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This page shows all of the Polycraft IDs and how they map onto the different Polycraft World items.
This page shows all of the Polycraft World IDs and how they map onto the different Polycraft World items. For a list of the Minecraft IDs, please visit the [[Minecraft Map]] page.

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This page shows all of the Polycraft World IDs and how they map onto the different Polycraft World items. For a list of the Minecraft IDs, please visit the Minecraft Map page.


Minecraft-ID Display Name Portal Image Name
3 Cobalt Ore cobalt_ore
2 Manganese Ore manganese_ore
1 Titanium Ore titanium_ore
0 Magnesium Ore magnesium_ore
7 Palladium Ore palladium_ore
6 Zinc Ore zinc_ore
5 Copper Ore copper_ore
4 Nickel Ore nickel_ore
9 Antimony Ore antimony_ore
8 Silver Ore silver_ore
D Mold (Grip) mold_grip
E Mold (Running Shoes) mold_running_shoes
F Hose (Low Pressure) hose_low_pressure
G Mold (Scuba Fins) mold_scuba_fins
A Stainless Steel Ingot stainless_steel_ingot
B Brass Ingot brass_ingot
C Bronze Ingot bronze_ingot
L Metal Die (Tether) metal_die_tether
M Metal Die (Cord) metal_die_cord
N Metal Die (Hose) metal_die_hose
O Block of Magnesium block_of_magnesium
H Mold (Scuba Mask) mold_scuba_mask
I Mold (Gasket) mold_gasket
J Mold (Life Preserver) mold_life_preserver
K Metal Die (Fibers) metal_die_fibers
U Block of Zinc block_of_zinc
T Block of Copper block_of_copper
W Block of Silver block_of_silver
V Block of Palladium block_of_palladium
Q Block of Manganese block_of_manganese
P Block of Titanium block_of_titanium
S Block of Nickel block_of_nickel
R Block of Cobalt block_of_cobalt
Y Block of Tungsten block_of_tungsten
X Block of Antimony block_of_antimony
Z Block of Platinum block_of_platinum
f Tar Sand tar_sand
g Shale shale
d Bismuth Ore bismuth_ore
e Bauxite bauxite
b Platinum Ore platinum_ore
c Plumbum (Lead) Ore plumbum_lead_ore
a Tungsten Ore tungsten_ore
n Cobalt Ingot cobalt_ingot
o Nickel Ingot nickel_ingot
l Titanium Ingot titanium_ingot
m Manganese Ingot manganese_ingot
j Bitumen bitumen
k Magnesium Ingot magnesium_ingot
h Graphite graphite
i Chromite chromite
w Plumbum (Lead) Ingot plumbum_lead_ingot
v Platinum Ingot platinum_ingot
u Tungsten Ingot tungsten_ingot
t Antimony Ingot antimony_ingot
s Silver Ingot silver_ingot
r Palladium Ingot palladium_ingot
q Zinc Ingot zinc_ingot
p Copper Ingot copper_ingot
z Steel Ingot steel_ingot
y Aluminum Ingot aluminum_ingot
x Bismuth Ingot bismuth_ingot
2Z Rubber Wading Pants rubber_wading_pants
1z Triethylaluminium Catalyst triethylaluminium_catalyst
3A Butyl Rubber Wetsuit butyl_rubber_wetsuit
2a Bag (4-Nitrochlorobenzene) bag_4_nitrochlorobenzene
2T Antimony-Lead Ingot antimony_lead_ingot
35 Mangy Toupee mangy_toupee
2U Block of Antimony-Lead block_of_antimony_lead
36 Stone Pogo Stick stone_pogo_stick
2R Nichrome Ingot nichrome_ingot
33 Sparkling Headgear sparkling_headgear
2S Block of Nichrome block_of_nichrome
1r Magnesium Oxide Catalyst magnesium_oxide_catalyst
34 Titan Head titan_head
2X Life Preserver (SBR) life_preserver_sbr
39 Golden Pogo Stick golden_pogo_stick
1x Aluminoxane Catalyst aluminoxane_catalyst
2Y Life Preserver (EVA) life_preserver_eva
2V Scuba Mask (Intermediate) scuba_mask_intermediate
37 Wooden Pogo Stick wooden_pogo_stick
2W Scuba Mask (Pro) scuba_mask_pro
38 Iron Pogo Stick iron_pogo_stick
2m Vial (Aniline) vial_aniline
3N Tether (Natural Rubber) tether_natural_rubber
2l Vial (Nitrobenzene) vial_nitrobenzene
3M Regulator (Low Pressure) regulator_low_pressure
2k Vial (Cyclohexanol) vial_cyclohexanol
3L Plastic Chest plastic_chest
2j Bag (Isophthaloyl Chloride) bag_isophthaloyl_chloride
3K Oil Derrick oil_derrick
2q Vial (Isopherone Diisocyanate) vial_isopherone_diisocyanate
43 Carbon Fiber Cervelliere carbon_fiber_cervelliere
3R Membrane O membrane_o
2p Vial (Hexamethylene Diisocyanate) vial_hexamethylene_diisocyanate
42 Pipe Segment (PP) pipe_segment_pp
3Q Membrane X membrane_x
2o Vial (Toluene Diisocyanate) vial_toluene_diisocyanate
41 Spotlight spotlight
3P Lighter lighter
2n Vial (Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate) vial_diphenylmethane_diisocyanate
3O Magic Pogo Stick magic_pogo_stick
2e Flask (Nitric Oxide) flask_nitric_oxide
3F Industrial Oven industrial_oven
2d Bag (4-Nitroaniline) bag_4_nitroaniline
3E Distillation Column distillation_column
2c Vial (Nitric Acid) vial_nitric_acid
3D Steam Cracker steam_cracker
2b Bag (p-Phenylenediamine) bag_p_phenylenediamine
3C Structural Truss structural_truss
2i Bag (Terephthaloyl Chloride) bag_terephthaloyl_chloride
3J Chemical Processor chemical_processor
2h Bag (o-Hexachloroxylene) bag_o_hexachloroxylene
3I Copper Piping copper_piping
2g Bag (m-Hexachloroxylene) bag_m_hexachloroxylene
3H Grapes grapes
2f Bag (p-Hexachloroxylene) bag_p_hexachloroxylene
3G Barley barley
1Z Block of Potash block_of_potash
1Q Composite Tungsten Carbide Hoe composite_tungsten_carbide_hoe
22 Engineered Nichrome Hoe engineered_nichrome_hoe
1R Composite Nichrome Hoe composite_nichrome_hoe
23 Engineered Antimony-Lead Hoe engineered_antimony_lead_hoe
1S Composite Antimony-Lead Hoe composite_antimony_lead_hoe
24 Composite Iron Hoe composite_iron_hoe
1T Engineered Steel Hoe engineered_steel_hoe
25 Engineered Iron Hoe engineered_iron_hoe
1U Engineered Stainless Steel Hoe engineered_stainless_steel_hoe
26 Composite Diamond Hoe composite_diamond_hoe
1V Engineered Brass Hoe engineered_brass_hoe
27 Engineered Diamond Hoe engineered_diamond_hoe
28 Vial (Chlorobenzene) vial_chlorobenzene
1W Engineered Bronze Hoe engineered_bronze_hoe
29 The Emperor's New Kevlar Helmet the_emperor_s_new_kevlar_helmet
1X Engineered Tungsten Carbide Hoe engineered_tungsten_carbide_hoe
1j Iron III Oxide Catalyst iron_iii_oxide_catalyst
2K Stairs (Nylon 6) stairs_nylon_6
1i Iron III Chloride Catalyst iron_iii_chloride_catalyst
2J Wall (Nylon 6) Item wall_nylon_6_item
1k Ziegler-Natta Catalyst ziegler_natta_catalyst
2L Stairs (Nylon 6) Item stairs_nylon_6_item
1n Zeolite Catalyst zeolite_catalyst
2O Scuba Fins (Intermediate) scuba_fins_intermediate
30 Pleather Pants pleather_pants
32 Kevlar Pants kevlar_pants
2P Scuba Fins (Pro) scuba_fins_pro
31 Water Resistant Tool Belt water_resistant_tool_belt
1b Cobalt Catalyst cobalt_catalyst
2C Block (Nylon 6) block_nylon_6
1a Palladium Catalyst palladium_catalyst
2B Fibers (Nylon 6) fibers_nylon_6
1d Silver Catalyst silver_catalyst
2E Slab (Nylon 6) Item slab_nylon_6_item
1c Manganese Catalyst manganese_catalyst
2D Block (Nylon 6) Item block_nylon_6_item
2G Slab (Nylon 6) slab_nylon_6
1e Mercury Catalyst mercury_catalyst
2F Double Slab (Nylon 6) Item double_slab_nylon_6_item
1h Copper II Chloride Catalyst copper_ii_chloride_catalyst
2I Wall (Nylon 6) wall_nylon_6
1g Antimony Trioxide Catalyst antimony_trioxide_catalyst
2H Double Slab (Nylon 6) double_slab_nylon_6
19 Titanium Catalyst titanium_catalyst
17 Block of Bitumen block_of_bitumen
18 Platinum Catalyst platinum_catalyst
15 Block of Brass block_of_brass
16 Block of Bronze block_of_bronze
13 Block of Steel block_of_steel
14 Block of Stainless Steel block_of_stainless_steel
11 Block of Bismuth block_of_bismuth
12 Block of Aluminum block_of_aluminum
1P Composite Bronze Hoe composite_bronze_hoe
21 Metalized PET film metalized_pet_film
1O Composite Brass Hoe composite_brass_hoe
20 Condenser condenser
1N Composite Stainless Steel Hoe composite_stainless_steel_hoe
1M Composite Steel Hoe composite_steel_hoe
1D Oil oil
1C Tin Ore tin_ore
1B Potash Ore potash_ore
10 Block of Plumbum (Lead) block_of_plumbum_lead
6Y Flask (Xenon) flask_xenon
5x Spectra Helmet spectra_helmet
6X Bag (Iodine) bag_iodine
79 Bag (Terbium) bag_terbium
5w Zippered Hat zippered_hat
6W Bag (Tellurium) bag_tellurium
78 Bag (Gadolinium) bag_gadolinium
5v ABS Brick (3 x 4) abs_brick_3_x_4
6V Bag (Antimony) bag_antimony
77 Bag (Europium) bag_europium
5u ABS Brick (3 x 3) abs_brick_3_x_3
5z ABS Brick (2 x 2) abs_brick_2_x_2
6Z Bag (Caesium) bag_caesium
5y ABS Brick (1 x 4) abs_brick_1_x_4
6a Bag (Beryllium) bag_beryllium
7B Bag (Neptunium) bag_neptunium
7A Bag (Uranium) bag_uranium
6e Flask (Oxygen) flask_oxygen
7F Bag (Berkelium) bag_berkelium
6d Flask (Nitrogen) flask_nitrogen
7E Bag (Curium) bag_curium
6c Bag (Carbon) bag_carbon
7D Bag (Americium) bag_americium
6b Bag (Boron) bag_boron
7C Bag (Plutonium) bag_plutonium
6h Bag (Sodium) bag_sodium
7I Bag (Fermium) bag_fermium
6i Bag (Magnesium) bag_magnesium
7J Bag (Mendelevium) bag_mendelevium
6f Flask (Fluorine) flask_fluorine
7G Bag (Californium) bag_californium
6g Flask (Neon) flask_neon
7H Bag (Einsteinium) bag_einsteinium
6l Bag (Phosphorus) bag_phosphorus
7M Bag (Rutherfordium) bag_rutherfordium
6m Bag (Sulfur) bag_sulfur
7N Bag (Dubnium) bag_dubnium
6j Bag (Aluminum) bag_aluminum
7K Bag (Nobelium) bag_nobelium
6k Bag (Silicon) bag_silicon
7L Bag (Lawrencium) bag_lawrencium
82 Cartridge (Helium) cartridge_helium
6p Bag (Potassium) bag_potassium
7Q Bag (Hassium) bag_hassium
7R Bag (Meitnerium) bag_meitnerium
83 Sack (Lithium) sack_lithium
6q Bag (Calcium) bag_calcium
80 Bag (Ununoctium) bag_ununoctium
6n Flask (Chlorine) flask_chlorine
7O Bag (Seaborgium) bag_seaborgium
81 Cartridge (Hydrogen) cartridge_hydrogen
6o Flask (Argon) flask_argon
7P Bag (Bohrium) bag_bohrium
7U Bag (Copernicium) bag_copernicium
86 Sack (Carbon) sack_carbon
6t Bag (Vanadium) bag_vanadium
7V Bag (Ununtrium) bag_ununtrium
87 Cartridge (Nitrogen) cartridge_nitrogen
6u Bag (Chromium) bag_chromium
7S Bag (Darmstadtium) bag_darmstadtium
84 Sack (Beryllium) sack_beryllium
6r Bag (Scandium) bag_scandium
7T Bag (Roentgenium) bag_roentgenium
85 Sack (Boron) sack_boron
6s Bag (Titanium) bag_titanium
67 Flask (Hydrogen) flask_hydrogen
4u Gripped Wooden Axe gripped_wooden_axe
5V EVA Swim Cap eva_swim_cap
4t Gripped Wooden Pickaxe gripped_wooden_pickaxe
5U EPDM Swim Cap epdm_swim_cap
5X Vial (1-(Trichloromethyl)-4-Fluorobenzene) vial_1_trichloromethyl_4_fluorobenzene
69 Bag (Lithium) bag_lithium
68 Flask (Helium) flask_helium
5W PUR Swim Cap pur_swim_cap
4y Jeffersonian Wig jeffersonian_wig
5Y "Vial (4,4-Difluorobenzophenone)" _vial_4_4_difluorobenzophenone_
4x Blue Steel Helmet blue_steel_helmet
4z Copper Cap copper_cap
6A Bag (Zinc) bag_zinc
6C Bag (Germanium) bag_germanium
5b Mold (Lighter Body) mold_lighter_body
6B Bag (Gallium) bag_gallium
5a Parachute parachute
6E Bag (Selenium) bag_selenium
5d Heat Exchanger heat_exchanger
6D Bag (Arsenic) bag_arsenic
5c ABS Brick (4 x 4) abs_brick_4_x_4
6F Vial (Bromine) vial_bromine
5e Heat Fins heat_fins
6G Flask (Krypton) flask_krypton
5f Spandex Hat spandex_hat
6H Bag (Rubidium) bag_rubidium
5g ABS Brick (4 x 4) Item abs_brick_4_x_4_item
6I Bag (Strontium) bag_strontium
5h ABS Brick (1 x 8) abs_brick_1_x_8
6J Bag (Yttrium) bag_yttrium
5i ABS Brick (1 x 8) Item abs_brick_1_x_8_item
6K Bag (Zirconium) bag_zirconium
5j Flow Regulator flow_regulator
6L Bag (Niobium) bag_niobium
5k ABS Brick (2 x 8) abs_brick_2_x_8
6M Bag (Molybdenum) bag_molybdenum
5l ABS Brick (2 x 8) Item abs_brick_2_x_8_item
6N Bag (Technetium) bag_technetium
6O Bag (Ruthenium) bag_ruthenium
70 Bag (Barium) bag_barium
5n ABS Brick (1 x 1) abs_brick_1_x_1
6P Bag (Rhodium) bag_rhodium
71 Bag (Lanthanum) bag_lanthanum
5o ABS Brick (1 x 2) abs_brick_1_x_2
6Q Bag (Palladium) bag_palladium
72 Bag (Cerium) bag_cerium
5p ABS Brick (1 x 3) abs_brick_1_x_3
6R Bag (Silver) bag_silver
73 Bag (Praseodymium) bag_praseodymium
6S Bag (Cadmium) bag_cadmium
74 Bag (Neodymium) bag_neodymium
5r Flashlight Shaft flashlight_shaft
5s OilField oilfield
6T Bag (Indium) bag_indium
75 Bag (Promethium) bag_promethium
6U Bag (Tin) bag_tin
76 Bag (Samarium) bag_samarium
5t ABS Brick (2 x 4) abs_brick_2_x_4
3z Life Preserver (Natural Rubber) life_preserver_natural_rubber
3y Gasket (Low Pressure) gasket_low_pressure
4Z Gripped Diamond Axe gripped_diamond_axe
4Y Gripped Diamond Pickaxe gripped_diamond_pickaxe
3x Scuba Tank (Beginner) scuba_tank_beginner
59 Chromia Alumina Catalyst chromia_alumina_catalyst
3w Scuba Mask (Beginner) scuba_mask_beginner
4X Gripped Diamond Shovel gripped_diamond_shovel
3v Scuba Fins (Beginner) scuba_fins_beginner
4W Gripped Diamond Sword gripped_diamond_sword
58 Gripped Golden Hoe gripped_golden_hoe
3u Rubber Sole (insole) rubber_sole_insole
4V Gripped Stone Axe gripped_stone_axe
57 Gripped Diamond Hoe gripped_diamond_hoe
3t Running Shoes (Walker) running_shoes_walker
4U Gripped Stone Pickaxe gripped_stone_pickaxe
56 Gripped Iron Hoe gripped_iron_hoe
3s Grip (Natural Rubber) grip_natural_rubber
4T Gripped Stone Shovel gripped_stone_shovel
55 Gripped Stone Hoe gripped_stone_hoe
5D ABS Brick (2 x 3) Item abs_brick_2_x_3_item
4c Fine Polyester Top Hat fine_polyester_top_hat
5C ABS Brick (2 x 2) Item abs_brick_2_x_2_item
4b The Emperor's New Hat the_emperor_s_new_hat
5B ABS Brick (1 x 4) Item abs_brick_1_x_4_item
4a Ski Beanie ski_beanie
5A ABS Brick (2 x 3) abs_brick_2_x_3
4j Block of Tin block_of_tin
5K Butyl Rubber Swim Cap butyl_rubber_swim_cap
4k Tin Ingot tin_ingot
5L Synthetic Rubber Swim Cap synthetic_rubber_swim_cap
5I Mold (Flashlight Shaft) mold_flashlight_shaft
4h Styrofoam Hat styrofoam_hat
5J Flashlight Shaft (PS) flashlight_shaft_ps
4i Pump pump
5G ABS Brick (1 x 2) Item abs_brick_1_x_2_item
4f Yoga Hat yoga_hat
5H ABS Brick (1 x 3) Item abs_brick_1_x_3_item
4g Thermal Hat thermal_hat
4d Reliable Polyester Tamoshanter reliable_polyester_tamoshanter
5F ABS Brick (1 x 1) Item abs_brick_1_x_1_item
4e Corduroy Hat corduroy_hat
4r Gripped Wooden Sword gripped_wooden_sword
5S CIIR Swim Cap ciir_swim_cap
4s Gripped Wooden Shovel gripped_wooden_shovel
5T BIIR Swim Cap biir_swim_cap
4p Gripped Iron Axe gripped_iron_axe
5Q NBR Swim Cap nbr_swim_cap
4q Gripped Iron Sword gripped_iron_sword
5R HNBR Swim Cap hnbr_swim_cap
4n Gripped Iron Shovel gripped_iron_shovel
4o Gripped Iron Pickaxe gripped_iron_pickaxe
5P SBR Swim Cap sbr_swim_cap
4l Chrome Ingot chrome_ingot
5M Synthetic Rubber (II) Swim Cap synthetic_rubber_ii_swim_cap
4m Block of Chrome block_of_chrome
5N Merox Treatment Unit merox_treatment_unit
2w Mold (Rubber Sole) mold_rubber_sole
49 Comfortable Cap comfortable_cap
3X Gas Mantle gas_mantle
2v Block of Tungsten Carbide block_of_tungsten_carbide
48 Cheap Leisure Hat cheap_leisure_hat
3W BlockLight blocklight
2y Sack (Polycaprolactam Pellets) sack_polycaprolactam_pellets
2x Bag (Polycaprolactam Pellets) bag_polycaprolactam_pellets
2s Bag (Catechol) bag_catechol
45 Acrylic Tamoshanter acrylic_tamoshanter
3T Trampoline trampoline
2r "Vial (1,4-Diisopropylbenzene)" _vial_1_4_diisopropylbenzene_
44 Chitin Skull Cap chitin_skull_cap
3S Separation Membrane separation_membrane
2u Tungsten Carbide Ingot tungsten_carbide_ingot
47 Ripstop Nylon Beanie ripstop_nylon_beanie
3V Flood Light flood_light
2t Bag (Anthracene) bag_anthracene
3U Cord (Natural Rubber) cord_natural_rubber
46 Sporty Nylon Baseball Cap sporty_nylon_baseball_cap
4A Zinc-Plated Helmet zinc_plated_helmet
3b Gripped Wooden Pogo Stick gripped_wooden_pogo_stick
4C Silver Sallet silver_sallet
3a Diamond Pogo Stick diamond_pogo_stick
4B Palladin Helm palladin_helm
2z Powder Keg (Polycaprolactam Pellets) powder_keg_polycaprolactam_pellets
3g Metal Die (Pipe Segment) metal_die_pipe_segment
4H Pepto Bismal Pink Cap pepto_bismal_pink_cap
4I Tin Foil Hat tin_foil_hat
3h Tree Tap tree_tap
4J Steel Sallet steel_sallet
3i Machining Mill machining_mill
4K Stainless Steel Sallet stainless_steel_sallet
3j Extruder extruder
3c Gripped Stone Pogo Stick gripped_stone_pogo_stick
4D SuperB Barbute superb_barbute
3d Gripped Iron Pogo Stick gripped_iron_pogo_stick
4E Wolfram Great Helm wolfram_great_helm
3e Gripped Golden Pogo Stick gripped_golden_pogo_stick
4F Noble Armet noble_armet
3f Gripped Diamond Pogo Stick gripped_diamond_pogo_stick
4G Plumed Close Helm plumed_close_helm
51 Gripped Golden Shovel gripped_golden_shovel
4P WC Burgonet wc_burgonet
3o Flashlight flashlight
52 Gripped Golden Pickaxe gripped_golden_pickaxe
4Q Nichrome Wire Coif nichrome_wire_coif
3p Jet Pack (Beginner) jet_pack_beginner
53 Gripped Golden Axe gripped_golden_axe
4R SuperB Alloy Barbute superb_alloy_barbute
3q Laser laser
4S Gripped Stone Sword gripped_stone_sword
54 Gripped Wooden Hoe gripped_wooden_hoe
3r Phase Shifter phase_shifter
4L Brass Bassinet brass_bassinet
3k Injection Molder injection_molder
4M Brazen Bassinet brazen_bassinet
3l Metal Screw metal_screw
4N Tin Funnel tin_funnel
3m Bucket (Crude Oil) bucket_crude_oil
50 Gripped Golden Sword gripped_golden_sword
4O Chrome Cervelliere chrome_cervelliere
3n Flame Tosser flame_tosser
9y Sack (Curium) sack_curium
9z Sack (Berkelium) sack_berkelium
9t Sack (Protactinium) sack_protactinium
9s Sack (Thorium) sack_thorium
9r Sack (Actinium) sack_actinium
9q Sack (Radium) sack_radium
9x Sack (Americium) sack_americium
9w Sack (Plutonium) sack_plutonium
9v Sack (Neptunium) sack_neptunium
9u Sack (Uranium) sack_uranium
9l Sack (Bismuth) sack_bismuth
9k Sack (Plumbum (Lead)) sack_plumbum_lead
9j Sack (Thallium) sack_thallium
9i Beaker (Mercury) beaker_mercury
9p Sack (Francium) sack_francium
9o Cartridge (Radon) cartridge_radon
9n Sack (Astatine) sack_astatine
9m Sack (Polonium) sack_polonium
9c Sack (Tungsten) sack_tungsten
9d Sack (Rhenium) sack_rhenium
9a Sack (Hafnium) sack_hafnium
9b Sack (Tantalum) sack_tantalum
9g Sack (Platinum) sack_platinum
9h Sack (Gold) sack_gold
9e Sack (Osmium) sack_osmium
9f Sack (Iridium) sack_iridium
8z Beaker (Bromine) beaker_bromine
