some wood in order to continue, which requires punching a tree. Hold left click on the logs of a tree until it breaks. Walk over to the wood to pick up the wood.

Figure 1 A Crafting Table

Craft planks

In order to get planks, you can put logs in your inventory’s 2 by 2 crafting grid creating 4 planks per log.

Putting planks in a 2 by 2 formation, creates a crafting table.

You can place this in the world by right clicking. Right clicking on it will open up at 3 by 3 crafting grid, allowing you to create more advanced items.