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This page shows all ofthe Polycraft IDs and how they map onto the different Polycraft World items.


Minecraft-ID Display Name Portal Image Name
3 Cobalt Ore cobalt_ore
2 Manganese Ore manganese_ore
1 Titanium Ore titanium_ore
0 Magnesium Ore magnesium_ore
7 Palladium Ore palladium_ore
6 Zinc Ore zinc_ore
5 Copper Ore copper_ore
4 Nickel Ore nickel_ore
9 Antimony Ore antimony_ore
8 Silver Ore silver_ore
D Mold (Grip) mold_grip
E Mold (Running Shoes) mold_running_shoes
F Hose (Low Pressure) hose_low_pressure
G Mold (Scuba Fins) mold_scuba_fins
A Stainless Steel Ingot stainless_steel_ingot
B Brass Ingot brass_ingot
C Bronze Ingot bronze_ingot
L Metal Die (Tether) metal_die_tether
M Metal Die (Cord) metal_die_cord
N Metal Die (Hose) metal_die_hose
O Block of Magnesium block_of_magnesium
H Mold (Scuba Mask) mold_scuba_mask
I Mold (Gasket) mold_gasket
J Mold (Life Preserver) mold_life_preserver
K Metal Die (Fibers) metal_die_fibers
U Block of Zinc block_of_zinc
T Block of Copper block_of_copper
W Block of Silver block_of_silver
V Block of Palladium block_of_palladium
Q Block of Manganese block_of_manganese
P Block of Titanium block_of_titanium
S Block of Nickel block_of_nickel
R Block of Cobalt block_of_cobalt
Y Block of Tungsten block_of_tungsten
X Block of Antimony block_of_antimony
Z Block of Platinum block_of_platinum
f Tar Sand tar_sand
g Shale shale
d Bismuth Ore bismuth_ore
e Bauxite bauxite
b Platinum Ore platinum_ore
c Plumbum (Lead) Ore plumbum_lead_ore
a Tungsten Ore tungsten_ore
n Cobalt Ingot cobalt_ingot
o Nickel Ingot nickel_ingot
l Titanium Ingot titanium_ingot
m Manganese Ingot manganese_ingot
j Bitumen bitumen
k Magnesium Ingot magnesium_ingot
h Graphite graphite
i Chromite chromite
w Plumbum (Lead) Ingot plumbum_lead_ingot
v Platinum Ingot platinum_ingot
u Tungsten Ingot tungsten_ingot
t Antimony Ingot antimony_ingot
s Silver Ingot silver_ingot
r Palladium Ingot palladium_ingot
q Zinc Ingot zinc_ingot
p Copper Ingot copper_ingot
z Steel Ingot steel_ingot
y Aluminum Ingot aluminum_ingot
x Bismuth Ingot bismuth_ingot
2Z Rubber Wading Pants rubber_wading_pants
1z Triethylaluminium Catalyst triethylaluminium_catalyst
3A Butyl Rubber Wetsuit butyl_rubber_wetsuit
2a Bag (4-Nitrochlorobenzene) bag_4_nitrochlorobenzene
2T Antimony-Lead Ingot antimony_lead_ingot
35 Mangy Toupee mangy_toupee
2U Block of Antimony-Lead block_of_antimony_lead
36 Stone Pogo Stick stone_pogo_stick
2R Nichrome Ingot nichrome_ingot
33 Sparkling Headgear sparkling_headgear
2S Block of Nichrome block_of_nichrome
1r Magnesium Oxide Catalyst magnesium_oxide_catalyst
34 Titan Head titan_head
2X Life Preserver (SBR) life_preserver_sbr
39 Golden Pogo Stick golden_pogo_stick
1x Aluminoxane Catalyst aluminoxane_catalyst
2Y Life Preserver (EVA) life_preserver_eva
2V Scuba Mask (Intermediate) scuba_mask_intermediate
37 Wooden Pogo Stick wooden_pogo_stick
2W Scuba Mask (Pro) scuba_mask_pro
38 Iron Pogo Stick iron_pogo_stick
2m Vial (Aniline) vial_aniline
3N Tether (Natural Rubber) tether_natural_rubber
2l Vial (Nitrobenzene) vial_nitrobenzene
3M Regulator (Low Pressure) regulator_low_pressure
2k Vial (Cyclohexanol) vial_cyclohexanol
3L Plastic Chest plastic_chest
2j Bag (Isophthaloyl Chloride) bag_isophthaloyl_chloride
3K Oil Derrick oil_derrick
2q Vial (Isopherone Diisocyanate) vial_isopherone_diisocyanate
43 Carbon Fiber Cervelliere carbon_fiber_cervelliere
3R Membrane O membrane_o
2p Vial (Hexamethylene Diisocyanate) vial_hexamethylene_diisocyanate
42 Pipe Segment (PP) pipe_segment_pp
3Q Membrane X membrane_x
2o Vial (Toluene Diisocyanate) vial_toluene_diisocyanate
41 Spotlight spotlight
3P Lighter lighter
2n Vial (Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate) vial_diphenylmethane_diisocyanate
3O Magic Pogo Stick magic_pogo_stick
2e Flask (Nitric Oxide) flask_nitric_oxide
3F Industrial Oven industrial_oven
2d Bag (4-Nitroaniline) bag_4_nitroaniline
3E Distillation Column distillation_column
2c Vial (Nitric Acid) vial_nitric_acid
3D Steam Cracker steam_cracker
2b Bag (p-Phenylenediamine) bag_p_phenylenediamine
3C Structural Truss structural_truss
2i Bag (Terephthaloyl Chloride) bag_terephthaloyl_chloride
3J Chemical Processor chemical_processor
2h Bag (o-Hexachloroxylene) bag_o_hexachloroxylene
3I Copper Piping copper_piping
2g Bag (m-Hexachloroxylene) bag_m_hexachloroxylene
3H Grapes grapes
2f Bag (p-Hexachloroxylene) bag_p_hexachloroxylene
3G Barley barley
1Z Block of Potash block_of_potash
1Q Composite Tungsten Carbide Hoe composite_tungsten_carbide_hoe
22 Engineered Nichrome Hoe engineered_nichrome_hoe
1R Composite Nichrome Hoe composite_nichrome_hoe
23 Engineered Antimony-Lead Hoe engineered_antimony_lead_hoe
1S Composite Antimony-Lead Hoe composite_antimony_lead_hoe
24 Composite Iron Hoe composite_iron_hoe
1T Engineered Steel Hoe engineered_steel_hoe
25 Engineered Iron Hoe engineered_iron_hoe
1U Engineered Stainless Steel Hoe engineered_stainless_steel_hoe
26 Composite Diamond Hoe composite_diamond_hoe
1V Engineered Brass Hoe engineered_brass_hoe
27 Engineered Diamond Hoe engineered_diamond_hoe
28 Vial (Chlorobenzene) vial_chlorobenzene
1W Engineered Bronze Hoe engineered_bronze_hoe
29 The Emperor's New Kevlar Helmet the_emperor_s_new_kevlar_helmet
1X Engineered Tungsten Carbide Hoe engineered_tungsten_carbide_hoe
1j Iron III Oxide Catalyst iron_iii_oxide_catalyst
2K Stairs (Nylon 6) stairs_nylon_6
1i Iron III Chloride Catalyst iron_iii_chloride_catalyst
2J Wall (Nylon 6) Item wall_nylon_6_item
1k Ziegler-Natta Catalyst ziegler_natta_catalyst
2L Stairs (Nylon 6) Item stairs_nylon_6_item
1n Zeolite Catalyst zeolite_catalyst
2O Scuba Fins (Intermediate) scuba_fins_intermediate
30 Pleather Pants pleather_pants
32 Kevlar Pants kevlar_pants
2P Scuba Fins (Pro) scuba_fins_pro
31 Water Resistant Tool Belt water_resistant_tool_belt
1b Cobalt Catalyst cobalt_catalyst
2C Block (Nylon 6) block_nylon_6
1a Palladium Catalyst palladium_catalyst
2B Fibers (Nylon 6) fibers_nylon_6
1d Silver Catalyst silver_catalyst
2E Slab (Nylon 6) Item slab_nylon_6_item
1c Manganese Catalyst manganese_catalyst
2D Block (Nylon 6) Item block_nylon_6_item
2G Slab (Nylon 6) slab_nylon_6
1e Mercury Catalyst mercury_catalyst
2F Double Slab (Nylon 6) Item double_slab_nylon_6_item
1h Copper II Chloride Catalyst copper_ii_chloride_catalyst
2I Wall (Nylon 6) wall_nylon_6
1g Antimony Trioxide Catalyst antimony_trioxide_catalyst
2H Double Slab (Nylon 6) double_slab_nylon_6
19 Titanium Catalyst titanium_catalyst
17 Block of Bitumen block_of_bitumen
18 Platinum Catalyst platinum_catalyst
15 Block of Brass block_of_brass
16 Block of Bronze block_of_bronze
13 Block of Steel block_of_steel
14 Block of Stainless Steel block_of_stainless_steel
11 Block of Bismuth block_of_bismuth
12 Block of Aluminum block_of_aluminum
1P Composite Bronze Hoe composite_bronze_hoe
21 Metalized PET film metalized_pet_film
1O Composite Brass Hoe composite_brass_hoe
20 Condenser condenser
1N Composite Stainless Steel Hoe composite_stainless_steel_hoe
1M Composite Steel Hoe composite_steel_hoe
1D Oil oil
1C Tin Ore tin_ore
1B Potash Ore potash_ore
10 Block of Plumbum (Lead) block_of_plumbum_lead
6Y Flask (Xenon) flask_xenon
5x Spectra Helmet spectra_helmet
6X Bag (Iodine) bag_iodine
79 Bag (Terbium) bag_terbium
5w Zippered Hat zippered_hat
6W Bag (Tellurium) bag_tellurium
78 Bag (Gadolinium) bag_gadolinium
5v ABS Brick (3 x 4) abs_brick_3_x_4
6V Bag (Antimony) bag_antimony
77 Bag (Europium) bag_europium
5u ABS Brick (3 x 3) abs_brick_3_x_3
5z ABS Brick (2 x 2) abs_brick_2_x_2
6Z Bag (Caesium) bag_caesium
5y ABS Brick (1 x 4) abs_brick_1_x_4
6a Bag (Beryllium) bag_beryllium
7B Bag (Neptunium) bag_neptunium
7A Bag (Uranium) bag_uranium
6e Flask (Oxygen) flask_oxygen
7F Bag (Berkelium) bag_berkelium
6d Flask (Nitrogen) flask_nitrogen
7E Bag (Curium) bag_curium
6c Bag (Carbon) bag_carbon
7D Bag (Americium) bag_americium
6b Bag (Boron) bag_boron
7C Bag (Plutonium) bag_plutonium
6h Bag (Sodium) bag_sodium
7I Bag (Fermium) bag_fermium
6i Bag (Magnesium) bag_magnesium
7J Bag (Mendelevium) bag_mendelevium
6f Flask (Fluorine) flask_fluorine
7G Bag (Californium) bag_californium
6g Flask (Neon) flask_neon
7H Bag (Einsteinium) bag_einsteinium
6l Bag (Phosphorus) bag_phosphorus
7M Bag (Rutherfordium) bag_rutherfordium
6m Bag (Sulfur) bag_sulfur
7N Bag (Dubnium) bag_dubnium
6j Bag (Aluminum) bag_aluminum
7K Bag (Nobelium) bag_nobelium
6k Bag (Silicon) bag_silicon
7L Bag (Lawrencium) bag_lawrencium
82 Cartridge (Helium) cartridge_helium
6p Bag (Potassium) bag_potassium
7Q Bag (Hassium) bag_hassium
7R Bag (Meitnerium) bag_meitnerium
83 Sack (Lithium) sack_lithium
6q Bag (Calcium) bag_calcium
80 Bag (Ununoctium) bag_ununoctium
6n Flask (Chlorine) flask_chlorine
7O Bag (Seaborgium) bag_seaborgium
81 Cartridge (Hydrogen) cartridge_hydrogen
6o Flask (Argon) flask_argon
7P Bag (Bohrium) bag_bohrium
7U Bag (Copernicium) bag_copernicium
86 Sack (Carbon) sack_carbon
6t Bag (Vanadium) bag_vanadium
7V Bag (Ununtrium) bag_ununtrium
87 Cartridge (Nitrogen) cartridge_nitrogen
6u Bag (Chromium) bag_chromium
7S Bag (Darmstadtium) bag_darmstadtium
84 Sack (Beryllium) sack_beryllium
6r Bag (Scandium) bag_scandium
7T Bag (Roentgenium) bag_roentgenium
85 Sack (Boron) sack_boron
6s Bag (Titanium) bag_titanium
67 Flask (Hydrogen) flask_hydrogen
4u Gripped Wooden Axe gripped_wooden_axe
5V EVA Swim Cap eva_swim_cap
4t Gripped Wooden Pickaxe gripped_wooden_pickaxe
5U EPDM Swim Cap epdm_swim_cap
5X Vial (1-(Trichloromethyl)-4-Fluorobenzene) vial_1_trichloromethyl_4_fluorobenzene
69 Bag (Lithium) bag_lithium
68 Flask (Helium) flask_helium
5W PUR Swim Cap pur_swim_cap
4y Jeffersonian Wig jeffersonian_wig
5Y "Vial (4,4-Difluorobenzophenone)" _vial_4_4_difluorobenzophenone_
4x Blue Steel Helmet blue_steel_helmet
4z Copper Cap copper_cap
6A Bag (Zinc) bag_zinc
6C Bag (Germanium) bag_germanium
5b Mold (Lighter Body) mold_lighter_body
6B Bag (Gallium) bag_gallium
5a Parachute parachute
6E Bag (Selenium) bag_selenium
5d Heat Exchanger heat_exchanger
6D Bag (Arsenic) bag_arsenic
5c ABS Brick (4 x 4) abs_brick_4_x_4
6F Vial (Bromine) vial_bromine
5e Heat Fins heat_fins
6G Flask (Krypton) flask_krypton
5f Spandex Hat spandex_hat
6H Bag (Rubidium) bag_rubidium
5g ABS Brick (4 x 4) Item abs_brick_4_x_4_item
6I Bag (Strontium) bag_strontium
5h ABS Brick (1 x 8) abs_brick_1_x_8
6J Bag (Yttrium) bag_yttrium
5i ABS Brick (1 x 8) Item abs_brick_1_x_8_item
6K Bag (Zirconium) bag_zirconium
5j Flow Regulator flow_regulator
6L Bag (Niobium) bag_niobium
5k ABS Brick (2 x 8) abs_brick_2_x_8
6M Bag (Molybdenum) bag_molybdenum
5l ABS Brick (2 x 8) Item abs_brick_2_x_8_item
6N Bag (Technetium) bag_technetium
6O Bag (Ruthenium) bag_ruthenium
70 Bag (Barium) bag_barium
5n ABS Brick (1 x 1) abs_brick_1_x_1
6P Bag (Rhodium) bag_rhodium
71 Bag (Lanthanum) bag_lanthanum
5o ABS Brick (1 x 2) abs_brick_1_x_2
6Q Bag (Palladium) bag_palladium
72 Bag (Cerium) bag_cerium
5p ABS Brick (1 x 3) abs_brick_1_x_3
6R Bag (Silver) bag_silver
73 Bag (Praseodymium) bag_praseodymium
6S Bag (Cadmium) bag_cadmium
74 Bag (Neodymium) bag_neodymium
5r Flashlight Shaft flashlight_shaft
5s OilField oilfield
6T Bag (Indium) bag_indium
75 Bag (Promethium) bag_promethium
6U Bag (Tin) bag_tin
76 Bag (Samarium) bag_samarium
5t ABS Brick (2 x 4) abs_brick_2_x_4
3z Life Preserver (Natural Rubber) life_preserver_natural_rubber
3y Gasket (Low Pressure) gasket_low_pressure
4Z Gripped Diamond Axe gripped_diamond_axe
4Y Gripped Diamond Pickaxe gripped_diamond_pickaxe
3x Scuba Tank (Beginner) scuba_tank_beginner
59 Chromia Alumina Catalyst chromia_alumina_catalyst
3w Scuba Mask (Beginner) scuba_mask_beginner
4X Gripped Diamond Shovel gripped_diamond_shovel
3v Scuba Fins (Beginner) scuba_fins_beginner
4W Gripped Diamond Sword gripped_diamond_sword
58 Gripped Golden Hoe gripped_golden_hoe
3u Rubber Sole (insole) rubber_sole_insole
4V Gripped Stone Axe gripped_stone_axe
57 Gripped Diamond Hoe gripped_diamond_hoe
3t Running Shoes (Walker) running_shoes_walker
4U Gripped Stone Pickaxe gripped_stone_pickaxe
56 Gripped Iron Hoe gripped_iron_hoe
3s Grip (Natural Rubber) grip_natural_rubber
4T Gripped Stone Shovel gripped_stone_shovel
55 Gripped Stone Hoe gripped_stone_hoe
5D ABS Brick (2 x 3) Item abs_brick_2_x_3_item
4c Fine Polyester Top Hat fine_polyester_top_hat
5C ABS Brick (2 x 2) Item abs_brick_2_x_2_item
4b The Emperor's New Hat the_emperor_s_new_hat
5B ABS Brick (1 x 4) Item abs_brick_1_x_4_item
4a Ski Beanie ski_beanie
5A ABS Brick (2 x 3) abs_brick_2_x_3
4j Block of Tin block_of_tin
5K Butyl Rubber Swim Cap butyl_rubber_swim_cap
4k Tin Ingot tin_ingot
5L Synthetic Rubber Swim Cap synthetic_rubber_swim_cap
5I Mold (Flashlight Shaft) mold_flashlight_shaft
4h Styrofoam Hat styrofoam_hat
5J Flashlight Shaft (PS) flashlight_shaft_ps
4i Pump pump
5G ABS Brick (1 x 2) Item abs_brick_1_x_2_item
4f Yoga Hat yoga_hat
5H ABS Brick (1 x 3) Item abs_brick_1_x_3_item
4g Thermal Hat thermal_hat
4d Reliable Polyester Tamoshanter reliable_polyester_tamoshanter
5F ABS Brick (1 x 1) Item abs_brick_1_x_1_item
4e Corduroy Hat corduroy_hat
4r Gripped Wooden Sword gripped_wooden_sword
5S CIIR Swim Cap ciir_swim_cap
4s Gripped Wooden Shovel gripped_wooden_shovel
5T BIIR Swim Cap biir_swim_cap
4p Gripped Iron Axe gripped_iron_axe
5Q NBR Swim Cap nbr_swim_cap
4q Gripped Iron Sword gripped_iron_sword
5R HNBR Swim Cap hnbr_swim_cap
4n Gripped Iron Shovel gripped_iron_shovel
4o Gripped Iron Pickaxe gripped_iron_pickaxe
5P SBR Swim Cap sbr_swim_cap
4l Chrome Ingot chrome_ingot
5M Synthetic Rubber (II) Swim Cap synthetic_rubber_ii_swim_cap
4m Block of Chrome block_of_chrome
5N Merox Treatment Unit merox_treatment_unit
2w Mold (Rubber Sole) mold_rubber_sole
49 Comfortable Cap comfortable_cap
3X Gas Mantle gas_mantle
2v Block of Tungsten Carbide block_of_tungsten_carbide
48 Cheap Leisure Hat cheap_leisure_hat
3W BlockLight blocklight
2y Sack (Polycaprolactam Pellets) sack_polycaprolactam_pellets
2x Bag (Polycaprolactam Pellets) bag_polycaprolactam_pellets
2s Bag (Catechol) bag_catechol
45 Acrylic Tamoshanter acrylic_tamoshanter
3T Trampoline trampoline
2r "Vial (1,4-Diisopropylbenzene)" _vial_1_4_diisopropylbenzene_
44 Chitin Skull Cap chitin_skull_cap
3S Separation Membrane separation_membrane
2u Tungsten Carbide Ingot tungsten_carbide_ingot
47 Ripstop Nylon Beanie ripstop_nylon_beanie
3V Flood Light flood_light
2t Bag (Anthracene) bag_anthracene
3U Cord (Natural Rubber) cord_natural_rubber
46 Sporty Nylon Baseball Cap sporty_nylon_baseball_cap
4A Zinc-Plated Helmet zinc_plated_helmet
3b Gripped Wooden Pogo Stick gripped_wooden_pogo_stick
4C Silver Sallet silver_sallet
3a Diamond Pogo Stick diamond_pogo_stick
4B Palladin Helm palladin_helm
2z Powder Keg (Polycaprolactam Pellets) powder_keg_polycaprolactam_pellets
3g Metal Die (Pipe Segment) metal_die_pipe_segment
4H Pepto Bismal Pink Cap pepto_bismal_pink_cap
4I Tin Foil Hat tin_foil_hat
3h Tree Tap tree_tap
4J Steel Sallet steel_sallet
3i Machining Mill machining_mill
4K Stainless Steel Sallet stainless_steel_sallet
3j Extruder extruder
3c Gripped Stone Pogo Stick gripped_stone_pogo_stick
4D SuperB Barbute superb_barbute
3d Gripped Iron Pogo Stick gripped_iron_pogo_stick
4E Wolfram Great Helm wolfram_great_helm
3e Gripped Golden Pogo Stick gripped_golden_pogo_stick
4F Noble Armet noble_armet
3f Gripped Diamond Pogo Stick gripped_diamond_pogo_stick
4G Plumed Close Helm plumed_close_helm
51 Gripped Golden Shovel gripped_golden_shovel
4P WC Burgonet wc_burgonet
3o Flashlight flashlight
52 Gripped Golden Pickaxe gripped_golden_pickaxe
4Q Nichrome Wire Coif nichrome_wire_coif
3p Jet Pack (Beginner) jet_pack_beginner
53 Gripped Golden Axe gripped_golden_axe
4R SuperB Alloy Barbute superb_alloy_barbute
3q Laser laser
4S Gripped Stone Sword gripped_stone_sword
54 Gripped Wooden Hoe gripped_wooden_hoe
3r Phase Shifter phase_shifter
4L Brass Bassinet brass_bassinet
3k Injection Molder injection_molder
4M Brazen Bassinet brazen_bassinet
3l Metal Screw metal_screw
4N Tin Funnel tin_funnel
3m Bucket (Crude Oil) bucket_crude_oil
50 Gripped Golden Sword gripped_golden_sword
4O Chrome Cervelliere chrome_cervelliere
3n Flame Tosser flame_tosser
9y Sack (Curium) sack_curium
9z Sack (Berkelium) sack_berkelium
9t Sack (Protactinium) sack_protactinium
9s Sack (Thorium) sack_thorium
9r Sack (Actinium) sack_actinium
9q Sack (Radium) sack_radium
9x Sack (Americium) sack_americium
9w Sack (Plutonium) sack_plutonium
9v Sack (Neptunium) sack_neptunium
9u Sack (Uranium) sack_uranium
9l Sack (Bismuth) sack_bismuth
9k Sack (Plumbum (Lead)) sack_plumbum_lead
9j Sack (Thallium) sack_thallium
9i Beaker (Mercury) beaker_mercury
9p Sack (Francium) sack_francium
9o Cartridge (Radon) cartridge_radon
9n Sack (Astatine) sack_astatine
9m Sack (Polonium) sack_polonium