9Y Powder Keg (Beryllium) powder_keg_beryllium
8x Sack (Arsenic) sack_arsenic
9Z Powder Keg (Boron) powder_keg_boron
8y Sack (Selenium) sack_selenium
9V Canister (Hydrogen) canister_hydrogen
8u Sack (Zinc) sack_zinc
9U Sack (Ununoctium) sack_ununoctium
8t Sack (Copper) sack_copper
9X Powder Keg (Lithium) powder_keg_lithium
8w Sack (Germanium) sack_germanium
9W Canister (Helium) canister_helium
8v Sack (Gallium) sack_gallium
9R Sack (Ununpentium) sack_ununpentium
8q Sack (Iron) sack_iron
9Q Sack (Flerovium) sack_flerovium
8p Sack (Manganese) sack_manganese
9T Sack (Ununseptium) sack_ununseptium
8s Sack (Nickel) sack_nickel
9S Sack (Livermorium) sack_livermorium
8r Sack (Cobalt) sack_cobalt
9N Sack (Roentgenium) sack_roentgenium
8m Sack (Titanium) sack_titanium
9M Sack (Darmstadtium) sack_darmstadtium
8l Sack (Scandium) sack_scandium
9P Sack (Ununtrium) sack_ununtrium
8o Sack (Chromium) sack_chromium
9O Sack (Copernicium) sack_copernicium
8n Sack (Vanadium) sack_vanadium
8i Cartridge (Argon) cartridge_argon
9J Sack (Bohrium) sack_bohrium
8h Cartridge (Chlorine) cartridge_chlorine
9I Sack (Seaborgium) sack_seaborgium
9L Sack (Meitnerium) sack_meitnerium
8k Sack (Calcium) sack_calcium
8j Sack (Potassium) sack_potassium
9K Sack (Hassium) sack_hassium
8d Sack (Aluminum) sack_aluminum
9E Sack (Nobelium) sack_nobelium
8e Sack (Silicon) sack_silicon
9F Sack (Lawrencium) sack_lawrencium
8f Sack (Phosphorus) sack_phosphorus
9G Sack (Rutherfordium) sack_rutherfordium
8g Sack (Sulfur) sack_sulfur
9H Sack (Dubnium) sack_dubnium
9A Sack (Californium) sack_californium
8a Cartridge (Neon) cartridge_neon
9B Sack (Einsteinium) sack_einsteinium
8b Sack (Sodium) sack_sodium
9C Sack (Fermium) sack_fermium
8c Sack (Magnesium) sack_magnesium
9D Sack (Mendelevium) sack_mendelevium
8X Sack (Praseodymium) sack_praseodymium
99 Sack (Lutetium) sack_lutetium
7w Bag (Radium) bag_radium
8Y Sack (Neodymium) sack_neodymium
7x Bag (Actinium) bag_actinium
8Z Sack (Promethium) sack_promethium
7y Bag (Thorium) bag_thorium
7z Bag (Protactinium) bag_protactinium
8W Sack (Cerium) sack_cerium
98 Sack (Ytterbium) sack_ytterbium
7v Bag (Francium) bag_francium
8V Sack (Lanthanum) sack_lanthanum
97 Sack (Thulium) sack_thulium
7u Flask (Radon) flask_radon
8U Sack (Barium) sack_barium
96 Sack (Erbium) sack_erbium
7t Bag (Astatine) bag_astatine
8T Sack (Caesium) sack_caesium
95 Sack (Holmium) sack_holmium
7s Bag (Polonium) bag_polonium
8S Cartridge (Xenon) cartridge_xenon
94 Sack (Dysprosium) sack_dysprosium
7r Bag (Bismuth) bag_bismuth
8R Sack (Iodine) sack_iodine
93 Sack (Terbium) sack_terbium
7q Bag (Plumbum (Lead)) bag_plumbum_lead
8Q Sack (Tellurium) sack_tellurium
92 Sack (Gadolinium) sack_gadolinium
7p Bag (Thallium) bag_thallium
8P Sack (Antimony) sack_antimony
91 Sack (Europium) sack_europium
7o Vial (Mercury) vial_mercury
8O Sack (Tin) sack_tin
90 Sack (Samarium) sack_samarium
7n Bag (Gold) bag_gold
8N Sack (Indium) sack_indium
7m Bag (Platinum) bag_platinum
8M Sack (Cadmium) sack_cadmium
7l Bag (Iridium) bag_iridium
8L Sack (Silver) sack_silver
7k Bag (Osmium) bag_osmium
8K Sack (Palladium) sack_palladium
7j Bag (Rhenium) bag_rhenium
8J Sack (Rhodium) sack_rhodium
7i Bag (Tungsten) bag_tungsten
8I Sack (Ruthenium) sack_ruthenium
7h Bag (Tantalum) bag_tantalum
8H Sack (Technetium) sack_technetium
7g Bag (Hafnium) bag_hafnium
8F Sack (Niobium) sack_niobium
7e Bag (Ytterbium) bag_ytterbium
8G Sack (Molybdenum) sack_molybdenum
7f Bag (Lutetium) bag_lutetium
8D Sack (Yttrium) sack_yttrium
7c Bag (Erbium) bag_erbium
8E Sack (Zirconium) sack_zirconium
7d Bag (Thulium) bag_thulium
8B Sack (Rubidium) sack_rubidium
7a Bag (Dysprosium) bag_dysprosium
8C Sack (Strontium) sack_strontium
7b Bag (Holmium) bag_holmium
8A Cartridge (Krypton) cartridge_krypton
6z Bag (Copper) bag_copper
7Y Bag (Livermorium) bag_livermorium
6x Bag (Cobalt) bag_cobalt
7Z Bag (Ununseptium) bag_ununseptium
6y Bag (Nickel) bag_nickel
7W Bag (Flerovium) bag_flerovium
88 Cartridge (Oxygen) cartridge_oxygen
6v Bag (Manganese) bag_manganese
7X Bag (Ununpentium) bag_ununpentium
89 Cartridge (Fluorine) cartridge_fluorine
6w Bag (Iron) bag_iron
Da Powder Keg (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer Pellets) powder_keg_ethylene_propylene_diene_monomer_pellets
Db Powder Keg (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Pellets) powder_keg_ethylene_vinyl_acetate_pellets
Dc Powder Keg (High Density PolyEthylene Pellets) powder_keg_high_density_polyethylene_pellets
DT Powder Keg (PolyHexamethylene Adipamide Pellets) powder_keg_polyhexamethylene_adipamide_pellets
Cs Sack (PolyPropylene Pellets) sack_polypropylene_pellets
E6 Powder Keg (PolyMethyl Methacrylate Pellets) powder_keg_polymethyl_methacrylate_pellets
DU Powder Keg (PolyHexamethylene Sebacamide Pellets) powder_keg_polyhexamethylene_sebacamide_pellets
E7 Powder Keg (PolyM-Methyl Styrene Pellets) powder_keg_polym_methyl_styrene_pellets
DV Powder Keg (PolyHydroxyalkanoate Pellets) powder_keg_polyhydroxyalkanoate_pellets
E8 Powder Keg (PolyM-Phenylene Isophthalamide Pellets) powder_keg_polym_phenylene_isophthalamide_pellets
Cv Sack (PolyStyrene Pellets) sack_polystyrene_pellets
DX Powder Keg (PolyImide Pellets) powder_keg_polyimide_pellets
Cx Sack (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene Pellets) sack_polytetrafluoroethylene_pellets
DL Powder Keg (PolyEthylene Glycol Pellets) powder_keg_polyethylene_glycol_pellets
Ck Sack (PolyOxymethylene Pellets) sack_polyoxymethylene_pellets
DO Powder Keg (PolyEthylene Oxide Pellets) powder_keg_polyethylene_oxide_pellets
E0 Powder Keg (PolyIsoButylene Pellets) powder_keg_polyisobutylene_pellets
Cm Sack (PolyPhenol Pellets) sack_polyphenol_pellets
DN Powder Keg (PolyEthylene Naphthalate Pellets) powder_keg_polyethylene_naphthalate_pellets
DQ Powder Keg (PolyEthylene Terephthalate Pellets) powder_keg_polyethylene_terephthalate_pellets
E2 Powder Keg (PolyLactic Acid Pellets) powder_keg_polylactic_acid_pellets
DP Powder Keg (PolyEthylene Sulphide Pellets) powder_keg_polyethylene_sulphide_pellets
E1 Powder Keg (PolyIsoPrene Pellets) powder_keg_polyisoprene_pellets
DS Powder Keg (PolyGlycolic Acid Pellets) powder_keg_polyglycolic_acid_pellets
Cr Sack (PolyP-Phenylene Terephthalamide Pellets) sack_polyp_phenylene_terephthalamide_pellets
E4 Powder Keg (PolyMethyl Acrylate Pellets) powder_keg_polymethyl_acrylate_pellets
DR Powder Keg (PolyEthylene Terephthalate Glycol-Modified Pellets) powder_keg_polyethylene_terephthalate_glycol_modified_pellets
DE Powder Keg (PolyChloroPrene Pellets) powder_keg_polychloroprene_pellets
DD Powder Keg (PolyCarbonate Pellets) powder_keg_polycarbonate_pellets
Cc Sack (PolyLactic Acid Pellets) sack_polylactic_acid_pellets
DG Powder Keg (PolyDiMethylSiloxane Pellets) powder_keg_polydimethylsiloxane_pellets
Ce Sack (PolyMethyl Acrylate Pellets) sack_polymethyl_acrylate_pellets
Ch Sack (PolyM-Methyl Styrene Pellets) sack_polym_methyl_styrene_pellets
DI Powder Keg (PolyEtherImide Pellets) powder_keg_polyetherimide_pellets
Cg Sack (PolyMethyl Methacrylate Pellets) sack_polymethyl_methacrylate_pellets
DH Powder Keg (PolyEther Ether Ketone Pellets) powder_keg_polyether_ether_ketone_pellets
Ci Sack (PolyM-Phenylene Isophthalamide Pellets) sack_polym_phenylene_isophthalamide_pellets
Ec Powder Keg (PolyPhenol Pellets) powder_keg_polyphenol_pellets
Ea Powder Keg (PolyOxymethylene Pellets) powder_keg_polyoxymethylene_pellets
Dv Powder Keg (PolyAcrylic Acid Pellets) powder_keg_polyacrylic_acid_pellets
Dw Powder Keg (PolyAcrylonitrile Pellets) powder_keg_polyacrylonitrile_pellets
Dt Powder Keg (Poly-2-Hydroxy Butyrate Pellets) powder_keg_poly_2_hydroxy_butyrate_pellets
Du Powder Keg (Poly2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate Pellets) powder_keg_poly2_hydroxyethyl_methacrylate_pellets
Dz Powder Keg (PolyButylene Succinate Pellets) powder_keg_polybutylene_succinate_pellets
Dx Powder Keg (PolyButadiene (low-cis) Pellets) powder_keg_polybutadiene_low_cis_pellets
Dy Powder Keg (PolyButadiene (high-cis) Pellets) powder_keg_polybutadiene_high_cis_pellets
Do Powder Keg (Paraldehyde Pellets) powder_keg_paraldehyde_pellets
Dn Powder Keg (Paraformaldehyde Pellets) powder_keg_paraformaldehyde_pellets
Dm Powder Keg (Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) powder_keg_nitrile_butadiene_rubber_pellets
Dl Powder Keg (Metaldehyde Pellets) powder_keg_metaldehyde_pellets
EM Powder Keg (Vinyl Acetate-Acrylic Acid Pellets) powder_keg_vinyl_acetate_acrylic_acid_pellets
Ds Powder Keg (Poly2-6-Dimethyl-1-4-Phenylene Ether Pellets) powder_keg_poly2_6_dimethyl_1_4_phenylene_ether_pellets
Dr Powder Keg (Poly1-Butene Pellets) powder_keg_poly1_butene_pellets
Dq Powder Keg (Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate-Co-3-Hydroxyvalerate) Pellets) powder_keg_poly3_hydroxybutyrate_co_3_hydroxyvalerate_pellets
Dp Drum (Phenolic Resin) drum_phenolic_resin
EH Powder Keg (Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene Pellets) powder_keg_styrene_isoprene_styrene_pellets
Dg Powder Keg (Linear Low-Density PolyEthylene Pellets) powder_keg_linear_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
EG Powder Keg (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Pellets) powder_keg_styrene_butadiene_styrene_pellets
De Powder Keg (Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) powder_keg_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
EF Powder Keg (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) powder_keg_styrene_butadiene_rubber_pellets
Dd Powder Keg (Hydrogenated Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) powder_keg_hydrogenated_nitrile_butadiene_rubber_pellets
EE Powder Keg (Styrene-Acrylonitrile Pellets) powder_keg_styrene_acrylonitrile_pellets
EL Powder Keg (Very-Low-Density PolyEthylene Pellets) powder_keg_very_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
Dj Powder Keg (Medium Density PolyEthylene Pellets) powder_keg_medium_density_polyethylene_pellets
Di Powder Keg (Low Density PolyEthylene Pellets) powder_keg_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
EJ Powder Keg (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight PolyEthylene Pellets) powder_keg_ultra_high_molecular_weight_polyethylene_pellets
Dh Powder Keg (Liquid Crystal Polymer Pellets) powder_keg_liquid_crystal_polymer_pellets
GD Fibers (AF Resin) fibers_af_resin
GE Fibers (ABS) fibers_abs
Eu Powder Keg (PolyVinyl Alcohol Pellets) powder_keg_polyvinyl_alcohol_pellets
Ew Powder Keg (PolyVinyl Chloride Pellets) powder_keg_polyvinyl_chloride_pellets
Ex Powder Keg (PolyVinyl Chloride Acetate Pellets) powder_keg_polyvinyl_chloride_acetate_pellets
Er Powder Keg (PolyTrimethylene Terephthalate Pellets) powder_keg_polytrimethylene_terephthalate_pellets
Et Powder Keg (PolyVinyl Acetate Pellets) powder_keg_polyvinyl_acetate_pellets
Es Powder Keg (PolyUrethane Pellets) powder_keg_polyurethane_pellets
En Powder Keg (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene Pellets) powder_keg_polytetrafluoroethylene_pellets
Ei Powder Keg (PolyPropylene Pellets) powder_keg_polypropylene_pellets
El Powder Keg (PolyStyrene Pellets) powder_keg_polystyrene_pellets
Eh Powder Keg (PolyP-Phenylene Terephthalamide Pellets) powder_keg_polyp_phenylene_terephthalamide_pellets
HG Fibers (PIB) fibers_pib
HD Fibers (PI) fibers_pi
HB Fibers (PHA) fibers_pha
HA "Fibers (Nylon 6,10)" _fibers_nylon_6_10_
GY Fibers (LDPE) fibers_ldpe
GZ Fibers (MDPE) fibers_mdpe
H8 Fibers (PDPE) fibers_pdpe
GW Fibers (LLDPE) fibers_lldpe
H9 Fibers (PHB) fibers_phb
GX Fibers (LCP) fibers_lcp
H7 Fibers (P1B) fibers_p1b
GU Fibers (Butyl Rubber) fibers_butyl_rubber
H6 Fibers (PHBV) fibers_phbv
GT Fibers (HNBR) fibers_hnbr
H5 Fibers (Phenol Formaldehydes) fibers_phenol_formaldehydes
GS Fibers (HDPE) fibers_hdpe
H4 Fibers (PALD) fibers_pald
GR Fibers (EVA) fibers_eva
H3 Fibers (PFA) fibers_pfa
GQ Fibers (EPDM) fibers_epdm
H2 Fibers (NBR) fibers_nbr
GP Fibers (EPM) fibers_epm
H1 Fibers (MALD) fibers_mald
GN Fibers (Epoxy Resin) fibers_epoxy_resin
GM Fibers (CIIR) fibers_ciir
GL Fibers (Chitin) fibers_chitin
GK Fibers (Cellulose) fibers_cellulose
GI Fibers (Carbon Fiber) fibers_carbon_fiber
GH Fibers (BIIR) fibers_biir
GG Fibers (A-PET) fibers_a_pet
A2 Bag (PolyEtherImide Pellets) bag_polyetherimide_pellets
A1 Bag (PolyEther Ether Ketone Pellets) bag_polyether_ether_ketone_pellets
A5 Bag (PolyEthylene Glycol Pellets) bag_polyethylene_glycol_pellets
A8 Bag (PolyEthylene Oxide Pellets) bag_polyethylene_oxide_pellets
A7 Bag (PolyEthylene Naphthalate Pellets) bag_polyethylene_naphthalate_pellets
A9 Bag (PolyEthylene Sulphide Pellets) bag_polyethylene_sulphide_pellets
A0 Bag (PolyDiMethylSiloxane Pellets) bag_polydimethylsiloxane_pellets
B5 Bag (Very-Low-Density PolyEthylene Pellets) bag_very_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
AR Bag (PolyVinyl Chloride Acetate Pellets) bag_polyvinyl_chloride_acetate_pellets
B3 Bag (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight PolyEthylene Pellets) bag_ultra_high_molecular_weight_polyethylene_pellets
AQ Bag (PolyVinyl Chloride Pellets) bag_polyvinyl_chloride_pellets
B8 Sack (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Pellets) sack_acrylonitrile_butadiene_styrene_pellets
B7 Beaker (Acrylic-Formaldehyde Resin) beaker_acrylic_formaldehyde_resin
B6 Bag (Vinyl Acetate-Acrylic Acid Pellets) bag_vinyl_acetate_acrylic_acid_pellets
AZ Bag (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) bag_styrene_butadiene_rubber_pellets
AY Bag (Styrene-Acrylonitrile Pellets) bag_styrene_acrylonitrile_pellets
BA Sack (Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate-Co-3-Hydroxyvalerate) Pellets) sack_poly3_hydroxybutyrate_co_3_hydroxyvalerate_pellets
AC Bag (PolyPropylene Pellets) bag_polypropylene_pellets
AB Bag (PolyP-Phenylene Terephthalamide Pellets) bag_polyp_phenylene_terephthalamide_pellets
AH Bag (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene Pellets) bag_polytetrafluoroethylene_pellets
AF Bag (PolyStyrene Pellets) bag_polystyrene_pellets
AL Bag (PolyTrimethylene Terephthalate Pellets) bag_polytrimethylene_terephthalate_pellets
AO Bag (PolyVinyl Alcohol Pellets) bag_polyvinyl_alcohol_pellets
B0 Bag (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Pellets) bag_styrene_butadiene_styrene_pellets
B1 Bag (Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene Pellets) bag_styrene_isoprene_styrene_pellets
AM Bag (PolyUrethane Pellets) bag_polyurethane_pellets
AN Bag (PolyVinyl Acetate Pellets) bag_polyvinyl_acetate_pellets
BV Sack (PolyEthylene Glycol Pellets) sack_polyethylene_glycol_pellets
C7 Sack (PolyImide Pellets) sack_polyimide_pellets
Au Bag (PolyOxymethylene Pellets) bag_polyoxymethylene_pellets
BY Sack (PolyEthylene Oxide Pellets) sack_polyethylene_oxide_pellets
Aw Bag (PolyPhenol Pellets) bag_polyphenol_pellets
BX Sack (PolyEthylene Naphthalate Pellets) sack_polyethylene_naphthalate_pellets
Ar Bag (PolyM-Methyl Styrene Pellets) bag_polym_methyl_styrene_pellets
BS Sack (PolyEtherImide Pellets) sack_polyetherimide_pellets
C4 Sack (PolyHexamethylene Sebacamide Pellets) sack_polyhexamethylene_sebacamide_pellets
BR Sack (PolyEther Ether Ketone Pellets) sack_polyether_ether_ketone_pellets
C3 Sack (PolyHexamethylene Adipamide Pellets) sack_polyhexamethylene_adipamide_pellets
Aq Bag (PolyMethyl Methacrylate Pellets) bag_polymethyl_methacrylate_pellets
C5 Sack (PolyHydroxyalkanoate Pellets) sack_polyhydroxyalkanoate_pellets
As Bag (PolyM-Phenylene Isophthalamide Pellets) bag_polym_phenylene_isophthalamide_pellets
Ba Sack (Amorphous PolyEthylene Terephthalate Pellets) sack_amorphous_polyethylene_terephthalate_pellets
CB Sack (PolyTrimethylene Terephthalate Pellets) sack_polytrimethylene_terephthalate_pellets
BZ Sack (PolyEthylene Sulphide Pellets) sack_polyethylene_sulphide_pellets
BF Sack (PolyAcrylic Acid Pellets) sack_polyacrylic_acid_pellets
Ae Bag (PolyHexamethylene Sebacamide Pellets) bag_polyhexamethylene_sebacamide_pellets
BG Sack (PolyAcrylonitrile Pellets) sack_polyacrylonitrile_pellets
Af Bag (PolyHydroxyalkanoate Pellets) bag_polyhydroxyalkanoate_pellets
BH Sack (PolyButadiene (low-cis) Pellets) sack_polybutadiene_low_cis_pellets
BI Sack (PolyButadiene (high-cis) Pellets) sack_polybutadiene_high_cis_pellets
Ah Bag (PolyImide Pellets) bag_polyimide_pellets
Aa Bag (PolyEthylene Terephthalate Pellets) bag_polyethylene_terephthalate_pellets
BB Sack (Poly1-Butene Pellets) sack_poly1_butene_pellets
Ab Bag (PolyEthylene Terephthalate Glycol-Modified Pellets) bag_polyethylene_terephthalate_glycol_modified_pellets
BC Sack (Poly2-6-Dimethyl-1-4-Phenylene Ether Pellets) sack_poly2_6_dimethyl_1_4_phenylene_ether_pellets
Ac Bag (PolyGlycolic Acid Pellets) bag_polyglycolic_acid_pellets
BD Sack (Poly-2-Hydroxy Butyrate Pellets) sack_poly_2_hydroxy_butyrate_pellets
Ad Bag (PolyHexamethylene Adipamide Pellets) bag_polyhexamethylene_adipamide_pellets
BE Sack (Poly2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate Pellets) sack_poly2_hydroxyethyl_methacrylate_pellets
BN Sack (PolyCarbonate Pellets) sack_polycarbonate_pellets
Am Bag (PolyLactic Acid Pellets) bag_polylactic_acid_pellets
C0 Sack (PolyEthylene Terephthalate Pellets) sack_polyethylene_terephthalate_pellets
BO Sack (PolyChloroPrene Pellets) sack_polychloroprene_pellets
C1 Sack (PolyEthylene Terephthalate Glycol-Modified Pellets) sack_polyethylene_terephthalate_glycol_modified_pellets
Ao Bag (PolyMethyl Acrylate Pellets) bag_polymethyl_acrylate_pellets
BQ Sack (PolyDiMethylSiloxane Pellets) sack_polydimethylsiloxane_pellets
