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Also called Monster Eggs, or Monster Spawners, these items allow users to create entities on the spot. In vanilla Minecraft, these powerful items were only available through the "/give" command or in creative (non-survival) mode. Polycraft World has implemented a Biotechnology portion of the mod which allows you to create Spawn Eggs from in game resources. The basic steps to create Spawn Eggs are as follows:

  • Harvest DNA from your entity of choice using the appropriate DNA Sampler
  • Cultivate cells from that DNA in a Furnace or Industrial Oven
  • Use the Cell Culture Dishes that you create on a crafting table with Eggs, Sugar and other specialty (entity specific) items to create your Spawn Eggs.

Note: In many cases, this is not an efficient way to create entities. Instead it is a more productive way to, for example, start a sheep farm on your Private Property if it is in the middle of the ocean and you need to synthesize a base with access to native land.

Level 4 Cave Spider