9c Sack (Tungsten) sack_tungsten
9d Sack (Rhenium) sack_rhenium
9a Sack (Hafnium) sack_hafnium
9b Sack (Tantalum) sack_tantalum
9g Sack (Platinum) sack_platinum
9h Sack (Gold) sack_gold
9e Sack (Osmium) sack_osmium
9f Sack (Iridium) sack_iridium
8z Beaker (Bromine) beaker_bromine
9Y Powder Keg (Beryllium) powder_keg_beryllium
8x Sack (Arsenic) sack_arsenic
9Z Powder Keg (Boron) powder_keg_boron
8y Sack (Selenium) sack_selenium
9V Canister (Hydrogen) canister_hydrogen
8u Sack (Zinc) sack_zinc
9U Sack (Ununoctium) sack_ununoctium
8t Sack (Copper) sack_copper
9X Powder Keg (Lithium) powder_keg_lithium
8w Sack (Germanium) sack_germanium
9W Canister (Helium) canister_helium
8v Sack (Gallium) sack_gallium
9R Sack (Ununpentium) sack_ununpentium
8q Sack (Iron) sack_iron
9Q Sack (Flerovium) sack_flerovium
8p Sack (Manganese) sack_manganese
9T Sack (Ununseptium) sack_ununseptium
8s Sack (Nickel) sack_nickel
9S Sack (Livermorium) sack_livermorium
8r Sack (Cobalt) sack_cobalt
9N Sack (Roentgenium) sack_roentgenium
8m Sack (Titanium) sack_titanium
9M Sack (Darmstadtium) sack_darmstadtium
8l Sack (Scandium) sack_scandium
9P Sack (Ununtrium) sack_ununtrium
8o Sack (Chromium) sack_chromium
9O Sack (Copernicium) sack_copernicium
8n Sack (Vanadium) sack_vanadium
8i Cartridge (Argon) cartridge_argon
9J Sack (Bohrium) sack_bohrium
8h Cartridge (Chlorine) cartridge_chlorine
9I Sack (Seaborgium) sack_seaborgium
9L Sack (Meitnerium) sack_meitnerium
8k Sack (Calcium) sack_calcium
8j Sack (Potassium) sack_potassium
9K Sack (Hassium) sack_hassium
8d Sack (Aluminum) sack_aluminum
9E Sack (Nobelium) sack_nobelium
8e Sack (Silicon) sack_silicon
9F Sack (Lawrencium) sack_lawrencium
8f Sack (Phosphorus) sack_phosphorus
9G Sack (Rutherfordium) sack_rutherfordium
8g Sack (Sulfur) sack_sulfur
9H Sack (Dubnium) sack_dubnium
9A Sack (Californium) sack_californium
8a Cartridge (Neon) cartridge_neon
9B Sack (Einsteinium) sack_einsteinium
8b Sack (Sodium) sack_sodium
9C Sack (Fermium) sack_fermium
8c Sack (Magnesium) sack_magnesium
9D Sack (Mendelevium) sack_mendelevium
8X Sack (Praseodymium) sack_praseodymium
99 Sack (Lutetium) sack_lutetium
7w Bag (Radium) bag_radium
8Y Sack (Neodymium) sack_neodymium
7x Bag (Actinium) bag_actinium
8Z Sack (Promethium) sack_promethium
7y Bag (Thorium) bag_thorium
7z Bag (Protactinium) bag_protactinium
8W Sack (Cerium) sack_cerium
98 Sack (Ytterbium) sack_ytterbium
7v Bag (Francium) bag_francium
8V Sack (Lanthanum) sack_lanthanum
97 Sack (Thulium) sack_thulium
7u Flask (Radon) flask_radon
8U Sack (Barium) sack_barium
96 Sack (Erbium) sack_erbium
7t Bag (Astatine) bag_astatine
8T Sack (Caesium) sack_caesium
95 Sack (Holmium) sack_holmium
7s Bag (Polonium) bag_polonium
8S Cartridge (Xenon) cartridge_xenon
94 Sack (Dysprosium) sack_dysprosium
7r Bag (Bismuth) bag_bismuth
8R Sack (Iodine) sack_iodine
93 Sack (Terbium) sack_terbium
7q Bag (Plumbum (Lead)) bag_plumbum_lead
8Q Sack (Tellurium) sack_tellurium
92 Sack (Gadolinium) sack_gadolinium
7p Bag (Thallium) bag_thallium
8P Sack (Antimony) sack_antimony
91 Sack (Europium) sack_europium
7o Vial (Mercury) vial_mercury
8O Sack (Tin) sack_tin
90 Sack (Samarium) sack_samarium
7n Bag (Gold) bag_gold
8N Sack (Indium) sack_indium
7m Bag (Platinum) bag_platinum
8M Sack (Cadmium) sack_cadmium
7l Bag (Iridium) bag_iridium
8L Sack (Silver) sack_silver
7k Bag (Osmium) bag_osmium
8K Sack (Palladium) sack_palladium
7j Bag (Rhenium) bag_rhenium
8J Sack (Rhodium) sack_rhodium
7i Bag (Tungsten) bag_tungsten
8I Sack (Ruthenium) sack_ruthenium
7h Bag (Tantalum) bag_tantalum
8H Sack (Technetium) sack_technetium
7g Bag (Hafnium) bag_hafnium
8F Sack (Niobium) sack_niobium
7e Bag (Ytterbium) bag_ytterbium
8G Sack (Molybdenum) sack_molybdenum
7f Bag (Lutetium) bag_lutetium
8D Sack (Yttrium) sack_yttrium
7c Bag (Erbium) bag_erbium
8E Sack (Zirconium) sack_zirconium
7d Bag (Thulium) bag_thulium
8B Sack (Rubidium) sack_rubidium
7a Bag (Dysprosium) bag_dysprosium
8C Sack (Strontium) sack_strontium
7b Bag (Holmium) bag_holmium
8A Cartridge (Krypton) cartridge_krypton
6z Bag (Copper) bag_copper
7Y Bag (Livermorium) bag_livermorium
6x Bag (Cobalt) bag_cobalt
7Z Bag (Ununseptium) bag_ununseptium
6y Bag (Nickel) bag_nickel
7W Bag (Flerovium) bag_flerovium
88 Cartridge (Oxygen) cartridge_oxygen
6v Bag (Manganese) bag_manganese
7X Bag (Ununpentium) bag_ununpentium
89 Cartridge (Fluorine) cartridge_fluorine
6w Bag (Iron) bag_iron
Da Powder Keg (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer Pellets) powder_keg_ethylene_propylene_diene_monomer_pellets
Db Powder Keg (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Pellets) powder_keg_ethylene_vinyl_acetate_pellets
Dc Powder Keg (High Density PolyEthylene Pellets) powder_keg_high_density_polyethylene_pellets
DT Powder Keg (PolyHexamethylene Adipamide Pellets) powder_keg_polyhexamethylene_adipamide_pellets
Cs Sack (PolyPropylene Pellets) sack_polypropylene_pellets
E6 Powder Keg (PolyMethyl Methacrylate Pellets) powder_keg_polymethyl_methacrylate_pellets
DU Powder Keg (PolyHexamethylene Sebacamide Pellets) powder_keg_polyhexamethylene_sebacamide_pellets
E7 Powder Keg (PolyM-Methyl Styrene Pellets) powder_keg_polym_methyl_styrene_pellets
DV Powder Keg (PolyHydroxyalkanoate Pellets) powder_keg_polyhydroxyalkanoate_pellets
E8 Powder Keg (PolyM-Phenylene Isophthalamide Pellets) powder_keg_polym_phenylene_isophthalamide_pellets
Cv Sack (PolyStyrene Pellets) sack_polystyrene_pellets
DX Powder Keg (PolyImide Pellets) powder_keg_polyimide_pellets
Cx Sack (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene Pellets) sack_polytetrafluoroethylene_pellets
DL Powder Keg (PolyEthylene Glycol Pellets) powder_keg_polyethylene_glycol_pellets
Ck Sack (PolyOxymethylene Pellets) sack_polyoxymethylene_pellets
DO Powder Keg (PolyEthylene Oxide Pellets) powder_keg_polyethylene_oxide_pellets
E0 Powder Keg (PolyIsoButylene Pellets) powder_keg_polyisobutylene_pellets
Cm Sack (PolyPhenol Pellets) sack_polyphenol_pellets
DN Powder Keg (PolyEthylene Naphthalate Pellets) powder_keg_polyethylene_naphthalate_pellets
DQ Powder Keg (PolyEthylene Terephthalate Pellets) powder_keg_polyethylene_terephthalate_pellets
E2 Powder Keg (PolyLactic Acid Pellets) powder_keg_polylactic_acid_pellets
DP Powder Keg (PolyEthylene Sulphide Pellets) powder_keg_polyethylene_sulphide_pellets
E1 Powder Keg (PolyIsoPrene Pellets) powder_keg_polyisoprene_pellets
DS Powder Keg (PolyGlycolic Acid Pellets) powder_keg_polyglycolic_acid_pellets
Cr Sack (PolyP-Phenylene Terephthalamide Pellets) sack_polyp_phenylene_terephthalamide_pellets
E4 Powder Keg (PolyMethyl Acrylate Pellets) powder_keg_polymethyl_acrylate_pellets
DR Powder Keg (PolyEthylene Terephthalate Glycol-Modified Pellets) powder_keg_polyethylene_terephthalate_glycol_modified_pellets
DE Powder Keg (PolyChloroPrene Pellets) powder_keg_polychloroprene_pellets
DD Powder Keg (PolyCarbonate Pellets) powder_keg_polycarbonate_pellets
Cc Sack (PolyLactic Acid Pellets) sack_polylactic_acid_pellets
DG Powder Keg (PolyDiMethylSiloxane Pellets) powder_keg_polydimethylsiloxane_pellets
Ce Sack (PolyMethyl Acrylate Pellets) sack_polymethyl_acrylate_pellets
Ch Sack (PolyM-Methyl Styrene Pellets) sack_polym_methyl_styrene_pellets
DI Powder Keg (PolyEtherImide Pellets) powder_keg_polyetherimide_pellets
Cg Sack (PolyMethyl Methacrylate Pellets) sack_polymethyl_methacrylate_pellets
DH Powder Keg (PolyEther Ether Ketone Pellets) powder_keg_polyether_ether_ketone_pellets
Ci Sack (PolyM-Phenylene Isophthalamide Pellets) sack_polym_phenylene_isophthalamide_pellets
Ec Powder Keg (PolyPhenol Pellets) powder_keg_polyphenol_pellets
Ea Powder Keg (PolyOxymethylene Pellets) powder_keg_polyoxymethylene_pellets
Dv Powder Keg (PolyAcrylic Acid Pellets) powder_keg_polyacrylic_acid_pellets
Dw Powder Keg (PolyAcrylonitrile Pellets) powder_keg_polyacrylonitrile_pellets
Dt Powder Keg (Poly-2-Hydroxy Butyrate Pellets) powder_keg_poly_2_hydroxy_butyrate_pellets
Du Powder Keg (Poly2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate Pellets) powder_keg_poly2_hydroxyethyl_methacrylate_pellets
Dz Powder Keg (PolyButylene Succinate Pellets) powder_keg_polybutylene_succinate_pellets
Dx Powder Keg (PolyButadiene (low-cis) Pellets) powder_keg_polybutadiene_low_cis_pellets
Dy Powder Keg (PolyButadiene (high-cis) Pellets) powder_keg_polybutadiene_high_cis_pellets
Do Powder Keg (Paraldehyde Pellets) powder_keg_paraldehyde_pellets
Dn Powder Keg (Paraformaldehyde Pellets) powder_keg_paraformaldehyde_pellets
Dm Powder Keg (Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) powder_keg_nitrile_butadiene_rubber_pellets
Dl Powder Keg (Metaldehyde Pellets) powder_keg_metaldehyde_pellets
EM Powder Keg (Vinyl Acetate-Acrylic Acid Pellets) powder_keg_vinyl_acetate_acrylic_acid_pellets
Ds Powder Keg (Poly2-6-Dimethyl-1-4-Phenylene Ether Pellets) powder_keg_poly2_6_dimethyl_1_4_phenylene_ether_pellets
Dr Powder Keg (Poly1-Butene Pellets) powder_keg_poly1_butene_pellets
Dq Powder Keg (Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate-Co-3-Hydroxyvalerate) Pellets) powder_keg_poly3_hydroxybutyrate_co_3_hydroxyvalerate_pellets
Dp Drum (Phenolic Resin) drum_phenolic_resin
EH Powder Keg (Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene Pellets) powder_keg_styrene_isoprene_styrene_pellets
Dg Powder Keg (Linear Low-Density PolyEthylene Pellets) powder_keg_linear_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
EG Powder Keg (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Pellets) powder_keg_styrene_butadiene_styrene_pellets
De Powder Keg (Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) powder_keg_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
EF Powder Keg (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) powder_keg_styrene_butadiene_rubber_pellets
Dd Powder Keg (Hydrogenated Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) powder_keg_hydrogenated_nitrile_butadiene_rubber_pellets
EE Powder Keg (Styrene-Acrylonitrile Pellets) powder_keg_styrene_acrylonitrile_pellets
EL Powder Keg (Very-Low-Density PolyEthylene Pellets) powder_keg_very_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
Dj Powder Keg (Medium Density PolyEthylene Pellets) powder_keg_medium_density_polyethylene_pellets
Di Powder Keg (Low Density PolyEthylene Pellets) powder_keg_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
EJ Powder Keg (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight PolyEthylene Pellets) powder_keg_ultra_high_molecular_weight_polyethylene_pellets
Dh Powder Keg (Liquid Crystal Polymer Pellets) powder_keg_liquid_crystal_polymer_pellets
GD Fibers (AF Resin) fibers_af_resin
GE Fibers (ABS) fibers_abs
Eu Powder Keg (PolyVinyl Alcohol Pellets) powder_keg_polyvinyl_alcohol_pellets
Ew Powder Keg (PolyVinyl Chloride Pellets) powder_keg_polyvinyl_chloride_pellets
Ex Powder Keg (PolyVinyl Chloride Acetate Pellets) powder_keg_polyvinyl_chloride_acetate_pellets
Er Powder Keg (PolyTrimethylene Terephthalate Pellets) powder_keg_polytrimethylene_terephthalate_pellets
Et Powder Keg (PolyVinyl Acetate Pellets) powder_keg_polyvinyl_acetate_pellets
Es Powder Keg (PolyUrethane Pellets) powder_keg_polyurethane_pellets
En Powder Keg (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene Pellets) powder_keg_polytetrafluoroethylene_pellets
Ei Powder Keg (PolyPropylene Pellets) powder_keg_polypropylene_pellets
El Powder Keg (PolyStyrene Pellets) powder_keg_polystyrene_pellets
Eh Powder Keg (PolyP-Phenylene Terephthalamide Pellets) powder_keg_polyp_phenylene_terephthalamide_pellets
HG Fibers (PIB) fibers_pib
HD Fibers (PI) fibers_pi
HB Fibers (PHA) fibers_pha
HA "Fibers (Nylon 6,10)" _fibers_nylon_6_10_
GY Fibers (LDPE) fibers_ldpe
GZ Fibers (MDPE) fibers_mdpe
H8 Fibers (PDPE) fibers_pdpe
GW Fibers (LLDPE) fibers_lldpe
H9 Fibers (PHB) fibers_phb
GX Fibers (LCP) fibers_lcp
H7 Fibers (P1B) fibers_p1b
GU Fibers (Butyl Rubber) fibers_butyl_rubber
H6 Fibers (PHBV) fibers_phbv
GT Fibers (HNBR) fibers_hnbr
H5 Fibers (Phenol Formaldehydes) fibers_phenol_formaldehydes
GS Fibers (HDPE) fibers_hdpe
H4 Fibers (PALD) fibers_pald
GR Fibers (EVA) fibers_eva
H3 Fibers (PFA) fibers_pfa
GQ Fibers (EPDM) fibers_epdm
H2 Fibers (NBR) fibers_nbr
GP Fibers (EPM) fibers_epm
H1 Fibers (MALD) fibers_mald
GN Fibers (Epoxy Resin) fibers_epoxy_resin
GM Fibers (CIIR) fibers_ciir
GL Fibers (Chitin) fibers_chitin
GK Fibers (Cellulose) fibers_cellulose
GI Fibers (Carbon Fiber) fibers_carbon_fiber
GH Fibers (BIIR) fibers_biir
GG Fibers (A-PET) fibers_a_pet
A2 Bag (PolyEtherImide Pellets) bag_polyetherimide_pellets
A1 Bag (PolyEther Ether Ketone Pellets) bag_polyether_ether_ketone_pellets
A5 Bag (PolyEthylene Glycol Pellets) bag_polyethylene_glycol_pellets
A8 Bag (PolyEthylene Oxide Pellets) bag_polyethylene_oxide_pellets
A7 Bag (PolyEthylene Naphthalate Pellets) bag_polyethylene_naphthalate_pellets
A9 Bag (PolyEthylene Sulphide Pellets) bag_polyethylene_sulphide_pellets
A0 Bag (PolyDiMethylSiloxane Pellets) bag_polydimethylsiloxane_pellets
B5 Bag (Very-Low-Density PolyEthylene Pellets) bag_very_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
AR Bag (PolyVinyl Chloride Acetate Pellets) bag_polyvinyl_chloride_acetate_pellets
B3 Bag (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight PolyEthylene Pellets) bag_ultra_high_molecular_weight_polyethylene_pellets
AQ Bag (PolyVinyl Chloride Pellets) bag_polyvinyl_chloride_pellets
B8 Sack (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Pellets) sack_acrylonitrile_butadiene_styrene_pellets
B7 Beaker (Acrylic-Formaldehyde Resin) beaker_acrylic_formaldehyde_resin
B6 Bag (Vinyl Acetate-Acrylic Acid Pellets) bag_vinyl_acetate_acrylic_acid_pellets
AZ Bag (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) bag_styrene_butadiene_rubber_pellets
AY Bag (Styrene-Acrylonitrile Pellets) bag_styrene_acrylonitrile_pellets
BA Sack (Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate-Co-3-Hydroxyvalerate) Pellets) sack_poly3_hydroxybutyrate_co_3_hydroxyvalerate_pellets
AC Bag (PolyPropylene Pellets) bag_polypropylene_pellets
AB Bag (PolyP-Phenylene Terephthalamide Pellets) bag_polyp_phenylene_terephthalamide_pellets
AH Bag (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene Pellets) bag_polytetrafluoroethylene_pellets
AF Bag (PolyStyrene Pellets) bag_polystyrene_pellets
AL Bag (PolyTrimethylene Terephthalate Pellets) bag_polytrimethylene_terephthalate_pellets
AO Bag (PolyVinyl Alcohol Pellets) bag_polyvinyl_alcohol_pellets
B0 Bag (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Pellets) bag_styrene_butadiene_styrene_pellets
B1 Bag (Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene Pellets) bag_styrene_isoprene_styrene_pellets
AM Bag (PolyUrethane Pellets) bag_polyurethane_pellets
AN Bag (PolyVinyl Acetate Pellets) bag_polyvinyl_acetate_pellets
BV Sack (PolyEthylene Glycol Pellets) sack_polyethylene_glycol_pellets
C7 Sack (PolyImide Pellets) sack_polyimide_pellets
Au Bag (PolyOxymethylene Pellets) bag_polyoxymethylene_pellets
BY Sack (PolyEthylene Oxide Pellets) sack_polyethylene_oxide_pellets
Aw Bag (PolyPhenol Pellets) bag_polyphenol_pellets
BX Sack (PolyEthylene Naphthalate Pellets) sack_polyethylene_naphthalate_pellets
Ar Bag (PolyM-Methyl Styrene Pellets) bag_polym_methyl_styrene_pellets
BS Sack (PolyEtherImide Pellets) sack_polyetherimide_pellets
C4 Sack (PolyHexamethylene Sebacamide Pellets) sack_polyhexamethylene_sebacamide_pellets
BR Sack (PolyEther Ether Ketone Pellets) sack_polyether_ether_ketone_pellets
C3 Sack (PolyHexamethylene Adipamide Pellets) sack_polyhexamethylene_adipamide_pellets
Aq Bag (PolyMethyl Methacrylate Pellets) bag_polymethyl_methacrylate_pellets
C5 Sack (PolyHydroxyalkanoate Pellets) sack_polyhydroxyalkanoate_pellets
As Bag (PolyM-Phenylene Isophthalamide Pellets) bag_polym_phenylene_isophthalamide_pellets
Ba Sack (Amorphous PolyEthylene Terephthalate Pellets) sack_amorphous_polyethylene_terephthalate_pellets
CB Sack (PolyTrimethylene Terephthalate Pellets) sack_polytrimethylene_terephthalate_pellets
BZ Sack (PolyEthylene Sulphide Pellets) sack_polyethylene_sulphide_pellets
BF Sack (PolyAcrylic Acid Pellets) sack_polyacrylic_acid_pellets
Ae Bag (PolyHexamethylene Sebacamide Pellets) bag_polyhexamethylene_sebacamide_pellets
BG Sack (PolyAcrylonitrile Pellets) sack_polyacrylonitrile_pellets
Af Bag (PolyHydroxyalkanoate Pellets) bag_polyhydroxyalkanoate_pellets
BH Sack (PolyButadiene (low-cis) Pellets) sack_polybutadiene_low_cis_pellets
BI Sack (PolyButadiene (high-cis) Pellets) sack_polybutadiene_high_cis_pellets
Ah Bag (PolyImide Pellets) bag_polyimide_pellets
Aa Bag (PolyEthylene Terephthalate Pellets) bag_polyethylene_terephthalate_pellets
BB Sack (Poly1-Butene Pellets) sack_poly1_butene_pellets
Ab Bag (PolyEthylene Terephthalate Glycol-Modified Pellets) bag_polyethylene_terephthalate_glycol_modified_pellets