C2 Sack (PolyGlycolic Acid Pellets) sack_polyglycolic_acid_pellets
BJ Sack (PolyButylene Succinate Pellets) sack_polybutylene_succinate_pellets
BL Sack (PolyButylene Terephthalate Pellets) sack_polybutylene_terephthalate_pellets
Ak Bag (PolyIsoButylene Pellets) bag_polyisobutylene_pellets
BM Sack (PolyCaprolactone Pellets) sack_polycaprolactone_pellets
Al Bag (PolyIsoPrene Pellets) bag_polyisoprene_pellets
By Sack (Paraldehyde Pellets) sack_paraldehyde_pellets
CY Powder Keg (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Pellets) powder_keg_acrylonitrile_butadiene_styrene_pellets
Bx Sack (Paraformaldehyde Pellets) sack_paraformaldehyde_pellets
D9 Powder Keg (Ethylene-Propylene Monomer Pellets) powder_keg_ethylene_propylene_monomer_pellets
Bw Sack (Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) sack_nitrile_butadiene_rubber_pellets
CX Drum (Acrylic-Formaldehyde Resin) drum_acrylic_formaldehyde_resin
Bv Sack (Metaldehyde Pellets) sack_metaldehyde_pellets
CW Sack (Vinyl Acetate-Acrylic Acid Pellets) sack_vinyl_acetate_acrylic_acid_pellets
D7 Drum (Epoxy Resin) drum_epoxy_resin
CV Sack (Very-Low-Density PolyEthylene Pellets) sack_very_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
D6 Powder Keg (Chlorine Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) powder_keg_chlorine_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
Bt Sack (Medium Density PolyEthylene Pellets) sack_medium_density_polyethylene_pellets
D5 Powder Keg (Chitin Pellets) powder_keg_chitin_pellets
Bs Sack (Low Density PolyEthylene Pellets) sack_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
CT Sack (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight PolyEthylene Pellets) sack_ultra_high_molecular_weight_polyethylene_pellets
D4 Powder Keg (Cellulosic Pellets) powder_keg_cellulosic_pellets
Br Sack (Liquid Crystal Polymer Pellets) sack_liquid_crystal_polymer_pellets
DC Powder Keg (PolyCaprolactone Pellets) powder_keg_polycaprolactone_pellets
Cb Sack (PolyIsoPrene Pellets) sack_polyisoprene_pellets
DB Powder Keg (PolyButylene Terephthalate Pellets) powder_keg_polybutylene_terephthalate_pellets
Ca Sack (PolyIsoButylene Pellets) sack_polyisobutylene_pellets
Bz Beaker (Phenolic Resin) beaker_phenolic_resin
Bh Beaker (Epoxy Resin) beaker_epoxy_resin
Bf Sack (Chitin Pellets) sack_chitin_pellets
CG Sack (PolyVinyl Chloride Pellets) sack_polyvinyl_chloride_pellets
Bg Sack (Chlorine Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) sack_chlorine_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
CH Sack (PolyVinyl Chloride Acetate Pellets) sack_polyvinyl_chloride_acetate_pellets
CE Sack (PolyVinyl Alcohol Pellets) sack_polyvinyl_alcohol_pellets
Be Sack (Cellulosic Pellets) sack_cellulosic_pellets
Bb Sack (Bromine Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) sack_bromine_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
CC Sack (PolyUrethane Pellets) sack_polyurethane_pellets
Bc Sack (Carbon Fiber) sack_carbon_fiber
CD Sack (PolyVinyl Acetate Pellets) sack_polyvinyl_acetate_pellets
D2 Powder Keg (Carbon Fiber) powder_keg_carbon_fiber
CQ Sack (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Pellets) sack_styrene_butadiene_styrene_pellets
CR Sack (Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene Pellets) sack_styrene_isoprene_styrene_pellets
Bq Sack (Linear Low-Density PolyEthylene Pellets) sack_linear_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
D0 Powder Keg (Amorphous PolyEthylene Terephthalate Pellets) powder_keg_amorphous_polyethylene_terephthalate_pellets
Bn Sack (Hydrogenated Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) sack_hydrogenated_nitrile_butadiene_rubber_pellets
CO Sack (Styrene-Acrylonitrile Pellets) sack_styrene_acrylonitrile_pellets
D1 Powder Keg (Bromine Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) powder_keg_bromine_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
Bo Sack (Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) sack_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
CP Sack (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) sack_styrene_butadiene_rubber_pellets
Bl Sack (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Pellets) sack_ethylene_vinyl_acetate_pellets
Bm Sack (High Density PolyEthylene Pellets) sack_high_density_polyethylene_pellets
Bj Sack (Ethylene-Propylene Monomer Pellets) sack_ethylene_propylene_monomer_pellets
Bk Sack (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer Pellets) sack_ethylene_propylene_diene_monomer_pellets
Kv Block (EPM) Item block_epm_item
M8 Block (VA/AA) Item block_va_aa_item
M7 Block (VLDPE) Item block_vldpe_item
1ga DNA Sampler (Zombie) dna_sampler_zombie
Kt Block (Epoxy Resin) Item block_epoxy_resin_item
Ks Block (CIIR) Item block_ciir_item
LT Block (PVCA) Item block_pvca_item
M5 Block (UHMWPE) Item block_uhmwpe_item
1gc DNA Sampler (Horse) dna_sampler_horse
Kz Block (HNBR) Item block_hnbr_item
1gb DNA Sampler (Skeleton) dna_sampler_skeleton
Ky Block (HDPE) Item block_hdpe_item
1ge DNA Sampler (Creeper) dna_sampler_creeper
Kx Block (EVA) Item block_eva_item
1gd DNA Sampler (Witch) dna_sampler_witch
M9 Slab (AF Resin) Item slab_af_resin_item
Kw Block (EPDM) Item block_epdm_item
1fv Air Quality Detector air_quality_detector
Kn Block (BIIR) Item block_biir_item
LO Block (PU) Item block_pu_item
M0 Block (SAN) Item block_san_item
1fu Mold (Air Quality Detector Case) mold_air_quality_detector_case
Km Block (A-PET) Item block_a_pet_item
LN Block (PTT) Item block_ptt_item
1fx DNA sampler (Beginner) dna_sampler_beginner
1fw Ripstop Nylon Sheet ripstop_nylon_sheet
Kk Block (ABS) Item block_abs_item
1fz DNA sampler (Advanced) dna_sampler_advanced
Kr Block (Chitin) Item block_chitin_item
LS Block (PVC) Item block_pvc_item
1fy DNA sampler (Intermediate) dna_sampler_intermediate
M3 Block (SIS) Item block_sis_item
Kq Block (Cellulose) Item block_cellulose_item
LQ Block (PVA) Item block_pva_item
M2 Block (SBS) Item block_sbs_item
Ko Block (Carbon Fiber) Item block_carbon_fiber_item
LP Block (PVAC) Item block_pvac_item
M1 Block (SBR) Item block_sbr_item
MG Slab (PHEMA) Item slab_phema_item
Lf "Block (Nylon 6,7)" Item _block_nylon_6_7__item
Lg "Block (Nylon 6,10)" Item _block_nylon_6_10__item
MH Slab (PAA) Item slab_paa_item
ME Slab (PDPE) Item slab_pdpe_item
Ld Block (PETG) Item block_petg_item
MF Slab (PHB) Item slab_phb_item
Le Block (PGA) Item block_pga_item
Lj Block (PI) Item block_pi_item
MK Slab (PBR (high grade)) Item slab_pbr_high_grade_item
ML Slab (PBS) Item slab_pbs_item
Lh Block (PHA) Item block_pha_item
MI Slab (PAN) Item slab_pan_item
MJ Slab (PBR (low grade)) Item slab_pbr_low_grade_item
1gf DNA Sampler (Silverfish) dna_sampler_silverfish
1gg DNA Sampler (Cave Spider) dna_sampler_cave_spider
1gh DNA Sampler (Ghast) dna_sampler_ghast
1gi DNA Sampler (Blaze) dna_sampler_blaze
1gj DNA Sampler (Zombie Pigman) dna_sampler_zombie_pigman
Lb Block (PES) Item block_pes_item
MC Slab (PHBV) Item slab_phbv_item
1gk DNA Sampler (Magma Cube) dna_sampler_magma_cube
MD Slab (P1B) Item slab_p1b_item
Lc Block (PET) Item block_pet_item
1gl DNA Sampler (Person) dna_sampler_person
MA Slab (PALD) Item slab_pald_item
La Block (PEO) Item block_peo_item
MB Slab (Phenol Formaldehydes) Item slab_phenol_formaldehydes_item
Lu Block (nomex) Item block_nomex_item
N7 Slab (PHA) Item slab_pha_item
Lt Block (PMMS) Item block_pmms_item
MU Slab (PEI) Item slab_pei_item
N6 "Slab (Nylon 6,10)" Item _slab_nylon_6_10__item
Lw Block (POM) Item block_pom_item
MX Slab (PEG) Item slab_peg_item
N9 Slab (PI) Item slab_pi_item
Ly Block (Polyphenol) Item block_polyphenol_item
MZ Slab (PEN) Item slab_pen_item
Lm Block (PIB) Item block_pib_item
MN Slab (PBT) Item slab_pbt_item
Lo Block (PLA) Item block_pla_item
MP Slab (PC) Item slab_pc_item
N1 Slab (PES) Item slab_pes_item
Ln Block (Natural Rubber) Item block_natural_rubber_item
MO Slab (PCL) Item slab_pcl_item
N0 Slab (PEO) Item slab_peo_item
Lq Block (PMA) Item block_pma_item
N3 Slab (PETG) Item slab_petg_item
MQ Slab (PCHL) Item slab_pchl_item
N2 Slab (PET) Item slab_pet_item
Ls Block (PMMA) Item block_pmma_item
MT Slab (PEEK) Item slab_peek_item
N5 "Slab (Nylon 6,7)" Item _slab_nylon_6_7__item
MS Slab (PDMS) Item slab_pdms_item
N4 Slab (PGA) Item slab_pga_item
Me Slab (Carbon Fiber) Item slab_carbon_fiber_item
NF Slab (PVAC) Item slab_pvac_item
NG Slab (PVA) Item slab_pva_item
Mg Slab (Cellulose) Item slab_cellulose_item
Mh Slab (Chitin) Item slab_chitin_item
NI Slab (PVC) Item slab_pvc_item
Mi Slab (CIIR) Item slab_ciir_item
NJ Slab (PVCA) Item slab_pvca_item
Mj Slab (Epoxy Resin) Item slab_epoxy_resin_item
Ml Slab (EPM) Item slab_epm_item
Ma Slab (ABS) Item slab_abs_item
Mc Slab (A-PET) Item slab_a_pet_item
ND Slab (PTT) Item slab_ptt_item
Md Slab (BIIR) Item slab_biir_item
NE Slab (PU) Item slab_pu_item
1fB DNA sampler (Nether) dna_sampler_nether
1ea Block (p-PR) Item block_p_pr_item
1fA DNA sampler (Expert) dna_sampler_expert
1fD Cell Culture Dish (Sheep) cell_culture_dish_sheep
1ec Slab (p-PR) Item slab_p_pr_item
Mz Slab (PFA) Item slab_pfa_item
1fC Cell Culture Dish (Pig) cell_culture_dish_pig
1eb Slab (n-PR) Item slab_n_pr_item
NZ Double Slab (AF Resin) Item double_slab_af_resin_item
My Slab (NBR) Item slab_nbr_item
Mx Slab (MALD) Item slab_mald_item
NY Slab (VA/AA) Item slab_va_aa_item
O9 Double Slab (Epoxy Resin) Item double_slab_epoxy_resin_item
NX Slab (VLDPE) Item slab_vldpe_item
O8 Double Slab (CIIR) Item double_slab_ciir_item
Mv Slab (MDPE) Item slab_mdpe_item
O7 Double Slab (Chitin) Item double_slab_chitin_item
Mu Slab (LDPE) Item slab_ldpe_item
NV Slab (UHMWPE) Item slab_uhmwpe_item
1dx Wafer (Low Power Radio) wafer_low_power_radio
O6 Double Slab (Cellulose) Item double_slab_cellulose_item
Mt Slab (LCP) Item slab_lcp_item
1eY Magnesium Nugget magnesium_nugget
1dw Wafer (Low Power Radio) (7 of 8) wafer_low_power_radio_7_of_8
1eX HAM Radio Case (SAN) ham_radio_case_san
NT Slab (SIS) Item slab_sis_item
Ms Slab (LLDPE) Item slab_lldpe_item
1f9 Platinum Nugget platinum_nugget
1dz Wafer (DSP) (2 of 8) wafer_dsp_2_of_8
O4 Double Slab (Carbon Fiber) Item double_slab_carbon_fiber_item
NS Slab (SBS) Item slab_sbs_item
1dy Wafer (DSP) (1 of 8) wafer_dsp_1_of_8
O3 Double Slab (BIIR) Item double_slab_biir_item
Mq Slab (Butyl Rubber) Item slab_butyl_rubber_item
NR Slab (SBR) Item slab_sbr_item
1eZ Titanium Nugget titanium_nugget
1dt Wafer (Low Power Radio) (4 of 8) wafer_low_power_radio_4_of_8
1eU Cell Phone cell_phone
O2 Double Slab (A-PET) Item double_slab_a_pet_item
Mp Slab (HNBR) Item slab_hnbr_item
NQ Slab (SAN) Item slab_san_item
1f6 Silver Nugget silver_nugget
1ds Wafer (Low Power Radio) (3 of 8) wafer_low_power_radio_3_of_8
1eT Walky Talky walky_talky
Mo Slab (HDPE) Item slab_hdpe_item
1f5 Palladium Nugget palladium_nugget
1dv Wafer (Low Power Radio) (6 of 8) wafer_low_power_radio_6_of_8
1eW Walky Talky Case (SAN) walky_talky_case_san
O0 Double Slab (ABS) Item double_slab_abs_item
Mn Slab (EVA) Item slab_eva_item
1f8 Tungsten Nugget tungsten_nugget
1du Wafer (Low Power Radio) (5 of 8) wafer_low_power_radio_5_of_8
1eV Cell Phone Case (SAN) cell_phone_case_san
Mm Slab (EPDM) Item slab_epdm_item
1f7 Antimony Nugget antimony_nugget
1fQ Cell Culture Dish (Silverfish) cell_culture_dish_silverfish
1g2 DNA Sampler (Sheep) dna_sampler_sheep
1fR Cell Culture Dish (Cave Spider) cell_culture_dish_cave_spider
1g3 DNA Sampler (Cow) dna_sampler_cow
1eq Smart Phone smart_phone
ON Double Slab (PEG) Item double_slab_peg_item
Nm Slab (POM) Item slab_pom_item
1fS Cell Culture Dish (Ghast) cell_culture_dish_ghast
1g4 DNA Sampler (Chicken) dna_sampler_chicken
1er Silicon Wafer silicon_wafer
Nj Slab (PMMS) Item slab_pmms_item
OK Double Slab (PEI) Item double_slab_pei_item
1fT Cell Culture Dish (Blaze) cell_culture_dish_blaze
1g5 DNA Sampler (Squid) dna_sampler_squid
Nk Slab (nomex) Item slab_nomex_item
1fM Cell Culture Dish (Skeleton) cell_culture_dish_skeleton
1el Solar Array solar_array
OI Double Slab (PDMS) Item double_slab_pdms_item
1fN Cell Culture Dish (Horse) cell_culture_dish_horse
1em Silicon Wafer (Ruined) silicon_wafer_ruined
Ni Slab (PMMA) Item slab_pmma_item
OJ Double Slab (PEEK) Item double_slab_peek_item
1fO Cell Culture Dish (Witch) cell_culture_dish_witch
1en Double Slab (n-PR) double_slab_n_pr
OG Double Slab (PCHL) Item double_slab_pchl_item
1g0 ABS Brick (3 x 4) Item abs_brick_3_x_4_item
1fP Cell Culture Dish (Creeper) cell_culture_dish_creeper
1g1 DNA Sampler (Pig) dna_sampler_pig
1eo Double Slab (p-PR) double_slab_p_pr
Ng Slab (PMA) Item slab_pma_item
1fI Cell Culture Dish (Ocelot) cell_culture_dish_ocelot
OE Double Slab (PCL) Item double_slab_pcl_item
Nd Slab (Natural Rubber) Item slab_natural_rubber_item
1fJ Cell Culture Dish (Bat) cell_culture_dish_bat
OF Double Slab (PC) Item double_slab_pc_item
Ne Slab (PLA) Item slab_pla_item
1fK Cell Culture Dish (Spider) cell_culture_dish_spider
1ej Slab (n-PR) slab_n_pr
1fL Cell Culture Dish (Zombie) cell_culture_dish_zombie
1ek Slab (p-PR) slab_p_pr
OD Double Slab (PBT) Item double_slab_pbt_item
Nc Slab (PIB) Item slab_pib_item
1fE Cell Culture Dish (Cow) cell_culture_dish_cow
1ed Portal Chest portal_chest
OA Double Slab (PBR (high grade)) Item double_slab_pbr_high_grade_item
1fF Cell Culture Dish (Chicken) cell_culture_dish_chicken
1ee Contact Printer contact_printer
OB Double Slab (PBS) Item double_slab_pbs_item
1fG Cell Culture Dish (Squid) cell_culture_dish_squid
1ef Double Slab (n-PR) Item double_slab_n_pr_item
1fH Cell Culture Dish (Wolf) cell_culture_dish_wolf
1eg Double Slab (p-PR) Item double_slab_p_pr_item
1fd Steel Nugget steel_nugget
Nz Slab (PTFE) Item slab_ptfe_item
1fc Aluminum Nugget aluminum_nugget
1fb Bismuth Nugget bismuth_nugget
1fa Plumbum (Lead) Nugget plumbum_lead_nugget
P9 Double Slab (PMMS) Item double_slab_pmms_item
OX Double Slab (PHA) Item double_slab_pha_item
P8 Double Slab (PMMA) Item double_slab_pmma_item
OW Double "Slab (Nylon 6,10)" Item double__slab_nylon_6_10__item
OZ Double Slab (PI) Item double_slab_pi_item
Nx Slab (PS) Item slab_ps_item
OT Double Slab (PETG) Item double_slab_petg_item
1ez Pressure Sensor pressure_sensor
OS Double Slab (PET) Item double_slab_pet_item
P4 Double Slab (PLA) Item double_slab_pla_item
1ey Temperature Sensor temperature_sensor
OV Double "Slab (Nylon 6,7)" Item double__slab_nylon_6_7__item
Nu Slab (PP) Item slab_pp_item
1fZ ABS Brick (3 x 3) Item abs_brick_3_x_3_item
1ex Processor processor
P6 Double Slab (PMA) Item double_slab_pma_item
OU Double Slab (PGA) Item double_slab_pga_item
Nt Slab (kevlar) Item slab_kevlar_item
1fY ABS Brick (2 x 4) Item abs_brick_2_x_4_item
1fX Cell Culture Dish (Person) cell_culture_dish_person
1g9 DNA Sampler (Spider) dna_sampler_spider
1ew Solar Cell solar_cell
No Slab (Polyphenol) Item slab_polyphenol_item
OP Double Slab (PEN) Item double_slab_pen_item
1g8 DNA Sampler (Bat) dna_sampler_bat
1fW Guano guano
1fV Cell Culture Dish (Magma Cube) cell_culture_dish_magma_cube
1g7 DNA Sampler (Ocelot) dna_sampler_ocelot
1eu Mask Writer mask_writer
OR Double Slab (PES) Item double_slab_pes_item
P3 Double Slab (Natural Rubber) Item double_slab_natural_rubber_item
1fU Cell Culture Dish (Zombie Pigman) cell_culture_dish_zombie_pigman
1g6 DNA Sampler (Wolf) dna_sampler_wolf
1et Silicon Boule silicon_boule
OQ Double Slab (PEO) Item double_slab_peo_item
P2 Double Slab (PIB) Item double_slab_pib_item
Ok Double Slab (LDPE) Item double_slab_ldpe_item
PL Double Slab (UHMWPE) Item double_slab_uhmwpe_item
Ol Double Slab (MDPE) Item double_slab_mdpe_item
1fq Territory Flag territory_flag
PN Double Slab (VLDPE) Item double_slab_vldpe_item
1fr Printing Press printing_press
On Double Slab (MALD) Item double_slab_mald_item
PO Double Slab (VA/AA) Item double_slab_va_aa_item
1fo Trading House trading_house
Og Double Slab (Butyl Rubber) Item double_slab_butyl_rubber_item
PH Double Slab (SBR) Item double_slab_sbr_item
PI Double Slab (SBS) Item double_slab_sbs_item
PJ Double Slab (SIS) Item double_slab_sis_item
Oi Double Slab (LLDPE) Item double_slab_lldpe_item
1fm Silicon Nugget silicon_nugget
Oj Double Slab (LCP) Item double_slab_lcp_item
1fn Mercury Sulfide Nugget mercury_sulfide_nugget
Oc Double Slab (EPDM) Item double_slab_epdm_item
1fk Nichrome Nugget nichrome_nugget
Od Double Slab (EVA) Item double_slab_eva_item
1fl Antimony-Lead Nugget antimony_lead_nugget
Oe Double Slab (HDPE) Item double_slab_hdpe_item
1fi Chrome Nugget chrome_nugget
Of Double Slab (HNBR) Item double_slab_hnbr_item
PG Double Slab (SAN) Item double_slab_san_item
1fj Tungsten Carbide Nugget tungsten_carbide_nugget
1fg Bronze Nugget bronze_nugget
1fh Tin Nugget tin_nugget
1fe Stainless Steel Nugget stainless_steel_nugget
Ob Double Slab (EPM) Item double_slab_epm_item
1ff Brass Nugget brass_nugget
1d3 Wafer (Solar Cell) (1 of 5) wafer_solar_cell_1_of_5
1cR Mask (OLED Array)(PR Traces) mask_oled_arraypr_traces
1bq Block (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) Item block_carbon_fiber_resin_p_item
1d4 Wafer (Solar Cell) (2 of 5) wafer_solar_cell_2_of_5
1cS Mask (OLED Array)(PR Encapsulation) mask_oled_arraypr_encapsulation
HK Fibers (PMA) fibers_pma
1br Wall (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) wall_carbon_fiber_resin_e
1d5 Wafer (Solar Cell) (3 of 5) wafer_solar_cell_3_of_5
1cT Wall (n-PR) wall_n_pr
1bs Wall (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) wall_carbon_fiber_resin_p
HH Fibers (Natural Rubber) fibers_natural_rubber
1d6 Wafer (Solar Cell) (4 of 5) wafer_solar_cell_4_of_5
1cU Wall (p-PR) wall_p_pr
