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The tree tap is the easiest way to begin obtaining polymer starting materials. It can be placed on any wood block and will begin generating bags of PolyIsoPrene pellets. Each tree tap works like a hopper and has five slots that can be filled with bags of PolyIsoPrene pellets. If a tap is placed directly above an existing tree tap, it will funnel the polymer bags into the lower tree tap, allowing the player to build a series of tree taps on a wooden pole as high as desired and harvest only from the lowest one. If a chest is placed under the lowest tree tap the polymer bags will funnel into it, similarly to the way a hopper works. A wooden chest will not upcycle the bags of PolyIsoPrene into sacks, however if a plastic chest is used, 64 bags of pellets will be automatically combined to make one sack of PolyIsoPrene pellets. Sixty-four sacks of PolyIsoPrene pellets automatically get converted into one keg of PolyIsoPrene pellets. These higher capacity containers can be placed on a crafting table to break them back down smaller containers.


Name Value
PolymerToSpawn Bag (PolyIsoPrene Pellets)
AmountToSpawn 1
DefaultSpawnFreq (sec) 120
JungleSpawnFreq (sec) 60
Release Version 1.0.0


Crafting Table

Inputs Outputs Recipe
  • Tree Tap
Oak Wood Planks
Oak Wood Planks
Oak Wood Planks
Oak Wood Planks
Oak Wood Planks
Tree Tap



Gui tree tap.png