BC Sack (Poly2-6-Dimethyl-1-4-Phenylene Ether Pellets) sack_poly2_6_dimethyl_1_4_phenylene_ether_pellets
Ac Bag (PolyGlycolic Acid Pellets) bag_polyglycolic_acid_pellets
BD Sack (Poly-2-Hydroxy Butyrate Pellets) sack_poly_2_hydroxy_butyrate_pellets
Ad Bag (PolyHexamethylene Adipamide Pellets) bag_polyhexamethylene_adipamide_pellets
BE Sack (Poly2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate Pellets) sack_poly2_hydroxyethyl_methacrylate_pellets
BN Sack (PolyCarbonate Pellets) sack_polycarbonate_pellets
Am Bag (PolyLactic Acid Pellets) bag_polylactic_acid_pellets
C0 Sack (PolyEthylene Terephthalate Pellets) sack_polyethylene_terephthalate_pellets
BO Sack (PolyChloroPrene Pellets) sack_polychloroprene_pellets
C1 Sack (PolyEthylene Terephthalate Glycol-Modified Pellets) sack_polyethylene_terephthalate_glycol_modified_pellets
Ao Bag (PolyMethyl Acrylate Pellets) bag_polymethyl_acrylate_pellets
BQ Sack (PolyDiMethylSiloxane Pellets) sack_polydimethylsiloxane_pellets
C2 Sack (PolyGlycolic Acid Pellets) sack_polyglycolic_acid_pellets
BJ Sack (PolyButylene Succinate Pellets) sack_polybutylene_succinate_pellets
BL Sack (PolyButylene Terephthalate Pellets) sack_polybutylene_terephthalate_pellets
Ak Bag (PolyIsoButylene Pellets) bag_polyisobutylene_pellets
BM Sack (PolyCaprolactone Pellets) sack_polycaprolactone_pellets
Al Bag (PolyIsoPrene Pellets) bag_polyisoprene_pellets
By Sack (Paraldehyde Pellets) sack_paraldehyde_pellets
CY Powder Keg (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Pellets) powder_keg_acrylonitrile_butadiene_styrene_pellets
Bx Sack (Paraformaldehyde Pellets) sack_paraformaldehyde_pellets
D9 Powder Keg (Ethylene-Propylene Monomer Pellets) powder_keg_ethylene_propylene_monomer_pellets
Bw Sack (Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) sack_nitrile_butadiene_rubber_pellets
CX Drum (Acrylic-Formaldehyde Resin) drum_acrylic_formaldehyde_resin
Bv Sack (Metaldehyde Pellets) sack_metaldehyde_pellets
CW Sack (Vinyl Acetate-Acrylic Acid Pellets) sack_vinyl_acetate_acrylic_acid_pellets
D7 Drum (Epoxy Resin) drum_epoxy_resin
CV Sack (Very-Low-Density PolyEthylene Pellets) sack_very_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
D6 Powder Keg (Chlorine Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) powder_keg_chlorine_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
Bt Sack (Medium Density PolyEthylene Pellets) sack_medium_density_polyethylene_pellets
D5 Powder Keg (Chitin Pellets) powder_keg_chitin_pellets
Bs Sack (Low Density PolyEthylene Pellets) sack_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
CT Sack (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight PolyEthylene Pellets) sack_ultra_high_molecular_weight_polyethylene_pellets
D4 Powder Keg (Cellulosic Pellets) powder_keg_cellulosic_pellets
Br Sack (Liquid Crystal Polymer Pellets) sack_liquid_crystal_polymer_pellets
DC Powder Keg (PolyCaprolactone Pellets) powder_keg_polycaprolactone_pellets
Cb Sack (PolyIsoPrene Pellets) sack_polyisoprene_pellets
DB Powder Keg (PolyButylene Terephthalate Pellets) powder_keg_polybutylene_terephthalate_pellets
Ca Sack (PolyIsoButylene Pellets) sack_polyisobutylene_pellets
Bz Beaker (Phenolic Resin) beaker_phenolic_resin
Bh Beaker (Epoxy Resin) beaker_epoxy_resin
Bf Sack (Chitin Pellets) sack_chitin_pellets
CG Sack (PolyVinyl Chloride Pellets) sack_polyvinyl_chloride_pellets
Bg Sack (Chlorine Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) sack_chlorine_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
CH Sack (PolyVinyl Chloride Acetate Pellets) sack_polyvinyl_chloride_acetate_pellets
CE Sack (PolyVinyl Alcohol Pellets) sack_polyvinyl_alcohol_pellets
Be Sack (Cellulosic Pellets) sack_cellulosic_pellets
Bb Sack (Bromine Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) sack_bromine_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
CC Sack (PolyUrethane Pellets) sack_polyurethane_pellets
Bc Sack (Carbon Fiber) sack_carbon_fiber
CD Sack (PolyVinyl Acetate Pellets) sack_polyvinyl_acetate_pellets
D2 Powder Keg (Carbon Fiber) powder_keg_carbon_fiber
CQ Sack (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Pellets) sack_styrene_butadiene_styrene_pellets
CR Sack (Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene Pellets) sack_styrene_isoprene_styrene_pellets
Bq Sack (Linear Low-Density PolyEthylene Pellets) sack_linear_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
D0 Powder Keg (Amorphous PolyEthylene Terephthalate Pellets) powder_keg_amorphous_polyethylene_terephthalate_pellets
Bn Sack (Hydrogenated Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) sack_hydrogenated_nitrile_butadiene_rubber_pellets
CO Sack (Styrene-Acrylonitrile Pellets) sack_styrene_acrylonitrile_pellets
D1 Powder Keg (Bromine Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) powder_keg_bromine_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
Bo Sack (Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) sack_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
CP Sack (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) sack_styrene_butadiene_rubber_pellets
Bl Sack (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Pellets) sack_ethylene_vinyl_acetate_pellets
Bm Sack (High Density PolyEthylene Pellets) sack_high_density_polyethylene_pellets
Bj Sack (Ethylene-Propylene Monomer Pellets) sack_ethylene_propylene_monomer_pellets
Bk Sack (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer Pellets) sack_ethylene_propylene_diene_monomer_pellets
Kv Block (EPM) Item block_epm_item
M8 Block (VA/AA) Item block_va_aa_item
M7 Block (VLDPE) Item block_vldpe_item
1ga DNA Sampler (Zombie) dna_sampler_zombie
Kt Block (Epoxy Resin) Item block_epoxy_resin_item
Ks Block (CIIR) Item block_ciir_item
LT Block (PVCA) Item block_pvca_item
M5 Block (UHMWPE) Item block_uhmwpe_item
1gc DNA Sampler (Horse) dna_sampler_horse
Kz Block (HNBR) Item block_hnbr_item
1gb DNA Sampler (Skeleton) dna_sampler_skeleton
Ky Block (HDPE) Item block_hdpe_item
1ge DNA Sampler (Creeper) dna_sampler_creeper
Kx Block (EVA) Item block_eva_item
1gd DNA Sampler (Witch) dna_sampler_witch
M9 Slab (AF Resin) Item slab_af_resin_item
Kw Block (EPDM) Item block_epdm_item
1fv Air Quality Detector air_quality_detector
Kn Block (BIIR) Item block_biir_item
LO Block (PU) Item block_pu_item
M0 Block (SAN) Item block_san_item
1fu Mold (Air Quality Detector Case) mold_air_quality_detector_case
Km Block (A-PET) Item block_a_pet_item
LN Block (PTT) Item block_ptt_item
1fx DNA sampler (Beginner) dna_sampler_beginner
1fw Ripstop Nylon Sheet ripstop_nylon_sheet
Kk Block (ABS) Item block_abs_item
1fz DNA sampler (Advanced) dna_sampler_advanced
Kr Block (Chitin) Item block_chitin_item
LS Block (PVC) Item block_pvc_item
1fy DNA sampler (Intermediate) dna_sampler_intermediate
M3 Block (SIS) Item block_sis_item
Kq Block (Cellulose) Item block_cellulose_item
LQ Block (PVA) Item block_pva_item
M2 Block (SBS) Item block_sbs_item
Ko Block (Carbon Fiber) Item block_carbon_fiber_item
LP Block (PVAC) Item block_pvac_item
M1 Block (SBR) Item block_sbr_item
MG Slab (PHEMA) Item slab_phema_item
Lf "Block (Nylon 6,7)" Item _block_nylon_6_7__item
Lg "Block (Nylon 6,10)" Item _block_nylon_6_10__item
MH Slab (PAA) Item slab_paa_item
ME Slab (PDPE) Item slab_pdpe_item
Ld Block (PETG) Item block_petg_item
MF Slab (PHB) Item slab_phb_item
Le Block (PGA) Item block_pga_item
Lj Block (PI) Item block_pi_item
MK Slab (PBR (high grade)) Item slab_pbr_high_grade_item
ML Slab (PBS) Item slab_pbs_item
Lh Block (PHA) Item block_pha_item
MI Slab (PAN) Item slab_pan_item
MJ Slab (PBR (low grade)) Item slab_pbr_low_grade_item
1gf DNA Sampler (Silverfish) dna_sampler_silverfish
1gg DNA Sampler (Cave Spider) dna_sampler_cave_spider
1gh DNA Sampler (Ghast) dna_sampler_ghast
1gi DNA Sampler (Blaze) dna_sampler_blaze
1gj DNA Sampler (Zombie Pigman) dna_sampler_zombie_pigman
Lb Block (PES) Item block_pes_item
MC Slab (PHBV) Item slab_phbv_item
1gk DNA Sampler (Magma Cube) dna_sampler_magma_cube
MD Slab (P1B) Item slab_p1b_item
Lc Block (PET) Item block_pet_item
1gl DNA Sampler (Person) dna_sampler_person
MA Slab (PALD) Item slab_pald_item
La Block (PEO) Item block_peo_item
MB Slab (Phenol Formaldehydes) Item slab_phenol_formaldehydes_item
Lu Block (nomex) Item block_nomex_item
N7 Slab (PHA) Item slab_pha_item
Lt Block (PMMS) Item block_pmms_item
MU Slab (PEI) Item slab_pei_item
N6 "Slab (Nylon 6,10)" Item _slab_nylon_6_10__item
Lw Block (POM) Item block_pom_item
MX Slab (PEG) Item slab_peg_item
N9 Slab (PI) Item slab_pi_item
Ly Block (Polyphenol) Item block_polyphenol_item
MZ Slab (PEN) Item slab_pen_item
Lm Block (PIB) Item block_pib_item
MN Slab (PBT) Item slab_pbt_item
Lo Block (PLA) Item block_pla_item
MP Slab (PC) Item slab_pc_item
N1 Slab (PES) Item slab_pes_item
Ln Block (Natural Rubber) Item block_natural_rubber_item
MO Slab (PCL) Item slab_pcl_item
N0 Slab (PEO) Item slab_peo_item
Lq Block (PMA) Item block_pma_item
N3 Slab (PETG) Item slab_petg_item
MQ Slab (PCHL) Item slab_pchl_item
N2 Slab (PET) Item slab_pet_item
Ls Block (PMMA) Item block_pmma_item
MT Slab (PEEK) Item slab_peek_item
N5 "Slab (Nylon 6,7)" Item _slab_nylon_6_7__item
MS Slab (PDMS) Item slab_pdms_item
N4 Slab (PGA) Item slab_pga_item
Me Slab (Carbon Fiber) Item slab_carbon_fiber_item
NF Slab (PVAC) Item slab_pvac_item
NG Slab (PVA) Item slab_pva_item
Mg Slab (Cellulose) Item slab_cellulose_item
Mh Slab (Chitin) Item slab_chitin_item
NI Slab (PVC) Item slab_pvc_item
Mi Slab (CIIR) Item slab_ciir_item
NJ Slab (PVCA) Item slab_pvca_item
Mj Slab (Epoxy Resin) Item slab_epoxy_resin_item
Ml Slab (EPM) Item slab_epm_item
Ma Slab (ABS) Item slab_abs_item
Mc Slab (A-PET) Item slab_a_pet_item
ND Slab (PTT) Item slab_ptt_item
Md Slab (BIIR) Item slab_biir_item
NE Slab (PU) Item slab_pu_item
1fB DNA sampler (Nether) dna_sampler_nether
1ea Block (p-PR) Item block_p_pr_item
1fA DNA sampler (Expert) dna_sampler_expert
1fD Cell Culture Dish (Sheep) cell_culture_dish_sheep
1ec Slab (p-PR) Item slab_p_pr_item
Mz Slab (PFA) Item slab_pfa_item
1fC Cell Culture Dish (Pig) cell_culture_dish_pig
1eb Slab (n-PR) Item slab_n_pr_item
NZ Double Slab (AF Resin) Item double_slab_af_resin_item
My Slab (NBR) Item slab_nbr_item
Mx Slab (MALD) Item slab_mald_item
NY Slab (VA/AA) Item slab_va_aa_item
O9 Double Slab (Epoxy Resin) Item double_slab_epoxy_resin_item
NX Slab (VLDPE) Item slab_vldpe_item
O8 Double Slab (CIIR) Item double_slab_ciir_item
Mv Slab (MDPE) Item slab_mdpe_item
O7 Double Slab (Chitin) Item double_slab_chitin_item
Mu Slab (LDPE) Item slab_ldpe_item
NV Slab (UHMWPE) Item slab_uhmwpe_item
1dx Wafer (Low Power Radio) wafer_low_power_radio
O6 Double Slab (Cellulose) Item double_slab_cellulose_item
Mt Slab (LCP) Item slab_lcp_item
1eY Magnesium Nugget magnesium_nugget
1dw Wafer (Low Power Radio) (7 of 8) wafer_low_power_radio_7_of_8
1eX HAM Radio Case (SAN) ham_radio_case_san
NT Slab (SIS) Item slab_sis_item
Ms Slab (LLDPE) Item slab_lldpe_item
1f9 Platinum Nugget platinum_nugget
1dz Wafer (DSP) (2 of 8) wafer_dsp_2_of_8
O4 Double Slab (Carbon Fiber) Item double_slab_carbon_fiber_item
NS Slab (SBS) Item slab_sbs_item
1dy Wafer (DSP) (1 of 8) wafer_dsp_1_of_8
O3 Double Slab (BIIR) Item double_slab_biir_item
Mq Slab (Butyl Rubber) Item slab_butyl_rubber_item
NR Slab (SBR) Item slab_sbr_item
1eZ Titanium Nugget titanium_nugget
1dt Wafer (Low Power Radio) (4 of 8) wafer_low_power_radio_4_of_8
1eU Cell Phone cell_phone
O2 Double Slab (A-PET) Item double_slab_a_pet_item
Mp Slab (HNBR) Item slab_hnbr_item
NQ Slab (SAN) Item slab_san_item
1f6 Silver Nugget silver_nugget
1ds Wafer (Low Power Radio) (3 of 8) wafer_low_power_radio_3_of_8
1eT Walky Talky walky_talky
Mo Slab (HDPE) Item slab_hdpe_item
1f5 Palladium Nugget palladium_nugget
1dv Wafer (Low Power Radio) (6 of 8) wafer_low_power_radio_6_of_8
1eW Walky Talky Case (SAN) walky_talky_case_san
O0 Double Slab (ABS) Item double_slab_abs_item
Mn Slab (EVA) Item slab_eva_item
1f8 Tungsten Nugget tungsten_nugget
1du Wafer (Low Power Radio) (5 of 8) wafer_low_power_radio_5_of_8
1eV Cell Phone Case (SAN) cell_phone_case_san
Mm Slab (EPDM) Item slab_epdm_item
1f7 Antimony Nugget antimony_nugget
1fQ Cell Culture Dish (Silverfish) cell_culture_dish_silverfish
1g2 DNA Sampler (Sheep) dna_sampler_sheep
1fR Cell Culture Dish (Cave Spider) cell_culture_dish_cave_spider
1g3 DNA Sampler (Cow) dna_sampler_cow
1eq Smart Phone smart_phone
ON Double Slab (PEG) Item double_slab_peg_item
Nm Slab (POM) Item slab_pom_item
1fS Cell Culture Dish (Ghast) cell_culture_dish_ghast
1g4 DNA Sampler (Chicken) dna_sampler_chicken
1er Silicon Wafer silicon_wafer
Nj Slab (PMMS) Item slab_pmms_item
OK Double Slab (PEI) Item double_slab_pei_item
1fT Cell Culture Dish (Blaze) cell_culture_dish_blaze
1g5 DNA Sampler (Squid) dna_sampler_squid
Nk Slab (nomex) Item slab_nomex_item
1fM Cell Culture Dish (Skeleton) cell_culture_dish_skeleton
1el Solar Array solar_array
OI Double Slab (PDMS) Item double_slab_pdms_item
1fN Cell Culture Dish (Horse) cell_culture_dish_horse
1em Silicon Wafer (Ruined) silicon_wafer_ruined
Ni Slab (PMMA) Item slab_pmma_item
OJ Double Slab (PEEK) Item double_slab_peek_item
1fO Cell Culture Dish (Witch) cell_culture_dish_witch
1en Double Slab (n-PR) double_slab_n_pr
OG Double Slab (PCHL) Item double_slab_pchl_item
1g0 ABS Brick (3 x 4) Item abs_brick_3_x_4_item
1fP Cell Culture Dish (Creeper) cell_culture_dish_creeper
1g1 DNA Sampler (Pig) dna_sampler_pig
1eo Double Slab (p-PR) double_slab_p_pr
Ng Slab (PMA) Item slab_pma_item
1fI Cell Culture Dish (Ocelot) cell_culture_dish_ocelot
OE Double Slab (PCL) Item double_slab_pcl_item
Nd Slab (Natural Rubber) Item slab_natural_rubber_item
1fJ Cell Culture Dish (Bat) cell_culture_dish_bat
OF Double Slab (PC) Item double_slab_pc_item
Ne Slab (PLA) Item slab_pla_item
1fK Cell Culture Dish (Spider) cell_culture_dish_spider
1ej Slab (n-PR) slab_n_pr
1fL Cell Culture Dish (Zombie) cell_culture_dish_zombie
1ek Slab (p-PR) slab_p_pr
OD Double Slab (PBT) Item double_slab_pbt_item
Nc Slab (PIB) Item slab_pib_item
1fE Cell Culture Dish (Cow) cell_culture_dish_cow
1ed Portal Chest portal_chest
OA Double Slab (PBR (high grade)) Item double_slab_pbr_high_grade_item
1fF Cell Culture Dish (Chicken) cell_culture_dish_chicken
1ee Contact Printer contact_printer
OB Double Slab (PBS) Item double_slab_pbs_item
1fG Cell Culture Dish (Squid) cell_culture_dish_squid
1ef Double Slab (n-PR) Item double_slab_n_pr_item
1fH Cell Culture Dish (Wolf) cell_culture_dish_wolf
1eg Double Slab (p-PR) Item double_slab_p_pr_item
1fd Steel Nugget steel_nugget
Nz Slab (PTFE) Item slab_ptfe_item
1fc Aluminum Nugget aluminum_nugget
1fb Bismuth Nugget bismuth_nugget
1fa Plumbum (Lead) Nugget plumbum_lead_nugget
P9 Double Slab (PMMS) Item double_slab_pmms_item
OX Double Slab (PHA) Item double_slab_pha_item
P8 Double Slab (PMMA) Item double_slab_pmma_item
OW Double "Slab (Nylon 6,10)" Item double__slab_nylon_6_10__item
OZ Double Slab (PI) Item double_slab_pi_item
Nx Slab (PS) Item slab_ps_item
OT Double Slab (PETG) Item double_slab_petg_item
1ez Pressure Sensor pressure_sensor
OS Double Slab (PET) Item double_slab_pet_item
P4 Double Slab (PLA) Item double_slab_pla_item
1ey Temperature Sensor temperature_sensor
OV Double "Slab (Nylon 6,7)" Item double__slab_nylon_6_7__item
Nu Slab (PP) Item slab_pp_item
1fZ ABS Brick (3 x 3) Item abs_brick_3_x_3_item
1ex Processor processor
P6 Double Slab (PMA) Item double_slab_pma_item
OU Double Slab (PGA) Item double_slab_pga_item
Nt Slab (kevlar) Item slab_kevlar_item
1fY ABS Brick (2 x 4) Item abs_brick_2_x_4_item
1fX Cell Culture Dish (Person) cell_culture_dish_person
1g9 DNA Sampler (Spider) dna_sampler_spider
1ew Solar Cell solar_cell
No Slab (Polyphenol) Item slab_polyphenol_item
OP Double Slab (PEN) Item double_slab_pen_item
1g8 DNA Sampler (Bat) dna_sampler_bat
1fW Guano guano
1fV Cell Culture Dish (Magma Cube) cell_culture_dish_magma_cube
1g7 DNA Sampler (Ocelot) dna_sampler_ocelot
1eu Mask Writer mask_writer
OR Double Slab (PES) Item double_slab_pes_item
P3 Double Slab (Natural Rubber) Item double_slab_natural_rubber_item
1fU Cell Culture Dish (Zombie Pigman) cell_culture_dish_zombie_pigman
1g6 DNA Sampler (Wolf) dna_sampler_wolf
1et Silicon Boule silicon_boule
OQ Double Slab (PEO) Item double_slab_peo_item
P2 Double Slab (PIB) Item double_slab_pib_item
Ok Double Slab (LDPE) Item double_slab_ldpe_item
PL Double Slab (UHMWPE) Item double_slab_uhmwpe_item
Ol Double Slab (MDPE) Item double_slab_mdpe_item
1fq Territory Flag territory_flag
PN Double Slab (VLDPE) Item double_slab_vldpe_item
1fr Printing Press printing_press
On Double Slab (MALD) Item double_slab_mald_item
PO Double Slab (VA/AA) Item double_slab_va_aa_item
1fo Trading House trading_house
Og Double Slab (Butyl Rubber) Item double_slab_butyl_rubber_item