1bt Wall (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) Item wall_carbon_fiber_resin_e_item
HI Fibers (PLA) fibers_pla
1d7 Wafer (Solar Cell) wafer_solar_cell
HN Fibers (PMMS) fibers_pmms
1bu Wall (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) Item wall_carbon_fiber_resin_p_item
1d8 Wafer (Processor) (1 of 8) wafer_processor_1_of_8
1bv Stairs (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) stairs_carbon_fiber_resin_e
HO Fibers (nomex) fibers_nomex
1d9 Wafer (Processor) (2 of 8) wafer_processor_2_of_8
1cX Stairs (n-PR) stairs_n_pr
1bw Stairs (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) stairs_carbon_fiber_resin_p
HM Fibers (PMMA) fibers_pmma
1cY Stairs (p-PR) stairs_p_pr
1bx Stairs (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) Item stairs_carbon_fiber_resin_e_item
1by Stairs (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) Item stairs_carbon_fiber_resin_p_item
I3 Fibers (PTFE) fibers_ptfe
HS Fibers (Polyphenol) fibers_polyphenol
1bz Carbon Fiber Weave carbon_fiber_weave
I1 Fibers (PS) fibers_ps
HQ Fibers (POM) fibers_pom
I7 Fibers (PTT) fibers_ptt
I8 Fibers (PU) fibers_pu
1dA Wafer (DSP) (3 of 8) wafer_dsp_3_of_8
1dB Wafer (DSP) (4 of 8) wafer_dsp_4_of_8
1ca Mask (Processor)(PR Inner Traces) mask_processorpr_inner_traces
1dD Wafer (DSP) (6 of 8) wafer_dsp_6_of_8
1cc Mask (Processor)(PR Outer Traces) mask_processorpr_outer_traces
1dC Wafer (DSP) (5 of 8) wafer_dsp_5_of_8
1cb Mask (Processor)(PR Through Vias) mask_processorpr_through_vias
1dF Wafer (DSP) wafer_dsp
1ce Mask (Temperature Sensor)(PR Backplane) mask_temperature_sensorpr_backplane
HY Fibers (PP) fibers_pp
1dE Wafer (DSP) (7 of 8) wafer_dsp_7_of_8
1cd Mask (Processor)(PR Encapsulation) mask_processorpr_encapsulation
HX Fibers (kevlar) fibers_kevlar
I9 Fibers (PVAC) fibers_pvac
1dH Wafer (Digital Analog Convertor) (2 of 5) wafer_digital_analog_convertor_2_of_5
1cg Mask (Temperature Sensor)(PR Dielectric) mask_temperature_sensorpr_dielectric
1dG Wafer (Digital Analog Convertor) (1 of 5) wafer_digital_analog_convertor_1_of_5
1cf Mask (Temperature Sensor)(PR Semiconductor) mask_temperature_sensorpr_semiconductor
1dJ Wafer (Digital Analog Convertor) (4 of 5) wafer_digital_analog_convertor_4_of_5
1ci Mask (Temperature Sensor)(PR Encapsulation) mask_temperature_sensorpr_encapsulation
1dI Wafer (Digital Analog Convertor) (3 of 5) wafer_digital_analog_convertor_3_of_5
1ch Mask (Temperature Sensor)(PR Traces) mask_temperature_sensorpr_traces
1dL Wafer (Amplifier) (1 of 5) wafer_amplifier_1_of_5
1ck Mask (Pressure Sensor)(PR Semiconductor) mask_pressure_sensorpr_semiconductor
ID Block (Epoxy Resin) block_epoxy_resin
Hc Fibers (PAN) fibers_pan
1dK Wafer (Digital Analog Convertor) wafer_digital_analog_convertor
1cj Mask (Pressure Sensor)(PR Backplane) mask_pressure_sensorpr_backplane
IC Block (CIIR) block_ciir
Hb Fibers (PAA) fibers_paa
1dN Wafer (Amplifier) (3 of 5) wafer_amplifier_3_of_5
1cm Mask (Pressure Sensor)(PR Traces) mask_pressure_sensorpr_traces
Ha Fibers (PHEMA) fibers_phema
IB Block (Chitin) block_chitin
1dM Wafer (Amplifier) (2 of 5) wafer_amplifier_2_of_5
1cl Mask (Pressure Sensor)(PR Dielectric) mask_pressure_sensorpr_dielectric
IA Block (Cellulose) block_cellulose
1dP Wafer (Amplifier) wafer_amplifier
1co Mask (Low Power Radio)(PR Backplane) mask_low_power_radiopr_backplane
IH Block (EVA) block_eva
1dO Wafer (Amplifier) (4 of 5) wafer_amplifier_4_of_5
1cn Mask (Pressure Sensor)(PR Encapsulation) mask_pressure_sensorpr_encapsulation
1e0 Stairs (p-PR) Item stairs_p_pr_item
IG Block (EPDM) block_epdm
Hf Fibers (PBS) fibers_pbs
1dR Wafer (OLED Array) (2 of 5) wafer_oled_array_2_of_5
1cq Mask (Low Power Radio)(PR p-Type Semiconductor) mask_low_power_radiopr_p_type_semiconductor
IF Block (EPM) block_epm
He Fibers (PBR (high grade)) fibers_pbr_high_grade
1dQ Wafer (OLED Array) (1 of 5) wafer_oled_array_1_of_5
1cp Mask (Low Power Radio)(PR n-Type Semiconductor) mask_low_power_radiopr_n_type_semiconductor
Hd Fibers (PBR (low grade)) fibers_pbr_low_grade
1dU Wafer (OLED Array) wafer_oled_array
1ct Mask (Low Power Radio)(PR Through Vias) mask_low_power_radiopr_through_vias
II Block (HDPE) block_hdpe
Hh Fibers (PBT) fibers_pbt
1e6 Block of Silicon block_of_silicon
1cu Mask (Low Power Radio)(PR Outer Traces) mask_low_power_radiopr_outer_traces
1dV Wall (n-PR) Item wall_n_pr_item
1e7 Block (n-PR) block_n_pr
IJ Block (HNBR) block_hnbr
Hi Fibers (PCL) fibers_pcl
1dS Wafer (OLED Array) (3 of 5) wafer_oled_array_3_of_5
1cr Mask (Low Power Radio)(PR Dielectric) mask_low_power_radiopr_dielectric
IK Block (Butyl Rubber) block_butyl_rubber
Hj Fibers (PC) fibers_pc
1dT Wafer (OLED Array) (4 of 5) wafer_oled_array_4_of_5
1cs Mask (Low Power Radio)(PR Inner Traces) mask_low_power_radiopr_inner_traces
Hk Fibers (PCHL) fibers_pchl
1e5 Silicon Ingot silicon_ingot
1cx Mask (DSP)(PR n-Type Semiconductor) mask_dsppr_n_type_semiconductor
IM Block (LLDPE) block_lldpe
1cy Mask (DSP)(PR p-Type Semiconductor) mask_dsppr_p_type_semiconductor
1dZ Stairs (n-PR) Item stairs_n_pr_item
IN Block (LCP) block_lcp
Hm Fibers (PDMS) fibers_pdms
1cv Mask (Low Power Radio)(PR Encapsulation) mask_low_power_radiopr_encapsulation
1dW Wall (p-PR) Item wall_p_pr_item
1e8 Block (p-PR) block_p_pr
J0 Block (PHEMA) block_phema
IO Block (LDPE) block_ldpe
Hn Fibers (PEEK) fibers_peek
1cw Mask (DSP)(PR Backplane) mask_dsppr_backplane
1e9 Block (n-PR) Item block_n_pr_item
IP Block (MDPE) block_mdpe
J1 Block (PAA) block_paa
Ho Fibers (PEI) fibers_pei
J2 Block (PAN) block_pan
IR Block (MALD) block_mald
J3 Block (PBR (low grade)) block_pbr_low_grade
1cz Mask (DSP)(PR Dielectric) mask_dsppr_dielectric
IS Block (NBR) block_nbr
J4 Block (PBR (high grade)) block_pbr_high_grade
Hr Fibers (PEG) fibers_peg
IT Block (PFA) block_pfa
J5 Block (PBS) block_pbs
1eB DSP dsp
1da Wafer (Processor) (3 of 8) wafer_processor_3_of_8
IU Block (PALD) block_pald
Ht Fibers (PEN) fibers_pen
1eC Digital Analog Convertor digital_analog_convertor
1db Wafer (Processor) (4 of 8) wafer_processor_4_of_8
IV Block (Phenol Formaldehydes) block_phenol_formaldehydes
J7 Block (PBT) block_pbt
Hu Fibers (PEO) fibers_peo
IW Block (PHBV) block_phbv
J8 Block (PCL) block_pcl
Hv Fibers (PES) fibers_pes
1eA Low Power Radio low_power_radio
IX Block (P1B) block_p1b
J9 Block (PC) block_pc
Hw Fibers (PET) fibers_pet
1df Wafer (Processor) wafer_processor
1eG 254 nm UV Bulbs 254_nm_uv_bulbs
IZ Block (PHB) block_phb
Hy Fibers (PGA) fibers_pga
1de Wafer (Processor) (7 of 8) wafer_processor_7_of_8
1eF 365 nm UV Bulbs 365_nm_uv_bulbs
IY Block (PDPE) block_pdpe
Hx Fibers (PETG) fibers_petg
1eE OLED Array oled_array
1dd Wafer (Processor) (6 of 8) wafer_processor_6_of_8
1eD Amplifier amplifier
1dc Wafer (Processor) (5 of 8) wafer_processor_5_of_8
Hz "Fibers (Nylon 6,7)" _fibers_nylon_6_7_
1dj Wafer (Temperature Sensor) (4 of 5) wafer_temperature_sensor_4_of_5
1eK Mold (Cell Phone Case) mold_cell_phone_case
1di Wafer (Temperature Sensor) (3 of 5) wafer_temperature_sensor_3_of_5
1eJ Block of Cinnabar block_of_cinnabar
1dh Wafer (Temperature Sensor) (2 of 5) wafer_temperature_sensor_2_of_5
JA Block (PMA) block_pma
1eI Mercury Sulfide Ingot mercury_sulfide_ingot
1dg Wafer (Temperature Sensor) (1 of 5) wafer_temperature_sensor_1_of_5
1eH Cinnabar cinnabar
1dn Wafer (Pressure Sensor) (3 of 5) wafer_pressure_sensor_3_of_5
1eO Bars (Copper) bars_copper
JC Block (PMMA) block_pmma
1f0 Manganese Nugget manganese_nugget
1dm Wafer (Pressure Sensor) (2 of 5) wafer_pressure_sensor_2_of_5
1eN Coins (Copper) coins_copper
Ia Fibers (PVA) fibers_pva
1dl Wafer (Pressure Sensor) (1 of 5) wafer_pressure_sensor_1_of_5
1eM Mold (HAM Radio Case) mold_ham_radio_case
JE Block (nomex) block_nomex
Id Fibers (PVCA) fibers_pvca
1dk Wafer (Temperature Sensor) wafer_temperature_sensor
1eL Mold (Walky Talky Case) mold_walky_talky_case
JD Block (PMMS) block_pmms
Ic Fibers (PVC) fibers_pvc
1dr Wafer (Low Power Radio) (2 of 8) wafer_low_power_radio_2_of_8
1eS HAM Radio ham_radio
JG Block (POM) block_pom
1f4 Zinc Nugget zinc_nugget
1dq Wafer (Low Power Radio) (1 of 8) wafer_low_power_radio_1_of_8
1eR Megaphone megaphone
1f3 Copper Nugget copper_nugget
1dp Wafer (Pressure Sensor) wafer_pressure_sensor
1eQ Voice Cone voice_cone
JI Block (Polyphenol) block_polyphenol
1f2 Nickel Nugget nickel_nugget
1do Wafer (Pressure Sensor) (4 of 5) wafer_pressure_sensor_4_of_5
1eP Stacks (Copper) stacks_copper
1f1 Cobalt Nugget cobalt_nugget
K2 Block (PVC) block_pvc
Ip Fibers (UHMWPE) fibers_uhmwpe
JN Block (kevlar) block_kevlar
Im Fibers (SBS) fibers_sbs
In Fibers (SIS) fibers_sis
JO Block (PP) block_pp
K0 Block (PVA) block_pva
1b1 Double Slab (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) double_slab_carbon_fiber_resin_p
Ik Fibers (SAN) fibers_san
Il Fibers (SBR) fibers_sbr
Iw Block (A-PET) block_a_pet
JX Block (PTT) block_ptt
Ix Block (BIIR) block_biir
JY Block (PU) block_pu
Iu Block (ABS) block_abs
JT Block (PTFE) block_ptfe
Is Fibers (VA/AA) fibers_va_aa
It Block (AF Resin) block_af_resin
JR Block (PS) block_ps
K3 Block (PVCA) block_pvca
Ir Fibers (VLDPE) fibers_vldpe
Ja Block (PCHL) block_pchl
KA Block (Butyl Rubber) Item block_butyl_rubber_item
1bA BlockCollision blockcollision
Iy Block (Carbon Fiber) block_carbon_fiber
JZ Block (PVAC) block_pvac
1am Beaker (Positive Photoresist) beaker_positive_photoresist
KJ Block (PFA) Item block_pfa_item
1al Beaker (Negative Photoresist) beaker_negative_photoresist
KI Block (NBR) Item block_nbr_item
Jh Block (PEG) block_peg
1c1 Mask (Solar Cell)(PR Backplane) mask_solar_cellpr_backplane
KH Block (MALD) Item block_mald_item
1bP Freeze Ray (Intermediate) freeze_ray_intermediate
1bO Freeze Ray (Beginner) freeze_ray_beginner
1c0 Silicon Ore silicon_ore
KF Block (MDPE) Item block_mdpe_item
Je Block (PEI) block_pei
1ai Double Slab (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) Item double_slab_carbon_fiber_resin_p_item
KE Block (LDPE) Item block_ldpe_item
Jd Block (PEEK) block_peek
1ah Double Slab (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) Item double_slab_carbon_fiber_resin_e_item
1ak Beaker (Phenolic-Carbon Fiber Resin) beaker_phenolic_carbon_fiber_resin
KD Block (LCP) Item block_lcp_item
Jc Block (PDMS) block_pdms
1aj Beaker (Epoxy-Carbon Fiber Resin) beaker_epoxy_carbon_fiber_resin
KC Block (LLDPE) Item block_lldpe_item
1c8 Mask (Processor)(PR p-Type Semiconductor) mask_processorpr_p_type_semiconductor
L0 Block (PCHL) Item block_pchl_item
KO Block (PDPE) Item block_pdpe_item
Jn Block (PETG) block_petg
1bW Gaslamp gaslamp
1c9 Mask (Processor)(PR Dielectric) mask_processorpr_dielectric
KP Block (PHB) Item block_phb_item
Jo Block (PGA) block_pga
1c6 Mask (Processor)(PR Backplane) mask_processorpr_backplane
KQ Block (PHEMA) Item block_phema_item
L2 Block (PDMS) Item block_pdms_item
Jp "Block (Nylon 6,7)" _block_nylon_6_7_
1bU Water Cannon (Advanced) water_cannon_advanced
1c7 Mask (Processor)(PR n-Type Semiconductor) mask_processorpr_n_type_semiconductor
KR Block (PAA) Item block_paa_item
L3 Block (PEEK) Item block_peek_item
Jq "Block (Nylon 6,10)" _block_nylon_6_10_
1bV Water Cannon (Pro) water_cannon_pro
1c4 Mask (Solar Cell)(PR Traces) mask_solar_cellpr_traces
KK Block (PALD) Item block_pald_item
Jj Block (PEN) block_pen
1bS Water Cannon (Beginner) water_cannon_beginner
1c5 Mask (Solar Cell)(PR Encapsulation) mask_solar_cellpr_encapsulation
KL Block (Phenol Formaldehydes) Item block_phenol_formaldehydes_item
Jk Block (PEO) block_peo
1bT Water Cannon (Intermediate) water_cannon_intermediate
1c2 Mask (Solar Cell)(PR Semiconductor) mask_solar_cellpr_semiconductor
KM Block (PHBV) Item block_phbv_item
Jl Block (PES) block_pes
1bQ Freeze Ray (Advanced) freeze_ray_advanced
1c3 Mask (Solar Cell)(PR Dielectric) mask_solar_cellpr_dielectric
KN Block (P1B) Item block_p1b_item
Jm Block (PET) block_pet
1bR Freeze Ray (Pro) freeze_ray_pro
1cA Mask (DSP)(PR Inner Traces) mask_dsppr_inner_traces
KX Block (PBT) Item block_pbt_item
L9 Block (PEN) Item block_pen_item
Jw Block (PIB) block_pib
KY Block (PCL) Item block_pcl_item
Jx Block (Natural Rubber) block_natural_rubber
KZ Block (PC) Item block_pc_item
Jy Block (PLA) block_pla
KS Block (PAN) Item block_pan_item
L4 Block (PEI) Item block_pei_item
Jr Block (PHA) block_pha
KT Block (PBR (low grade)) Item block_pbr_low_grade_item
1bY Trove (Copper) trove_copper
KU Block (PBR (high grade)) Item block_pbr_high_grade_item
Jt Block (PI) block_pi
1bZ Air Quality Detector Case (PS) air_quality_detector_case_ps
KV Block (PBS) Item block_pbs_item
L7 Block (PEG) Item block_peg_item
1cI Mask (Digital Analog Convertor)(PR Encapsulation) mask_digital_analog_convertorpr_encapsulation
1cH Mask (Digital Analog Convertor)(PR Traces) mask_digital_analog_convertorpr_traces
1cG Mask (Digital Analog Convertor)(PR Dielectric) mask_digital_analog_convertorpr_dielectric
Kb Block (SBR) block_sbr
1cF Mask (Digital Analog Convertor)(PR Semiconductor) mask_digital_analog_convertorpr_semiconductor
Ka Block (SAN) block_san
1cE Mask (Digital Analog Convertor)(PR Backplane) mask_digital_analog_convertorpr_backplane
1cD Mask (DSP)(PR Encapsulation) mask_dsppr_encapsulation
1cC Mask (DSP)(PR Outer Traces) mask_dsppr_outer_traces
1cB Mask (DSP)(PR Through Vias) mask_dsppr_through_vias
1cQ Mask (OLED Array)(PR Dielectric) mask_oled_arraypr_dielectric
Kh Block (VLDPE) block_vldpe
1bp Block (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) Item block_carbon_fiber_resin_e_item
1cP Mask (OLED Array)(PR Semiconductor) mask_oled_arraypr_semiconductor
LH Block (PS) Item block_ps_item
1bo Block (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) block_carbon_fiber_resin_p
1cO Mask (OLED Array)(PR Backplane) mask_oled_arraypr_backplane
Kj Block (AF Resin) Item block_af_resin_item
1bn Block (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) block_carbon_fiber_resin_e
1cN Mask (Amplifier)(PR Encapsulation) mask_amplifierpr_encapsulation
LJ Block (PTFE) Item block_ptfe_item
Ki Block (VA/AA) block_va_aa
1cM Mask (Amplifier)(PR Traces) mask_amplifierpr_traces
Kd Block (SIS) block_sis
LE Block (PP) Item block_pp_item
1cL Mask (Amplifier)(PR Dielectric) mask_amplifierpr_dielectric
LD Block (kevlar) Item block_kevlar_item
Kc Block (SBS) block_sbs
1cK Mask (Amplifier)(PR Semiconductor) mask_amplifierpr_semiconductor
Kf Block (UHMWPE) block_uhmwpe
1cJ Mask (Amplifier)(PR Backplane) mask_amplifierpr_backplane
VT Wall (PAA) Item wall_paa_item
W5 Wall (PEEK) Item wall_peek_item
Us "Wall (Nylon 6,10)" _wall_nylon_6_10_
VU Wall (PAN) Item wall_pan_item
W6 Wall (PEI) Item wall_pei_item
Ut Wall (PHA) wall_pha
VR Wall (PHB) Item wall_phb_item
Uq Wall (PGA) wall_pga
VS Wall (PHEMA) Item wall_phema_item
W4 Wall (PDMS) Item wall_pdms_item
Ur "Wall (Nylon 6,7)" _wall_nylon_6_7_
VP Wall (P1B) Item wall_p1b_item
W1 Wall (PC) Item wall_pc_item
Uo Wall (PET) wall_pet
W2 Wall (PCHL) Item wall_pchl_item
VQ Wall (PDPE) Item wall_pdpe_item
Up Wall (PETG) wall_petg
VN Wall (Phenol Formaldehydes) Item wall_phenol_formaldehydes_item
Um Wall (PEO) wall_peo
VO Wall (PHBV) Item wall_phbv_item
W0 Wall (PCL) Item wall_pcl_item
Un Wall (PES) wall_pes
VL Wall (PFA) Item wall_pfa_item
VM Wall (PALD) Item wall_pald_item
Ul Wall (PEN) wall_pen
VJ Wall (MALD) Item wall_mald_item
VK Wall (NBR) Item wall_nbr_item
Uj Wall (PEG) wall_peg
VH Wall (MDPE) Item wall_mdpe_item
Ug Wall (PEI) wall_pei
VF Wall (LCP) Item wall_lcp_item
Ue Wall (PDMS) wall_pdms
VG Wall (LDPE) Item wall_ldpe_item
Uf Wall (PEEK) wall_peek
VE Wall (LLDPE) Item wall_lldpe_item
Uc Wall (PCHL) wall_pchl
VC Wall (Butyl Rubber) Item wall_butyl_rubber_item
Ub Wall (PC) wall_pc
VB Wall (HNBR) Item wall_hnbr_item
Ua Wall (PCL) wall_pcl
VA Wall (HDPE) Item wall_hdpe_item
Tz Wall (BIIR) wall_biir
Ty Wall (A-PET) wall_a_pet
UZ Wall (PTT) wall_ptt
Tw Wall (ABS) wall_abs
Tv Wall (AF Resin) wall_af_resin
Tu Double Slab (VA/AA) double_slab_va_aa
UV Wall (PTFE) wall_ptfe
Tt Double Slab (VLDPE) double_slab_vldpe
Tp Double Slab (SIS) double_slab_sis
UQ Wall (PP) wall_pp
V2 Wall (PVA) wall_pva
Tr Double Slab (UHMWPE) double_slab_uhmwpe
V4 Wall (PVC) wall_pvc
UT Wall (PS) wall_ps
V5 Wall (PVCA) wall_pvca
Tm Double Slab (SAN) double_slab_san
Tn Double Slab (SBR) double_slab_sbr
V0 Wall (PU) wall_pu
To Double Slab (SBS) double_slab_sbs
UP Wall (kevlar) wall_kevlar
V1 Wall (PVAC) wall_pvac
UI Wall (POM) wall_pom
UK Wall (Polyphenol) wall_polyphenol
UE Wall (PMMA) wall_pmma
UF Wall (PMMS) wall_pmms
Te Double Slab (PVC) double_slab_pvc
Tf Double Slab (PVCA) double_slab_pvca
UG Wall (nomex) wall_nomex
Ta Double Slab (PU) double_slab_pu
UA Wall (PLA) wall_pla
Tc Double Slab (PVA) double_slab_pva
UC Wall (PMA) wall_pma
Tb Double Slab (PVAC) double_slab_pvac
Sx Double Slab (PES) double_slab_pes
TY Wall (PHBV) wall_phbv
Sw Double Slab (PEO) double_slab_peo
TX Wall (Phenol Formaldehydes) wall_phenol_formaldehydes
U9 Wall (PBT) wall_pbt
Sz Double Slab (PETG) double_slab_petg
TZ Wall (P1B) wall_p1b
Sy Double Slab (PET) double_slab_pet
St Double Slab (PEG) double_slab_peg
TU Wall (NBR) wall_nbr
U6 Wall (PBR (high grade)) wall_pbr_high_grade
TT Wall (MALD) wall_mald
U5 Wall (PBR (low grade)) wall_pbr_low_grade
Sv Double Slab (PEN) double_slab_pen
TW Wall (PALD) wall_pald
TV Wall (PFA) wall_pfa
U7 Wall (PBS) wall_pbs
XR Stairs (PC) stairs_pc
Y3 Stairs (PES) stairs_pes
Wq Wall (PLA) Item wall_pla_item
XS Stairs (PCHL) stairs_pchl
Y4 Stairs (PET) stairs_pet
XP Stairs (PBT) stairs_pbt
Y1 Stairs (PEN) stairs_pen
Wo Wall (PIB) Item wall_pib_item
XQ Stairs (PCL) stairs_pcl
Y2 Stairs (PEO) stairs_peo
