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Figure 1: The UT Dallas Trellis and spawn point for our Polycraft World Servers

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Introduction to Polycraft World

Polycraft World is a comprehensive mod for Minecraft designed by Students & Faculty at UT Dallas that introduces features ranging from petrochemical refining and harvesting of new ore types to the construction of polymers, plastics and many specialty items based on the new additions. Enterprising players can build tree taps and extract natural rubber from trees to build rubber blocks, pogo sticks and more. Adventurers can find above ground oilfields and mine custom minerals and elements including copper, tin, nickel, platinum, palladium, silver and more... Engineers can construct machining mills to make molds from metal ingots such as titanium, magnesium, manganese, cobalt, nickel, antimony, tungsten, platinum, bismuth and aluminum and from alloys such as brass and bronze. Materials scientists can create injection molders and extruders to melt process a whole range of polymers into running shoes, scuba gear, plastic bricks, a host of gripped tools and more... Aspiring chemical engineers, can advance into the age of oil through distillation columns, steam crackers, merox treatment units and chemical processors. This allows the production of increasingly sophisticated polymers and other materials that opens the door for overpowered items such as jet packs, scuba tanks, and flame throwers. Though expansive, Polycraft World is actively played by players of all ages. We use our game to teach elementary kids all the way through college-aged students about science, chemistry, materials science, and engineering.

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Introduction to the 2023 BEST Robotics - Refugee Crisis Challenge

Register for the Challenge:

Learn about the Challenge: 2023 BEST Robotics - Refugee Crisis Challenge

We are working with BEST Robotics leadership to design a tailored, competitive challenge in an open world environment for BEST Robotics teams. For this challenge, teams will face a unique challenge in Polycraft World: a humanitarian crisis has led to Refugees needing a new community to call home, and fast! Using 3D Printers, Scanners, and recycling demolished materials, teams will build a Refugee Village with 3D printed houses and Community Buildings and advance their Village from simple dirt huts all the way to futuristic Carbon Fiber Condos.

Each team will have a private island where they will 3D Print their way through a series of technology levels (dirt, wood, Polexiglas, LEGOs, etc.) and will accumulate points rewarding their efforts. You will build homes and Community Buildings out of dirt, wood, stone, Polexiglas, LEGO blocks, bronze, stainless steel, and carbon fiber. Build more homes and community buildings to unlock more advanced technology to improve your Village. The highest scores will be awarded to teams that best solve the crisis by building a thriving Village for the Refugees.

While Minecraft knowledge will be helpful to teams, pre-existing Polycrafting knowledge will not be needed for teams to compete successfully.

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Patches & Bug Fixes

See latest updates for patches and bug fixes here.

Found Bugs? Want to help?

We will continue to update the game to fix bugs and add compelling content into the future. Thank you for your support. Interested in programming? building new in-game items? working to make the wiki? general helping? Trust us, there's plenty of fun stuff to do. Shoot an email to the Polycraft World team at [].