PH Double Slab (SBR) Item double_slab_sbr_item
PI Double Slab (SBS) Item double_slab_sbs_item
PJ Double Slab (SIS) Item double_slab_sis_item
Oi Double Slab (LLDPE) Item double_slab_lldpe_item
1fm Silicon Nugget silicon_nugget
Oj Double Slab (LCP) Item double_slab_lcp_item
1fn Mercury Sulfide Nugget mercury_sulfide_nugget
Oc Double Slab (EPDM) Item double_slab_epdm_item
1fk Nichrome Nugget nichrome_nugget
Od Double Slab (EVA) Item double_slab_eva_item
1fl Antimony-Lead Nugget antimony_lead_nugget
Oe Double Slab (HDPE) Item double_slab_hdpe_item
1fi Chrome Nugget chrome_nugget
Of Double Slab (HNBR) Item double_slab_hnbr_item
PG Double Slab (SAN) Item double_slab_san_item
1fj Tungsten Carbide Nugget tungsten_carbide_nugget
1fg Bronze Nugget bronze_nugget
1fh Tin Nugget tin_nugget
1fe Stainless Steel Nugget stainless_steel_nugget
Ob Double Slab (EPM) Item double_slab_epm_item
1ff Brass Nugget brass_nugget
1d3 Wafer (Solar Cell) (1 of 5) wafer_solar_cell_1_of_5
1cR Mask (OLED Array)(PR Traces) mask_oled_arraypr_traces
1bq Block (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) Item block_carbon_fiber_resin_p_item
1d4 Wafer (Solar Cell) (2 of 5) wafer_solar_cell_2_of_5
1cS Mask (OLED Array)(PR Encapsulation) mask_oled_arraypr_encapsulation
HK Fibers (PMA) fibers_pma
1br Wall (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) wall_carbon_fiber_resin_e
1d5 Wafer (Solar Cell) (3 of 5) wafer_solar_cell_3_of_5
1cT Wall (n-PR) wall_n_pr
1bs Wall (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) wall_carbon_fiber_resin_p
HH Fibers (Natural Rubber) fibers_natural_rubber
1d6 Wafer (Solar Cell) (4 of 5) wafer_solar_cell_4_of_5
1cU Wall (p-PR) wall_p_pr
1bt Wall (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) Item wall_carbon_fiber_resin_e_item
HI Fibers (PLA) fibers_pla
1d7 Wafer (Solar Cell) wafer_solar_cell
HN Fibers (PMMS) fibers_pmms
1bu Wall (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) Item wall_carbon_fiber_resin_p_item
1d8 Wafer (Processor) (1 of 8) wafer_processor_1_of_8
1bv Stairs (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) stairs_carbon_fiber_resin_e
HO Fibers (nomex) fibers_nomex
1d9 Wafer (Processor) (2 of 8) wafer_processor_2_of_8
1cX Stairs (n-PR) stairs_n_pr
1bw Stairs (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) stairs_carbon_fiber_resin_p
HM Fibers (PMMA) fibers_pmma
1cY Stairs (p-PR) stairs_p_pr
1bx Stairs (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) Item stairs_carbon_fiber_resin_e_item
1by Stairs (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) Item stairs_carbon_fiber_resin_p_item
I3 Fibers (PTFE) fibers_ptfe
HS Fibers (Polyphenol) fibers_polyphenol
1bz Carbon Fiber Weave carbon_fiber_weave
I1 Fibers (PS) fibers_ps
HQ Fibers (POM) fibers_pom
I7 Fibers (PTT) fibers_ptt
I8 Fibers (PU) fibers_pu
1dA Wafer (DSP) (3 of 8) wafer_dsp_3_of_8
1dB Wafer (DSP) (4 of 8) wafer_dsp_4_of_8
1ca Mask (Processor)(PR Inner Traces) mask_processorpr_inner_traces
1dD Wafer (DSP) (6 of 8) wafer_dsp_6_of_8
1cc Mask (Processor)(PR Outer Traces) mask_processorpr_outer_traces
1dC Wafer (DSP) (5 of 8) wafer_dsp_5_of_8
1cb Mask (Processor)(PR Through Vias) mask_processorpr_through_vias
1dF Wafer (DSP) wafer_dsp
1ce Mask (Temperature Sensor)(PR Backplane) mask_temperature_sensorpr_backplane
HY Fibers (PP) fibers_pp
1dE Wafer (DSP) (7 of 8) wafer_dsp_7_of_8
1cd Mask (Processor)(PR Encapsulation) mask_processorpr_encapsulation
HX Fibers (kevlar) fibers_kevlar
I9 Fibers (PVAC) fibers_pvac
1dH Wafer (Digital Analog Convertor) (2 of 5) wafer_digital_analog_convertor_2_of_5
1cg Mask (Temperature Sensor)(PR Dielectric) mask_temperature_sensorpr_dielectric
1dG Wafer (Digital Analog Convertor) (1 of 5) wafer_digital_analog_convertor_1_of_5
1cf Mask (Temperature Sensor)(PR Semiconductor) mask_temperature_sensorpr_semiconductor
1dJ Wafer (Digital Analog Convertor) (4 of 5) wafer_digital_analog_convertor_4_of_5
1ci Mask (Temperature Sensor)(PR Encapsulation) mask_temperature_sensorpr_encapsulation
1dI Wafer (Digital Analog Convertor) (3 of 5) wafer_digital_analog_convertor_3_of_5
1ch Mask (Temperature Sensor)(PR Traces) mask_temperature_sensorpr_traces
1dL Wafer (Amplifier) (1 of 5) wafer_amplifier_1_of_5
1ck Mask (Pressure Sensor)(PR Semiconductor) mask_pressure_sensorpr_semiconductor
ID Block (Epoxy Resin) block_epoxy_resin
Hc Fibers (PAN) fibers_pan
1dK Wafer (Digital Analog Convertor) wafer_digital_analog_convertor
1cj Mask (Pressure Sensor)(PR Backplane) mask_pressure_sensorpr_backplane
IC Block (CIIR) block_ciir
Hb Fibers (PAA) fibers_paa
1dN Wafer (Amplifier) (3 of 5) wafer_amplifier_3_of_5
1cm Mask (Pressure Sensor)(PR Traces) mask_pressure_sensorpr_traces
Ha Fibers (PHEMA) fibers_phema
IB Block (Chitin) block_chitin
1dM Wafer (Amplifier) (2 of 5) wafer_amplifier_2_of_5
1cl Mask (Pressure Sensor)(PR Dielectric) mask_pressure_sensorpr_dielectric
IA Block (Cellulose) block_cellulose
1dP Wafer (Amplifier) wafer_amplifier
1co Mask (Low Power Radio)(PR Backplane) mask_low_power_radiopr_backplane
IH Block (EVA) block_eva
1dO Wafer (Amplifier) (4 of 5) wafer_amplifier_4_of_5
1cn Mask (Pressure Sensor)(PR Encapsulation) mask_pressure_sensorpr_encapsulation
1e0 Stairs (p-PR) Item stairs_p_pr_item
IG Block (EPDM) block_epdm
Hf Fibers (PBS) fibers_pbs
1dR Wafer (OLED Array) (2 of 5) wafer_oled_array_2_of_5
1cq Mask (Low Power Radio)(PR p-Type Semiconductor) mask_low_power_radiopr_p_type_semiconductor
IF Block (EPM) block_epm
He Fibers (PBR (high grade)) fibers_pbr_high_grade
1dQ Wafer (OLED Array) (1 of 5) wafer_oled_array_1_of_5
1cp Mask (Low Power Radio)(PR n-Type Semiconductor) mask_low_power_radiopr_n_type_semiconductor
Hd Fibers (PBR (low grade)) fibers_pbr_low_grade
1dU Wafer (OLED Array) wafer_oled_array
1ct Mask (Low Power Radio)(PR Through Vias) mask_low_power_radiopr_through_vias
II Block (HDPE) block_hdpe
Hh Fibers (PBT) fibers_pbt
1e6 Block of Silicon block_of_silicon
1cu Mask (Low Power Radio)(PR Outer Traces) mask_low_power_radiopr_outer_traces
1dV Wall (n-PR) Item wall_n_pr_item
1e7 Block (n-PR) block_n_pr
IJ Block (HNBR) block_hnbr
Hi Fibers (PCL) fibers_pcl
1dS Wafer (OLED Array) (3 of 5) wafer_oled_array_3_of_5
1cr Mask (Low Power Radio)(PR Dielectric) mask_low_power_radiopr_dielectric
IK Block (Butyl Rubber) block_butyl_rubber
Hj Fibers (PC) fibers_pc
1dT Wafer (OLED Array) (4 of 5) wafer_oled_array_4_of_5
1cs Mask (Low Power Radio)(PR Inner Traces) mask_low_power_radiopr_inner_traces
Hk Fibers (PCHL) fibers_pchl
1e5 Silicon Ingot silicon_ingot
1cx Mask (DSP)(PR n-Type Semiconductor) mask_dsppr_n_type_semiconductor
IM Block (LLDPE) block_lldpe
1cy Mask (DSP)(PR p-Type Semiconductor) mask_dsppr_p_type_semiconductor
1dZ Stairs (n-PR) Item stairs_n_pr_item
IN Block (LCP) block_lcp
Hm Fibers (PDMS) fibers_pdms
1cv Mask (Low Power Radio)(PR Encapsulation) mask_low_power_radiopr_encapsulation
1dW Wall (p-PR) Item wall_p_pr_item
1e8 Block (p-PR) block_p_pr
J0 Block (PHEMA) block_phema
IO Block (LDPE) block_ldpe
Hn Fibers (PEEK) fibers_peek
1cw Mask (DSP)(PR Backplane) mask_dsppr_backplane
1e9 Block (n-PR) Item block_n_pr_item
IP Block (MDPE) block_mdpe
J1 Block (PAA) block_paa
Ho Fibers (PEI) fibers_pei
J2 Block (PAN) block_pan
IR Block (MALD) block_mald
J3 Block (PBR (low grade)) block_pbr_low_grade
1cz Mask (DSP)(PR Dielectric) mask_dsppr_dielectric
IS Block (NBR) block_nbr
J4 Block (PBR (high grade)) block_pbr_high_grade
Hr Fibers (PEG) fibers_peg
IT Block (PFA) block_pfa
J5 Block (PBS) block_pbs
1eB DSP dsp
1da Wafer (Processor) (3 of 8) wafer_processor_3_of_8
IU Block (PALD) block_pald
Ht Fibers (PEN) fibers_pen
1eC Digital Analog Convertor digital_analog_convertor
1db Wafer (Processor) (4 of 8) wafer_processor_4_of_8
IV Block (Phenol Formaldehydes) block_phenol_formaldehydes
J7 Block (PBT) block_pbt
Hu Fibers (PEO) fibers_peo
IW Block (PHBV) block_phbv
J8 Block (PCL) block_pcl
Hv Fibers (PES) fibers_pes
1eA Low Power Radio low_power_radio
IX Block (P1B) block_p1b
J9 Block (PC) block_pc
Hw Fibers (PET) fibers_pet
1df Wafer (Processor) wafer_processor
1eG 254 nm UV Bulbs 254_nm_uv_bulbs
IZ Block (PHB) block_phb
Hy Fibers (PGA) fibers_pga
1de Wafer (Processor) (7 of 8) wafer_processor_7_of_8
1eF 365 nm UV Bulbs 365_nm_uv_bulbs
IY Block (PDPE) block_pdpe
Hx Fibers (PETG) fibers_petg
1eE OLED Array oled_array
1dd Wafer (Processor) (6 of 8) wafer_processor_6_of_8
1eD Amplifier amplifier
1dc Wafer (Processor) (5 of 8) wafer_processor_5_of_8
Hz "Fibers (Nylon 6,7)" _fibers_nylon_6_7_
1dj Wafer (Temperature Sensor) (4 of 5) wafer_temperature_sensor_4_of_5
1eK Mold (Cell Phone Case) mold_cell_phone_case
1di Wafer (Temperature Sensor) (3 of 5) wafer_temperature_sensor_3_of_5
1eJ Block of Cinnabar block_of_cinnabar
1dh Wafer (Temperature Sensor) (2 of 5) wafer_temperature_sensor_2_of_5
JA Block (PMA) block_pma
1eI Mercury Sulfide Ingot mercury_sulfide_ingot
1dg Wafer (Temperature Sensor) (1 of 5) wafer_temperature_sensor_1_of_5
1eH Cinnabar cinnabar
1dn Wafer (Pressure Sensor) (3 of 5) wafer_pressure_sensor_3_of_5
1eO Bars (Copper) bars_copper
JC Block (PMMA) block_pmma
1f0 Manganese Nugget manganese_nugget
1dm Wafer (Pressure Sensor) (2 of 5) wafer_pressure_sensor_2_of_5
1eN Coins (Copper) coins_copper
Ia Fibers (PVA) fibers_pva
1dl Wafer (Pressure Sensor) (1 of 5) wafer_pressure_sensor_1_of_5
1eM Mold (HAM Radio Case) mold_ham_radio_case
JE Block (nomex) block_nomex
Id Fibers (PVCA) fibers_pvca
1dk Wafer (Temperature Sensor) wafer_temperature_sensor
1eL Mold (Walky Talky Case) mold_walky_talky_case
JD Block (PMMS) block_pmms
Ic Fibers (PVC) fibers_pvc
1dr Wafer (Low Power Radio) (2 of 8) wafer_low_power_radio_2_of_8
1eS HAM Radio ham_radio
JG Block (POM) block_pom
1f4 Zinc Nugget zinc_nugget
1dq Wafer (Low Power Radio) (1 of 8) wafer_low_power_radio_1_of_8
1eR Megaphone megaphone
1f3 Copper Nugget copper_nugget
1dp Wafer (Pressure Sensor) wafer_pressure_sensor
1eQ Voice Cone voice_cone
JI Block (Polyphenol) block_polyphenol
1f2 Nickel Nugget nickel_nugget
1do Wafer (Pressure Sensor) (4 of 5) wafer_pressure_sensor_4_of_5
1eP Stacks (Copper) stacks_copper
1f1 Cobalt Nugget cobalt_nugget
K2 Block (PVC) block_pvc
Ip Fibers (UHMWPE) fibers_uhmwpe
JN Block (kevlar) block_kevlar
Im Fibers (SBS) fibers_sbs
In Fibers (SIS) fibers_sis
JO Block (PP) block_pp
K0 Block (PVA) block_pva
1b1 Double Slab (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) double_slab_carbon_fiber_resin_p
Ik Fibers (SAN) fibers_san
Il Fibers (SBR) fibers_sbr
Iw Block (A-PET) block_a_pet
JX Block (PTT) block_ptt
Ix Block (BIIR) block_biir
JY Block (PU) block_pu
Iu Block (ABS) block_abs
JT Block (PTFE) block_ptfe
Is Fibers (VA/AA) fibers_va_aa
It Block (AF Resin) block_af_resin
JR Block (PS) block_ps
K3 Block (PVCA) block_pvca
Ir Fibers (VLDPE) fibers_vldpe
Ja Block (PCHL) block_pchl
KA Block (Butyl Rubber) Item block_butyl_rubber_item
1bA BlockCollision blockcollision
Iy Block (Carbon Fiber) block_carbon_fiber
JZ Block (PVAC) block_pvac
1am Beaker (Positive Photoresist) beaker_positive_photoresist
KJ Block (PFA) Item block_pfa_item
1al Beaker (Negative Photoresist) beaker_negative_photoresist
KI Block (NBR) Item block_nbr_item
Jh Block (PEG) block_peg
1c1 Mask (Solar Cell)(PR Backplane) mask_solar_cellpr_backplane
KH Block (MALD) Item block_mald_item
1bP Freeze Ray (Intermediate) freeze_ray_intermediate
1bO Freeze Ray (Beginner) freeze_ray_beginner
1c0 Silicon Ore silicon_ore
KF Block (MDPE) Item block_mdpe_item
Je Block (PEI) block_pei
1ai Double Slab (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) Item double_slab_carbon_fiber_resin_p_item
KE Block (LDPE) Item block_ldpe_item
Jd Block (PEEK) block_peek
1ah Double Slab (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) Item double_slab_carbon_fiber_resin_e_item
1ak Beaker (Phenolic-Carbon Fiber Resin) beaker_phenolic_carbon_fiber_resin
KD Block (LCP) Item block_lcp_item
Jc Block (PDMS) block_pdms
1aj Beaker (Epoxy-Carbon Fiber Resin) beaker_epoxy_carbon_fiber_resin
KC Block (LLDPE) Item block_lldpe_item
1c8 Mask (Processor)(PR p-Type Semiconductor) mask_processorpr_p_type_semiconductor
L0 Block (PCHL) Item block_pchl_item
KO Block (PDPE) Item block_pdpe_item
Jn Block (PETG) block_petg
1bW Gaslamp gaslamp
1c9 Mask (Processor)(PR Dielectric) mask_processorpr_dielectric
KP Block (PHB) Item block_phb_item
Jo Block (PGA) block_pga
1c6 Mask (Processor)(PR Backplane) mask_processorpr_backplane
KQ Block (PHEMA) Item block_phema_item
L2 Block (PDMS) Item block_pdms_item
Jp "Block (Nylon 6,7)" _block_nylon_6_7_
1bU Water Cannon (Advanced) water_cannon_advanced
1c7 Mask (Processor)(PR n-Type Semiconductor) mask_processorpr_n_type_semiconductor
KR Block (PAA) Item block_paa_item
L3 Block (PEEK) Item block_peek_item
Jq "Block (Nylon 6,10)" _block_nylon_6_10_
1bV Water Cannon (Pro) water_cannon_pro
1c4 Mask (Solar Cell)(PR Traces) mask_solar_cellpr_traces
KK Block (PALD) Item block_pald_item
Jj Block (PEN) block_pen
1bS Water Cannon (Beginner) water_cannon_beginner
1c5 Mask (Solar Cell)(PR Encapsulation) mask_solar_cellpr_encapsulation
KL Block (Phenol Formaldehydes) Item block_phenol_formaldehydes_item
Jk Block (PEO) block_peo
1bT Water Cannon (Intermediate) water_cannon_intermediate
1c2 Mask (Solar Cell)(PR Semiconductor) mask_solar_cellpr_semiconductor
KM Block (PHBV) Item block_phbv_item
Jl Block (PES) block_pes
1bQ Freeze Ray (Advanced) freeze_ray_advanced
1c3 Mask (Solar Cell)(PR Dielectric) mask_solar_cellpr_dielectric
KN Block (P1B) Item block_p1b_item
Jm Block (PET) block_pet
1bR Freeze Ray (Pro) freeze_ray_pro
1cA Mask (DSP)(PR Inner Traces) mask_dsppr_inner_traces
KX Block (PBT) Item block_pbt_item
L9 Block (PEN) Item block_pen_item
Jw Block (PIB) block_pib
KY Block (PCL) Item block_pcl_item
Jx Block (Natural Rubber) block_natural_rubber
KZ Block (PC) Item block_pc_item
Jy Block (PLA) block_pla
KS Block (PAN) Item block_pan_item
L4 Block (PEI) Item block_pei_item
Jr Block (PHA) block_pha
KT Block (PBR (low grade)) Item block_pbr_low_grade_item
1bY Trove (Copper) trove_copper
KU Block (PBR (high grade)) Item block_pbr_high_grade_item
Jt Block (PI) block_pi
1bZ Air Quality Detector Case (PS) air_quality_detector_case_ps
KV Block (PBS) Item block_pbs_item
L7 Block (PEG) Item block_peg_item
1cI Mask (Digital Analog Convertor)(PR Encapsulation) mask_digital_analog_convertorpr_encapsulation
1cH Mask (Digital Analog Convertor)(PR Traces) mask_digital_analog_convertorpr_traces
1cG Mask (Digital Analog Convertor)(PR Dielectric) mask_digital_analog_convertorpr_dielectric
Kb Block (SBR) block_sbr
1cF Mask (Digital Analog Convertor)(PR Semiconductor) mask_digital_analog_convertorpr_semiconductor
Ka Block (SAN) block_san
1cE Mask (Digital Analog Convertor)(PR Backplane) mask_digital_analog_convertorpr_backplane
1cD Mask (DSP)(PR Encapsulation) mask_dsppr_encapsulation
1cC Mask (DSP)(PR Outer Traces) mask_dsppr_outer_traces
1cB Mask (DSP)(PR Through Vias) mask_dsppr_through_vias
1cQ Mask (OLED Array)(PR Dielectric) mask_oled_arraypr_dielectric
Kh Block (VLDPE) block_vldpe
1bp Block (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) Item block_carbon_fiber_resin_e_item
1cP Mask (OLED Array)(PR Semiconductor) mask_oled_arraypr_semiconductor
LH Block (PS) Item block_ps_item
1bo Block (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) block_carbon_fiber_resin_p
1cO Mask (OLED Array)(PR Backplane) mask_oled_arraypr_backplane
Kj Block (AF Resin) Item block_af_resin_item
1bn Block (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) block_carbon_fiber_resin_e
1cN Mask (Amplifier)(PR Encapsulation) mask_amplifierpr_encapsulation
LJ Block (PTFE) Item block_ptfe_item
Ki Block (VA/AA) block_va_aa
1cM Mask (Amplifier)(PR Traces) mask_amplifierpr_traces
Kd Block (SIS) block_sis
LE Block (PP) Item block_pp_item
1cL Mask (Amplifier)(PR Dielectric) mask_amplifierpr_dielectric
LD Block (kevlar) Item block_kevlar_item
Kc Block (SBS) block_sbs
1cK Mask (Amplifier)(PR Semiconductor) mask_amplifierpr_semiconductor
Kf Block (UHMWPE) block_uhmwpe
1cJ Mask (Amplifier)(PR Backplane) mask_amplifierpr_backplane
VT Wall (PAA) Item wall_paa_item
W5 Wall (PEEK) Item wall_peek_item
Us "Wall (Nylon 6,10)" _wall_nylon_6_10_
VU Wall (PAN) Item wall_pan_item
W6 Wall (PEI) Item wall_pei_item
Ut Wall (PHA) wall_pha
VR Wall (PHB) Item wall_phb_item
Uq Wall (PGA) wall_pga
VS Wall (PHEMA) Item wall_phema_item
W4 Wall (PDMS) Item wall_pdms_item
Ur "Wall (Nylon 6,7)" _wall_nylon_6_7_
VP Wall (P1B) Item wall_p1b_item
W1 Wall (PC) Item wall_pc_item
Uo Wall (PET) wall_pet
W2 Wall (PCHL) Item wall_pchl_item
VQ Wall (PDPE) Item wall_pdpe_item
Up Wall (PETG) wall_petg
VN Wall (Phenol Formaldehydes) Item wall_phenol_formaldehydes_item
Um Wall (PEO) wall_peo
VO Wall (PHBV) Item wall_phbv_item
W0 Wall (PCL) Item wall_pcl_item
Un Wall (PES) wall_pes
VL Wall (PFA) Item wall_pfa_item
VM Wall (PALD) Item wall_pald_item
