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The COVID Challenge Clinic is your base of operations. At the your clinic, you will be able to create everything you need to test and treat patients and it is the location each wave of patients will spawn around.

Building a Clinic

To create a clinic, you need to build 16x16 square of natural rubber blocks on flat land surrounded by at least one open block of land on all sides (preferably more). Your 16x16 square must have the following pattern: four 7x7 white quadrants separated by a red cross 2 blocks wide. Once you have your 16x16 square of blocks built, you then add a lever to the wall of your choice and flick it. Your clinic will automatically generate.

Activating a Clinic

To activate a clinic, you must stock the chest inside with four full sets of PPE and one stack of 64 of any type of Testing Kit. Once your clinic is activated, all lights inside will turn on and the beacons up top will all light up. You are now open for business! Patients will start to spawn around your clinic so long as there is solid ground around you. Patients will definitely spawn with 36 blocks out around the edge of the clinic, but it can work with less. The more, the better!

The clinic can sometimes be bouncy as a side effect of it being made from natural rubber. To mitigate this, all you need to do is tap Shift on your keyboard to stop bouncing while walking around.

Components of a Clinic

  • Beds - Infected patients will come into your clinic and gravitate toward beds while waiting for you to treat them. Your clinic is equipped with multiple beds to keep your patients in relative comfort until treatment is ready. If all beds in your clinic are destroyed, it is no longer recognized as a clinic.
  • Clinic Chest - Inside your clinic, behind the desk is a large chest which you must fill with 4 full sets of PPE and one stack of 64 of any type of Testing Kit in order to activate the clinic. Upon activation, this chest will be filled with useful items which you can use to start working.
  • Lab Space - Your clinic is equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory upstairs. In it you will find multiple useful components for your challenge:

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