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Welcome to Polycraft World

Minecraft is a popular world builder computer game in which each voxel in an artificial world represents a block of material such as wood, dirt, stone, water, glass, etc. Players are immersed in a 3-D world in which each block can be mined, chopped, dug or harvested and rebuilt elsewhere. Players collect resources to build better tools, collect rare resources and begin to build civilizations on massively multiplayer servers. Every 10 minutes, night falls and enemies emerge. Players must fight, or build structures protect themselves. As the game progresses, players can mine materials like redstone which can be crafted into diodes, switches and triggers and allows users to build circuitry in this virtual world. YouTube videos show monumental constructions of working computers, automatic farming and mining and replica castles and civil structures. Millions of users interact in these creative virtual realms.

Polycraft World is a comprehensive mod for Minecraft that introduces features ranging from petrochemical refining and harvesting of new ore types to the construction of polymers, plastics and many specialty items based on the new additions. Enterprising players can build tree taps and extract natural rubber from trees to build rubber blocks, pogo sticks and more. Adventurers can find above ground oilfields and mine custom minerals and elements including copper, tin, nickel, platinum, palladium, silver and more... Engineers can construct machining mills to make molds from metal ingots such as titanium, magnesium, manganese, cobalt, nickel, antimony, tungsten, platinum, bismuth and aluminum and from alloys such as brass and bronze. Materials scientists can create injection molders and extruders to melt process a whole range of polymers into running shoes, scuba gear, plastic bricks, a host of gripped tools and more... Aspiring chemical engineers, can advance into the age of oil through distillation columns, steam crackers, merox treatment units and chemical processors. This allows the production of increasingly sophisticated polymers and other materials that opens the door for overpowered items such as jet packs, scuba tanks, flame throwers and phase shifters. This and more awaits in Polycraft World.

Please have patience -- this is our Alpha Launch We will continue to update the game to fix bugs and add compelling content into the future. Thanks for your support.

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Setup instructions for Polycraft

1. Download and install Minecraft
2. Run the Minecraft Launcher and create a new profile 3. Choose Release Version 1.7.2 (This sets up specific folders which allows Forge to install properly) 4. Download Minecraft forge from their official site our via our mirror. This mod is currently written for compatibility with Forge 1.7.2-, the Recommended 1.7.2 Forge Install. 5. Run the Forge Installer and choose Client (this process should be fast). 6. Download the latest Polycraft .jar file (e.g. Polycraft-1.0.0.jar)

Download the latest Forge and .jar files. Install the .jar file in your "%AppData%/.minecraft/mods" folder for Windows users or in the "~Library/Application Support/Minecraft/mods" folder for Mac users.

Tutorials - Coming soon

Section 1 - Getting started with Polymers

Headline text

1. How to build a tree taps 2. How to smelt your first PolyIsoprene Block 3. How to build pogo sticks