Ul Wall (PEN) wall_pen
VJ Wall (MALD) Item wall_mald_item
VK Wall (NBR) Item wall_nbr_item
Uj Wall (PEG) wall_peg
VH Wall (MDPE) Item wall_mdpe_item
Ug Wall (PEI) wall_pei
VF Wall (LCP) Item wall_lcp_item
Ue Wall (PDMS) wall_pdms
VG Wall (LDPE) Item wall_ldpe_item
Uf Wall (PEEK) wall_peek
VE Wall (LLDPE) Item wall_lldpe_item
Uc Wall (PCHL) wall_pchl
VC Wall (Butyl Rubber) Item wall_butyl_rubber_item
Ub Wall (PC) wall_pc
VB Wall (HNBR) Item wall_hnbr_item
Ua Wall (PCL) wall_pcl
VA Wall (HDPE) Item wall_hdpe_item
Tz Wall (BIIR) wall_biir
Ty Wall (A-PET) wall_a_pet
UZ Wall (PTT) wall_ptt
Tw Wall (ABS) wall_abs
Tv Wall (AF Resin) wall_af_resin
Tu Double Slab (VA/AA) double_slab_va_aa
UV Wall (PTFE) wall_ptfe
Tt Double Slab (VLDPE) double_slab_vldpe
Tp Double Slab (SIS) double_slab_sis
UQ Wall (PP) wall_pp
V2 Wall (PVA) wall_pva
Tr Double Slab (UHMWPE) double_slab_uhmwpe
V4 Wall (PVC) wall_pvc
UT Wall (PS) wall_ps
V5 Wall (PVCA) wall_pvca
Tm Double Slab (SAN) double_slab_san
Tn Double Slab (SBR) double_slab_sbr
V0 Wall (PU) wall_pu
To Double Slab (SBS) double_slab_sbs
UP Wall (kevlar) wall_kevlar
V1 Wall (PVAC) wall_pvac
UI Wall (POM) wall_pom
UK Wall (Polyphenol) wall_polyphenol
UE Wall (PMMA) wall_pmma
UF Wall (PMMS) wall_pmms
Te Double Slab (PVC) double_slab_pvc
Tf Double Slab (PVCA) double_slab_pvca
UG Wall (nomex) wall_nomex
Ta Double Slab (PU) double_slab_pu
UA Wall (PLA) wall_pla
Tc Double Slab (PVA) double_slab_pva
UC Wall (PMA) wall_pma
Tb Double Slab (PVAC) double_slab_pvac
Sx Double Slab (PES) double_slab_pes
TY Wall (PHBV) wall_phbv
Sw Double Slab (PEO) double_slab_peo
TX Wall (Phenol Formaldehydes) wall_phenol_formaldehydes
U9 Wall (PBT) wall_pbt
Sz Double Slab (PETG) double_slab_petg
TZ Wall (P1B) wall_p1b
Sy Double Slab (PET) double_slab_pet
St Double Slab (PEG) double_slab_peg
TU Wall (NBR) wall_nbr
U6 Wall (PBR (high grade)) wall_pbr_high_grade
TT Wall (MALD) wall_mald
U5 Wall (PBR (low grade)) wall_pbr_low_grade
Sv Double Slab (PEN) double_slab_pen
TW Wall (PALD) wall_pald
TV Wall (PFA) wall_pfa
U7 Wall (PBS) wall_pbs
XR Stairs (PC) stairs_pc
Y3 Stairs (PES) stairs_pes
Wq Wall (PLA) Item wall_pla_item
XS Stairs (PCHL) stairs_pchl
Y4 Stairs (PET) stairs_pet
XP Stairs (PBT) stairs_pbt
Y1 Stairs (PEN) stairs_pen
Wo Wall (PIB) Item wall_pib_item
XQ Stairs (PCL) stairs_pcl
Y2 Stairs (PEO) stairs_peo
Wp Wall (Natural Rubber) Item wall_natural_rubber_item
Wu Wall (PMMA) Item wall_pmma_item
XV Stairs (PEEK) stairs_peek
Y7 "Stairs (Nylon 6,7)" _stairs_nylon_6_7_
Wv Wall (PMMS) Item wall_pmms_item
XW Stairs (PEI) stairs_pei
Y8 "Stairs (Nylon 6,10)" _stairs_nylon_6_10_
Ws Wall (PMA) Item wall_pma_item
Y5 Stairs (PETG) stairs_petg
XU Stairs (PDMS) stairs_pdms
Y6 Stairs (PGA) stairs_pga
XJ Stairs (PAA) stairs_paa
Wi "Wall (Nylon 6,10)" Item _wall_nylon_6_10__item
XK Stairs (PAN) stairs_pan
Wj Wall (PHA) Item wall_pha_item
XH Stairs (PHB) stairs_phb
Wg Wall (PGA) Item wall_pga_item
XI Stairs (PHEMA) stairs_phema
Wh "Wall (Nylon 6,7)" Item _wall_nylon_6_7__item
XN Stairs (PBS) stairs_pbs
XL Stairs (PBR (low grade)) stairs_pbr_low_grade
XM Stairs (PBR (high grade)) stairs_pbr_high_grade
Wl Wall (PI) Item wall_pi_item
XC Stairs (PALD) stairs_pald
Wb Wall (PEN) Item wall_pen_item
XB Stairs (PFA) stairs_pfa
XA Stairs (NBR) stairs_nbr
XG Stairs (PDPE) stairs_pdpe
Wf Wall (PETG) Item wall_petg_item
XF Stairs (P1B) stairs_p1b
We Wall (PET) Item wall_pet_item
XE Stairs (PHBV) stairs_phbv
Wd Wall (PES) Item wall_pes_item
XD Stairs (Phenol Formaldehydes) stairs_phenol_formaldehydes
Wc Wall (PEO) Item wall_peo_item
Vy Wall (EPDM) Item wall_epdm_item
Vx Wall (EPM) Item wall_epm_item
X9 Wall (VLDPE) Item wall_vldpe_item
Vv Wall (Epoxy Resin) Item wall_epoxy_resin_item
Vz Wall (EVA) Item wall_eva_item
Vo Wall (A-PET) Item wall_a_pet_item
WP Wall (PTT) Item wall_ptt_item
Vp Wall (BIIR) Item wall_biir_item
WQ Wall (PU) Item wall_pu_item
X2 Wall (SAN) Item wall_san_item
Vq Wall (Carbon Fiber) Item wall_carbon_fiber_item
WR Wall (PVAC) Item wall_pvac_item
X3 Wall (SBR) Item wall_sbr_item
WS Wall (PVA) Item wall_pva_item
X4 Wall (SBS) Item wall_sbs_item
X5 Wall (SIS) Item wall_sis_item
Vs Wall (Cellulose) Item wall_cellulose_item
Vt Wall (Chitin) Item wall_chitin_item
WU Wall (PVC) Item wall_pvc_item
Vu Wall (CIIR) Item wall_ciir_item
WV Wall (PVCA) Item wall_pvca_item
X7 Wall (UHMWPE) Item wall_uhmwpe_item
Vf Wall (SIS) wall_sis
WG Wall (PP) Item wall_pp_item
Vh Wall (UHMWPE) wall_uhmwpe
WJ Wall (PS) Item wall_ps_item
Vj Wall (VLDPE) wall_vldpe
WL Wall (PTFE) Item wall_ptfe_item
Vk Wall (VA/AA) wall_va_aa
Vl Wall (AF Resin) Item wall_af_resin_item
Vm Wall (ABS) Item wall_abs_item
WA Wall (Polyphenol) Item wall_polyphenol_item
Vc Wall (SAN) wall_san
WF Wall (kevlar) Item wall_kevlar_item
Ve Wall (SBS) wall_sbs
Vd Wall (SBR) wall_sbr
VW Wall (PBR (high grade)) Item wall_pbr_high_grade_item
Uv Wall (PI) wall_pi
VV Wall (PBR (low grade)) Item wall_pbr_low_grade_item
VX Wall (PBS) Item wall_pbs_item
W9 Wall (PEG) Item wall_peg_item
Uz Wall (Natural Rubber) wall_natural_rubber
VZ Wall (PBT) Item wall_pbt_item
Uy Wall (PIB) wall_pib
RI Double Slab (A-PET) double_slab_a_pet
Qh Slab (Phenol Formaldehydes) slab_phenol_formaldehydes
Qg Slab (PALD) slab_pald
RG Double Slab (ABS) double_slab_abs
Qf Slab (PFA) slab_pfa
RF Double Slab (AF Resin) double_slab_af_resin
Qe Slab (NBR) slab_nbr
Qd Slab (MALD) slab_mald
RE Slab (VA/AA) slab_va_aa
RD Slab (VLDPE) slab_vldpe
Qb Slab (MDPE) slab_mdpe
Qa Slab (LDPE) slab_ldpe
RB Slab (UHMWPE) slab_uhmwpe
Qp Slab (PBR (low grade)) slab_pbr_low_grade
RP Double Slab (Epoxy Resin) double_slab_epoxy_resin
S1 Double Slab (MDPE) double_slab_mdpe
Qo Slab (PAN) slab_pan
RO Double Slab (CIIR) double_slab_ciir
S0 Double Slab (LDPE) double_slab_ldpe
Qn Slab (PAA) slab_paa
Qm Slab (PHEMA) slab_phema
RN Double Slab (Chitin) double_slab_chitin
Ql Slab (PHB) slab_phb
RM Double Slab (Cellulose) double_slab_cellulose
Qk Slab (PDPE) slab_pdpe
Qj Slab (P1B) slab_p1b
RK Double Slab (Carbon Fiber) double_slab_carbon_fiber
RJ Double Slab (BIIR) double_slab_biir
Qi Slab (PHBV) slab_phbv
QW Slab (PMA) slab_pma
Pv Double Slab (PVAC) Item double_slab_pvac_item
R9 Slab (kevlar) slab_kevlar
Pw Double Slab (PVA) Item double_slab_pva_item
QU Slab (PLA) slab_pla
Pt Double Slab (PTT) Item double_slab_ptt_item
Pu Double Slab (PU) Item double_slab_pu_item
R4 Slab (Polyphenol) slab_polyphenol
QS Slab (PIB) slab_pib
QT Slab (Natural Rubber) slab_natural_rubber
R2 Slab (POM) slab_pom
Pp Double Slab (PTFE) Item double_slab_ptfe_item
Pz Double Slab (PVCA) Item double_slab_pvca_item
QY Slab (PMMA) slab_pmma
QZ Slab (PMMS) slab_pmms
Py Double Slab (PVC) Item double_slab_pvc_item
Pe Double Slab (Polyphenol) Item double_slab_polyphenol_item
QF Slab (PEN) slab_pen
QH Slab (PES) slab_pes
QG Slab (PEO) slab_peo
Pa Double Slab (nomex) Item double_slab_nomex_item
QA Slab (PEI) slab_pei
QD Slab (PEG) slab_peg
Pc Double Slab (POM) Item double_slab_pom_item
QN Slab (PHA) slab_pha
QM "Slab (Nylon 6,10)" _slab_nylon_6_10_
QP Slab (PI) slab_pi
R0 Slab (nomex) slab_nomex
Pn Double Slab (PS) Item double_slab_ps_item
QJ Slab (PETG) slab_petg
QI Slab (PET) slab_pet
QL "Slab (Nylon 6,7)" _slab_nylon_6_7_
Pk Double Slab (PP) Item double_slab_pp_item
QK Slab (PGA) slab_pga
Pj Double Slab (kevlar) Item double_slab_kevlar_item
PT Slab (BIIR) slab_biir
Q5 Slab (HNBR) slab_hnbr
Os Double Slab (PHBV) Item double_slab_phbv_item
Ot Double Slab (P1B) Item double_slab_p1b_item
PU Slab (Carbon Fiber) slab_carbon_fiber
Q6 Slab (Butyl Rubber) slab_butyl_rubber
Ou Double Slab (PDPE) Item double_slab_pdpe_item
Ov Double Slab (PHB) Item double_slab_phb_item
PW Slab (Cellulose) slab_cellulose
Q8 Slab (LLDPE) slab_lldpe
PP Slab (AF Resin) slab_af_resin
Q1 Slab (EPM) slab_epm
Oo Double Slab (NBR) Item double_slab_nbr_item
PQ Slab (ABS) slab_abs
Q2 Slab (EPDM) slab_epdm
Op Double Slab (PFA) Item double_slab_pfa_item
Q3 Slab (EVA) slab_eva
Oq Double Slab (PALD) Item double_slab_pald_item
PS Slab (A-PET) slab_a_pet
Q4 Slab (HDPE) slab_hdpe
Or Double Slab (Phenol Formaldehydes) Item double_slab_phenol_formaldehydes_item
Ow Double Slab (PHEMA) Item double_slab_phema_item
PX Slab (Chitin) slab_chitin
Q9 Slab (LCP) slab_lcp
PY Slab (CIIR) slab_ciir
Ox Double Slab (PAA) Item double_slab_paa_item
PZ Slab (Epoxy Resin) slab_epoxy_resin
Oy Double Slab (PAN) Item double_slab_pan_item
Oz Double Slab (PBR (low grade)) Item double_slab_pbr_low_grade_item
Sf Double Slab (PBR (low grade)) double_slab_pbr_low_grade
Se Double Slab (PAN) double_slab_pan
TF Wall (Epoxy Resin) wall_epoxy_resin
Sd Double Slab (PAA) double_slab_paa
TE Wall (CIIR) wall_ciir
Sc Double Slab (PHEMA) double_slab_phema
TD Wall (Chitin) wall_chitin
Sj Double Slab (PBT) double_slab_pbt
TK Wall (HDPE) wall_hdpe
TJ Wall (EVA) wall_eva
Sh Double Slab (PBS) double_slab_pbs
TI Wall (EPDM) wall_epdm
Sg Double Slab (PBR (high grade)) double_slab_pbr_high_grade
TH Wall (EPM) wall_epm
U0 Wall (PDPE) wall_pdpe
TO Wall (LLDPE) wall_lldpe
Sm Double Slab (PCHL) double_slab_pchl
Sl Double Slab (PC) double_slab_pc
TM Wall (Butyl Rubber) wall_butyl_rubber
Sk Double Slab (PCL) double_slab_pcl
TL Wall (HNBR) wall_hnbr
U4 Wall (PAN) wall_pan
Sq Double Slab (PEI) double_slab_pei
TR Wall (MDPE) wall_mdpe
U3 Wall (PAA) wall_paa
U2 Wall (PHEMA) wall_phema
Sp Double Slab (PEEK) double_slab_peek
TQ Wall (LDPE) wall_ldpe
U1 Wall (PHB) wall_phb
So Double Slab (PDMS) double_slab_pdms
TP Wall (LCP) wall_lcp
SU Double Slab (Polyphenol) double_slab_polyphenol
SS Double Slab (POM) double_slab_pom
T5 Double Slab (PTFE) double_slab_ptfe
Rx Slab (SBR) slab_sbr
SZ Double Slab (kevlar) double_slab_kevlar
Ry Slab (SBS) slab_sbs
T9 Double Slab (PTT) double_slab_ptt
Rw Slab (SAN) slab_san
Rz Slab (SIS) slab_sis
Sa Double Slab (PDPE) double_slab_pdpe
Sb Double Slab (PHB) double_slab_phb
TC Wall (Cellulose) wall_cellulose
TA Wall (Carbon Fiber) wall_carbon_fiber
SD Double Slab (PHA) double_slab_pha
SC Double "Slab (Nylon 6,10)" double__slab_nylon_6_10_
SF Double Slab (PI) double_slab_pi
Rd Slab (PS) slab_ps
Rf Slab (PTFE) slab_ptfe
SJ Double Slab (Natural Rubber) double_slab_natural_rubber
SI Double Slab (PIB) double_slab_pib
Rk Slab (PU) slab_pu
SK Double Slab (PLA) double_slab_pla
Rj Slab (PTT) slab_ptt
Rm Slab (PVA) slab_pva
SM Double Slab (PMA) double_slab_pma
Rl Slab (PVAC) slab_pvac
SP Double Slab (PMMS) double_slab_pmms
Ro Slab (PVC) slab_pvc
SO Double Slab (PMMA) double_slab_pmma
T0 Double Slab (PP) double_slab_pp
T3 Double Slab (PS) double_slab_ps
SQ Double Slab (nomex) double_slab_nomex
Rp Slab (PVCA) slab_pvca
RR Double Slab (EPM) double_slab_epm
S3 Double Slab (MALD) double_slab_mald
Qq Slab (PBR (high grade)) slab_pbr_high_grade
RS Double Slab (EPDM) double_slab_epdm
S4 Double Slab (NBR) double_slab_nbr
Qr Slab (PBS) slab_pbs
RT Double Slab (EVA) double_slab_eva
S5 Double Slab (PFA) double_slab_pfa
RU Double Slab (HDPE) double_slab_hdpe
S6 Double Slab (PALD) double_slab_pald
Qt Slab (PBT) slab_pbt
RV Double Slab (HNBR) double_slab_hnbr
S7 Double Slab (Phenol Formaldehydes) double_slab_phenol_formaldehydes
Qu Slab (PCL) slab_pcl
RW Double Slab (Butyl Rubber) double_slab_butyl_rubber
S8 Double Slab (PHBV) double_slab_phbv
Qv Slab (PC) slab_pc
Qw Slab (PCHL) slab_pchl
S9 Double Slab (P1B) double_slab_p1b
RY Double Slab (LLDPE) double_slab_lldpe
RZ Double Slab (LCP) double_slab_lcp
Qy Slab (PDMS) slab_pdms
Qz Slab (PEEK) slab_peek
SA Double Slab (PGA) double_slab_pga
SB Double "Slab (Nylon 6,7)" double__slab_nylon_6_7_
Ra Slab (PP) slab_pp
a0 Powder Keg (Carbon) powder_keg_carbon
a9 Powder Keg (Phosphorus) powder_keg_phosphorus
a1 Canister (Nitrogen) canister_nitrogen
a2 Canister (Oxygen) canister_oxygen
a3 Canister (Fluorine) canister_fluorine
a4 Canister (Neon) canister_neon
a5 Powder Keg (Sodium) powder_keg_sodium
a6 Powder Keg (Magnesium) powder_keg_magnesium
a7 Powder Keg (Aluminum) powder_keg_aluminum
a8 Powder Keg (Silicon) powder_keg_silicon
ZA Stairs (PAN) Item stairs_pan_item
Xx Stairs (MDPE) stairs_mdpe
YZ Stairs (VLDPE) stairs_vldpe
Xz Stairs (MALD) stairs_mald
ZF Stairs (PBT) Item stairs_pbt_item
Ye Stairs (PIB) stairs_pib
ZG Stairs (PCL) Item stairs_pcl_item
Yf Stairs (Natural Rubber) stairs_natural_rubber
ZH Stairs (PC) Item stairs_pc_item
Yg Stairs (PLA) stairs_pla
ZI Stairs (PCHL) Item stairs_pchl_item
ZB Stairs (PBR (low grade)) Item stairs_pbr_low_grade_item
ZC Stairs (PBR (high grade)) Item stairs_pbr_high_grade_item
Yb Stairs (PI) stairs_pi
ZD Stairs (PBS) Item stairs_pbs_item
Ym Stairs (nomex) stairs_nomex
ZP Stairs (PEG) Item stairs_peg_item
Yo Stairs (POM) stairs_pom
ZK Stairs (PDMS) Item stairs_pdms_item
Yi Stairs (PMA) stairs_pma
Yl Stairs (PMMS) stairs_pmms
ZM Stairs (PEI) Item stairs_pei_item
Yk Stairs (PMMA) stairs_pmma
ZL Stairs (PEEK) Item stairs_peek_item
ZW Stairs (PGA) Item stairs_pga_item
Yv Stairs (kevlar) stairs_kevlar
ZV Stairs (PETG) Item stairs_petg_item
ZY "Stairs (Nylon 6,10)" Item _stairs_nylon_6_10__item
ZX "Stairs (Nylon 6,7)" Item _stairs_nylon_6_7__item
Yw Stairs (PP) stairs_pp
ZS Stairs (PEO) Item stairs_peo_item
Yq Stairs (Polyphenol) stairs_polyphenol
ZR Stairs (PEN) Item stairs_pen_item
ZU Stairs (PET) Item stairs_pet_item
ZT Stairs (PES) Item stairs_pes_item
XZ Stairs (PEG) stairs_peg
Wy Wall (POM) Item wall_pom_item
Y9 Stairs (PHA) stairs_pha
Ww Wall (nomex) Item wall_nomex_item
Xf Stairs (BIIR) stairs_biir
YG Stairs (PU) stairs_pu
Xg Stairs (Carbon Fiber) stairs_carbon_fiber
YH Stairs (PVAC) stairs_pvac
Xe Stairs (A-PET) stairs_a_pet
YF Stairs (PTT) stairs_ptt
Xb Stairs (AF Resin) stairs_af_resin
Xc Stairs (ABS) stairs_abs
YB Stairs (PTFE) stairs_ptfe
Xa Wall (VA/AA) Item wall_va_aa_item
Z1 Stairs (AF Resin) Item stairs_af_resin_item
Xo Stairs (EPDM) stairs_epdm
Xn Stairs (EPM) stairs_epm
Z0 Stairs (VA/AA) stairs_va_aa
Xl Stairs (Epoxy Resin) stairs_epoxy_resin
Xk Stairs (CIIR) stairs_ciir
YL Stairs (PVCA) stairs_pvca
Xj Stairs (Chitin) stairs_chitin
YK Stairs (PVC) stairs_pvc
Xi Stairs (Cellulose) stairs_cellulose
YI Stairs (PVA) stairs_pva
Z9 Stairs (Chitin) Item stairs_chitin_item
Xw Stairs (LDPE) stairs_ldpe
YX Stairs (UHMWPE) stairs_uhmwpe
Z8 Stairs (Cellulose) Item stairs_cellulose_item
Xv Stairs (LCP) stairs_lcp
YV Stairs (SIS) stairs_sis
Xu Stairs (LLDPE) stairs_lldpe
Z6 Stairs (Carbon Fiber) Item stairs_carbon_fiber_item
YU Stairs (SBS) stairs_sbs
Z5 Stairs (BIIR) Item stairs_biir_item
Xs Stairs (Butyl Rubber) stairs_butyl_rubber
YT Stairs (SBR) stairs_sbr
Z4 Stairs (A-PET) Item stairs_a_pet_item
Xr Stairs (HNBR) stairs_hnbr
YS Stairs (SAN) stairs_san
Xq Stairs (HDPE) stairs_hdpe
Z2 Stairs (ABS) Item stairs_abs_item
Xp Stairs (EVA) stairs_eva
Zz Stairs (PAA) Item stairs_paa_item
ZZ Stairs (PHA) Item stairs_pha_item
Yz Stairs (PS) stairs_ps
Za Stairs (CIIR) Item stairs_ciir_item
Zd Stairs (EPM) Item stairs_epm_item
Ze Stairs (EPDM) Item stairs_epdm_item
Zb Stairs (Epoxy Resin) Item stairs_epoxy_resin_item
Zh Stairs (HNBR) Item stairs_hnbr_item
Zi Stairs (Butyl Rubber) Item stairs_butyl_rubber_item
Zf Stairs (EVA) Item stairs_eva_item
Zg Stairs (HDPE) Item stairs_hdpe_item
Zm Stairs (LDPE) Item stairs_ldpe_item
Zl Stairs (LCP) Item stairs_lcp_item
Zk Stairs (LLDPE) Item stairs_lldpe_item
Zq Stairs (NBR) Item stairs_nbr_item
Zp Stairs (MALD) Item stairs_mald_item
Zn Stairs (MDPE) Item stairs_mdpe_item
Zu Stairs (PHBV) Item stairs_phbv_item
Zt Stairs (Phenol Formaldehydes) Item stairs_phenol_formaldehydes_item
Zs Stairs (PALD) Item stairs_pald_item
Zr Stairs (PFA) Item stairs_pfa_item
Zy Stairs (PHEMA) Item stairs_phema_item
Zx Stairs (PHB) Item stairs_phb_item
Zw Stairs (PDPE) Item stairs_pdpe_item
Zv Stairs (P1B) Item stairs_p1b_item
fz Vial (Cyclohexanone) vial_cyclohexanone
h8 Vial (n-Butane) vial_n_butane
gW Vial (Methyl Methacrylate) vial_methyl_methacrylate
fv Vial (Cyanide) vial_cyanide
h9 Vial (n-Butyl Mercaptan) vial_n_butyl_mercaptan
fw Vial (Cyanuric Acid) vial_cyanuric_acid
fx Vial (Cyclohexane) vial_cyclohexane
fy Vial (Cyclohexane Dimethanol) vial_cyclohexane_dimethanol
gc Vial (Glycolic Acid) vial_glycolic_acid
hE Bag (Potassium Hydroxide) bag_potassium_hydroxide
ge Vial (Heavy Naphtha) vial_heavy_naphtha
gf Vial (Hexamine) vial_hexamine
hA Bag (Potassium Carbonate) bag_potassium_carbonate
hB Bag (Potassium Chloride) bag_potassium_chloride
ga Vial (Glucose) vial_glucose
gb Vial (Glycerol) vial_glycerol
gM Vial (Mercaptans) vial_mercaptans
ff Vial (Carboxylates) vial_carboxylates
fi Vial (Cellulose) vial_cellulose
fh Vial (Carrot Wine) vial_carrot_wine
h5 Vial (Naphthalene) vial_naphthalene
h4 Vial (Naphtha) vial_naphtha
h7 Flask (Natural Gas) flask_natural_gas
fu Vial (Crude Oil) vial_crude_oil
h6 Vial (Naphthalenedicarboxylic Acid) vial_naphthalenedicarboxylic_acid
h1 Vial (m-Mercaptan) vial_m_mercaptan
gP Vial (Methacrylic Acid) vial_methacrylic_acid
fo Vial (Coke) vial_coke
