Polycraft World Brain Health Challenge

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Welcome to the Polycraft World Brain Health Challenge!

Here, you will apply Brain Health strategies and complete quests in a custom Brain Health arena. Upon arrival, open the chest in front of you to find a book that outlines your options.

Signing on

Information about signing on to the server

Getting Started

The Engineering Dorm is to your left; the Medicine Dorm is straight ahead; the Arts and Technology Dorm is to your right. Open the chest right in front of you by right clicking to get your welcome book!

Minecraft Basics for Beginners

  • Move around with WASD. Look around with your mouse.
  • Jump with Spacebar
  • Right clicking opens chests and other inventories. Right clicking will also open selected books in your item bar.
  • Left clicking swings your hand or selected item and mines blocks in the world. Left clicking will also pick items up from inventories.
  • 'E' opens your inventory


You are a student arriving at the dorms on Brain Health Island. Each dorm has a set of quests, each of which will award you points. The quests all involve exploration of the island, crafting or building and the three dorm quest lines are all of similar difficulty and award the same points. Choose your path, help your community, and get your top score!


The Engineering Dorm is full of industrious students looking to apply their technical knowhow to help campus. Explore the world and build a cleanroom to manufacture solar cells to help power campus with clean energy!


The Medicine Dorm is full of students who are driven to help their community. Explore the world and collect the items you need to build a clinic where these students can volunteer to help those in need!

Arts and Technology

The Arts and Technology dorm is full of creative students who want to combine technical knowhow with personal expression. Explore the world to collect parts for a 3D printer and create an artistic masterpiece!

Brain Training

Information about the SMART Training through The Center for Brain Health at UTD.