Wp Wall (Natural Rubber) Item wall_natural_rubber_item
Wu Wall (PMMA) Item wall_pmma_item
XV Stairs (PEEK) stairs_peek
Y7 "Stairs (Nylon 6,7)" _stairs_nylon_6_7_
Wv Wall (PMMS) Item wall_pmms_item
XW Stairs (PEI) stairs_pei
Y8 "Stairs (Nylon 6,10)" _stairs_nylon_6_10_
Ws Wall (PMA) Item wall_pma_item
Y5 Stairs (PETG) stairs_petg
XU Stairs (PDMS) stairs_pdms
Y6 Stairs (PGA) stairs_pga
XJ Stairs (PAA) stairs_paa
Wi "Wall (Nylon 6,10)" Item _wall_nylon_6_10__item
XK Stairs (PAN) stairs_pan
Wj Wall (PHA) Item wall_pha_item
XH Stairs (PHB) stairs_phb
Wg Wall (PGA) Item wall_pga_item
XI Stairs (PHEMA) stairs_phema
Wh "Wall (Nylon 6,7)" Item _wall_nylon_6_7__item
XN Stairs (PBS) stairs_pbs
XL Stairs (PBR (low grade)) stairs_pbr_low_grade
XM Stairs (PBR (high grade)) stairs_pbr_high_grade
Wl Wall (PI) Item wall_pi_item
XC Stairs (PALD) stairs_pald
Wb Wall (PEN) Item wall_pen_item
XB Stairs (PFA) stairs_pfa
XA Stairs (NBR) stairs_nbr
XG Stairs (PDPE) stairs_pdpe
Wf Wall (PETG) Item wall_petg_item
XF Stairs (P1B) stairs_p1b
We Wall (PET) Item wall_pet_item
XE Stairs (PHBV) stairs_phbv
Wd Wall (PES) Item wall_pes_item
XD Stairs (Phenol Formaldehydes) stairs_phenol_formaldehydes
Wc Wall (PEO) Item wall_peo_item
Vy Wall (EPDM) Item wall_epdm_item
Vx Wall (EPM) Item wall_epm_item
X9 Wall (VLDPE) Item wall_vldpe_item
Vv Wall (Epoxy Resin) Item wall_epoxy_resin_item
Vz Wall (EVA) Item wall_eva_item
Vo Wall (A-PET) Item wall_a_pet_item
WP Wall (PTT) Item wall_ptt_item
Vp Wall (BIIR) Item wall_biir_item
WQ Wall (PU) Item wall_pu_item
X2 Wall (SAN) Item wall_san_item
Vq Wall (Carbon Fiber) Item wall_carbon_fiber_item
WR Wall (PVAC) Item wall_pvac_item
X3 Wall (SBR) Item wall_sbr_item
WS Wall (PVA) Item wall_pva_item
X4 Wall (SBS) Item wall_sbs_item
X5 Wall (SIS) Item wall_sis_item
Vs Wall (Cellulose) Item wall_cellulose_item
Vt Wall (Chitin) Item wall_chitin_item
WU Wall (PVC) Item wall_pvc_item
Vu Wall (CIIR) Item wall_ciir_item
WV Wall (PVCA) Item wall_pvca_item
X7 Wall (UHMWPE) Item wall_uhmwpe_item
Vf Wall (SIS) wall_sis
WG Wall (PP) Item wall_pp_item
Vh Wall (UHMWPE) wall_uhmwpe
WJ Wall (PS) Item wall_ps_item
Vj Wall (VLDPE) wall_vldpe
WL Wall (PTFE) Item wall_ptfe_item
Vk Wall (VA/AA) wall_va_aa
Vl Wall (AF Resin) Item wall_af_resin_item
Vm Wall (ABS) Item wall_abs_item
WA Wall (Polyphenol) Item wall_polyphenol_item
Vc Wall (SAN) wall_san
WF Wall (kevlar) Item wall_kevlar_item
Ve Wall (SBS) wall_sbs
Vd Wall (SBR) wall_sbr
VW Wall (PBR (high grade)) Item wall_pbr_high_grade_item
Uv Wall (PI) wall_pi
VV Wall (PBR (low grade)) Item wall_pbr_low_grade_item
VX Wall (PBS) Item wall_pbs_item
W9 Wall (PEG) Item wall_peg_item
Uz Wall (Natural Rubber) wall_natural_rubber
VZ Wall (PBT) Item wall_pbt_item
Uy Wall (PIB) wall_pib
RI Double Slab (A-PET) double_slab_a_pet
Qh Slab (Phenol Formaldehydes) slab_phenol_formaldehydes
Qg Slab (PALD) slab_pald
RG Double Slab (ABS) double_slab_abs
Qf Slab (PFA) slab_pfa
RF Double Slab (AF Resin) double_slab_af_resin
Qe Slab (NBR) slab_nbr
Qd Slab (MALD) slab_mald
RE Slab (VA/AA) slab_va_aa
RD Slab (VLDPE) slab_vldpe
Qb Slab (MDPE) slab_mdpe
Qa Slab (LDPE) slab_ldpe
RB Slab (UHMWPE) slab_uhmwpe
Qp Slab (PBR (low grade)) slab_pbr_low_grade
RP Double Slab (Epoxy Resin) double_slab_epoxy_resin
S1 Double Slab (MDPE) double_slab_mdpe
Qo Slab (PAN) slab_pan
RO Double Slab (CIIR) double_slab_ciir
S0 Double Slab (LDPE) double_slab_ldpe
Qn Slab (PAA) slab_paa
Qm Slab (PHEMA) slab_phema
RN Double Slab (Chitin) double_slab_chitin
Ql Slab (PHB) slab_phb
RM Double Slab (Cellulose) double_slab_cellulose
Qk Slab (PDPE) slab_pdpe
Qj Slab (P1B) slab_p1b
RK Double Slab (Carbon Fiber) double_slab_carbon_fiber
RJ Double Slab (BIIR) double_slab_biir
Qi Slab (PHBV) slab_phbv
QW Slab (PMA) slab_pma
Pv Double Slab (PVAC) Item double_slab_pvac_item
R9 Slab (kevlar) slab_kevlar
Pw Double Slab (PVA) Item double_slab_pva_item
QU Slab (PLA) slab_pla
Pt Double Slab (PTT) Item double_slab_ptt_item
Pu Double Slab (PU) Item double_slab_pu_item
R4 Slab (Polyphenol) slab_polyphenol
QS Slab (PIB) slab_pib
QT Slab (Natural Rubber) slab_natural_rubber
R2 Slab (POM) slab_pom
Pp Double Slab (PTFE) Item double_slab_ptfe_item
Pz Double Slab (PVCA) Item double_slab_pvca_item
QY Slab (PMMA) slab_pmma
QZ Slab (PMMS) slab_pmms
Py Double Slab (PVC) Item double_slab_pvc_item
Pe Double Slab (Polyphenol) Item double_slab_polyphenol_item
QF Slab (PEN) slab_pen
QH Slab (PES) slab_pes
QG Slab (PEO) slab_peo
Pa Double Slab (nomex) Item double_slab_nomex_item
QA Slab (PEI) slab_pei
QD Slab (PEG) slab_peg
Pc Double Slab (POM) Item double_slab_pom_item
QN Slab (PHA) slab_pha
QM "Slab (Nylon 6,10)" _slab_nylon_6_10_
QP Slab (PI) slab_pi
R0 Slab (nomex) slab_nomex
Pn Double Slab (PS) Item double_slab_ps_item
QJ Slab (PETG) slab_petg
QI Slab (PET) slab_pet
QL "Slab (Nylon 6,7)" _slab_nylon_6_7_
Pk Double Slab (PP) Item double_slab_pp_item
QK Slab (PGA) slab_pga
Pj Double Slab (kevlar) Item double_slab_kevlar_item
PT Slab (BIIR) slab_biir
Q5 Slab (HNBR) slab_hnbr
Os Double Slab (PHBV) Item double_slab_phbv_item
Ot Double Slab (P1B) Item double_slab_p1b_item
PU Slab (Carbon Fiber) slab_carbon_fiber
Q6 Slab (Butyl Rubber) slab_butyl_rubber
Ou Double Slab (PDPE) Item double_slab_pdpe_item
Ov Double Slab (PHB) Item double_slab_phb_item
PW Slab (Cellulose) slab_cellulose
Q8 Slab (LLDPE) slab_lldpe
PP Slab (AF Resin) slab_af_resin
Q1 Slab (EPM) slab_epm
Oo Double Slab (NBR) Item double_slab_nbr_item
PQ Slab (ABS) slab_abs
Q2 Slab (EPDM) slab_epdm
Op Double Slab (PFA) Item double_slab_pfa_item
Q3 Slab (EVA) slab_eva
Oq Double Slab (PALD) Item double_slab_pald_item
PS Slab (A-PET) slab_a_pet
Q4 Slab (HDPE) slab_hdpe
Or Double Slab (Phenol Formaldehydes) Item double_slab_phenol_formaldehydes_item
Ow Double Slab (PHEMA) Item double_slab_phema_item
PX Slab (Chitin) slab_chitin
Q9 Slab (LCP) slab_lcp
PY Slab (CIIR) slab_ciir
Ox Double Slab (PAA) Item double_slab_paa_item
PZ Slab (Epoxy Resin) slab_epoxy_resin
Oy Double Slab (PAN) Item double_slab_pan_item
Oz Double Slab (PBR (low grade)) Item double_slab_pbr_low_grade_item
Sf Double Slab (PBR (low grade)) double_slab_pbr_low_grade
Se Double Slab (PAN) double_slab_pan
TF Wall (Epoxy Resin) wall_epoxy_resin
Sd Double Slab (PAA) double_slab_paa
TE Wall (CIIR) wall_ciir
Sc Double Slab (PHEMA) double_slab_phema
TD Wall (Chitin) wall_chitin
Sj Double Slab (PBT) double_slab_pbt
TK Wall (HDPE) wall_hdpe
TJ Wall (EVA) wall_eva
Sh Double Slab (PBS) double_slab_pbs
TI Wall (EPDM) wall_epdm
Sg Double Slab (PBR (high grade)) double_slab_pbr_high_grade
TH Wall (EPM) wall_epm
U0 Wall (PDPE) wall_pdpe
TO Wall (LLDPE) wall_lldpe
Sm Double Slab (PCHL) double_slab_pchl
Sl Double Slab (PC) double_slab_pc
TM Wall (Butyl Rubber) wall_butyl_rubber
Sk Double Slab (PCL) double_slab_pcl
TL Wall (HNBR) wall_hnbr
U4 Wall (PAN) wall_pan
Sq Double Slab (PEI) double_slab_pei
TR Wall (MDPE) wall_mdpe
U3 Wall (PAA) wall_paa
U2 Wall (PHEMA) wall_phema
Sp Double Slab (PEEK) double_slab_peek
TQ Wall (LDPE) wall_ldpe
U1 Wall (PHB) wall_phb
So Double Slab (PDMS) double_slab_pdms
TP Wall (LCP) wall_lcp
SU Double Slab (Polyphenol) double_slab_polyphenol
SS Double Slab (POM) double_slab_pom
T5 Double Slab (PTFE) double_slab_ptfe
Rx Slab (SBR) slab_sbr
SZ Double Slab (kevlar) double_slab_kevlar
Ry Slab (SBS) slab_sbs
T9 Double Slab (PTT) double_slab_ptt
Rw Slab (SAN) slab_san
Rz Slab (SIS) slab_sis
Sa Double Slab (PDPE) double_slab_pdpe
Sb Double Slab (PHB) double_slab_phb
TC Wall (Cellulose) wall_cellulose
TA Wall (Carbon Fiber) wall_carbon_fiber
SD Double Slab (PHA) double_slab_pha
SC Double "Slab (Nylon 6,10)" double__slab_nylon_6_10_
SF Double Slab (PI) double_slab_pi
Rd Slab (PS) slab_ps
Rf Slab (PTFE) slab_ptfe
SJ Double Slab (Natural Rubber) double_slab_natural_rubber
SI Double Slab (PIB) double_slab_pib
Rk Slab (PU) slab_pu
SK Double Slab (PLA) double_slab_pla
Rj Slab (PTT) slab_ptt
Rm Slab (PVA) slab_pva
SM Double Slab (PMA) double_slab_pma
Rl Slab (PVAC) slab_pvac
SP Double Slab (PMMS) double_slab_pmms
Ro Slab (PVC) slab_pvc
SO Double Slab (PMMA) double_slab_pmma
T0 Double Slab (PP) double_slab_pp
T3 Double Slab (PS) double_slab_ps
SQ Double Slab (nomex) double_slab_nomex
Rp Slab (PVCA) slab_pvca
RR Double Slab (EPM) double_slab_epm
S3 Double Slab (MALD) double_slab_mald
Qq Slab (PBR (high grade)) slab_pbr_high_grade
RS Double Slab (EPDM) double_slab_epdm
S4 Double Slab (NBR) double_slab_nbr
Qr Slab (PBS) slab_pbs
RT Double Slab (EVA) double_slab_eva
S5 Double Slab (PFA) double_slab_pfa
RU Double Slab (HDPE) double_slab_hdpe
S6 Double Slab (PALD) double_slab_pald
Qt Slab (PBT) slab_pbt
RV Double Slab (HNBR) double_slab_hnbr
S7 Double Slab (Phenol Formaldehydes) double_slab_phenol_formaldehydes
Qu Slab (PCL) slab_pcl
RW Double Slab (Butyl Rubber) double_slab_butyl_rubber
S8 Double Slab (PHBV) double_slab_phbv
Qv Slab (PC) slab_pc
Qw Slab (PCHL) slab_pchl
S9 Double Slab (P1B) double_slab_p1b
RY Double Slab (LLDPE) double_slab_lldpe
RZ Double Slab (LCP) double_slab_lcp
Qy Slab (PDMS) slab_pdms
Qz Slab (PEEK) slab_peek
SA Double Slab (PGA) double_slab_pga
SB Double "Slab (Nylon 6,7)" double__slab_nylon_6_7_
Ra Slab (PP) slab_pp
a0 Powder Keg (Carbon) powder_keg_carbon
a9 Powder Keg (Phosphorus) powder_keg_phosphorus
a1 Canister (Nitrogen) canister_nitrogen
a2 Canister (Oxygen) canister_oxygen
a3 Canister (Fluorine) canister_fluorine
a4 Canister (Neon) canister_neon
a5 Powder Keg (Sodium) powder_keg_sodium
a6 Powder Keg (Magnesium) powder_keg_magnesium
a7 Powder Keg (Aluminum) powder_keg_aluminum
a8 Powder Keg (Silicon) powder_keg_silicon
ZA Stairs (PAN) Item stairs_pan_item
Xx Stairs (MDPE) stairs_mdpe
YZ Stairs (VLDPE) stairs_vldpe
Xz Stairs (MALD) stairs_mald
ZF Stairs (PBT) Item stairs_pbt_item
Ye Stairs (PIB) stairs_pib
ZG Stairs (PCL) Item stairs_pcl_item
Yf Stairs (Natural Rubber) stairs_natural_rubber
ZH Stairs (PC) Item stairs_pc_item
Yg Stairs (PLA) stairs_pla
ZI Stairs (PCHL) Item stairs_pchl_item
ZB Stairs (PBR (low grade)) Item stairs_pbr_low_grade_item
ZC Stairs (PBR (high grade)) Item stairs_pbr_high_grade_item
Yb Stairs (PI) stairs_pi
ZD Stairs (PBS) Item stairs_pbs_item
Ym Stairs (nomex) stairs_nomex
ZP Stairs (PEG) Item stairs_peg_item
Yo Stairs (POM) stairs_pom
ZK Stairs (PDMS) Item stairs_pdms_item
Yi Stairs (PMA) stairs_pma
Yl Stairs (PMMS) stairs_pmms
ZM Stairs (PEI) Item stairs_pei_item
Yk Stairs (PMMA) stairs_pmma
ZL Stairs (PEEK) Item stairs_peek_item
ZW Stairs (PGA) Item stairs_pga_item
Yv Stairs (kevlar) stairs_kevlar
ZV Stairs (PETG) Item stairs_petg_item
ZY "Stairs (Nylon 6,10)" Item _stairs_nylon_6_10__item
ZX "Stairs (Nylon 6,7)" Item _stairs_nylon_6_7__item
Yw Stairs (PP) stairs_pp
ZS Stairs (PEO) Item stairs_peo_item
Yq Stairs (Polyphenol) stairs_polyphenol
ZR Stairs (PEN) Item stairs_pen_item
ZU Stairs (PET) Item stairs_pet_item
ZT Stairs (PES) Item stairs_pes_item
XZ Stairs (PEG) stairs_peg
Wy Wall (POM) Item wall_pom_item
Y9 Stairs (PHA) stairs_pha
Ww Wall (nomex) Item wall_nomex_item
Xf Stairs (BIIR) stairs_biir
YG Stairs (PU) stairs_pu
Xg Stairs (Carbon Fiber) stairs_carbon_fiber
YH Stairs (PVAC) stairs_pvac
Xe Stairs (A-PET) stairs_a_pet
YF Stairs (PTT) stairs_ptt
Xb Stairs (AF Resin) stairs_af_resin
Xc Stairs (ABS) stairs_abs
YB Stairs (PTFE) stairs_ptfe
Xa Wall (VA/AA) Item wall_va_aa_item
Z1 Stairs (AF Resin) Item stairs_af_resin_item
Xo Stairs (EPDM) stairs_epdm
Xn Stairs (EPM) stairs_epm
Z0 Stairs (VA/AA) stairs_va_aa
Xl Stairs (Epoxy Resin) stairs_epoxy_resin
Xk Stairs (CIIR) stairs_ciir
YL Stairs (PVCA) stairs_pvca
Xj Stairs (Chitin) stairs_chitin
YK Stairs (PVC) stairs_pvc
Xi Stairs (Cellulose) stairs_cellulose
YI Stairs (PVA) stairs_pva
Z9 Stairs (Chitin) Item stairs_chitin_item
Xw Stairs (LDPE) stairs_ldpe
YX Stairs (UHMWPE) stairs_uhmwpe
Z8 Stairs (Cellulose) Item stairs_cellulose_item
Xv Stairs (LCP) stairs_lcp
YV Stairs (SIS) stairs_sis
Xu Stairs (LLDPE) stairs_lldpe
Z6 Stairs (Carbon Fiber) Item stairs_carbon_fiber_item
YU Stairs (SBS) stairs_sbs
Z5 Stairs (BIIR) Item stairs_biir_item
Xs Stairs (Butyl Rubber) stairs_butyl_rubber
YT Stairs (SBR) stairs_sbr
Z4 Stairs (A-PET) Item stairs_a_pet_item
Xr Stairs (HNBR) stairs_hnbr
YS Stairs (SAN) stairs_san
Xq Stairs (HDPE) stairs_hdpe
Z2 Stairs (ABS) Item stairs_abs_item
Xp Stairs (EVA) stairs_eva
Zz Stairs (PAA) Item stairs_paa_item
ZZ Stairs (PHA) Item stairs_pha_item
Yz Stairs (PS) stairs_ps
Za Stairs (CIIR) Item stairs_ciir_item
Zd Stairs (EPM) Item stairs_epm_item
Ze Stairs (EPDM) Item stairs_epdm_item
Zb Stairs (Epoxy Resin) Item stairs_epoxy_resin_item
Zh Stairs (HNBR) Item stairs_hnbr_item
Zi Stairs (Butyl Rubber) Item stairs_butyl_rubber_item
Zf Stairs (EVA) Item stairs_eva_item
Zg Stairs (HDPE) Item stairs_hdpe_item
Zm Stairs (LDPE) Item stairs_ldpe_item
Zl Stairs (LCP) Item stairs_lcp_item
Zk Stairs (LLDPE) Item stairs_lldpe_item
Zq Stairs (NBR) Item stairs_nbr_item
Zp Stairs (MALD) Item stairs_mald_item
Zn Stairs (MDPE) Item stairs_mdpe_item
Zu Stairs (PHBV) Item stairs_phbv_item
Zt Stairs (Phenol Formaldehydes) Item stairs_phenol_formaldehydes_item
Zs Stairs (PALD) Item stairs_pald_item
Zr Stairs (PFA) Item stairs_pfa_item
Zy Stairs (PHEMA) Item stairs_phema_item
Zx Stairs (PHB) Item stairs_phb_item
Zw Stairs (PDPE) Item stairs_pdpe_item
Zv Stairs (P1B) Item stairs_p1b_item
fz Vial (Cyclohexanone) vial_cyclohexanone
h8 Vial (n-Butane) vial_n_butane
gW Vial (Methyl Methacrylate) vial_methyl_methacrylate
fv Vial (Cyanide) vial_cyanide
h9 Vial (n-Butyl Mercaptan) vial_n_butyl_mercaptan
fw Vial (Cyanuric Acid) vial_cyanuric_acid
fx Vial (Cyclohexane) vial_cyclohexane
fy Vial (Cyclohexane Dimethanol) vial_cyclohexane_dimethanol
gc Vial (Glycolic Acid) vial_glycolic_acid
hE Bag (Potassium Hydroxide) bag_potassium_hydroxide
ge Vial (Heavy Naphtha) vial_heavy_naphtha
gf Vial (Hexamine) vial_hexamine
hA Bag (Potassium Carbonate) bag_potassium_carbonate
hB Bag (Potassium Chloride) bag_potassium_chloride
ga Vial (Glucose) vial_glucose
gb Vial (Glycerol) vial_glycerol
gM Vial (Mercaptans) vial_mercaptans
ff Vial (Carboxylates) vial_carboxylates
fi Vial (Cellulose) vial_cellulose
fh Vial (Carrot Wine) vial_carrot_wine
h5 Vial (Naphthalene) vial_naphthalene
h4 Vial (Naphtha) vial_naphtha
h7 Flask (Natural Gas) flask_natural_gas
fu Vial (Crude Oil) vial_crude_oil
h6 Vial (Naphthalenedicarboxylic Acid) vial_naphthalenedicarboxylic_acid
h1 Vial (m-Mercaptan) vial_m_mercaptan
gP Vial (Methacrylic Acid) vial_methacrylic_acid
fo Vial (Coke) vial_coke
h0 Vial (Mineral Oil) vial_mineral_oil
gO Vial (m-Xylene) vial_m_xylene
fn Bag (Cobalt-Manganese-Bromide) bag_cobalt_manganese_bromide
gR Vial (Methanol) vial_methanol
fq Bag (Copper II Sulfate) bag_copper_ii_sulfate
h2 Vial (Molasses) vial_molasses
gQ Flask (Methane) flask_methane
fp Bag (Copper II Chloride) bag_copper_ii_chloride
gy Vial (Light Naphthenes) vial_light_naphthenes
gz Vial (Light Olefins) vial_light_olefins
hX Vial (Sodium Borate) vial_sodium_borate
gw Vial (Lauryl Alcohol) vial_lauryl_alcohol
gx Vial (Light Naphtha) vial_light_naphtha
iG Vial (Trioxane) vial_trioxane
hf Vial (n-Pentane) vial_n_pentane
hg Vial (Olefins) vial_olefins
iE Vial (Triethylene Glycol) vial_triethylene_glycol
iF Bag (Trimethyl Orthoformate) bag_trimethyl_orthoformate
he Vial (n-p Mercaptan) vial_n_p_mercaptan
iC Vial (Trichloroethylene) vial_trichloroethylene
hb Vial (N-Ethylidenecyclohexylamine) vial_n_ethylidenecyclohexylamine
hc Vial (n-Hexane) vial_n_hexane
ha Vial (NeoPentane) vial_neopentane
hO Vial (Propanol) vial_propanol
hN Flask (Propane) flask_propane
gl Vial (Hydroquinone) vial_hydroquinone
gk Vial (Hydrogen Peroxide) vial_hydrogen_peroxide
gj Vial (Hydrofluoric Acid) vial_hydrofluoric_acid
gi Vial (Hydrochloric Acid) vial_hydrochloric_acid
gh Vial (High Octane Gasoline) vial_high_octane_gasoline
gg Vial (Hexane Isomers) vial_hexane_isomers
gv Vial (Latex) vial_latex
gu Vial (Lactic Acid) vial_lactic_acid
gt Vial (Kerosene) vial_kerosene
gs Vial (Isophthalic Acid) vial_isophthalic_acid
i4 Bag (Sodium Hydroxide) bag_sodium_hydroxide
gr Vial (IsoPentane) vial_isopentane
gq Vial (IsoButane) vial_isobutane
hQ Vial (Rum) vial_rum
i1 Bag (Sodium Chloride) bag_sodium_chloride
hP Flask (Propylene) flask_propylene
eW Bag (Calcium Carbide) bag_calcium_carbide
fA Vial (Cyclohexylamine) vial_cyclohexylamine
ea Vial (6-Hydroxynaphthalene-2-Carboxylic Acid) vial_6_hydroxynaphthalene_2_carboxylic_acid
fC Vial (Diamine) vial_diamine
eb Vial (Acetaldehyde) vial_acetaldehyde
ec Vial (Acetic Acid) vial_acetic_acid
ed Vial (Acetone) vial_acetone
eH Vial (Benzene) vial_benzene
eJ Vial (Benzoic Acid) vial_benzoic_acid
eI Vial (Benzene-Toluene-Xylene) vial_benzene_toluene_xylene
eN Vial (Boric Acid) vial_boric_acid
eM Vial (Bisphenol A) vial_bisphenol_a
eP Vial (Butadiene) vial_butadiene
f0 Bag (Calcium Hydroxide) bag_calcium_hydroxide
eR Vial (Butanol) vial_butanol
f2 Bag (Calcium Monoxide) bag_calcium_monoxide
eQ Flask (Butane Isomers) flask_butane_isomers
eT Vial (Butyrolactone) vial_butyrolactone
f4 Vial (Calcium Oxide) vial_calcium_oxide
eS Vial (Butylene isomers) vial_butylene_isomers
g9 Vial (Gin) vial_gin
fX Vial (Ethylene Glycol) vial_ethylene_glycol
fY Vial (Ethylene Oxide) vial_ethylene_oxide
g7 Vial (Fruit Brandy) vial_fruit_brandy
fV Flask (Ethylene) flask_ethylene
g8 Vial (Gas Oil) vial_gas_oil
fW Vial (Ethylene Carbonate) vial_ethylene_carbonate
fZ Vial (Ethylidene Diacetate) vial_ethylidene_diacetate
ez Bag (Ammonium Hydroxide) bag_ammonium_hydroxide
gA Vial (Light Parrafins) vial_light_parrafins