h0 Vial (Mineral Oil) vial_mineral_oil
gO Vial (m-Xylene) vial_m_xylene
fn Bag (Cobalt-Manganese-Bromide) bag_cobalt_manganese_bromide
gR Vial (Methanol) vial_methanol
fq Bag (Copper II Sulfate) bag_copper_ii_sulfate
h2 Vial (Molasses) vial_molasses
gQ Flask (Methane) flask_methane
fp Bag (Copper II Chloride) bag_copper_ii_chloride
gy Vial (Light Naphthenes) vial_light_naphthenes
gz Vial (Light Olefins) vial_light_olefins
hX Vial (Sodium Borate) vial_sodium_borate
gw Vial (Lauryl Alcohol) vial_lauryl_alcohol
gx Vial (Light Naphtha) vial_light_naphtha
iG Vial (Trioxane) vial_trioxane
hf Vial (n-Pentane) vial_n_pentane
hg Vial (Olefins) vial_olefins
iE Vial (Triethylene Glycol) vial_triethylene_glycol
iF Bag (Trimethyl Orthoformate) bag_trimethyl_orthoformate
he Vial (n-p Mercaptan) vial_n_p_mercaptan
iC Vial (Trichloroethylene) vial_trichloroethylene
hb Vial (N-Ethylidenecyclohexylamine) vial_n_ethylidenecyclohexylamine
hc Vial (n-Hexane) vial_n_hexane
ha Vial (NeoPentane) vial_neopentane
hO Vial (Propanol) vial_propanol
hN Flask (Propane) flask_propane
gl Vial (Hydroquinone) vial_hydroquinone
gk Vial (Hydrogen Peroxide) vial_hydrogen_peroxide
gj Vial (Hydrofluoric Acid) vial_hydrofluoric_acid
gi Vial (Hydrochloric Acid) vial_hydrochloric_acid
gh Vial (High Octane Gasoline) vial_high_octane_gasoline
gg Vial (Hexane Isomers) vial_hexane_isomers
gv Vial (Latex) vial_latex
gu Vial (Lactic Acid) vial_lactic_acid
gt Vial (Kerosene) vial_kerosene
gs Vial (Isophthalic Acid) vial_isophthalic_acid
i4 Bag (Sodium Hydroxide) bag_sodium_hydroxide
gr Vial (IsoPentane) vial_isopentane
gq Vial (IsoButane) vial_isobutane
hQ Vial (Rum) vial_rum
i1 Bag (Sodium Chloride) bag_sodium_chloride
hP Flask (Propylene) flask_propylene
eW Bag (Calcium Carbide) bag_calcium_carbide
fA Vial (Cyclohexylamine) vial_cyclohexylamine
ea Vial (6-Hydroxynaphthalene-2-Carboxylic Acid) vial_6_hydroxynaphthalene_2_carboxylic_acid
fC Vial (Diamine) vial_diamine
eb Vial (Acetaldehyde) vial_acetaldehyde
ec Vial (Acetic Acid) vial_acetic_acid
ed Vial (Acetone) vial_acetone
eH Vial (Benzene) vial_benzene
eJ Vial (Benzoic Acid) vial_benzoic_acid
eI Vial (Benzene-Toluene-Xylene) vial_benzene_toluene_xylene
eN Vial (Boric Acid) vial_boric_acid
eM Vial (Bisphenol A) vial_bisphenol_a
eP Vial (Butadiene) vial_butadiene
f0 Bag (Calcium Hydroxide) bag_calcium_hydroxide
eR Vial (Butanol) vial_butanol
f2 Bag (Calcium Monoxide) bag_calcium_monoxide
eQ Flask (Butane Isomers) flask_butane_isomers
eT Vial (Butyrolactone) vial_butyrolactone
f4 Vial (Calcium Oxide) vial_calcium_oxide
eS Vial (Butylene isomers) vial_butylene_isomers
g9 Vial (Gin) vial_gin
fX Vial (Ethylene Glycol) vial_ethylene_glycol
fY Vial (Ethylene Oxide) vial_ethylene_oxide
g7 Vial (Fruit Brandy) vial_fruit_brandy
fV Flask (Ethylene) flask_ethylene
g8 Vial (Gas Oil) vial_gas_oil
fW Vial (Ethylene Carbonate) vial_ethylene_carbonate
fZ Vial (Ethylidene Diacetate) vial_ethylidene_diacetate
ez Bag (Ammonium Hydroxide) bag_ammonium_hydroxide
gA Vial (Light Parrafins) vial_light_parrafins
fa Vial (Caprolactone) vial_caprolactone
fd Flask (Carbon Monoxide) flask_carbon_monoxide
fe Vial (Carbonic Acid) vial_carbonic_acid
fb Vial (Caprolactam) vial_caprolactam
fc Flask (Carbon Dioxide) flask_carbon_dioxide
fI Vial (Diethylene Glycol) vial_diethylene_glycol
eh Vial (Adipic Acid) vial_adipic_acid
eg Vial (Acrylic Acid) vial_acrylic_acid
fG Vial (Diesel) vial_diesel
fF Vial (Dichloromethane) vial_dichloromethane
ee Vial (Acetylene) vial_acetylene
fM Vial (Dioxane) vial_dioxane
fL Vial (Dimethyl Terephthalate) vial_dimethyl_terephthalate
fJ Vial (Dimethoxyethane) vial_dimethoxyethane
ei Vial (Aldehyde-Collidine) vial_aldehyde_collidine
fQ Flask (Ethane) flask_ethane
fP Vial (e-Mercaptan) vial_e_mercaptan
fO Vial (EDC) vial_edc
fU Vial (Ethylbenzene) vial_ethylbenzene
g4 Vial (Formaldehyde) vial_formaldehyde
fR Vial (Ethanol) vial_ethanol
eq Flask (Ammonia) flask_ammonia
bz Powder Keg (Lawrencium) powder_keg_lawrencium
bw Powder Keg (Fermium) powder_keg_fermium
bv Powder Keg (Einsteinium) powder_keg_einsteinium
by Powder Keg (Nobelium) powder_keg_nobelium
bx Powder Keg (Mendelevium) powder_keg_mendelevium
bs Powder Keg (Curium) powder_keg_curium
br Powder Keg (Americium) powder_keg_americium
bu Powder Keg (Californium) powder_keg_californium
bt Powder Keg (Berkelium) powder_keg_berkelium
bn Powder Keg (Protactinium) powder_keg_protactinium
bo Powder Keg (Uranium) powder_keg_uranium
bp Powder Keg (Neptunium) powder_keg_neptunium
bq Powder Keg (Plutonium) powder_keg_plutonium
bj Powder Keg (Francium) powder_keg_francium
bk Powder Keg (Radium) powder_keg_radium
bl Powder Keg (Actinium) powder_keg_actinium
bm Powder Keg (Thorium) powder_keg_thorium
bf Powder Keg (Bismuth) powder_keg_bismuth
bg Powder Keg (Polonium) powder_keg_polonium
bh Powder Keg (Astatine) powder_keg_astatine
bi Canister (Radon) canister_radon
bb Powder Keg (Gold) powder_keg_gold
bc Drum (Mercury) drum_mercury
bd Powder Keg (Thallium) powder_keg_thallium
be Powder Keg (Plumbum (Lead)) powder_keg_plumbum_lead
eC Vial (Antimony Trioxide) vial_antimony_trioxide
e9 Vial (4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid) vial_4_hydroxybenzoic_acid
dX Vial (2-Ethoxyethanol) vial_2_ethoxyethanol
e8 Vial (3-MethylPentane) vial_3_methylpentane
e7 Vial (3-Hydroxypentanoic Acid) vial_3_hydroxypentanoic_acid
e6 Vial (3-Hydroxybutanoic Acid) vial_3_hydroxybutanoic_acid
dU Vial (2-Butoxyethanol) vial_2_butoxyethanol
e5 Vial (2-Propoxyethanol) vial_2_propoxyethanol
dR "Vial (2,2-DiMethylButane)" _vial_2_2_dimethylbutane_
dS "Vial (2,3-DiMethylButane)" _vial_2_3_dimethylbutane_
e2 Vial (2-MethylPentane) vial_2_methylpentane
dN "Vial (1,6-Hexamethylenediamine)" _vial_1_6_hexamethylenediamine_
e0 Vial (2-Methoxyethanol) vial_2_methoxyethanol
dL "Vial (1,3-Propanediol)" _vial_1_3_propanediol_
dM "Vial (1,4-Butanediol)" _vial_1_4_butanediol_
aZ Powder Keg (Holmium) powder_keg_holmium
aY Powder Keg (Dysprosium) powder_keg_dysprosium
bA Powder Keg (Rutherfordium) powder_keg_rutherfordium
aR Powder Keg (Praseodymium) powder_keg_praseodymium
b3 Powder Keg (Lutetium) powder_keg_lutetium
aQ Powder Keg (Cerium) powder_keg_cerium
b2 Powder Keg (Ytterbium) powder_keg_ytterbium
aT Powder Keg (Promethium) powder_keg_promethium
b5 Powder Keg (Tantalum) powder_keg_tantalum
aS Powder Keg (Neodymium) powder_keg_neodymium
b4 Powder Keg (Hafnium) powder_keg_hafnium
aV Powder Keg (Europium) powder_keg_europium
b7 Powder Keg (Rhenium) powder_keg_rhenium
aU Powder Keg (Samarium) powder_keg_samarium
b6 Powder Keg (Tungsten) powder_keg_tungsten
aX Powder Keg (Terbium) powder_keg_terbium
b9 Powder Keg (Iridium) powder_keg_iridium
aW Powder Keg (Gadolinium) powder_keg_gadolinium
b8 Powder Keg (Osmium) powder_keg_osmium
aI Powder Keg (Tin) powder_keg_tin
aJ Powder Keg (Antimony) powder_keg_antimony
aK Powder Keg (Tellurium) powder_keg_tellurium
aL Powder Keg (Iodine) powder_keg_iodine
aM Canister (Xenon) canister_xenon
aN Powder Keg (Caesium) powder_keg_caesium
aO Powder Keg (Barium) powder_keg_barium
b0 Powder Keg (Erbium) powder_keg_erbium
aP Powder Keg (Lanthanum) powder_keg_lanthanum
b1 Powder Keg (Thulium) powder_keg_thulium
aA Powder Keg (Molybdenum) powder_keg_molybdenum
aB Powder Keg (Technetium) powder_keg_technetium
aC Powder Keg (Ruthenium) powder_keg_ruthenium
aD Powder Keg (Rhodium) powder_keg_rhodium
aE Powder Keg (Palladium) powder_keg_palladium
aF Powder Keg (Silver) powder_keg_silver
aG Powder Keg (Cadmium) powder_keg_cadmium
aH Powder Keg (Indium) powder_keg_indium
az Powder Keg (Niobium) powder_keg_niobium
ay Powder Keg (Zirconium) powder_keg_zirconium
ba Powder Keg (Platinum) powder_keg_platinum
at Drum (Bromine) drum_bromine
as Powder Keg (Selenium) powder_keg_selenium
ar Powder Keg (Arsenic) powder_keg_arsenic
aq Powder Keg (Germanium) powder_keg_germanium
ax Powder Keg (Yttrium) powder_keg_yttrium
aw Powder Keg (Strontium) powder_keg_strontium
av Powder Keg (Rubidium) powder_keg_rubidium
au Canister (Krypton) canister_krypton
bL Powder Keg (Ununpentium) powder_keg_ununpentium
ak Powder Keg (Iron) powder_keg_iron
bM Powder Keg (Livermorium) powder_keg_livermorium
al Powder Keg (Cobalt) powder_keg_cobalt
bJ Powder Keg (Ununtrium) powder_keg_ununtrium
ai Powder Keg (Chromium) powder_keg_chromium
bK Powder Keg (Flerovium) powder_keg_flerovium
aj Powder Keg (Manganese) powder_keg_manganese
ao Powder Keg (Zinc) powder_keg_zinc
ap Powder Keg (Gallium) powder_keg_gallium
bN Powder Keg (Ununseptium) powder_keg_ununseptium
am Powder Keg (Nickel) powder_keg_nickel
bO Powder Keg (Ununoctium) powder_keg_ununoctium
an Powder Keg (Copper) powder_keg_copper
ac Canister (Argon) canister_argon
bD Powder Keg (Bohrium) powder_keg_bohrium
bE Powder Keg (Hassium) powder_keg_hassium
ad Powder Keg (Potassium) powder_keg_potassium
aa Powder Keg (Sulfur) powder_keg_sulfur
bB Powder Keg (Dubnium) powder_keg_dubnium
ab Canister (Chlorine) canister_chlorine
bC Powder Keg (Seaborgium) powder_keg_seaborgium
bH Powder Keg (Roentgenium) powder_keg_roentgenium
ag Powder Keg (Titanium) powder_keg_titanium
bI Powder Keg (Copernicium) powder_keg_copernicium
ah Powder Keg (Vanadium) powder_keg_vanadium
bF Powder Keg (Meitnerium) powder_keg_meitnerium
ae Powder Keg (Calcium) powder_keg_calcium
bG Powder Keg (Darmstadtium) powder_keg_darmstadtium
af Powder Keg (Scandium) powder_keg_scandium
oV Drum (4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid) drum_4_hydroxybenzoic_acid
oU Drum (3-MethylPentane) drum_3_methylpentane
ns Sack (Sodium Hydroxide) sack_sodium_hydroxide
oT Drum (3-Hydroxypentanoic Acid) drum_3_hydroxypentanoic_acid
p4 Drum (Aldehyde-Collidine) drum_aldehyde_collidine
oS Drum (3-Hydroxybutanoic Acid) drum_3_hydroxybutanoic_acid
p3 Drum (Adipic Acid) drum_adipic_acid
oR Drum (2-Propoxyethanol) drum_2_propoxyethanol
np Sack (Sodium Chloride) sack_sodium_chloride
p2 Drum (Acrylic Acid) drum_acrylic_acid
p0 Drum (Acetylene) drum_acetylene
oO Drum (2-MethylPentane) drum_2_methylpentane
nz Beaker (Sodium Silicate) beaker_sodium_silicate
ny Beaker (Sodium Phosphate) beaker_sodium_phosphate
oZ Drum (Acetone) drum_acetone
oY Drum (Acetic Acid) drum_acetic_acid
oX Drum (Acetaldehyde) drum_acetaldehyde
oW Drum (6-Hydroxynaphthalene-2-Carboxylic Acid) drum_6_hydroxynaphthalene_2_carboxylic_acid
oe Beaker (Whiskey) beaker_whiskey
pF Drum (Butyrolactone) drum_butyrolactone
of Beaker (Wine) beaker_wine
oc Beaker (Vodka) beaker_vodka
pD Drum (Butanol) drum_butanol
od Beaker (Deionized Water) beaker_deionized_water
pE Drum (Butylene isomers) drum_butylene_isomers
oa Beaker (Vinyl Acetate) beaker_vinyl_acetate
pB Drum (Butadiene) drum_butadiene
ob Beaker (Vinyl Chloride) beaker_vinyl_chloride
pC Canister (Butane Isomers) canister_butane_isomers
q0 Drum (Carbonic Acid) drum_carbonic_acid
pO Powder Keg (Calcium Monoxide) powder_keg_calcium_monoxide
pM Powder Keg (Calcium Hydroxide) powder_keg_calcium_hydroxide
oi Sack (Ziegler-Natta) sack_ziegler_natta
og Beaker (Xylene) beaker_xylene
oh Sack (Zeolite) sack_zeolite
pI Powder Keg (Calcium Carbide) powder_keg_calcium_carbide
ot Beaker (Sweet Diesel) beaker_sweet_diesel
os Beaker (Sweet Kerosene) beaker_sweet_kerosene
pW Drum (Caprolactone) drum_caprolactone
ou Beaker (Lactide) beaker_lactide
op Sack (Chromia Alumina) sack_chromia_alumina
pQ Drum (Calcium Oxide) drum_calcium_oxide
oo Beaker (Antifreeze) beaker_antifreeze
q1 Drum (Carboxylates) drum_carboxylates
or Beaker (Acetonitrile) beaker_acetonitrile
q4 Drum (Cellulose) drum_cellulose
oq Beaker (Acrylonitrile) beaker_acrylonitrile
q3 Drum (Carrot Wine) drum_carrot_wine
pY Canister (Carbon Dioxide) canister_carbon_dioxide
ox "Drum (1,3-Propanediol)" _drum_1_3_propanediol_
q9 Powder Keg (Cobalt-Manganese-Bromide) powder_keg_cobalt_manganese_bromide
pX Drum (Caprolactam) drum_caprolactam
oz "Drum (1,6-Hexamethylenediamine)" _drum_1_6_hexamethylenediamine_
pZ Canister (Carbon Monoxide) canister_carbon_monoxide
oy "Drum (1,4-Butanediol)" _drum_1_4_butanediol_
qG Drum (Ethylbenzene) drum_ethylbenzene
qH Canister (Ethylene) canister_ethylene
qA Drum (EDC) drum_edc
qB Drum (e-Mercaptan) drum_e_mercaptan
qC Canister (Ethane) canister_ethane
qD Drum (Ethanol) drum_ethanol
pc Canister (Ammonia) canister_ammonia
pl Powder Keg (Ammonium Hydroxide) powder_keg_ammonium_hydroxide
r0 Drum (Heavy Naphtha) drum_heavy_naphtha
r1 Drum (Hexamine) drum_hexamine
po Drum (Antimony Trioxide) drum_antimony_trioxide
qI Drum (Ethylene Carbonate) drum_ethylene_carbonate
qJ Drum (Ethylene Glycol) drum_ethylene_glycol
qK Drum (Ethylene Oxide) drum_ethylene_oxide
qL Drum (Ethylidene Diacetate) drum_ethylidene_diacetate
mP Beaker (Phenol Formaldehyde) beaker_phenol_formaldehyde
mO Beaker (Phenol) beaker_phenol
ln Beaker (Ethylidene Diacetate) beaker_ethylidene_diacetate
mN Beaker (Peracetic Acid) beaker_peracetic_acid
lm Beaker (Ethylene Oxide) beaker_ethylene_oxide
mM Beaker (Pentyl Mercaptan) beaker_pentyl_mercaptan
ll Beaker (Ethylene Glycol) beaker_ethylene_glycol
ls Beaker (Formaldehyde) beaker_formaldehyde
mS Beaker (Phosgene) beaker_phosgene
n2 Sack (Potassium Hydroxide) sack_potassium_hydroxide
lw Beaker (Gas Oil) beaker_gas_oil
lv Beaker (Fruit Brandy) beaker_fruit_brandy
lz Beaker (Glycerol) beaker_glycerol
mZ Sack (Potassium Chloride) sack_potassium_chloride
ly Beaker (Glucose) beaker_glucose
mY Sack (Potassium Carbonate) sack_potassium_carbonate
lx Beaker (Gin) beaker_gin
mc Beaker (m-Xylene) beaker_m_xylene
nE Beaker (Stearic Acid) beaker_stearic_acid
md Beaker (Methacrylic Acid) beaker_methacrylic_acid
ma Beaker (Mercaptans) beaker_mercaptans
nH Beaker (Succinic Acid) beaker_succinic_acid
nF Beaker (Stearyl Alcohol) beaker_stearyl_alcohol
me Cartridge (Methane) cartridge_methane
nG Beaker (Styrene) beaker_styrene
mf Beaker (Methanol) beaker_methanol
nL Beaker (Sweet Light Naphtha) beaker_sweet_light_naphtha
mk Beaker (Methyl Methacrylate) beaker_methyl_methacrylate
nM Cartridge (Sweet Propane Fuel) cartridge_sweet_propane_fuel
nJ Beaker (Sulfuric Acid) beaker_sulfuric_acid
nK Cartridge (Sweet Butane Fuel) cartridge_sweet_butane_fuel
o0 Beaker (Trichloroethylene) beaker_trichloroethylene
o2 Beaker (Triethylene Glycol) beaker_triethylene_glycol
nQ Beaker (Tequila) beaker_tequila
mp Beaker (m-Mercaptan) beaker_m_mercaptan
nP Beaker (t-Butyl Mercaptan) beaker_t_butyl_mercaptan
mo Beaker (Mineral Oil) beaker_mineral_oil
o4 Beaker (Trioxane) beaker_trioxane
o3 Sack (Trimethyl Orthoformate) sack_trimethyl_orthoformate
nR Beaker (Terephthalic Acid) beaker_terephthalic_acid
mq Beaker (Molasses) beaker_molasses
mt Beaker (Naphthalene) beaker_naphthalene
nT Beaker (Tetraethylene Glycol) beaker_tetraethylene_glycol
ms Beaker (Naphtha) beaker_naphtha
mv Cartridge (Natural Gas) cartridge_natural_gas
o7 Beaker (Urea) beaker_urea
mu Beaker (Naphthalenedicarboxylic Acid) beaker_naphthalenedicarboxylic_acid
mx Beaker (n-Butyl Mercaptan) beaker_n_butyl_mercaptan
o9 Beaker (Valerolactone) beaker_valerolactone
nX Beaker (Toluene) beaker_toluene
mw Beaker (n-Butane) beaker_n_butane
mz Beaker (N-Ethylidenecyclohexylamine) beaker_n_ethylidenecyclohexylamine
my Beaker (NeoPentane) beaker_neopentane
nb Cartridge (Propane) cartridge_propane
nc Beaker (Propanol) beaker_propanol
oD "Drum (2,2-DiMethylButane)" _drum_2_2_dimethylbutane_
nd Cartridge (Propylene) cartridge_propylene
oE "Drum (2,3-DiMethylButane)" _drum_2_3_dimethylbutane_
ne Beaker (Rum) beaker_rum
oG Drum (2-Butoxyethanol) drum_2_butoxyethanol
oJ Drum (2-Ethoxyethanol) drum_2_ethoxyethanol
nl Beaker (Sodium Borate) beaker_sodium_borate
oM Drum (2-Methoxyethanol) drum_2_methoxyethanol
kY Beaker (Cyclohexylamine) beaker_cyclohexylamine
jx Beaker (4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid) beaker_4_hydroxybenzoic_acid
jy Beaker (6-Hydroxynaphthalene-2-Carboxylic Acid) beaker_6_hydroxynaphthalene_2_carboxylic_acid
kW Beaker (Cyclohexane Dimethanol) beaker_cyclohexane_dimethanol
jv Beaker (3-Hydroxypentanoic Acid) beaker_3_hydroxypentanoic_acid
l9 Beaker (Dimethyl Terephthalate) beaker_dimethyl_terephthalate
kX Beaker (Cyclohexanone) beaker_cyclohexanone
jw Beaker (3-MethylPentane) beaker_3_methylpentane
l6 Beaker (Diethylene Glycol) beaker_diethylene_glycol
kU Beaker (Cyanuric Acid) beaker_cyanuric_acid
jt Beaker (2-Propoxyethanol) beaker_2_propoxyethanol
l7 Beaker (Dimethoxyethane) beaker_dimethoxyethane
kV Beaker (Cyclohexane) beaker_cyclohexane
ju Beaker (3-Hydroxybutanoic Acid) beaker_3_hydroxybutanoic_acid
l4 Beaker (Diesel) beaker_diesel
kS Beaker (Crude Oil) beaker_crude_oil
kT Beaker (Cyanide) beaker_cyanide
l3 Beaker (Dichloromethane) beaker_dichloromethane
jq Beaker (2-MethylPentane) beaker_2_methylpentane
l0 Beaker (Diamine) beaker_diamine
kO Sack (Copper II Sulfate) sack_copper_ii_sulfate
jo Beaker (2-Methoxyethanol) beaker_2_methoxyethanol
kM Beaker (Coke) beaker_coke
