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* [[Sack (PolyIsoPrene Pellets)|Sack (PolyIsoPrene Pellets)]]
* [[Sack (PolyIsoPrene Pellets)|Sack (PolyIsoPrene Pellets)]]
| {{Inventory|{{Inventory/Slot|index=0|title=aluminum ingot|image=Aluminum_ingot.png|link=https://polycraft.utdallas.edu/index.php?title=Aluminum_Ingot}}{{Inventory/Slot|index=1|title=Sack (PolyIsoPrene Pellets)|link=https://polycraft.utdallas.edu/index.php?title=Sack_(PolyIsoPrene_Pellets)|image=Vessel_sack.png}}{{Inventory/Slot|index=9|title=Rugby Cleats|image=Cleats.png}}
| {{Inventory|{{Inventory/Slot|index=0|title=aluminum ingot|image=Aluminum_ingot.png|link=https://polycraft.utdallas.edu/index.php?title=Aluminum_Ingot}}{{Inventory/Slot|index=1|title=Sack (PolyIsoPrene Pellets)|link=https://polycraft.utdallas.edu/index.php?title=Sack_(PolyIsoPrene_Pellets)|image=Vessel_sack.png}}{{Inventory/Slot|index=9|title=Rugby Cleats|image=Cleats.png}}
| To put grips on a pogo stick
* [[Iron Pogo Stick|A Pogo Stick]]
* Two stacked [[Grip (PolyIsoPrene)|Grips (PolyIsoPrene)]]
| {{Inventory|{{Inventory/Slot|index=0|title=Iron Pogo Stick|image=Iron_pogo_stick.png|link=Iron Pogo Stick}}{{Inventory/Slot|index=1|title=Grip (PolyIsoPrene)|image=Moldeditem_grip.png|link=Grip (PolyIsoPrene)|amount=2}}{{Inventory/Slot|index=9|title=Gripped Iron Pogo Stick|image=Gripped_iron_pogo_stick.png|link=Gripped Iron Pogo Stick}}|type=crafting-table|shapeless=true}}
== Tips and Tricks ==
== Tips and Tricks ==

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General Information

List of minigames

When you enter the Minigame world, you'll be in the Trellis at UTD, a scale model of our university! To enter into the queue for a minigame, you can press the "X" key. Currently there is no way to unmap/remap this key ingame. From here, you can navigate these menus with your mouse to choose which minigame you want to participate in. You can also see which events have people in the queue, to figure out which minigame is going to have the shortest queue time.

A minigame with one person in queue

Once you have entered the queue, you're automatically assigned a team. When there are enough players in the queue, the minigame will start and you'll automatically be teleported to a waiting area. During this time, you can consider strategies and discuss with the players in event.

After a brief waiting period, the game will start. You'll be teleport-ed down into the playing field. A scoreboard will appear on your screen, which updates as each team gains points. Your teammates will have helmets with your color on, to help you identify them.

Example of a scoreboard

In order to win these events, you'll need to control as many bases as possible. Points are awarded for capturing and controlling bases, as well as un-capturing enemy bases and returning them to neutral. Supplied to you is a stick that can knock back enemies. In the future, other weaponry will be implemented to allow you and your team to overcome your opponents and their strategies, such as knock back bombs or freeze rays.

The game consists of two halves, each one lasts 5 minutes. After the first half, you'll be frozen in place with an opportunity to re-evaluate your strategies for a duration of 2 minutes. After this is over, the game will continue, beginning the second half. After the second half, the team with the highest score wins.

Each base captured will earn you 50 points upon capture. Each base reset back to neutral will earn your team 200 points. Each base controlled will earn you 5 points per second.

You'll be automatically teleported back to UTD after the game ends and told which team won. Thanks for participating!

Unique items

Pogo sticks:

  • Provides a faster way of traversing the map to and from objectives
  • Decreases your likelihood of being attacked while jumping, due to being hard to hit
  • Helps contest objectives

Knockback bomb:

  • Upon activation (right click), the knockback bomb will land 10 blocks ahead of you
  • Players within 5 blocks of the landing spot will be knocked back 20 blocks from the center of the explosion
  • These will only knock back enemies, not your own teammates
  • Can be used to keep enemies off the objective, allowing you and your team that clutch moment to finish capturing an objective
  • Will disappear after use

Freezing knockback bombs:

  • Can be crafted by combining a block of packed ice and a regular knockback bomb
  • The freezing knockback bomb will land 10 blocks ahead of you
  • Any players within a 10 meter radius will be frozen for 7 seconds after they have been knocked back
  • Any players above 2 meters of height can avoid the freezing effect

Rugby Cleats:

  • Can be crafted with 3 aluminium ingots and 3 bags of natural rubber
  • Allows you to navigate the map faster
  • Helps you avoid getting hit by knockback weapons

Components Recipe
aluminum ingot
Sack (PolyIsoPrene Pellets)
Rugby Cleats

Tips and Tricks

  • Defensive strategy
    • Capture as many bases as fast as possible and hold more than your opponent for a longer time
    • Main goal of this strategy is to capture first and hold more than your opponent
    • Due to pogo stick high jump height, this helps prevent enemies from capturing while making you nearly un-hittable
  • Bully strategy
    • Keep your opponents occupied as long as possible
    • One member of your team should try to maintain the enemy focus while the other can capture the bases
  • Quantity over quality
    • Ignore the enemies capturing
    • Continually capture bases and turn enemy bases to keep gathering capture points
    • Utilize mobility techniques to traverse the map