fa Vial (Caprolactone) vial_caprolactone
fd Flask (Carbon Monoxide) flask_carbon_monoxide
fe Vial (Carbonic Acid) vial_carbonic_acid
fb Vial (Caprolactam) vial_caprolactam
fc Flask (Carbon Dioxide) flask_carbon_dioxide
fI Vial (Diethylene Glycol) vial_diethylene_glycol
eh Vial (Adipic Acid) vial_adipic_acid
eg Vial (Acrylic Acid) vial_acrylic_acid
fG Vial (Diesel) vial_diesel
fF Vial (Dichloromethane) vial_dichloromethane
ee Vial (Acetylene) vial_acetylene
fM Vial (Dioxane) vial_dioxane
fL Vial (Dimethyl Terephthalate) vial_dimethyl_terephthalate
fJ Vial (Dimethoxyethane) vial_dimethoxyethane
ei Vial (Aldehyde-Collidine) vial_aldehyde_collidine
fQ Flask (Ethane) flask_ethane
fP Vial (e-Mercaptan) vial_e_mercaptan
fO Vial (EDC) vial_edc
fU Vial (Ethylbenzene) vial_ethylbenzene
g4 Vial (Formaldehyde) vial_formaldehyde
fR Vial (Ethanol) vial_ethanol
eq Flask (Ammonia) flask_ammonia
bz Powder Keg (Lawrencium) powder_keg_lawrencium
bw Powder Keg (Fermium) powder_keg_fermium
bv Powder Keg (Einsteinium) powder_keg_einsteinium
by Powder Keg (Nobelium) powder_keg_nobelium
bx Powder Keg (Mendelevium) powder_keg_mendelevium
bs Powder Keg (Curium) powder_keg_curium
br Powder Keg (Americium) powder_keg_americium
bu Powder Keg (Californium) powder_keg_californium
bt Powder Keg (Berkelium) powder_keg_berkelium
bn Powder Keg (Protactinium) powder_keg_protactinium
bo Powder Keg (Uranium) powder_keg_uranium
bp Powder Keg (Neptunium) powder_keg_neptunium
bq Powder Keg (Plutonium) powder_keg_plutonium
bj Powder Keg (Francium) powder_keg_francium
bk Powder Keg (Radium) powder_keg_radium
bl Powder Keg (Actinium) powder_keg_actinium
bm Powder Keg (Thorium) powder_keg_thorium
bf Powder Keg (Bismuth) powder_keg_bismuth
bg Powder Keg (Polonium) powder_keg_polonium
bh Powder Keg (Astatine) powder_keg_astatine
bi Canister (Radon) canister_radon
bb Powder Keg (Gold) powder_keg_gold
bc Drum (Mercury) drum_mercury
bd Powder Keg (Thallium) powder_keg_thallium
be Powder Keg (Plumbum (Lead)) powder_keg_plumbum_lead
eC Vial (Antimony Trioxide) vial_antimony_trioxide
e9 Vial (4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid) vial_4_hydroxybenzoic_acid
dX Vial (2-Ethoxyethanol) vial_2_ethoxyethanol
e8 Vial (3-MethylPentane) vial_3_methylpentane
e7 Vial (3-Hydroxypentanoic Acid) vial_3_hydroxypentanoic_acid
e6 Vial (3-Hydroxybutanoic Acid) vial_3_hydroxybutanoic_acid
dU Vial (2-Butoxyethanol) vial_2_butoxyethanol
e5 Vial (2-Propoxyethanol) vial_2_propoxyethanol
dR "Vial (2,2-DiMethylButane)" _vial_2_2_dimethylbutane_
dS "Vial (2,3-DiMethylButane)" _vial_2_3_dimethylbutane_
e2 Vial (2-MethylPentane) vial_2_methylpentane
dN "Vial (1,6-Hexamethylenediamine)" _vial_1_6_hexamethylenediamine_
e0 Vial (2-Methoxyethanol) vial_2_methoxyethanol
dL "Vial (1,3-Propanediol)" _vial_1_3_propanediol_
dM "Vial (1,4-Butanediol)" _vial_1_4_butanediol_
aZ Powder Keg (Holmium) powder_keg_holmium
aY Powder Keg (Dysprosium) powder_keg_dysprosium
bA Powder Keg (Rutherfordium) powder_keg_rutherfordium
aR Powder Keg (Praseodymium) powder_keg_praseodymium
b3 Powder Keg (Lutetium) powder_keg_lutetium
aQ Powder Keg (Cerium) powder_keg_cerium
b2 Powder Keg (Ytterbium) powder_keg_ytterbium
aT Powder Keg (Promethium) powder_keg_promethium
b5 Powder Keg (Tantalum) powder_keg_tantalum
aS Powder Keg (Neodymium) powder_keg_neodymium
b4 Powder Keg (Hafnium) powder_keg_hafnium
aV Powder Keg (Europium) powder_keg_europium
b7 Powder Keg (Rhenium) powder_keg_rhenium
aU Powder Keg (Samarium) powder_keg_samarium
b6 Powder Keg (Tungsten) powder_keg_tungsten
aX Powder Keg (Terbium) powder_keg_terbium
b9 Powder Keg (Iridium) powder_keg_iridium
aW Powder Keg (Gadolinium) powder_keg_gadolinium
b8 Powder Keg (Osmium) powder_keg_osmium
aI Powder Keg (Tin) powder_keg_tin
aJ Powder Keg (Antimony) powder_keg_antimony
aK Powder Keg (Tellurium) powder_keg_tellurium
aL Powder Keg (Iodine) powder_keg_iodine
aM Canister (Xenon) canister_xenon
aN Powder Keg (Caesium) powder_keg_caesium
aO Powder Keg (Barium) powder_keg_barium
b0 Powder Keg (Erbium) powder_keg_erbium
aP Powder Keg (Lanthanum) powder_keg_lanthanum
b1 Powder Keg (Thulium) powder_keg_thulium
aA Powder Keg (Molybdenum) powder_keg_molybdenum
aB Powder Keg (Technetium) powder_keg_technetium
aC Powder Keg (Ruthenium) powder_keg_ruthenium
aD Powder Keg (Rhodium) powder_keg_rhodium
aE Powder Keg (Palladium) powder_keg_palladium
aF Powder Keg (Silver) powder_keg_silver
aG Powder Keg (Cadmium) powder_keg_cadmium
aH Powder Keg (Indium) powder_keg_indium
az Powder Keg (Niobium) powder_keg_niobium
ay Powder Keg (Zirconium) powder_keg_zirconium
ba Powder Keg (Platinum) powder_keg_platinum
at Drum (Bromine) drum_bromine
as Powder Keg (Selenium) powder_keg_selenium
ar Powder Keg (Arsenic) powder_keg_arsenic
aq Powder Keg (Germanium) powder_keg_germanium
ax Powder Keg (Yttrium) powder_keg_yttrium
aw Powder Keg (Strontium) powder_keg_strontium
av Powder Keg (Rubidium) powder_keg_rubidium
au Canister (Krypton) canister_krypton
bL Powder Keg (Ununpentium) powder_keg_ununpentium
ak Powder Keg (Iron) powder_keg_iron
bM Powder Keg (Livermorium) powder_keg_livermorium
al Powder Keg (Cobalt) powder_keg_cobalt
bJ Powder Keg (Ununtrium) powder_keg_ununtrium
ai Powder Keg (Chromium) powder_keg_chromium
bK Powder Keg (Flerovium) powder_keg_flerovium
aj Powder Keg (Manganese) powder_keg_manganese
ao Powder Keg (Zinc) powder_keg_zinc
ap Powder Keg (Gallium) powder_keg_gallium
bN Powder Keg (Ununseptium) powder_keg_ununseptium
am Powder Keg (Nickel) powder_keg_nickel
bO Powder Keg (Ununoctium) powder_keg_ununoctium
an Powder Keg (Copper) powder_keg_copper
ac Canister (Argon) canister_argon
bD Powder Keg (Bohrium) powder_keg_bohrium
bE Powder Keg (Hassium) powder_keg_hassium
ad Powder Keg (Potassium) powder_keg_potassium
aa Powder Keg (Sulfur) powder_keg_sulfur
bB Powder Keg (Dubnium) powder_keg_dubnium
ab Canister (Chlorine) canister_chlorine
bC Powder Keg (Seaborgium) powder_keg_seaborgium
bH Powder Keg (Roentgenium) powder_keg_roentgenium
ag Powder Keg (Titanium) powder_keg_titanium
bI Powder Keg (Copernicium) powder_keg_copernicium
ah Powder Keg (Vanadium) powder_keg_vanadium
bF Powder Keg (Meitnerium) powder_keg_meitnerium
ae Powder Keg (Calcium) powder_keg_calcium
bG Powder Keg (Darmstadtium) powder_keg_darmstadtium
af Powder Keg (Scandium) powder_keg_scandium
oV Drum (4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid) drum_4_hydroxybenzoic_acid
oU Drum (3-MethylPentane) drum_3_methylpentane
ns Sack (Sodium Hydroxide) sack_sodium_hydroxide
oT Drum (3-Hydroxypentanoic Acid) drum_3_hydroxypentanoic_acid
p4 Drum (Aldehyde-Collidine) drum_aldehyde_collidine
oS Drum (3-Hydroxybutanoic Acid) drum_3_hydroxybutanoic_acid
p3 Drum (Adipic Acid) drum_adipic_acid
oR Drum (2-Propoxyethanol) drum_2_propoxyethanol
np Sack (Sodium Chloride) sack_sodium_chloride
p2 Drum (Acrylic Acid) drum_acrylic_acid
p0 Drum (Acetylene) drum_acetylene
oO Drum (2-MethylPentane) drum_2_methylpentane
nz Beaker (Sodium Silicate) beaker_sodium_silicate
ny Beaker (Sodium Phosphate) beaker_sodium_phosphate
oZ Drum (Acetone) drum_acetone
oY Drum (Acetic Acid) drum_acetic_acid
oX Drum (Acetaldehyde) drum_acetaldehyde
oW Drum (6-Hydroxynaphthalene-2-Carboxylic Acid) drum_6_hydroxynaphthalene_2_carboxylic_acid
oe Beaker (Whiskey) beaker_whiskey
pF Drum (Butyrolactone) drum_butyrolactone
of Beaker (Wine) beaker_wine
oc Beaker (Vodka) beaker_vodka
pD Drum (Butanol) drum_butanol
od Beaker (Deionized Water) beaker_deionized_water
pE Drum (Butylene isomers) drum_butylene_isomers
oa Beaker (Vinyl Acetate) beaker_vinyl_acetate
pB Drum (Butadiene) drum_butadiene
ob Beaker (Vinyl Chloride) beaker_vinyl_chloride
pC Canister (Butane Isomers) canister_butane_isomers
q0 Drum (Carbonic Acid) drum_carbonic_acid
pO Powder Keg (Calcium Monoxide) powder_keg_calcium_monoxide
pM Powder Keg (Calcium Hydroxide) powder_keg_calcium_hydroxide
oi Sack (Ziegler-Natta) sack_ziegler_natta
og Beaker (Xylene) beaker_xylene
oh Sack (Zeolite) sack_zeolite
pI Powder Keg (Calcium Carbide) powder_keg_calcium_carbide
ot Beaker (Sweet Diesel) beaker_sweet_diesel
os Beaker (Sweet Kerosene) beaker_sweet_kerosene
pW Drum (Caprolactone) drum_caprolactone
ou Beaker (Lactide) beaker_lactide
op Sack (Chromia Alumina) sack_chromia_alumina
pQ Drum (Calcium Oxide) drum_calcium_oxide
oo Beaker (Antifreeze) beaker_antifreeze
q1 Drum (Carboxylates) drum_carboxylates
or Beaker (Acetonitrile) beaker_acetonitrile
q4 Drum (Cellulose) drum_cellulose
oq Beaker (Acrylonitrile) beaker_acrylonitrile
q3 Drum (Carrot Wine) drum_carrot_wine
pY Canister (Carbon Dioxide) canister_carbon_dioxide
ox "Drum (1,3-Propanediol)" _drum_1_3_propanediol_
q9 Powder Keg (Cobalt-Manganese-Bromide) powder_keg_cobalt_manganese_bromide
pX Drum (Caprolactam) drum_caprolactam
oz "Drum (1,6-Hexamethylenediamine)" _drum_1_6_hexamethylenediamine_
pZ Canister (Carbon Monoxide) canister_carbon_monoxide
oy "Drum (1,4-Butanediol)" _drum_1_4_butanediol_
qG Drum (Ethylbenzene) drum_ethylbenzene
qH Canister (Ethylene) canister_ethylene
qA Drum (EDC) drum_edc
qB Drum (e-Mercaptan) drum_e_mercaptan
qC Canister (Ethane) canister_ethane
qD Drum (Ethanol) drum_ethanol
pc Canister (Ammonia) canister_ammonia
pl Powder Keg (Ammonium Hydroxide) powder_keg_ammonium_hydroxide
r0 Drum (Heavy Naphtha) drum_heavy_naphtha
r1 Drum (Hexamine) drum_hexamine
po Drum (Antimony Trioxide) drum_antimony_trioxide
qI Drum (Ethylene Carbonate) drum_ethylene_carbonate
qJ Drum (Ethylene Glycol) drum_ethylene_glycol
qK Drum (Ethylene Oxide) drum_ethylene_oxide
qL Drum (Ethylidene Diacetate) drum_ethylidene_diacetate
mP Beaker (Phenol Formaldehyde) beaker_phenol_formaldehyde
mO Beaker (Phenol) beaker_phenol
ln Beaker (Ethylidene Diacetate) beaker_ethylidene_diacetate
mN Beaker (Peracetic Acid) beaker_peracetic_acid
lm Beaker (Ethylene Oxide) beaker_ethylene_oxide
mM Beaker (Pentyl Mercaptan) beaker_pentyl_mercaptan
ll Beaker (Ethylene Glycol) beaker_ethylene_glycol
ls Beaker (Formaldehyde) beaker_formaldehyde
mS Beaker (Phosgene) beaker_phosgene
n2 Sack (Potassium Hydroxide) sack_potassium_hydroxide
lw Beaker (Gas Oil) beaker_gas_oil
lv Beaker (Fruit Brandy) beaker_fruit_brandy
lz Beaker (Glycerol) beaker_glycerol
mZ Sack (Potassium Chloride) sack_potassium_chloride
ly Beaker (Glucose) beaker_glucose
mY Sack (Potassium Carbonate) sack_potassium_carbonate
lx Beaker (Gin) beaker_gin
mc Beaker (m-Xylene) beaker_m_xylene
nE Beaker (Stearic Acid) beaker_stearic_acid
md Beaker (Methacrylic Acid) beaker_methacrylic_acid
ma Beaker (Mercaptans) beaker_mercaptans
nH Beaker (Succinic Acid) beaker_succinic_acid
nF Beaker (Stearyl Alcohol) beaker_stearyl_alcohol
me Cartridge (Methane) cartridge_methane
nG Beaker (Styrene) beaker_styrene
mf Beaker (Methanol) beaker_methanol
nL Beaker (Sweet Light Naphtha) beaker_sweet_light_naphtha
mk Beaker (Methyl Methacrylate) beaker_methyl_methacrylate
nM Cartridge (Sweet Propane Fuel) cartridge_sweet_propane_fuel
nJ Beaker (Sulfuric Acid) beaker_sulfuric_acid
nK Cartridge (Sweet Butane Fuel) cartridge_sweet_butane_fuel
o0 Beaker (Trichloroethylene) beaker_trichloroethylene
o2 Beaker (Triethylene Glycol) beaker_triethylene_glycol
nQ Beaker (Tequila) beaker_tequila
mp Beaker (m-Mercaptan) beaker_m_mercaptan
nP Beaker (t-Butyl Mercaptan) beaker_t_butyl_mercaptan
mo Beaker (Mineral Oil) beaker_mineral_oil
o4 Beaker (Trioxane) beaker_trioxane
o3 Sack (Trimethyl Orthoformate) sack_trimethyl_orthoformate
nR Beaker (Terephthalic Acid) beaker_terephthalic_acid
mq Beaker (Molasses) beaker_molasses
mt Beaker (Naphthalene) beaker_naphthalene
nT Beaker (Tetraethylene Glycol) beaker_tetraethylene_glycol
ms Beaker (Naphtha) beaker_naphtha
mv Cartridge (Natural Gas) cartridge_natural_gas
o7 Beaker (Urea) beaker_urea
mu Beaker (Naphthalenedicarboxylic Acid) beaker_naphthalenedicarboxylic_acid
mx Beaker (n-Butyl Mercaptan) beaker_n_butyl_mercaptan
o9 Beaker (Valerolactone) beaker_valerolactone
nX Beaker (Toluene) beaker_toluene
mw Beaker (n-Butane) beaker_n_butane
mz Beaker (N-Ethylidenecyclohexylamine) beaker_n_ethylidenecyclohexylamine
my Beaker (NeoPentane) beaker_neopentane
nb Cartridge (Propane) cartridge_propane
nc Beaker (Propanol) beaker_propanol
oD "Drum (2,2-DiMethylButane)" _drum_2_2_dimethylbutane_
nd Cartridge (Propylene) cartridge_propylene
oE "Drum (2,3-DiMethylButane)" _drum_2_3_dimethylbutane_
ne Beaker (Rum) beaker_rum
oG Drum (2-Butoxyethanol) drum_2_butoxyethanol
oJ Drum (2-Ethoxyethanol) drum_2_ethoxyethanol
nl Beaker (Sodium Borate) beaker_sodium_borate
oM Drum (2-Methoxyethanol) drum_2_methoxyethanol
kY Beaker (Cyclohexylamine) beaker_cyclohexylamine
jx Beaker (4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid) beaker_4_hydroxybenzoic_acid
jy Beaker (6-Hydroxynaphthalene-2-Carboxylic Acid) beaker_6_hydroxynaphthalene_2_carboxylic_acid
kW Beaker (Cyclohexane Dimethanol) beaker_cyclohexane_dimethanol
jv Beaker (3-Hydroxypentanoic Acid) beaker_3_hydroxypentanoic_acid
l9 Beaker (Dimethyl Terephthalate) beaker_dimethyl_terephthalate
kX Beaker (Cyclohexanone) beaker_cyclohexanone
jw Beaker (3-MethylPentane) beaker_3_methylpentane
l6 Beaker (Diethylene Glycol) beaker_diethylene_glycol
kU Beaker (Cyanuric Acid) beaker_cyanuric_acid
jt Beaker (2-Propoxyethanol) beaker_2_propoxyethanol
l7 Beaker (Dimethoxyethane) beaker_dimethoxyethane
kV Beaker (Cyclohexane) beaker_cyclohexane
ju Beaker (3-Hydroxybutanoic Acid) beaker_3_hydroxybutanoic_acid
l4 Beaker (Diesel) beaker_diesel
kS Beaker (Crude Oil) beaker_crude_oil
kT Beaker (Cyanide) beaker_cyanide
l3 Beaker (Dichloromethane) beaker_dichloromethane
jq Beaker (2-MethylPentane) beaker_2_methylpentane
l0 Beaker (Diamine) beaker_diamine
kO Sack (Copper II Sulfate) sack_copper_ii_sulfate
jo Beaker (2-Methoxyethanol) beaker_2_methoxyethanol
kM Beaker (Coke) beaker_coke
jl Beaker (2-Ethoxyethanol) beaker_2_ethoxyethanol
kN Sack (Copper II Chloride) sack_copper_ii_chloride
kL Sack (Cobalt-Manganese-Bromide) sack_cobalt_manganese_bromide
lJ Beaker (Hydroquinone) beaker_hydroquinone
lI Beaker (Hydrogen Peroxide) beaker_hydrogen_peroxide
kh Beaker (Butyrolactone) beaker_butyrolactone
lH Beaker (Hydrofluoric Acid) beaker_hydrofluoric_acid
kg Beaker (Butylene isomers) beaker_butylene_isomers
lG Beaker (Hydrochloric Acid) beaker_hydrochloric_acid
kf Beaker (Butanol) beaker_butanol
lF Beaker (High Octane Gasoline) beaker_high_octane_gasoline
ke Cartridge (Butane Isomers) cartridge_butane_isomers
lE Beaker (Hexane Isomers) beaker_hexane_isomers
kd Beaker (Butadiene) beaker_butadiene
lD Beaker (Hexamine) beaker_hexamine
lC Beaker (Heavy Naphtha) beaker_heavy_naphtha
kb Beaker (Boric Acid) beaker_boric_acid
ka Beaker (Bisphenol A) beaker_bisphenol_a
lA Beaker (Glycolic Acid) beaker_glycolic_acid
jz Beaker (Acetaldehyde) beaker_acetaldehyde
lX Beaker (Light Olefins) beaker_light_olefins
lY Beaker (Light Parrafins) beaker_light_parrafins
ky Beaker (Caprolactone) beaker_caprolactone
kz Beaker (Caprolactam) beaker_caprolactam
lT Beaker (Latex) beaker_latex
ks Beaker (Calcium Oxide) beaker_calcium_oxide
lU Beaker (Lauryl Alcohol) beaker_lauryl_alcohol
lV Beaker (Light Naphtha) beaker_light_naphtha
lW Beaker (Light Naphthenes) beaker_light_naphthenes
lP Beaker (IsoPentane) beaker_isopentane
ko Sack (Calcium Hydroxide) sack_calcium_hydroxide
lQ Beaker (Isophthalic Acid) beaker_isophthalic_acid
lR Beaker (Kerosene) beaker_kerosene
kq Sack (Calcium Monoxide) sack_calcium_monoxide
lS Beaker (Lactic Acid) beaker_lactic_acid
kk Sack (Calcium Carbide) sack_calcium_carbide
lO Beaker (IsoButane) beaker_isobutane
mJ Beaker (Paraffin) beaker_paraffin
li Beaker (Ethylbenzene) beaker_ethylbenzene
mI Beaker (p-Dichlorobenzene) beaker_p_dichlorobenzene
mL Beaker (Pentane Isomers) beaker_pentane_isomers
lk Beaker (Ethylene Carbonate) beaker_ethylene_carbonate
mK Beaker (p-Xylene) beaker_p_xylene
lj Cartridge (Ethylene) cartridge_ethylene
mF Beaker (Oleyl Alcohol) beaker_oleyl_alcohol
le Cartridge (Ethane) cartridge_ethane
mE Beaker (Olefins) beaker_olefins
ld Beaker (e-Mercaptan) beaker_e_mercaptan
mG Beaker (o-Xylene) beaker_o_xylene
lf Beaker (Ethanol) beaker_ethanol
la Beaker (Dioxane) beaker_dioxane
mA Beaker (n-Hexane) beaker_n_hexane
mD Beaker (n-Pentane) beaker_n_pentane
lc Beaker (EDC) beaker_edc
mC Beaker (n-p Mercaptan) beaker_n_p_mercaptan
j4 Vial (Sweet Kerosene) vial_sweet_kerosene
iS Vial (Xylene) vial_xylene
hr Vial (Phenol Formaldehyde) vial_phenol_formaldehyde
j5 Vial (Sweet Diesel) vial_sweet_diesel
iT Bag (Zeolite) bag_zeolite
j2 Vial (Acrylonitrile) vial_acrylonitrile
iQ Vial (Whiskey) vial_whiskey
hp Vial (Peracetic Acid) vial_peracetic_acid
j3 Vial (Acetonitrile) vial_acetonitrile
iR Vial (Wine) vial_wine
hq Vial (Phenol) vial_phenol
j9 "Beaker (1,3-Propanediol)" _beaker_1_3_propanediol_
j6 Vial (Lactide) vial_lactide
iU Bag (Ziegler-Natta) bag_ziegler_natta
hu Vial (Phosgene) vial_phosgene
iL Vial (Valerolactone) vial_valerolactone
hk Vial (p-Dichlorobenzene) vial_p_dichlorobenzene
hh Vial (Oleyl Alcohol) vial_oleyl_alcohol
iJ Vial (Urea) vial_urea
hi Vial (o-Xylene) vial_o_xylene
j0 Vial (Antifreeze) vial_antifreeze
iO Vial (Vodka) vial_vodka
hn Vial (Pentane Isomers) vial_pentane_isomers
j1 Bag (Chromia Alumina) bag_chromia_alumina
iP Vial (Deionized Water) vial_deionized_water
ho Vial (Pentyl Mercaptan) vial_pentyl_mercaptan
iM Vial (Vinyl Acetate) vial_vinyl_acetate
hl Vial (Paraffin) vial_paraffin
iN Vial (Vinyl Chloride) vial_vinyl_chloride
hm Vial (p-Xylene) vial_p_xylene
jE Beaker (Acrylic Acid) beaker_acrylic_acid
