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As of Version 1.4.0, or maybe 1.4.1, an Inventory Swap can be accomplished by hitting three keys at the same time: "i", "n", and "v". We will add a swap space on your When you elect to swap items, you will take anything that is in the 27 inventory slots in game that you possess and send those items to the Portal. Anything in your swap space on the portal will be sent back into the game.

Notes about Inventory Swaps:

  • A way to move items among worlds.
  • Possesses a 60 second cooldown, so you can only swap once per minute.
  • In our first iteration, you will be able to swap inventories from anywhere on the map. Future behavior may only allow swaps from private property. Stay tuned.
  • Swaps preserve meta data, damage and enchantments.
  • Swaps handle brown and red mushrooms correctly!
  • Swaps handle pressure plates, snow, melons and carrots with love.
  • Swaps handle items from both the Minecraft Map and Polycraft Map.
  • Items with large amounts of extra info are not preserved: maps -> empty maps, items lose custom name info, music discs revert to the same disc
  • All color info and metadata is preserved (e.g. stained glass, wool, polymer blocks, etc)