jl Beaker (2-Ethoxyethanol) beaker_2_ethoxyethanol
kN Sack (Copper II Chloride) sack_copper_ii_chloride
kL Sack (Cobalt-Manganese-Bromide) sack_cobalt_manganese_bromide
lJ Beaker (Hydroquinone) beaker_hydroquinone
lI Beaker (Hydrogen Peroxide) beaker_hydrogen_peroxide
kh Beaker (Butyrolactone) beaker_butyrolactone
lH Beaker (Hydrofluoric Acid) beaker_hydrofluoric_acid
kg Beaker (Butylene isomers) beaker_butylene_isomers
lG Beaker (Hydrochloric Acid) beaker_hydrochloric_acid
kf Beaker (Butanol) beaker_butanol
lF Beaker (High Octane Gasoline) beaker_high_octane_gasoline
ke Cartridge (Butane Isomers) cartridge_butane_isomers
lE Beaker (Hexane Isomers) beaker_hexane_isomers
kd Beaker (Butadiene) beaker_butadiene
lD Beaker (Hexamine) beaker_hexamine
lC Beaker (Heavy Naphtha) beaker_heavy_naphtha
kb Beaker (Boric Acid) beaker_boric_acid
ka Beaker (Bisphenol A) beaker_bisphenol_a
lA Beaker (Glycolic Acid) beaker_glycolic_acid
jz Beaker (Acetaldehyde) beaker_acetaldehyde
lX Beaker (Light Olefins) beaker_light_olefins
lY Beaker (Light Parrafins) beaker_light_parrafins
ky Beaker (Caprolactone) beaker_caprolactone
kz Beaker (Caprolactam) beaker_caprolactam
lT Beaker (Latex) beaker_latex
ks Beaker (Calcium Oxide) beaker_calcium_oxide
lU Beaker (Lauryl Alcohol) beaker_lauryl_alcohol
lV Beaker (Light Naphtha) beaker_light_naphtha
lW Beaker (Light Naphthenes) beaker_light_naphthenes
lP Beaker (IsoPentane) beaker_isopentane
ko Sack (Calcium Hydroxide) sack_calcium_hydroxide
lQ Beaker (Isophthalic Acid) beaker_isophthalic_acid
lR Beaker (Kerosene) beaker_kerosene
kq Sack (Calcium Monoxide) sack_calcium_monoxide
lS Beaker (Lactic Acid) beaker_lactic_acid
kk Sack (Calcium Carbide) sack_calcium_carbide
lO Beaker (IsoButane) beaker_isobutane
mJ Beaker (Paraffin) beaker_paraffin
li Beaker (Ethylbenzene) beaker_ethylbenzene
mI Beaker (p-Dichlorobenzene) beaker_p_dichlorobenzene
mL Beaker (Pentane Isomers) beaker_pentane_isomers
lk Beaker (Ethylene Carbonate) beaker_ethylene_carbonate
mK Beaker (p-Xylene) beaker_p_xylene
lj Cartridge (Ethylene) cartridge_ethylene
mF Beaker (Oleyl Alcohol) beaker_oleyl_alcohol
le Cartridge (Ethane) cartridge_ethane
mE Beaker (Olefins) beaker_olefins
ld Beaker (e-Mercaptan) beaker_e_mercaptan
mG Beaker (o-Xylene) beaker_o_xylene
lf Beaker (Ethanol) beaker_ethanol
la Beaker (Dioxane) beaker_dioxane
mA Beaker (n-Hexane) beaker_n_hexane
mD Beaker (n-Pentane) beaker_n_pentane
lc Beaker (EDC) beaker_edc
mC Beaker (n-p Mercaptan) beaker_n_p_mercaptan
j4 Vial (Sweet Kerosene) vial_sweet_kerosene
iS Vial (Xylene) vial_xylene
hr Vial (Phenol Formaldehyde) vial_phenol_formaldehyde
j5 Vial (Sweet Diesel) vial_sweet_diesel
iT Bag (Zeolite) bag_zeolite
j2 Vial (Acrylonitrile) vial_acrylonitrile
iQ Vial (Whiskey) vial_whiskey
hp Vial (Peracetic Acid) vial_peracetic_acid
j3 Vial (Acetonitrile) vial_acetonitrile
iR Vial (Wine) vial_wine
hq Vial (Phenol) vial_phenol
j9 "Beaker (1,3-Propanediol)" _beaker_1_3_propanediol_
j6 Vial (Lactide) vial_lactide
iU Bag (Ziegler-Natta) bag_ziegler_natta
hu Vial (Phosgene) vial_phosgene
iL Vial (Valerolactone) vial_valerolactone
hk Vial (p-Dichlorobenzene) vial_p_dichlorobenzene
hh Vial (Oleyl Alcohol) vial_oleyl_alcohol
iJ Vial (Urea) vial_urea
hi Vial (o-Xylene) vial_o_xylene
j0 Vial (Antifreeze) vial_antifreeze
iO Vial (Vodka) vial_vodka
hn Vial (Pentane Isomers) vial_pentane_isomers
j1 Bag (Chromia Alumina) bag_chromia_alumina
iP Vial (Deionized Water) vial_deionized_water
ho Vial (Pentyl Mercaptan) vial_pentyl_mercaptan
iM Vial (Vinyl Acetate) vial_vinyl_acetate
hl Vial (Paraffin) vial_paraffin
iN Vial (Vinyl Chloride) vial_vinyl_chloride
hm Vial (p-Xylene) vial_p_xylene
jE Beaker (Acrylic Acid) beaker_acrylic_acid
ib Vial (Sodium Silicate) vial_sodium_silicate
jC Beaker (Acetylene) beaker_acetylene
ia Vial (Sodium Phosphate) vial_sodium_phosphate
jB Beaker (Acetone) beaker_acetone
ih Vial (Stearyl Alcohol) vial_stearyl_alcohol
ig Vial (Stearic Acid) vial_stearic_acid
jG Beaker (Aldehyde-Collidine) beaker_aldehyde_collidine
jF Beaker (Adipic Acid) beaker_adipic_acid
jA Beaker (Acetic Acid) beaker_acetic_acid
ir Vial (t-Butyl Mercaptan) vial_t_butyl_mercaptan
is Vial (Tequila) vial_tequila
k5 Beaker (Benzene) beaker_benzene
it Vial (Terephthalic Acid) vial_terephthalic_acid
k6 Beaker (Benzene-Toluene-Xylene) beaker_benzene_toluene_xylene
k7 Beaker (Benzoic Acid) beaker_benzoic_acid
iv Vial (Tetraethylene Glycol) vial_tetraethylene_glycol
jX Sack (Ammonium Hydroxide) sack_ammonium_hydroxide
ii Vial (Styrene) vial_styrene
ij Vial (Succinic Acid) vial_succinic_acid
il Vial (Sulfuric Acid) vial_sulfuric_acid
im Flask (Sweet Butane Fuel) flask_sweet_butane_fuel
in Vial (Sweet Light Naphtha) vial_sweet_light_naphtha
k0 Beaker (Antimony Trioxide) beaker_antimony_trioxide
jO Cartridge (Ammonia) cartridge_ammonia
io Flask (Sweet Propane Fuel) flask_sweet_propane_fuel
kD Beaker (Carboxylates) beaker_carboxylates
kC Beaker (Carbonic Acid) beaker_carbonic_acid
jb "Beaker (1,6-Hexamethylenediamine)" _beaker_1_6_hexamethylenediamine_
kF Beaker (Carrot Wine) beaker_carrot_wine
jg "Beaker (2,3-DiMethylButane)" _beaker_2_3_dimethylbutane_
kG Beaker (Cellulose) beaker_cellulose
jf "Beaker (2,2-DiMethylButane)" _beaker_2_2_dimethylbutane_
ji Beaker (2-Butoxyethanol) beaker_2_butoxyethanol
iz Vial (Toluene) vial_toluene
kB Cartridge (Carbon Monoxide) cartridge_carbon_monoxide
ja "Beaker (1,4-Butanediol)" _beaker_1_4_butanediol_
kA Cartridge (Carbon Dioxide) cartridge_carbon_dioxide
1aD Slab (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) slab_carbon_fiber_resin_e
1aE Slab (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) slab_carbon_fiber_resin_p
1aF Drum (Epoxy-Carbon Fiber Resin) drum_epoxy_carbon_fiber_resin
1aG Drum (Phenolic-Carbon Fiber Resin) drum_phenolic_carbon_fiber_resin
1b0 Double Slab (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) double_slab_carbon_fiber_resin_e
1aH Drum (Negative Photoresist) drum_negative_photoresist
1aI Drum (Positive Photoresist) drum_positive_photoresist
ty Drum (Vinyl Acetate) drum_vinyl_acetate
tx Drum (Valerolactone) drum_valerolactone
tz Drum (Vinyl Chloride) drum_vinyl_chloride
tv Drum (Urea) drum_urea
to Drum (Trichloroethylene) drum_trichloroethylene
tl Drum (Toluene) drum_toluene
ts Drum (Trioxane) drum_trioxane
tr Powder Keg (Trimethyl Orthoformate) powder_keg_trimethyl_orthoformate
tq Drum (Triethylene Glycol) drum_triethylene_glycol
tf Drum (Terephthalic Acid) drum_terephthalic_acid
te Drum (Tequila) drum_tequila
td Drum (t-Butyl Mercaptan) drum_t_butyl_mercaptan
th Drum (Tetraethylene Glycol) drum_tetraethylene_glycol
ta Canister (Sweet Propane Fuel) canister_sweet_propane_fuel
sz Canister (Propane) canister_propane
tM Drum (Antifreeze) drum_antifreeze
tO Drum (Acrylonitrile) drum_acrylonitrile
sn Powder Keg (Potassium Chloride) powder_keg_potassium_chloride
tN Powder Keg (Chromia Alumina) powder_keg_chromia_alumina
sm Powder Keg (Potassium Carbonate) powder_keg_potassium_carbonate
tQ Drum (Sweet Kerosene) drum_sweet_kerosene
tP Drum (Acetonitrile) drum_acetonitrile
tS Drum (Lactide) drum_lactide
tR Drum (Sweet Diesel) drum_sweet_diesel
sq Powder Keg (Potassium Hydroxide) powder_keg_potassium_hydroxide
tE Drum (Xylene) drum_xylene
sd Drum (Phenol Formaldehyde) drum_phenol_formaldehyde
tD Drum (Wine) drum_wine
sc Drum (Phenol) drum_phenol
tG Powder Keg (Ziegler-Natta) powder_keg_ziegler_natta
tF Powder Keg (Zeolite) powder_keg_zeolite
sg Drum (Phosgene) drum_phosgene
tA Drum (Vodka) drum_vodka
tB Drum (Deionized Water) drum_deionized_water
sa Drum (Pentyl Mercaptan) drum_pentyl_mercaptan
tC Drum (Whiskey) drum_whiskey
sb Drum (Peracetic Acid) drum_peracetic_acid
t4 Drum (Styrene) drum_styrene
t5 Drum (Succinic Acid) drum_succinic_acid
t7 Drum (Sulfuric Acid) drum_sulfuric_acid
t8 Canister (Sweet Butane Fuel) canister_sweet_butane_fuel
sW Drum (Sodium Phosphate) drum_sodium_phosphate
t9 Drum (Sweet Light Naphtha) drum_sweet_light_naphtha
sX Drum (Sodium Silicate) drum_sodium_silicate
ry Drum (Mercaptans) drum_mercaptans
t3 Drum (Stearyl Alcohol) drum_stearyl_alcohol
t2 Drum (Stearic Acid) drum_stearic_acid
sQ Powder Keg (Sodium Hydroxide) powder_keg_sodium_hydroxide
sN Powder Keg (Sodium Chloride) powder_keg_sodium_chloride
rm Drum (Light Parrafins) drum_light_parrafins
rl Drum (Light Olefins) drum_light_olefins
rk Drum (Light Naphthenes) drum_light_naphthenes
rj Drum (Light Naphtha) drum_light_naphtha
sJ Drum (Sodium Borate) drum_sodium_borate
ri Drum (Lauryl Alcohol) drum_lauryl_alcohol
rh Drum (Latex) drum_latex
rg Drum (Lactic Acid) drum_lactic_acid
rf Drum (Kerosene) drum_kerosene
re Drum (Isophthalic Acid) drum_isophthalic_acid
rd Drum (IsoPentane) drum_isopentane
rc Drum (IsoButane) drum_isobutane
sC Drum (Rum) drum_rum
sA Drum (Propanol) drum_propanol
sB Canister (Propylene) canister_propylene
qy Drum (Dioxane) drum_dioxane
s9 Drum (Pentane Isomers) drum_pentane_isomers
rX Drum (N-Ethylidenecyclohexylamine) drum_n_ethylidenecyclohexylamine
rY Drum (n-Hexane) drum_n_hexane
qx Drum (Dimethyl Terephthalate) drum_dimethyl_terephthalate
s7 Drum (Paraffin) drum_paraffin
rV Drum (n-Butyl Mercaptan) drum_n_butyl_mercaptan
qu Drum (Diethylene Glycol) drum_diethylene_glycol
s8 Drum (p-Xylene) drum_p_xylene
rW Drum (NeoPentane) drum_neopentane
qv Drum (Dimethoxyethane) drum_dimethoxyethane
rT Canister (Natural Gas) canister_natural_gas
qs Drum (Diesel) drum_diesel
s6 Drum (p-Dichlorobenzene) drum_p_dichlorobenzene
rU Drum (n-Butane) drum_n_butane
s3 Drum (Oleyl Alcohol) drum_oleyl_alcohol
rR Drum (Naphthalene) drum_naphthalene
s4 Drum (o-Xylene) drum_o_xylene
rS Drum (Naphthalenedicarboxylic Acid) drum_naphthalenedicarboxylic_acid
qr Drum (Dichloromethane) drum_dichloromethane
s0 Drum (n-p Mercaptan) drum_n_p_mercaptan
rO Drum (Molasses) drum_molasses
rN Drum (m-Mercaptan) drum_m_mercaptan
qm Drum (Cyclohexylamine) drum_cyclohexylamine
s2 Drum (Olefins) drum_olefins
rQ Drum (Naphtha) drum_naphtha
s1 Drum (n-Pentane) drum_n_pentane
qo Drum (Diamine) drum_diamine
qj Drum (Cyclohexane) drum_cyclohexane
qi Drum (Cyanuric Acid) drum_cyanuric_acid
rM Drum (Mineral Oil) drum_mineral_oil
ql Drum (Cyclohexanone) drum_cyclohexanone
qk Drum (Cyclohexane Dimethanol) drum_cyclohexane_dimethanol
rI Drum (Methyl Methacrylate) drum_methyl_methacrylate
qh Drum (Cyanide) drum_cyanide
qg Drum (Crude Oil) drum_crude_oil
rC Canister (Methane) canister_methane
qb Powder Keg (Copper II Chloride) powder_keg_copper_ii_chloride
rB Drum (Methacrylic Acid) drum_methacrylic_acid
qa Drum (Coke) drum_coke
rD Drum (Methanol) drum_methanol
qc Powder Keg (Copper II Sulfate) powder_keg_copper_ii_sulfate
rA Drum (m-Xylene) drum_m_xylene
qY Drum (Glycolic Acid) drum_glycolic_acid
py Drum (Bisphenol A) drum_bisphenol_a
pz Drum (Boric Acid) drum_boric_acid
r6 Drum (Hydrogen Peroxide) drum_hydrogen_peroxide
qU Drum (Gas Oil) drum_gas_oil
pt Drum (Benzene) drum_benzene
r7 Drum (Hydroquinone) drum_hydroquinone
qV Drum (Gin) drum_gin
pu Drum (Benzene-Toluene-Xylene) drum_benzene_toluene_xylene
qW Drum (Glucose) drum_glucose
pv Drum (Benzoic Acid) drum_benzoic_acid
qX Drum (Glycerol) drum_glycerol
r2 Drum (Hexane Isomers) drum_hexane_isomers
qQ Drum (Formaldehyde) drum_formaldehyde
r3 Drum (High Octane Gasoline) drum_high_octane_gasoline
r4 Drum (Hydrochloric Acid) drum_hydrochloric_acid
r5 Drum (Hydrofluoric Acid) drum_hydrofluoric_acid
qT Drum (Fruit Brandy) drum_fruit_brandy
zh Vial (Acrylic-Formaldehyde Resin) vial_acrylic_formaldehyde_resin
zi Bag (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Pellets) bag_acrylonitrile_butadiene_styrene_pellets
zw Bag (High Density PolyEthylene Pellets) bag_high_density_polyethylene_pellets
zv Bag (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Pellets) bag_ethylene_vinyl_acetate_pellets
zy Bag (Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) bag_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
zx Bag (Hydrogenated Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) bag_hydrogenated_nitrile_butadiene_rubber_pellets
zr Vial (Epoxy Resin) vial_epoxy_resin
zu Bag (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer Pellets) bag_ethylene_propylene_diene_monomer_pellets
zt Bag (Ethylene-Propylene Monomer Pellets) bag_ethylene_propylene_monomer_pellets
zo Bag (Cellulosic Pellets) bag_cellulosic_pellets
zq Bag (Chlorine Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) bag_chlorine_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
zp Bag (Chitin Pellets) bag_chitin_pellets
zk Bag (Amorphous PolyEthylene Terephthalate Pellets) bag_amorphous_polyethylene_terephthalate_pellets
zm Bag (Carbon Fiber) bag_carbon_fiber
zl Bag (Bromine Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Pellets) bag_bromine_isobutylene_isoprene_rubber_pellets
zH Bag (Paraformaldehyde Pellets) bag_paraformaldehyde_pellets
zI Bag (Paraldehyde Pellets) bag_paraldehyde_pellets
zF Bag (Metaldehyde Pellets) bag_metaldehyde_pellets
zG Bag (Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber Pellets) bag_nitrile_butadiene_rubber_pellets
zD Bag (Medium Density PolyEthylene Pellets) bag_medium_density_polyethylene_pellets
zB Bag (Liquid Crystal Polymer Pellets) bag_liquid_crystal_polymer_pellets
zC Bag (Low Density PolyEthylene Pellets) bag_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
zA Bag (Linear Low-Density PolyEthylene Pellets) bag_linear_low_density_polyethylene_pellets
zY Bag (PolyChloroPrene Pellets) bag_polychloroprene_pellets
zX Bag (PolyCarbonate Pellets) bag_polycarbonate_pellets
zW Bag (PolyCaprolactone Pellets) bag_polycaprolactone_pellets
zV Bag (PolyButylene Terephthalate Pellets) bag_polybutylene_terephthalate_pellets
zT Bag (PolyButylene Succinate Pellets) bag_polybutylene_succinate_pellets
zS Bag (PolyButadiene (high-cis) Pellets) bag_polybutadiene_high_cis_pellets
zR Bag (PolyButadiene (low-cis) Pellets) bag_polybutadiene_low_cis_pellets
zQ Bag (PolyAcrylonitrile Pellets) bag_polyacrylonitrile_pellets
zP Bag (PolyAcrylic Acid Pellets) bag_polyacrylic_acid_pellets
zO Bag (Poly2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate Pellets) bag_poly2_hydroxyethyl_methacrylate_pellets
zN Bag (Poly-2-Hydroxy Butyrate Pellets) bag_poly_2_hydroxy_butyrate_pellets
zM Bag (Poly2-6-Dimethyl-1-4-Phenylene Ether Pellets) bag_poly2_6_dimethyl_1_4_phenylene_ether_pellets
zL Bag (Poly1-Butene Pellets) bag_poly1_butene_pellets
zK Bag (Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate-Co-3-Hydroxyvalerate) Pellets) bag_poly3_hydroxybutyrate_co_3_hydroxyvalerate_pellets
zJ Vial (Phenolic Resin) vial_phenolic_resin
15C Zinc-Plated Sabatons zinc_plated_sabatons
14b EVA Wetsuit eva_wetsuit
15B Copper Boots copper_boots
14a EPDM Wetsuit epdm_wetsuit
15A Jeffersonian Sabaton a la Poulaine jeffersonian_sabaton_a_la_poulaine
13z Pepto Bismal Pink Bodygear pepto_bismal_pink_bodygear
13y Plumed Cuirass plumed_cuirass
14Z Reliable Polyester Trousers reliable_polyester_trousers
13x Noble Gorget noble_gorget
14Y Fine Polyester Dress Pants fine_polyester_dress_pants
13w Wolfram Cuirass wolfram_cuirass
14X The Emperor's New Pants the_emperor_s_new_pants
159 Synthetic Rubber (II) Pants synthetic_rubber_ii_pants
13v SuperB Chestplate superb_chestplate
14W Ski Pants ski_pants
158 Synthetic Rubber Pants synthetic_rubber_pants
13u Silver Bevor silver_bevor
14V Comfortable Bathrobe pants comfortable_bathrobe_pants
157 Butyl Rubber Pants butyl_rubber_pants
13t Palladin Cuirass palladin_cuirass
14U Cheap Leisure Pants cheap_leisure_pants
156 Spectra Leggings spectra_leggings
13s Zinc-Plated Plackart zinc_plated_plackart
14T Ripstop Nylon Track Pants ripstop_nylon_track_pants
155 Zippered Pants zippered_pants
13r Copper Culet copper_culet
14S Sporty Nylon Stockings sporty_nylon_stockings
154 Spandex Pants spandex_pants
13p Blue Steel Cuirass blue_steel_cuirass
14Q Chitin Skelton Pants chitin_skelton_pants
152 Thermal Long Johns thermal_long_johns
13q Jeffersonian Culet jeffersonian_culet
14R Acrylic Khakis acrylic_khakis
153 Styrofoam Pants styrofoam_pants
13n Titan Body titan_body
14O SuperB Alloy Lames superb_alloy_lames
150 Corduroy Pants corduroy_pants
13o Mangy Coat mangy_coat
14P Carbon Fiber Chausses carbon_fiber_chausses
151 Yoga Pants yoga_pants
13l Kevlar Shoes kevlar_shoes
14M WC Tassets wc_tassets
13m Sparkling Chestplate sparkling_chestplate
14N Nichrome Wiry Knot Leggings nichrome_wiry_knot_leggings
13j Pleather Shoes pleather_shoes
14K Tin Tassets tin_tassets
13k Water Resistant Shoes water_resistant_shoes
14L Chrome Chausses chrome_chausses
14I Brass Chausses brass_chausses
13h Scuba Mask Light (Pro) scuba_mask_light_pro
13i Rubber Booties rubber_booties
14J Brazen Chausses brazen_chausses
14G Steel Shynbalds steel_shynbalds
13f Scuba Mask Light (Intermediate) scuba_mask_light_intermediate
14H Stainless Steel Shynbalds stainless_steel_shynbalds
