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As of Version 1.3.0, Polycraft World will fully support private property on servers that have been properly configured. By the end of the summer, we hope to provide guidelines on how to configure your own personal servers with private property (Warning: this is quite complex and involves maintaining your own database server in addition to your Polycraft Server). Users must register at the Polycraft World Portal to be whitelisted on UT Dallas servers and get access to their own private properties. Users will be assigned an area of private property that is 49 chunks large with 2 chunks of public land around on all sides in the North East quadrant of the map. Private property will map across all servers across the Worlds of Polycraft. Thus you will own the same chunks of private property on any different server you may log onto. We are experimenting with dynamic map editing and moving private properties across worlds. We hope to implement this set of features in the near future.


Users will be able to teleport among private properties using the following commands in the text (chat) window (hit t to open the chat window):

  • ~tp pp: This sends players to the corner of their own private property
  • ~tp utd: This sends players back to 0,0,0 location of the map, which corresponds to the Trellis at UT Dallas
  • ~tp pp 1020 -950: this sends players to for example the X coordinate of 1020 and Y coordinate of -950. The named location must be in a private property to which you have access. The game will find the highest suitable tile from the sky downwards and place you there.
  • p: Hit p to toggle the private property text info. This is not done in the type interface but during normal gameplay.
  • hold o when p has been toggled on: o brings up the options you have given to common users in your private property.

Note: you can only teleport if you are currently inside of private property

Rules about private property

You can set permissions at the Polycraft World Portal for your own private property. 

These include the following:

  • Add Block
  • Attack Entity
  • Destroy Block
  • Enter
  • Open Chest
  • Open Ender Chest
  • Open Plastic Chest
  • Use Bucket
  • Use Button
  • Use Chemical Processor
  • Use Condenser
  • Use Crafting Table
  • Use Distillation Column
  • Use Extruder
  • Use Flame Thrower
  • Use Freeze Ray
  • User Water Cannon
  • Use Flow Regulator
  • Use Fueled Lamp
  • Use Furnace
  • Use Injection Molder
  • Use Lever
  • Use Machining Mill
  • Use Merox Treatment Unit
  • Use Oil Derrick
  • Use Pressure Plate
  • Use Pump
  • Use Spotlight
  • Use Steam Cracker
  • Use Tree Tap