ib Vial (Sodium Silicate) vial_sodium_silicate
jC Beaker (Acetylene) beaker_acetylene
ia Vial (Sodium Phosphate) vial_sodium_phosphate
jB Beaker (Acetone) beaker_acetone
ih Vial (Stearyl Alcohol) vial_stearyl_alcohol
ig Vial (Stearic Acid) vial_stearic_acid
jG Beaker (Aldehyde-Collidine) beaker_aldehyde_collidine
jF Beaker (Adipic Acid) beaker_adipic_acid
jA Beaker (Acetic Acid) beaker_acetic_acid
ir Vial (t-Butyl Mercaptan) vial_t_butyl_mercaptan
is Vial (Tequila) vial_tequila
k5 Beaker (Benzene) beaker_benzene
it Vial (Terephthalic Acid) vial_terephthalic_acid
k6 Beaker (Benzene-Toluene-Xylene) beaker_benzene_toluene_xylene
k7 Beaker (Benzoic Acid) beaker_benzoic_acid
iv Vial (Tetraethylene Glycol) vial_tetraethylene_glycol
jX Sack (Ammonium Hydroxide) sack_ammonium_hydroxide
ii Vial (Styrene) vial_styrene
ij Vial (Succinic Acid) vial_succinic_acid
il Vial (Sulfuric Acid) vial_sulfuric_acid
im Flask (Sweet Butane Fuel) flask_sweet_butane_fuel
in Vial (Sweet Light Naphtha) vial_sweet_light_naphtha
k0 Beaker (Antimony Trioxide) beaker_antimony_trioxide
jO Cartridge (Ammonia) cartridge_ammonia
io Flask (Sweet Propane Fuel) flask_sweet_propane_fuel
kD Beaker (Carboxylates) beaker_carboxylates
kC Beaker (Carbonic Acid) beaker_carbonic_acid
jb "Beaker (1,6-Hexamethylenediamine)" _beaker_1_6_hexamethylenediamine_
kF Beaker (Carrot Wine) beaker_carrot_wine
jg "Beaker (2,3-DiMethylButane)" _beaker_2_3_dimethylbutane_
kG Beaker (Cellulose) beaker_cellulose
jf "Beaker (2,2-DiMethylButane)" _beaker_2_2_dimethylbutane_
ji Beaker (2-Butoxyethanol) beaker_2_butoxyethanol
iz Vial (Toluene) vial_toluene
kB Cartridge (Carbon Monoxide) cartridge_carbon_monoxide
ja "Beaker (1,4-Butanediol)" _beaker_1_4_butanediol_
kA Cartridge (Carbon Dioxide) cartridge_carbon_dioxide
1aD Slab (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) slab_carbon_fiber_resin_e
1aE Slab (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) slab_carbon_fiber_resin_p
1aF Drum (Epoxy-Carbon Fiber Resin) drum_epoxy_carbon_fiber_resin
1aG Drum (Phenolic-Carbon Fiber Resin) drum_phenolic_carbon_fiber_resin
1b0 Double Slab (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) double_slab_carbon_fiber_resin_e
1aH Drum (Negative Photoresist) drum_negative_photoresist
1aI Drum (Positive Photoresist) drum_positive_photoresist
ty Drum (Vinyl Acetate) drum_vinyl_acetate
tx Drum (Valerolactone) drum_valerolactone
tz Drum (Vinyl Chloride) drum_vinyl_chloride
tv Drum (Urea) drum_urea
to Drum (Trichloroethylene) drum_trichloroethylene
tl Drum (Toluene) drum_toluene
ts Drum (Trioxane) drum_trioxane
tr Powder Keg (Trimethyl Orthoformate) powder_keg_trimethyl_orthoformate
tq Drum (Triethylene Glycol) drum_triethylene_glycol
tf Drum (Terephthalic Acid) drum_terephthalic_acid
te Drum (Tequila) drum_tequila
td Drum (t-Butyl Mercaptan) drum_t_butyl_mercaptan
th Drum (Tetraethylene Glycol) drum_tetraethylene_glycol
ta Canister (Sweet Propane Fuel) canister_sweet_propane_fuel
sz Canister (Propane) canister_propane
tM Drum (Antifreeze) drum_antifreeze
tO Drum (Acrylonitrile) drum_acrylonitrile
sn Powder Keg (Potassium Chloride) powder_keg_potassium_chloride
tN Powder Keg (Chromia Alumina) powder_keg_chromia_alumina
sm Powder Keg (Potassium Carbonate) powder_keg_potassium_carbonate
tQ Drum (Sweet Kerosene) drum_sweet_kerosene
tP Drum (Acetonitrile) drum_acetonitrile
tS Drum (Lactide) drum_lactide
tR Drum (Sweet Diesel) drum_sweet_diesel
sq Powder Keg (Potassium Hydroxide) powder_keg_potassium_hydroxide
tE Drum (Xylene) drum_xylene
sd Drum (Phenol Formaldehyde) drum_phenol_formaldehyde
tD Drum (Wine) drum_wine
sc Drum (Phenol) drum_phenol
tG Powder Keg (Ziegler-Natta) powder_keg_ziegler_natta
tF Powder Keg (Zeolite) powder_keg_zeolite
sg Drum (Phosgene) drum_phosgene
tA Drum (Vodka) drum_vodka
tB Drum (Deionized Water) drum_deionized_water
sa Drum (Pentyl Mercaptan) drum_pentyl_mercaptan
tC Drum (Whiskey) drum_whiskey
sb Drum (Peracetic Acid) drum_peracetic_acid
t4 Drum (Styrene) drum_styrene
t5 Drum (Succinic Acid) drum_succinic_acid
t7 Drum (Sulfuric Acid) drum_sulfuric_acid
t8 Canister (Sweet Butane Fuel) canister_sweet_butane_fuel
sW Drum (Sodium Phosphate) drum_sodium_phosphate
t9 Drum (Sweet Light Naphtha) drum_sweet_light_naphtha
sX Drum (Sodium Silicate) drum_sodium_silicate
ry Drum (Mercaptans) drum_mercaptans
t3 Drum (Stearyl Alcohol) drum_stearyl_alcohol
t2 Drum (Stearic Acid) drum_stearic_acid
sQ Powder Keg (Sodium Hydroxide) powder_keg_sodium_hydroxide
sN Powder Keg (Sodium Chloride) powder_keg_sodium_chloride
rm Drum (Light Parrafins) drum_light_parrafins
rl Drum (Light Olefins) drum_light_olefins
rk Drum (Light Naphthenes) drum_light_naphthenes
rj Drum (Light Naphtha) drum_light_naphtha
sJ Drum (Sodium Borate) drum_sodium_borate
ri Drum (Lauryl Alcohol) drum_lauryl_alcohol
rh Drum (Latex) drum_latex
rg Drum (Lactic Acid) drum_lactic_acid
rf Drum (Kerosene) drum_kerosene
re Drum (Isophthalic Acid) drum_isophthalic_acid
rd Drum (IsoPentane) drum_isopentane
rc Drum (IsoButane) drum_isobutane
sC Drum (Rum) drum_rum
sA Drum (Propanol) drum_propanol
sB Canister (Propylene) canister_propylene
qy Drum (Dioxane) drum_dioxane
s9 Drum (Pentane Isomers) drum_pentane_isomers
rX Drum (N-Ethylidenecyclohexylamine) drum_n_ethylidenecyclohexylamine
rY Drum (n-Hexane) drum_n_hexane
qx Drum (Dimethyl Terephthalate) drum_dimethyl_terephthalate
s7 Drum (Paraffin) drum_paraffin
rV Drum (n-Butyl Mercaptan) drum_n_butyl_mercaptan
qu Drum (Diethylene Glycol) drum_diethylene_glycol
s8 Drum (p-Xylene) drum_p_xylene
rW Drum (NeoPentane) drum_neopentane
qv Drum (Dimethoxyethane) drum_dimethoxyethane
rT Canister (Natural Gas) canister_natural_gas
qs Drum (Diesel) drum_diesel
s6 Drum (p-Dichlorobenzene) drum_p_dichlorobenzene
rU Drum (n-Butane) drum_n_butane
s3 Drum (Oleyl Alcohol) drum_oleyl_alcohol
rR Drum (Naphthalene) drum_naphthalene
s4 Drum (o-Xylene) drum_o_xylene
rS Drum (Naphthalenedicarboxylic Acid) drum_naphthalenedicarboxylic_acid
qr Drum (Dichloromethane) drum_dichloromethane
s0 Drum (n-p Mercaptan) drum_n_p_mercaptan
rO Drum (Molasses) drum_molasses
rN Drum (m-Mercaptan) drum_m_mercaptan
qm Drum (Cyclohexylamine) drum_cyclohexylamine
s2 Drum (Olefins) drum_olefins
rQ Drum (Naphtha) drum_naphtha
s1 Drum (n-Pentane) drum_n_pentane
qo Drum (Diamine) drum_diamine
qj Drum (Cyclohexane) drum_cyclohexane
qi Drum (Cyanuric Acid) drum_cyanuric_acid
rM Drum (Mineral Oil) drum_mineral_oil
ql Drum (Cyclohexanone) drum_cyclohexanone
qk Drum (Cyclohexane Dimethanol) drum_cyclohexane_dimethanol
rI Drum (Methyl Methacrylate) drum_methyl_methacrylate
qh Drum (Cyanide) drum_cyanide
qg Drum (Crude Oil) drum_crude_oil
rC Canister (Methane) canister_methane
qb Powder Keg (Copper II Chloride) powder_keg_copper_ii_chloride
rB Drum (Methacrylic Acid) drum_methacrylic_acid
qa Drum (Coke) drum_coke
rD Drum (Methanol) drum_methanol
qc Powder Keg (Copper II Sulfate) powder_keg_copper_ii_sulfate
rA Drum (m-Xylene) drum_m_xylene
qY Drum (Glycolic Acid) drum_glycolic_acid
py Drum (Bisphenol A) drum_bisphenol_a
pz Drum (Boric Acid) drum_boric_acid
r6 Drum (Hydrogen Peroxide) drum_hydrogen_peroxide
qU Drum (Gas Oil) drum_gas_oil
pt Drum (Benzene) drum_benzene
r7 Drum (Hydroquinone) drum_hydroquinone
qV Drum (Gin) drum_gin
pu Drum (Benzene-Toluene-Xylene) drum_benzene_toluene_xylene
qW Drum (Glucose) drum_glucose
pv Drum (Benzoic Acid) drum_benzoic_acid
qX Drum (Glycerol) drum_glycerol
r2 Drum (Hexane Isomers) drum_hexane_isomers
qQ Drum (Formaldehyde) drum_formaldehyde
r3 Drum (High Octane Gasoline) drum_high_octane_gasoline
r4 Drum (Hydrochloric Acid) drum_hydrochloric_acid
r5 Drum (Hydrofluoric Acid) drum_hydrofluoric_acid
qT Drum (Fruit Brandy) drum_fruit_brandy
zh Vial (Acrylic-Formaldehyde Resin) vial_acrylic_formaldehyde_resin
zi Bag (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Pellets) bag_acrylonitrile_butadiene_styrene_pellets
zw Bag (High Density PolyEthylene Pellets) bag_high_density_polyethylene_pellets
zv Bag (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Pellets) bag_ethylene_vinyl_acetate_pellets
zy Bag (Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) bag_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
zx Bag (Hydrogenated Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) bag_hydrogenated_nitrile_butadiene_rubber_pellets
zr Vial (Epoxy Resin) vial_epoxy_resin
zu Bag (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer Pellets) bag_ethylene_propylene_diene_monomer_pellets
zt Bag (Ethylene-Propylene Monomer Pellets) bag_ethylene_propylene_monomer_pellets
zo Bag (Cellulosic Pellets) bag_cellulosic_pellets
zq Bag (Chlorine Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) bag_chlorine_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
zp Bag (Chitin Pellets) bag_chitin_pellets
zk Bag (Amorphous PolyEthylene Terephthalate Pellets) bag_amorphous_polyethylene_terephthalate_pellets
zm Bag (Carbon Fiber) bag_carbon_fiber
zl Bag (Bromine Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) bag_bromine_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
zH Bag (Paraformaldehyde Pellets) bag_paraformaldehyde_pellets
zI Bag (Paraldehyde Pellets) bag_paraldehyde_pellets
zF Bag (Metaldehyde Pellets) bag_metaldehyde_pellets
zG Bag (Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) bag_nitrile_butadiene_rubber_pellets
zD Bag (Medium Density PolyEthylene Pellets) bag_medium_density_polyethylene_pellets
zB Bag (Liquid Crystal Polymer Pellets) bag_liquid_crystal_polymer_pellets
zC Bag (Low Density PolyEthylene Pellets) bag_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
zA Bag (Linear Low-Density PolyEthylene Pellets) bag_linear_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
zY Bag (PolyChloroPrene Pellets) bag_polychloroprene_pellets
zX Bag (PolyCarbonate Pellets) bag_polycarbonate_pellets
zW Bag (PolyCaprolactone Pellets) bag_polycaprolactone_pellets
zV Bag (PolyButylene Terephthalate Pellets) bag_polybutylene_terephthalate_pellets
zT Bag (PolyButylene Succinate Pellets) bag_polybutylene_succinate_pellets
zS Bag (PolyButadiene (high-cis) Pellets) bag_polybutadiene_high_cis_pellets
zR Bag (PolyButadiene (low-cis) Pellets) bag_polybutadiene_low_cis_pellets
zQ Bag (PolyAcrylonitrile Pellets) bag_polyacrylonitrile_pellets
zP Bag (PolyAcrylic Acid Pellets) bag_polyacrylic_acid_pellets
zO Bag (Poly2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate Pellets) bag_poly2_hydroxyethyl_methacrylate_pellets
zN Bag (Poly-2-Hydroxy Butyrate Pellets) bag_poly_2_hydroxy_butyrate_pellets
zM Bag (Poly2-6-Dimethyl-1-4-Phenylene Ether Pellets) bag_poly2_6_dimethyl_1_4_phenylene_ether_pellets
zL Bag (Poly1-Butene Pellets) bag_poly1_butene_pellets
zK Bag (Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate-Co-3-Hydroxyvalerate) Pellets) bag_poly3_hydroxybutyrate_co_3_hydroxyvalerate_pellets
zJ Vial (Phenolic Resin) vial_phenolic_resin
15C Zinc-Plated Sabatons zinc_plated_sabatons
14b EVA Wetsuit eva_wetsuit
15B Copper Boots copper_boots
14a EPDM Wetsuit epdm_wetsuit
15A Jeffersonian Sabaton a la Poulaine jeffersonian_sabaton_a_la_poulaine
13z Pepto Bismal Pink Bodygear pepto_bismal_pink_bodygear
13y Plumed Cuirass plumed_cuirass
14Z Reliable Polyester Trousers reliable_polyester_trousers
13x Noble Gorget noble_gorget
14Y Fine Polyester Dress Pants fine_polyester_dress_pants
13w Wolfram Cuirass wolfram_cuirass
14X The Emperor's New Pants the_emperor_s_new_pants
159 Synthetic Rubber (II) Pants synthetic_rubber_ii_pants
13v SuperB Chestplate superb_chestplate
14W Ski Pants ski_pants
158 Synthetic Rubber Pants synthetic_rubber_pants
13u Silver Bevor silver_bevor
14V Comfortable Bathrobe pants comfortable_bathrobe_pants
157 Butyl Rubber Pants butyl_rubber_pants
13t Palladin Cuirass palladin_cuirass
14U Cheap Leisure Pants cheap_leisure_pants
156 Spectra Leggings spectra_leggings
13s Zinc-Plated Plackart zinc_plated_plackart
14T Ripstop Nylon Track Pants ripstop_nylon_track_pants
155 Zippered Pants zippered_pants
13r Copper Culet copper_culet
14S Sporty Nylon Stockings sporty_nylon_stockings
154 Spandex Pants spandex_pants
13p Blue Steel Cuirass blue_steel_cuirass
14Q Chitin Skelton Pants chitin_skelton_pants
152 Thermal Long Johns thermal_long_johns
13q Jeffersonian Culet jeffersonian_culet
14R Acrylic Khakis acrylic_khakis
153 Styrofoam Pants styrofoam_pants
13n Titan Body titan_body
14O SuperB Alloy Lames superb_alloy_lames
150 Corduroy Pants corduroy_pants
13o Mangy Coat mangy_coat
14P Carbon Fiber Chausses carbon_fiber_chausses
151 Yoga Pants yoga_pants
13l Kevlar Shoes kevlar_shoes
14M WC Tassets wc_tassets
13m Sparkling Chestplate sparkling_chestplate
14N Nichrome Wiry Knot Leggings nichrome_wiry_knot_leggings
13j Pleather Shoes pleather_shoes
14K Tin Tassets tin_tassets
13k Water Resistant Shoes water_resistant_shoes
14L Chrome Chausses chrome_chausses
14I Brass Chausses brass_chausses
13h Scuba Mask Light (Pro) scuba_mask_light_pro
13i Rubber Booties rubber_booties
14J Brazen Chausses brazen_chausses
14G Steel Shynbalds steel_shynbalds
13f Scuba Mask Light (Intermediate) scuba_mask_light_intermediate
14H Stainless Steel Shynbalds stainless_steel_shynbalds
13g Scuba Mask Light (Advanced) scuba_mask_light_advanced
13d Iridium Catalyst iridium_catalyst
14E Pepto Bismal Pink Splatterdashes pepto_bismal_pink_splatterdashes
14F Tin Foil Greaves tin_foil_greaves
13e Scuba Mask Light (Beginner) scuba_mask_light_beginner
14C Noble Leggings noble_leggings
13b Scuba Tank (Advanced) scuba_tank_advanced
14D Plumed Poleyns plumed_poleyns
13c Scuba Tank (Pro) scuba_tank_pro
15a SBR Pants sbr_pants
16B Composite Tungsten Carbide Sword composite_tungsten_carbide_sword
16A Composite Bronze Sword composite_bronze_sword
15c HNBR Pants hnbr_pants
16D Composite Antimony-Lead Sword composite_antimony_lead_sword
15b NBR Pants nbr_pants
16C Composite Nichrome Sword composite_nichrome_sword
14x Zinc-Plated Chausses zinc_plated_chausses
15Y Ripstop Nylon Cleats ripstop_nylon_cleats
14w Copper Cuisse copper_cuisse
15X Sporty Nylon Footie sporty_nylon_footie
169 Spandex Shoes spandex_shoes
14z Silver Schynbalds silver_schynbalds
14y Palladin Poleyn palladin_poleyn
15Z Cheap Leisure Shoes cheap_leisure_shoes
14t Mangy Bellbottoms mangy_bellbottoms
15U Carbon Fiber Carbatines carbon_fiber_carbatines
166 Yoga Shoes yoga_shoes
14s Titan Legs titan_legs
15T SuperB Alloy Batts superb_alloy_batts
165 Corduroy Slippers corduroy_slippers
14v Jeffersonian Knickers jeffersonian_knickers
15W Acrylic Shoes acrylic_shoes
168 Styrofoam Shoes styrofoam_shoes
14u Blue Steel Shins blue_steel_shins
15V Chitin Skeleton Feet chitin_skeleton_feet
167 Thermal Shoes thermal_shoes
14o Pleather Jacket pleather_jacket
15P Tin Treadsoles tin_treadsoles
161 Ski Boots ski_boots
14p Water Resistant Vest water_resistant_vest
15Q Chrome Carbatines chrome_carbatines
162 The Emperor's New Shoes the_emperor_s_new_shoes
14q Kevlar Vest kevlar_vest
15R WC Sabatons wc_sabatons
163 Fine Polyester Dress Shoes fine_polyester_dress_shoes
14r Sparkling Pants sparkling_pants
15S Nichrome Wiry Knot Boots nichrome_wiry_knot_boots
164 Reliable Polyester Shoes reliable_polyester_shoes
15L Steel Sabatons steel_sabatons
15M Stainless Steel Sabatons stainless_steel_sabatons
15N Brass Solleret brass_solleret
14n Rubber Shirt rubber_shirt
15O Brazen Solleret brazen_solleret
160 Comfortable Slippers comfortable_slippers
15H Noble Pantoble noble_pantoble
15I Plumed Pantofle plumed_pantofle
15J Pepto Bismal Pink Swiftlere pepto_bismal_pink_swiftlere
15K Tin Foil Overshoes tin_foil_overshoes
15D Palladin Treadsoles palladin_treadsoles
14c PUR Wetsuit pur_wetsuit
14d Beaker (1-(Trichloromethyl)-4-Fluorobenzene) beaker_1_trichloromethyl_4_fluorobenzene
15E Silver Sabatons silver_sabatons
14e "Beaker (4,4-Difluorobenzophenone)" _beaker_4_4_difluorobenzophenone_
15F SuperB Batts superb_batts
15G Wolfram Treadsoles wolfram_treadsoles
17A Powder Keg (p-Hexachloroxylene) powder_keg_p_hexachloroxylene
17E Powder Keg (Isophthaloyl Chloride) powder_keg_isophthaloyl_chloride
16d Synthetic Rubber Booties synthetic_rubber_booties
17D Powder Keg (Terephthaloyl Chloride) powder_keg_terephthaloyl_chloride
16c Butyl Rubber Booties butyl_rubber_booties
17C Powder Keg (o-Hexachloroxylene) powder_keg_o_hexachloroxylene
16b Spectra Boots spectra_boots
17B Powder Keg (m-Hexachloroxylene) powder_keg_m_hexachloroxylene
16a Zippered Shoes zippered_shoes
179 Sack (Catechol) sack_catechol
16X Sack (m-Hexachloroxylene) sack_m_hexachloroxylene
15w Sparkling Shoes sparkling_shoes
178 "Beaker (1,4-Diisopropylbenzene)" _beaker_1_4_diisopropylbenzene_
16W Sack (p-Hexachloroxylene) sack_p_hexachloroxylene
15v Kevlar Helmet kevlar_helmet
177 Beaker (Isopherone Diisocyanate) beaker_isopherone_diisocyanate
16V Cartridge (Nitric Oxide) cartridge_nitric_oxide
15u Water Resistant Cap water_resistant_cap
176 Beaker (Hexamethylene Diisocyanate) beaker_hexamethylene_diisocyanate
16U Sack (4-Nitroaniline) sack_4_nitroaniline
15t Pleather Hat pleather_hat
15z Blue Steel Boots blue_steel_boots
16Z Sack (Terephthaloyl Chloride) sack_terephthaloyl_chloride
15y Mangy Feet mangy_feet
16Y Sack (o-Hexachloroxylene) sack_o_hexachloroxylene
15x Titan Feet titan_feet
170 Sack (Isophthaloyl Chloride) sack_isophthaloyl_chloride
16O Engineered Diamond Sword engineered_diamond_sword
171 Beaker (Cyclohexanol) beaker_cyclohexanol
16P Beaker (Chlorobenzene) beaker_chlorobenzene
16M Engineered Iron Sword engineered_iron_sword
16N Composite Diamond Sword composite_diamond_sword
