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Polycraft Buzzwords

Accretion: An increase by natural growth or addition.

Bilk: Cheat somebody out of what is due, especially money.

Conflagration: A very intense and uncontrolled fire.

Dirge: A song or hymn of mourning as a memorial to a dead person.

Ephemeral: Anything short-lived, as an insect that lives only for a day.

Fatuous: Devoid of intelligence.

Grandiloquent: Lofty in style.

Heterogenous: Consisting of elements that are not of the same kind.

Impecunious: Not having enough money to pay for necessities.

Juxtaposition: The act of placing two things next to each other for implicit comparison.

Knotty: Complex; difficult to solve.

Laconic: Brief and to the point.

Multifarious: Having many aspects.

Nadir: The lowest point of anything.

Obstreperous: Noisily and stubbornly defiant.

Pellucid: Transparently clear; easily understandable.

Quixotic: Not sensible about practical matters.

Redoubtable: Inspiring fear.

Semaphore: An apparatus for visual signaling.

Truculent: Defiantly aggressive.

Ubiquitous: Being present everywhere at once.

Vituperate: Spread negative information about.

Wizened: Dry, shrunken, wrinkled.

Xerophagy: A restrictive diet (of bread and water, for example) as a punishment or religious form of discipline.

Yoke: To join, link.

Zephyr: A slight wind.