174 Beaker (Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate) beaker_diphenylmethane_diisocyanate
16S Sack (p-Phenylenediamine) sack_p_phenylenediamine
16T Beaker (Nitric Acid) beaker_nitric_acid
175 Beaker (Toluene Diisocyanate) beaker_toluene_diisocyanate
15s Rubber Shower Cap rubber_shower_cap
172 Beaker (Nitrobenzene) beaker_nitrobenzene
16Q The Emperor's New Kevlar Vest the_emperor_s_new_kevlar_vest
173 Beaker (Aniline) beaker_aniline
16R Sack (4-Nitrochlorobenzene) sack_4_nitrochlorobenzene
15f EPDM Pants epdm_pants
16G Engineered Brass Sword engineered_brass_sword
15g EVA Pants eva_pants
16H Engineered Bronze Sword engineered_bronze_sword
15d CIIR Pants ciir_pants
16E Engineered Steel Sword engineered_steel_sword
15e BIIR Pants biir_pants
16F Engineered Stainless Steel Sword engineered_stainless_steel_sword
15j "Drum (4,4-Difluorobenzophenone)" _drum_4_4_difluorobenzophenone_
16K Engineered Antimony-Lead Sword engineered_antimony_lead_sword
16L Composite Iron Sword composite_iron_sword
15h PUR Pants pur_pants
16I Engineered Tungsten Carbide Sword engineered_tungsten_carbide_sword
15i Drum (1-(Trichloromethyl)-4-Fluorobenzene) drum_1_trichloromethyl_4_fluorobenzene
16J Engineered Nichrome Sword engineered_nichrome_sword
17a Sack (Anthracene) sack_anthracene
18B Engineered Stainless Steel Axe engineered_stainless_steel_axe
18A Engineered Steel Axe engineered_steel_axe
17c Composite Stainless Steel Shovel composite_stainless_steel_shovel
18D Engineered Bronze Axe engineered_bronze_axe
17b Composite Steel Shovel composite_steel_shovel
18C Engineered Brass Axe engineered_brass_axe
17e Composite Bronze Shovel composite_bronze_shovel
18F Engineered Nichrome Axe engineered_nichrome_axe
17d Composite Brass Shovel composite_brass_shovel
18E Engineered Tungsten Carbide Axe engineered_tungsten_carbide_axe
188 The Emperor's New Kevlar Shoes the_emperor_s_new_kevlar_shoes
17W Engineered Steel Pickaxe engineered_steel_pickaxe
17V Composite Antimony-Lead Pickaxe composite_antimony_lead_pickaxe
16x Composite Steel Sword composite_steel_sword
17Y Engineered Brass Pickaxe engineered_brass_pickaxe
17X Engineered Stainless Steel Pickaxe engineered_stainless_steel_pickaxe
16z Composite Brass Sword composite_brass_sword
16y Composite Stainless Steel Sword composite_stainless_steel_sword
17Z Engineered Bronze Pickaxe engineered_bronze_pickaxe
17N Powder Keg (Catechol) powder_keg_catechol
16m PUR Booties pur_booties
17O Powder Keg (Anthracene) powder_keg_anthracene
180 Engineered Tungsten Carbide Pickaxe engineered_tungsten_carbide_pickaxe
17P Composite Steel Pickaxe composite_steel_pickaxe
181 Engineered Nichrome Pickaxe engineered_nichrome_pickaxe
17Q Composite Stainless Steel Pickaxe composite_stainless_steel_pickaxe
182 Engineered Antimony-Lead Pickaxe engineered_antimony_lead_pickaxe
17R Composite Brass Pickaxe composite_brass_pickaxe
183 Composite Iron Pickaxe composite_iron_pickaxe
17S Composite Bronze Pickaxe composite_bronze_pickaxe
184 Engineered Iron Pickaxe engineered_iron_pickaxe
17T Composite Tungsten Carbide Pickaxe composite_tungsten_carbide_pickaxe
185 Composite Diamond Pickaxe composite_diamond_pickaxe
17U Composite Nichrome Pickaxe composite_nichrome_pickaxe
186 Engineered Diamond Pickaxe engineered_diamond_pickaxe
17F Drum (Cyclohexanol) drum_cyclohexanol
16e Synthetic Rubber (II) Booties synthetic_rubber_ii_booties
17G Drum (Nitrobenzene) drum_nitrobenzene
16f SBR Booties sbr_booties
17H Drum (Aniline) drum_aniline
16g NBR Booties nbr_booties
17I Drum (Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate) drum_diphenylmethane_diisocyanate
16h HNBR Booties hnbr_booties
17J Drum (Toluene Diisocyanate) drum_toluene_diisocyanate
16i CIIR Booties ciir_booties
17K Drum (Hexamethylene Diisocyanate) drum_hexamethylene_diisocyanate
16j BIIR Booties biir_booties
17L Drum (Isopherone Diisocyanate) drum_isopherone_diisocyanate
16k EPDM Booties epdm_booties
17M "Drum (1,4-Diisopropylbenzene)" _drum_1_4_diisopropylbenzene_
16l EVA Booties eva_booties
10U Mold (Plastic Brick (1 x 3)) mold_plastic_brick_1_x_3
116 Diamond-PEEK Heated Knife diamond_peek_heated_knife
10V Mold (Plastic Brick (1 x 4)) mold_plastic_brick_1_x_4
117 Stainless-PolyIsoPrene Heated Knife stainless_polyisoprene_heated_knife
10S Mold (Plastic Brick (1 x 1)) mold_plastic_brick_1_x_1
114 Diamond-PolyIsoPrene Heated Knife diamond_polyisoprene_heated_knife
10T Mold (Plastic Brick (1 x 2)) mold_plastic_brick_1_x_2
115 Diamond-PolyPropylene Heated Knife diamond_polypropylene_heated_knife
10Q Stairs (VA/AA) Item stairs_va_aa_item
112 Mold (Plastic Brick (1 x 8)) mold_plastic_brick_1_x_8
113 Mold (Plastic Brick (2 x 8)) mold_plastic_brick_2_x_8
110 Mold (Plastic Brick (3 x 4)) mold_plastic_brick_3_x_4
10P Stairs (VLDPE) Item stairs_vldpe_item
111 Mold (Plastic Brick (4 x 4)) mold_plastic_brick_4_x_4
10Y Mold (Plastic Brick (2 x 4)) mold_plastic_brick_2_x_4
10Z Mold (Plastic Brick (3 x 3)) mold_plastic_brick_3_x_3
10W Mold (Plastic Brick (2 x 2)) mold_plastic_brick_2_x_2
118 Stainless-PolyPropylene Heated Knife stainless_polypropylene_heated_knife
10X Mold (Plastic Brick (2 x 3)) mold_plastic_brick_2_x_3
119 Stainless-PEEK Heated Knife stainless_peek_heated_knife
10B Stairs (PVCA) Item stairs_pvca_item
10A Stairs (PVC) Item stairs_pvc_item
10N Stairs (UHMWPE) Item stairs_uhmwpe_item
10L Stairs (SIS) Item stairs_sis_item
10K Stairs (SBS) Item stairs_sbs_item
10J Stairs (SBR) Item stairs_sbr_item
10I Stairs (SAN) Item stairs_san_item
11T Vial (Allyl Chloride) vial_allyl_chloride
125 Beaker (Salt Water) beaker_salt_water
11U Vial (Propylene Oxide) vial_propylene_oxide
126 Beaker (Isoprene) beaker_isoprene
11V Vial (Propylene Glycol) vial_propylene_glycol
127 Beaker (Epichlorohydrin) beaker_epichlorohydrin
11W Vial (Cumene) vial_cumene
128 Beaker (Isopropanol) beaker_isopropanol
10v Stairs (PTT) Item stairs_ptt_item
11P Vial (Salt Water) vial_salt_water
11Q Vial (Isoprene) vial_isoprene
122 Sack (Lithium Hexafluorophosphate) sack_lithium_hexafluorophosphate
10p Stairs (PS) Item stairs_ps_item
11R Vial (Epichlorohydrin) vial_epichlorohydrin
123 Sack (Potassium Persulfate) sack_potassium_persulfate
11S Vial (Isopropanol) vial_isopropanol
124 Sack (Potassium Bisulfate) sack_potassium_bisulfate
10r Stairs (PTFE) Item stairs_ptfe_item
129 Beaker (Allyl Chloride) beaker_allyl_chloride
11X Sack (MOF-5) sack_mof_5
10w Stairs (PU) Item stairs_pu_item
11Y Sack (CD-MOF) sack_cd_mof
10x Stairs (PVAC) Item stairs_pvac_item
11Z Sack (Bucky Balls (C60)) sack_bucky_balls_c60
10y Stairs (PVA) Item stairs_pva_item
10c Stairs (nomex) Item stairs_nomex_item
10e Stairs (POM) Item stairs_pom_item
11A Powder Keg (Alpha-cyclodextrin) powder_keg_alpha_cyclodextrin
10b Stairs (PMMS) Item stairs_pmms_item
11C Powder Keg (Gamma-cyclodextrin) powder_keg_gamma_cyclodextrin
10a Stairs (PMMA) Item stairs_pmma_item
11B Powder Keg (Beta-cyclodextrin) powder_keg_beta_cyclodextrin
11M Bag (Lithium Hexafluorophosphate) bag_lithium_hexafluorophosphate
10l Stairs (kevlar) Item stairs_kevlar_item
11O Bag (Potassium Bisulfate) bag_potassium_bisulfate
11N Bag (Potassium Persulfate) bag_potassium_persulfate
10m Stairs (PP) Item stairs_pp_item
11I Bag (CD-MOF) bag_cd_mof
10g Stairs (Polyphenol) Item stairs_polyphenol_item
11H Bag (MOF-5) bag_mof_5
11J Bag (Bucky Balls (C60)) bag_bucky_balls_c60
11r Bag (Cyclodextrin) bag_cyclodextrin
134 Flame Chucker flame_chucker
12S Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (9-Cell) nickel_metal_hydride_battery_9_cell
11s Bag (Alpha-cyclodextrin) bag_alpha_cyclodextrin
12T Scuba Mask (Advanced) scuba_mask_advanced
135 Flame Hurler flame_hurler
11p Running Shoes (Jogger) running_shoes_jogger
132 Gasket (High Pressure) gasket_high_pressure
12Q Lithium Ion Battery (9-Cell) lithium_ion_battery_9_cell
133 Gasket (Extreme Pressure) gasket_extreme_pressure
11q Running Shoes (Sprinter) running_shoes_sprinter
12R Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (1-Cell) nickel_metal_hydride_battery_1_cell
11v Sack (Cyclodextrin) sack_cyclodextrin
12W Hose (Medium Pressure) hose_medium_pressure
138 Regulator (High Pressure) regulator_high_pressure
11w Sack (Alpha-cyclodextrin) sack_alpha_cyclodextrin
12X Hose (High Pressure) hose_high_pressure
139 Regulator (Extreme Pressure) regulator_extreme_pressure
11t Bag (Beta-cyclodextrin) bag_beta_cyclodextrin
12U Running Shoes (Runner) running_shoes_runner
136 Flame Thrower flame_thrower
11u Bag (Gamma-cyclodextrin) bag_gamma_cyclodextrin
12V Scuba Fins (Advanced) scuba_fins_advanced
137 Regulator (Medium Pressure) regulator_medium_pressure
11z Powder Keg (Cyclodextrin) powder_keg_cyclodextrin
11x Sack (Beta-cyclodextrin) sack_beta_cyclodextrin
12Y Hose (Extreme Pressure) hose_extreme_pressure
11y Sack (Gamma-cyclodextrin) sack_gamma_cyclodextrin
12Z Ruthenium Catalyst ruthenium_catalyst
13A Tin Foil Chestplate tin_foil_chestplate
11c Heated Knife Handle (Natural Rubber) heated_knife_handle_natural_rubber
11b Heated Knife Handle (PP) heated_knife_handle_pp
11a Heated Knife Handle heated_knife_handle
11g BlockPipe Item blockpipe_item
11f BlockPipe blockpipe
11e Mold (Heated Knife Handle) mold_heated_knife_handle
11d Heated Knife Handle (PEEK) heated_knife_handle_peek
12L Mold (Battery Case) mold_battery_case
12K Tin Catalyst tin_catalyst
12J Zinc Nitrate Catalyst zinc_nitrate_catalyst
11o Rubber Sole (outsole) rubber_sole_outsole
131 Gasket (Medium Pressure) gasket_medium_pressure
12P Lithium Ion Battery (1-Cell) lithium_ion_battery_1_cell
130 Lead Oxide Catalyst lead_oxide_catalyst
11n Rubber Sole (midsole) rubber_sole_midsole
12O Lead-Acid Battery (9-Cell) lead_acid_battery_9_cell
12N Lead-Acid Battery (1-Cell) lead_acid_battery_1_cell
12M Battery Case (SAN) battery_case_san
12q Drum (Propylene Oxide) drum_propylene_oxide
13R Ski Jacket ski_jacket
143 Synthetic Rubber Wetsuit synthetic_rubber_wetsuit
12r Drum (Propylene Glycol) drum_propylene_glycol
13S The Emperor's New Jacket the_emperor_s_new_jacket
144 Synthetic Rubber (II) Wetsuit synthetic_rubber_ii_wetsuit
12s Drum (Cumene) drum_cumene
13T Fine Polyester Dress Jacket fine_polyester_dress_jacket
145 SBR Wetsuit sbr_wetsuit
13U Reliable Polyester Cardigan reliable_polyester_cardigan
146 NBR Wetsuit nbr_wetsuit
13V Corduroy Jacket corduroy_jacket
147 HNBR Wetsuit hnbr_wetsuit
13W Yoga Top yoga_top
148 CIIR Wetsuit ciir_wetsuit
13X Thermal Henley thermal_henley
149 BIIR Wetsuit biir_wetsuit
13Y Styrofoam Vest styrofoam_vest
13Z Spandex Jacket spandex_jacket
14A SuperB Lames superb_lames
14B Wolfram Poleyns wolfram_poleyns
13a Scuba Tank (Intermediate) scuba_tank_intermediate
12b Beaker (Propylene Glycol) beaker_propylene_glycol
13C Stainless Steel Bevor stainless_steel_bevor
12a Beaker (Propylene Oxide) beaker_propylene_oxide
13B Steel Bevor steel_bevor
12d Powder Keg (MOF-5) powder_keg_mof_5
13E Brazen Brigandine brazen_brigandine
12c Beaker (Cumene) beaker_cumene
13D Brass Brigandine brass_brigandine
12f Powder Keg (Bucky Balls (C60)) powder_keg_bucky_balls_c60
13G Chrome Culet chrome_culet
12e Powder Keg (CD-MOF) powder_keg_cd_mof
13F Tin Faulds tin_faulds
13I Nichrome Wire Hauberk nichrome_wire_hauberk
13H WC Faulds wc_faulds
12j Powder Keg (Potassium Persulfate) powder_keg_potassium_persulfate
13K Carbon Fiber Culet carbon_fiber_culet
12i Powder Keg (Lithium Hexafluorophosphate) powder_keg_lithium_hexafluorophosphate
13J SuperB Alloy Plackart superb_alloy_plackart
12l Drum (Salt Water) drum_salt_water
13M Acrylic Sweater acrylic_sweater
12k Powder Keg (Potassium Bisulfate) powder_keg_potassium_bisulfate
13L Chitin Skeleton Vest chitin_skeleton_vest
12n Drum (Epichlorohydrin) drum_epichlorohydrin
13O Ripstop Nylon Track Suit ripstop_nylon_track_suit
140 Zippered Jacket zippered_jacket
12m Drum (Isoprene) drum_isoprene
13N Sporty Nylon Windbreaker sporty_nylon_windbreaker
12p Drum (Allyl Chloride) drum_allyl_chloride
13Q Comfortable Bathrobe comfortable_bathrobe
12o Drum (Isopropanol) drum_isopropanol
13P Cheap Leisure Suit cheap_leisure_suit
141 Spectra Chestplate spectra_chestplate
18L Bag (Chromium (VI) Oxide) bag_chromium_vi_oxide
17k Engineered Brass Shovel engineered_brass_shovel
17j Engineered Stainless Steel Shovel engineered_stainless_steel_shovel
18K Engineered Diamond Axe engineered_diamond_axe
18N Bag (Phthalic Anhydride) bag_phthalic_anhydride
17m Engineered Tungsten Carbide Shovel engineered_tungsten_carbide_shovel
18M "Bag (9,10-Anthraquinone)" _bag_9_10_anthraquinone_
17l Engineered Bronze Shovel engineered_bronze_shovel
17g Composite Nichrome Shovel composite_nichrome_shovel
18H Composite Iron Axe composite_iron_axe
17f Composite Tungsten Carbide Shovel composite_tungsten_carbide_shovel
18G Engineered Antimony-Lead Axe engineered_antimony_lead_axe
17i Engineered Steel Shovel engineered_steel_shovel
18J Composite Diamond Axe composite_diamond_axe
17h Composite Antimony-Lead Shovel composite_antimony_lead_shovel
18I Engineered Iron Axe engineered_iron_axe
195 Drum (p-Fluorotoluene) drum_p_fluorotoluene
18T Powder Keg (Phthalic Anhydride) powder_keg_phthalic_anhydride
17s Engineered Diamond Shovel engineered_diamond_shovel
194 Drum (p-Aminotoluene) drum_p_aminotoluene
18S "Powder Keg (9,10-Anthraquinone)" _powder_keg_9_10_anthraquinone_
17r Composite Diamond Shovel composite_diamond_shovel
18V Powder Keg (Disodium Hydroquinone) powder_keg_disodium_hydroquinone
197 Chromium (VI) Oxide Catalyst chromium_vi_oxide_catalyst
17u The Emperor's New Kevlar Pants the_emperor_s_new_kevlar_pants
196 Beaker (p-Aminotoluene) beaker_p_aminotoluene
18U Powder Keg (Maleic Anhydride) powder_keg_maleic_anhydride
17t Drum (Chlorobenzene) drum_chlorobenzene
191 Drum (Fluorobenzene) drum_fluorobenzene
18P Bag (Disodium Hydroquinone) bag_disodium_hydroquinone
17o Engineered Antimony-Lead Shovel engineered_antimony_lead_shovel
190 Drum (Tetrafluoroboric Acid) drum_tetrafluoroboric_acid
18O Bag (Maleic Anhydride) bag_maleic_anhydride
17n Engineered Nichrome Shovel engineered_nichrome_shovel
193 Drum (p-Nitrotoluene) drum_p_nitrotoluene
18R Powder Keg (Chromium (VI) Oxide) powder_keg_chromium_vi_oxide
17q Engineered Iron Shovel engineered_iron_shovel
192 Drum (p-Fluorobenzoyl Chloride) drum_p_fluorobenzoyl_chloride
18Q Vial (Cyclopentadiene) vial_cyclopentadiene
17p Composite Iron Shovel composite_iron_shovel
17z Canister (Nitric Oxide) canister_nitric_oxide
18W Drum (Cyclopentadiene) drum_cyclopentadiene
198 Sack (Chromium (VI) Oxide) sack_chromium_vi_oxide
17v Powder Keg (4-Nitrochlorobenzene) powder_keg_4_nitrochlorobenzene
18X Canister (Nitrogen Dioxide) canister_nitrogen_dioxide
199 "Sack (9,10-Anthraquinone)" _sack_9_10_anthraquinone_
17w Powder Keg (p-Phenylenediamine) powder_keg_p_phenylenediamine
18Y Powder Keg (Sodium Nitrite) powder_keg_sodium_nitrite
17x Drum (Nitric Acid) drum_nitric_acid
18Z Drum (Dicyclopentadiene) drum_dicyclopentadiene
17y Powder Keg (4-Nitroaniline) powder_keg_4_nitroaniline
19O Vanadium Pentoxide Catalyst vanadium_pentoxide_catalyst
19N Tool Shaft (Carbon Fiber Composite) tool_shaft_carbon_fiber_composite
19M Tool Shaft (PEEK) tool_shaft_peek
19L Mold (Tool Shaft) mold_tool_shaft
19K Beaker (p-Fluorotoluene) beaker_p_fluorotoluene
19W Vial (Epoxy-Carbon Fiber Resin) vial_epoxy_carbon_fiber_resin
18v Composite Brass Axe composite_brass_axe
19V Slab (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) Item slab_carbon_fiber_resin_p_item
18u Composite Stainless Steel Axe composite_stainless_steel_axe
19U Slab (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) Item slab_carbon_fiber_resin_e_item
18t Composite Steel Axe composite_steel_axe
19T Block of Fluorite block_of_fluorite
19S Fluorite Ore fluorite_ore
19R Jet Pack (Pro) jet_pack_pro
19Q Jet Pack (Advanced) jet_pack_advanced
19P Jet Pack (Intermediate) jet_pack_intermediate
19Z Vial (Positive Photoresist) vial_positive_photoresist
18y Composite Nichrome Axe composite_nichrome_axe
18z Composite Antimony-Lead Axe composite_antimony_lead_axe
19X Vial (Phenolic-Carbon Fiber Resin) vial_phenolic_carbon_fiber_resin
18w Composite Bronze Axe composite_bronze_axe
19Y Vial (Negative Photoresist) vial_negative_photoresist
18x Composite Tungsten Carbide Axe composite_tungsten_carbide_axe
19f Sack (Sodium Nitrite) sack_sodium_nitrite
19g Beaker (Dicyclopentadiene) beaker_dicyclopentadiene
19d Beaker (Cyclopentadiene) beaker_cyclopentadiene
19e Cartridge (Nitrogen Dioxide) cartridge_nitrogen_dioxide
19b Sack (Maleic Anhydride) sack_maleic_anhydride
19c Sack (Disodium Hydroquinone) sack_disodium_hydroquinone
19a Sack (Phthalic Anhydride) sack_phthalic_anhydride
19i Beaker (Fluorobenzene) beaker_fluorobenzene
19h Beaker (Tetrafluoroboric Acid) beaker_tetrafluoroboric_acid
19k Beaker (p-Nitrotoluene) beaker_p_nitrotoluene
19j Beaker (p-Fluorobenzoyl Chloride) beaker_p_fluorobenzoyl_chloride
19m Flask (Nitrogen Dioxide) flask_nitrogen_dioxide
19l Lighter Body (LDPE) lighter_body_ldpe
19o Vial (Dicyclopentadiene) vial_dicyclopentadiene
19n Bag (Sodium Nitrite) bag_sodium_nitrite
19q Vial (Fluorobenzene) vial_fluorobenzene
19p Vial (Tetrafluoroboric Acid) vial_tetrafluoroboric_acid
19s Vial (p-Nitrotoluene) vial_p_nitrotoluene
19r Vial (p-Fluorobenzoyl Chloride) vial_p_fluorobenzoyl_chloride
19u Vial (p-Fluorotoluene) vial_p_fluorotoluene
19t Vial (p-Aminotoluene) vial_p_aminotoluene
108 Stairs (PMA) Item stairs_pma_item
106 Stairs (PLA) Item stairs_pla_item
105 Stairs (Natural Rubber) Item stairs_natural_rubber_item
104 Stairs (PIB) Item stairs_pib_item
101 Stairs (PI) Item stairs_pi_item