13g Scuba Mask Light (Advanced) scuba_mask_light_advanced
13d Iridium Catalyst iridium_catalyst
14E Pepto Bismal Pink Splatterdashes pepto_bismal_pink_splatterdashes
14F Tin Foil Greaves tin_foil_greaves
13e Scuba Mask Light (Beginner) scuba_mask_light_beginner
14C Noble Leggings noble_leggings
13b Scuba Tank (Advanced) scuba_tank_advanced
14D Plumed Poleyns plumed_poleyns
13c Scuba Tank (Pro) scuba_tank_pro
15a SBR Pants sbr_pants
16B Composite Tungsten Carbide Sword composite_tungsten_carbide_sword
16A Composite Bronze Sword composite_bronze_sword
15c HNBR Pants hnbr_pants
16D Composite Antimony-Lead Sword composite_antimony_lead_sword
15b NBR Pants nbr_pants
16C Composite Nichrome Sword composite_nichrome_sword
14x Zinc-Plated Chausses zinc_plated_chausses
15Y Ripstop Nylon Cleats ripstop_nylon_cleats
14w Copper Cuisse copper_cuisse
15X Sporty Nylon Footie sporty_nylon_footie
169 Spandex Shoes spandex_shoes
14z Silver Schynbalds silver_schynbalds
14y Palladin Poleyn palladin_poleyn
15Z Cheap Leisure Shoes cheap_leisure_shoes
14t Mangy Bellbottoms mangy_bellbottoms
15U Carbon Fiber Carbatines carbon_fiber_carbatines
166 Yoga Shoes yoga_shoes
14s Titan Legs titan_legs
15T SuperB Alloy Batts superb_alloy_batts
165 Corduroy Slippers corduroy_slippers
14v Jeffersonian Knickers jeffersonian_knickers
15W Acrylic Shoes acrylic_shoes
168 Styrofoam Shoes styrofoam_shoes
14u Blue Steel Shins blue_steel_shins
15V Chitin Skeleton Feet chitin_skeleton_feet
167 Thermal Shoes thermal_shoes
14o Pleather Jacket pleather_jacket
15P Tin Treadsoles tin_treadsoles
161 Ski Boots ski_boots
14p Water Resistant Vest water_resistant_vest
15Q Chrome Carbatines chrome_carbatines
162 The Emperor's New Shoes the_emperor_s_new_shoes
14q Kevlar Vest kevlar_vest
15R WC Sabatons wc_sabatons
163 Fine Polyester Dress Shoes fine_polyester_dress_shoes
14r Sparkling Pants sparkling_pants
15S Nichrome Wiry Knot Boots nichrome_wiry_knot_boots
164 Reliable Polyester Shoes reliable_polyester_shoes
15L Steel Sabatons steel_sabatons
15M Stainless Steel Sabatons stainless_steel_sabatons
15N Brass Solleret brass_solleret
14n Rubber Shirt rubber_shirt
15O Brazen Solleret brazen_solleret
160 Comfortable Slippers comfortable_slippers
15H Noble Pantoble noble_pantoble
15I Plumed Pantofle plumed_pantofle
15J Pepto Bismal Pink Swiftlere pepto_bismal_pink_swiftlere
15K Tin Foil Overshoes tin_foil_overshoes
15D Palladin Treadsoles palladin_treadsoles
14c PUR Wetsuit pur_wetsuit
14d Beaker (1-(Trichloromethyl)-4-Fluorobenzene) beaker_1_trichloromethyl_4_fluorobenzene
15E Silver Sabatons silver_sabatons
14e "Beaker (4,4-Difluorobenzophenone)" _beaker_4_4_difluorobenzophenone_
15F SuperB Batts superb_batts
15G Wolfram Treadsoles wolfram_treadsoles
17A Powder Keg (p-Hexachloroxylene) powder_keg_p_hexachloroxylene
17E Powder Keg (Isophthaloyl Chloride) powder_keg_isophthaloyl_chloride
16d Synthetic Rubber Booties synthetic_rubber_booties
17D Powder Keg (Terephthaloyl Chloride) powder_keg_terephthaloyl_chloride
16c Butyl Rubber Booties butyl_rubber_booties
17C Powder Keg (o-Hexachloroxylene) powder_keg_o_hexachloroxylene
16b Spectra Boots spectra_boots
17B Powder Keg (m-Hexachloroxylene) powder_keg_m_hexachloroxylene
16a Zippered Shoes zippered_shoes
179 Sack (Catechol) sack_catechol
16X Sack (m-Hexachloroxylene) sack_m_hexachloroxylene
15w Sparkling Shoes sparkling_shoes
178 "Beaker (1,4-Diisopropylbenzene)" _beaker_1_4_diisopropylbenzene_
16W Sack (p-Hexachloroxylene) sack_p_hexachloroxylene
15v Kevlar Helmet kevlar_helmet
177 Beaker (Isopherone Diisocyanate) beaker_isopherone_diisocyanate
16V Cartridge (Nitric Oxide) cartridge_nitric_oxide
15u Water Resistant Cap water_resistant_cap
176 Beaker (Hexamethylene Diisocyanate) beaker_hexamethylene_diisocyanate
16U Sack (4-Nitroaniline) sack_4_nitroaniline
15t Pleather Hat pleather_hat
15z Blue Steel Boots blue_steel_boots
16Z Sack (Terephthaloyl Chloride) sack_terephthaloyl_chloride
15y Mangy Feet mangy_feet
16Y Sack (o-Hexachloroxylene) sack_o_hexachloroxylene
15x Titan Feet titan_feet
170 Sack (Isophthaloyl Chloride) sack_isophthaloyl_chloride
16O Engineered Diamond Sword engineered_diamond_sword
171 Beaker (Cyclohexanol) beaker_cyclohexanol
16P Beaker (Chlorobenzene) beaker_chlorobenzene
16M Engineered Iron Sword engineered_iron_sword
16N Composite Diamond Sword composite_diamond_sword
174 Beaker (Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate) beaker_diphenylmethane_diisocyanate
16S Sack (p-Phenylenediamine) sack_p_phenylenediamine
16T Beaker (Nitric Acid) beaker_nitric_acid
175 Beaker (Toluene Diisocyanate) beaker_toluene_diisocyanate
15s Rubber Shower Cap rubber_shower_cap
172 Beaker (Nitrobenzene) beaker_nitrobenzene
16Q The Emperor's New Kevlar Vest the_emperor_s_new_kevlar_vest
173 Beaker (Aniline) beaker_aniline
16R Sack (4-Nitrochlorobenzene) sack_4_nitrochlorobenzene
15f EPDM Pants epdm_pants
16G Engineered Brass Sword engineered_brass_sword
15g EVA Pants eva_pants
16H Engineered Bronze Sword engineered_bronze_sword
15d CIIR Pants ciir_pants
16E Engineered Steel Sword engineered_steel_sword
15e BIIR Pants biir_pants
16F Engineered Stainless Steel Sword engineered_stainless_steel_sword
15j "Drum (4,4-Difluorobenzophenone)" _drum_4_4_difluorobenzophenone_
16K Engineered Antimony-Lead Sword engineered_antimony_lead_sword
16L Composite Iron Sword composite_iron_sword
15h PUR Pants pur_pants
16I Engineered Tungsten Carbide Sword engineered_tungsten_carbide_sword
15i Drum (1-(Trichloromethyl)-4-Fluorobenzene) drum_1_trichloromethyl_4_fluorobenzene
16J Engineered Nichrome Sword engineered_nichrome_sword
17a Sack (Anthracene) sack_anthracene
18B Engineered Stainless Steel Axe engineered_stainless_steel_axe
18A Engineered Steel Axe engineered_steel_axe
17c Composite Stainless Steel Shovel composite_stainless_steel_shovel
18D Engineered Bronze Axe engineered_bronze_axe
17b Composite Steel Shovel composite_steel_shovel
18C Engineered Brass Axe engineered_brass_axe
17e Composite Bronze Shovel composite_bronze_shovel
18F Engineered Nichrome Axe engineered_nichrome_axe
17d Composite Brass Shovel composite_brass_shovel
18E Engineered Tungsten Carbide Axe engineered_tungsten_carbide_axe
188 The Emperor's New Kevlar Shoes the_emperor_s_new_kevlar_shoes
17W Engineered Steel Pickaxe engineered_steel_pickaxe
17V Composite Antimony-Lead Pickaxe composite_antimony_lead_pickaxe
16x Composite Steel Sword composite_steel_sword
17Y Engineered Brass Pickaxe engineered_brass_pickaxe
17X Engineered Stainless Steel Pickaxe engineered_stainless_steel_pickaxe
16z Composite Brass Sword composite_brass_sword
16y Composite Stainless Steel Sword composite_stainless_steel_sword
17Z Engineered Bronze Pickaxe engineered_bronze_pickaxe
17N Powder Keg (Catechol) powder_keg_catechol
16m PUR Booties pur_booties
17O Powder Keg (Anthracene) powder_keg_anthracene
180 Engineered Tungsten Carbide Pickaxe engineered_tungsten_carbide_pickaxe
17P Composite Steel Pickaxe composite_steel_pickaxe
181 Engineered Nichrome Pickaxe engineered_nichrome_pickaxe
17Q Composite Stainless Steel Pickaxe composite_stainless_steel_pickaxe
182 Engineered Antimony-Lead Pickaxe engineered_antimony_lead_pickaxe
17R Composite Brass Pickaxe composite_brass_pickaxe
183 Composite Iron Pickaxe composite_iron_pickaxe
17S Composite Bronze Pickaxe composite_bronze_pickaxe
184 Engineered Iron Pickaxe engineered_iron_pickaxe
17T Composite Tungsten Carbide Pickaxe composite_tungsten_carbide_pickaxe
185 Composite Diamond Pickaxe composite_diamond_pickaxe
17U Composite Nichrome Pickaxe composite_nichrome_pickaxe
186 Engineered Diamond Pickaxe engineered_diamond_pickaxe
17F Drum (Cyclohexanol) drum_cyclohexanol
16e Synthetic Rubber (II) Booties synthetic_rubber_ii_booties
17G Drum (Nitrobenzene) drum_nitrobenzene
16f SBR Booties sbr_booties
17H Drum (Aniline) drum_aniline
16g NBR Booties nbr_booties
17I Drum (Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate) drum_diphenylmethane_diisocyanate
16h HNBR Booties hnbr_booties
17J Drum (Toluene Diisocyanate) drum_toluene_diisocyanate
16i CIIR Booties ciir_booties
17K Drum (Hexamethylene Diisocyanate) drum_hexamethylene_diisocyanate
16j BIIR Booties biir_booties
17L Drum (Isopherone Diisocyanate) drum_isopherone_diisocyanate
16k EPDM Booties epdm_booties
17M "Drum (1,4-Diisopropylbenzene)" _drum_1_4_diisopropylbenzene_
16l EVA Booties eva_booties
10U Mold (Plastic Brick (1 x 3)) mold_plastic_brick_1_x_3
116 Diamond-PEEK Heated Knife diamond_peek_heated_knife
10V Mold (Plastic Brick (1 x 4)) mold_plastic_brick_1_x_4
117 Stainless-PolyIsoPrene Heated Knife stainless_polyisoprene_heated_knife
10S Mold (Plastic Brick (1 x 1)) mold_plastic_brick_1_x_1
114 Diamond-PolyIsoPrene Heated Knife diamond_polyisoprene_heated_knife
10T Mold (Plastic Brick (1 x 2)) mold_plastic_brick_1_x_2
115 Diamond-PolyPropylene Heated Knife diamond_polypropylene_heated_knife
10Q Stairs (VA/AA) Item stairs_va_aa_item
112 Mold (Plastic Brick (1 x 8)) mold_plastic_brick_1_x_8
113 Mold (Plastic Brick (2 x 8)) mold_plastic_brick_2_x_8
110 Mold (Plastic Brick (3 x 4)) mold_plastic_brick_3_x_4
10P Stairs (VLDPE) Item stairs_vldpe_item
111 Mold (Plastic Brick (4 x 4)) mold_plastic_brick_4_x_4
10Y Mold (Plastic Brick (2 x 4)) mold_plastic_brick_2_x_4
10Z Mold (Plastic Brick (3 x 3)) mold_plastic_brick_3_x_3
10W Mold (Plastic Brick (2 x 2)) mold_plastic_brick_2_x_2
118 Stainless-PolyPropylene Heated Knife stainless_polypropylene_heated_knife
10X Mold (Plastic Brick (2 x 3)) mold_plastic_brick_2_x_3
119 Stainless-PEEK Heated Knife stainless_peek_heated_knife
10B Stairs (PVCA) Item stairs_pvca_item
10A Stairs (PVC) Item stairs_pvc_item
10N Stairs (UHMWPE) Item stairs_uhmwpe_item
10L Stairs (SIS) Item stairs_sis_item
10K Stairs (SBS) Item stairs_sbs_item
10J Stairs (SBR) Item stairs_sbr_item
10I Stairs (SAN) Item stairs_san_item
11T Vial (Allyl Chloride) vial_allyl_chloride
125 Beaker (Salt Water) beaker_salt_water
11U Vial (Propylene Oxide) vial_propylene_oxide
126 Beaker (Isoprene) beaker_isoprene
11V Vial (Propylene Glycol) vial_propylene_glycol
127 Beaker (Epichlorohydrin) beaker_epichlorohydrin
11W Vial (Cumene) vial_cumene
128 Beaker (Isopropanol) beaker_isopropanol
10v Stairs (PTT) Item stairs_ptt_item
11P Vial (Salt Water) vial_salt_water
11Q Vial (Isoprene) vial_isoprene
122 Sack (Lithium Hexafluorophosphate) sack_lithium_hexafluorophosphate
10p Stairs (PS) Item stairs_ps_item
11R Vial (Epichlorohydrin) vial_epichlorohydrin
123 Sack (Potassium Persulfate) sack_potassium_persulfate
11S Vial (Isopropanol) vial_isopropanol
124 Sack (Potassium Bisulfate) sack_potassium_bisulfate
10r Stairs (PTFE) Item stairs_ptfe_item
129 Beaker (Allyl Chloride) beaker_allyl_chloride
11X Sack (MOF-5) sack_mof_5
10w Stairs (PU) Item stairs_pu_item
11Y Sack (CD-MOF) sack_cd_mof
10x Stairs (PVAC) Item stairs_pvac_item
11Z Sack (Bucky Balls (C60)) sack_bucky_balls_c60
10y Stairs (PVA) Item stairs_pva_item
10c Stairs (nomex) Item stairs_nomex_item
10e Stairs (POM) Item stairs_pom_item
11A Powder Keg (Alpha-cyclodextrin) powder_keg_alpha_cyclodextrin
10b Stairs (PMMS) Item stairs_pmms_item
11C Powder Keg (Gamma-cyclodextrin) powder_keg_gamma_cyclodextrin
10a Stairs (PMMA) Item stairs_pmma_item
11B Powder Keg (Beta-cyclodextrin) powder_keg_beta_cyclodextrin
11M Bag (Lithium Hexafluorophosphate) bag_lithium_hexafluorophosphate
10l Stairs (kevlar) Item stairs_kevlar_item
11O Bag (Potassium Bisulfate) bag_potassium_bisulfate
11N Bag (Potassium Persulfate) bag_potassium_persulfate
10m Stairs (PP) Item stairs_pp_item
11I Bag (CD-MOF) bag_cd_mof
10g Stairs (Polyphenol) Item stairs_polyphenol_item
11H Bag (MOF-5) bag_mof_5
11J Bag (Bucky Balls (C60)) bag_bucky_balls_c60
11r Bag (Cyclodextrin) bag_cyclodextrin
134 Flame Chucker flame_chucker
12S Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (9-Cell) nickel_metal_hydride_battery_9_cell
11s Bag (Alpha-cyclodextrin) bag_alpha_cyclodextrin
12T Scuba Mask (Advanced) scuba_mask_advanced
135 Flame Hurler flame_hurler
11p Running Shoes (Jogger) running_shoes_jogger
132 Gasket (High Pressure) gasket_high_pressure
12Q Lithium Ion Battery (9-Cell) lithium_ion_battery_9_cell
133 Gasket (Extreme Pressure) gasket_extreme_pressure
11q Running Shoes (Sprinter) running_shoes_sprinter
12R Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (1-Cell) nickel_metal_hydride_battery_1_cell
11v Sack (Cyclodextrin) sack_cyclodextrin
12W Hose (Medium Pressure) hose_medium_pressure
138 Regulator (High Pressure) regulator_high_pressure
11w Sack (Alpha-cyclodextrin) sack_alpha_cyclodextrin
12X Hose (High Pressure) hose_high_pressure
139 Regulator (Extreme Pressure) regulator_extreme_pressure
11t Bag (Beta-cyclodextrin) bag_beta_cyclodextrin
12U Running Shoes (Runner) running_shoes_runner
136 Flame Thrower flame_thrower
11u Bag (Gamma-cyclodextrin) bag_gamma_cyclodextrin
12V Scuba Fins (Advanced) scuba_fins_advanced
137 Regulator (Medium Pressure) regulator_medium_pressure
11z Powder Keg (Cyclodextrin) powder_keg_cyclodextrin
11x Sack (Beta-cyclodextrin) sack_beta_cyclodextrin
12Y Hose (Extreme Pressure) hose_extreme_pressure
11y Sack (Gamma-cyclodextrin) sack_gamma_cyclodextrin
12Z Ruthenium Catalyst ruthenium_catalyst
13A Tin Foil Chestplate tin_foil_chestplate
11c Heated Knife Handle (Natural Rubber) heated_knife_handle_natural_rubber
11b Heated Knife Handle (PP) heated_knife_handle_pp
11a Heated Knife Handle heated_knife_handle
11g BlockPipe Item blockpipe_item
11f BlockPipe blockpipe
11e Mold (Heated Knife Handle) mold_heated_knife_handle
11d Heated Knife Handle (PEEK) heated_knife_handle_peek
12L Mold (Battery Case) mold_battery_case
12K Tin Catalyst tin_catalyst
12J Zinc Nitrate Catalyst zinc_nitrate_catalyst
11o Rubber Sole (outsole) rubber_sole_outsole
131 Gasket (Medium Pressure) gasket_medium_pressure
12P Lithium Ion Battery (1-Cell) lithium_ion_battery_1_cell
130 Lead Oxide Catalyst lead_oxide_catalyst
11n Rubber Sole (midsole) rubber_sole_midsole
12O Lead-Acid Battery (9-Cell) lead_acid_battery_9_cell
12N Lead-Acid Battery (1-Cell) lead_acid_battery_1_cell
12M Battery Case (SAN) battery_case_san
12q Drum (Propylene Oxide) drum_propylene_oxide
13R Ski Jacket ski_jacket
143 Synthetic Rubber Wetsuit synthetic_rubber_wetsuit
12r Drum (Propylene Glycol) drum_propylene_glycol
13S The Emperor's New Jacket the_emperor_s_new_jacket
144 Synthetic Rubber (II) Wetsuit synthetic_rubber_ii_wetsuit
12s Drum (Cumene) drum_cumene
13T Fine Polyester Dress Jacket fine_polyester_dress_jacket
145 SBR Wetsuit sbr_wetsuit
13U Reliable Polyester Cardigan reliable_polyester_cardigan
146 NBR Wetsuit nbr_wetsuit
13V Corduroy Jacket corduroy_jacket
147 HNBR Wetsuit hnbr_wetsuit
13W Yoga Top yoga_top
148 CIIR Wetsuit ciir_wetsuit
13X Thermal Henley thermal_henley
149 BIIR Wetsuit biir_wetsuit
13Y Styrofoam Vest styrofoam_vest
13Z Spandex Jacket spandex_jacket
14A SuperB Lames superb_lames
14B Wolfram Poleyns wolfram_poleyns
13a Scuba Tank (Intermediate) scuba_tank_intermediate
12b Beaker (Propylene Glycol) beaker_propylene_glycol
13C Stainless Steel Bevor stainless_steel_bevor
12a Beaker (Propylene Oxide) beaker_propylene_oxide
13B Steel Bevor steel_bevor
12d Powder Keg (MOF-5) powder_keg_mof_5
13E Brazen Brigandine brazen_brigandine
12c Beaker (Cumene) beaker_cumene
13D Brass Brigandine brass_brigandine
12f Powder Keg (Bucky Balls (C60)) powder_keg_bucky_balls_c60
13G Chrome Culet chrome_culet
12e Powder Keg (CD-MOF) powder_keg_cd_mof
13F Tin Faulds tin_faulds
13I Nichrome Wire Hauberk nichrome_wire_hauberk
13H WC Faulds wc_faulds
12j Powder Keg (Potassium Persulfate) powder_keg_potassium_persulfate
13K Carbon Fiber Culet carbon_fiber_culet
12i Powder Keg (Lithium Hexafluorophosphate) powder_keg_lithium_hexafluorophosphate
13J SuperB Alloy Plackart superb_alloy_plackart
12l Drum (Salt Water) drum_salt_water
13M Acrylic Sweater acrylic_sweater
12k Powder Keg (Potassium Bisulfate) powder_keg_potassium_bisulfate
13L Chitin Skeleton Vest chitin_skeleton_vest
12n Drum (Epichlorohydrin) drum_epichlorohydrin
13O Ripstop Nylon Track Suit ripstop_nylon_track_suit
140 Zippered Jacket zippered_jacket
12m Drum (Isoprene) drum_isoprene
13N Sporty Nylon Windbreaker sporty_nylon_windbreaker
12p Drum (Allyl Chloride) drum_allyl_chloride
13Q Comfortable Bathrobe comfortable_bathrobe
12o Drum (Isopropanol) drum_isopropanol
13P Cheap Leisure Suit cheap_leisure_suit
141 Spectra Chestplate spectra_chestplate
18L Bag (Chromium (VI) Oxide) bag_chromium_vi_oxide
17k Engineered Brass Shovel engineered_brass_shovel
17j Engineered Stainless Steel Shovel engineered_stainless_steel_shovel
18K Engineered Diamond Axe engineered_diamond_axe
18N Bag (Phthalic Anhydride) bag_phthalic_anhydride
17m Engineered Tungsten Carbide Shovel engineered_tungsten_carbide_shovel
18M "Bag (9,10-Anthraquinone)" _bag_9_10_anthraquinone_
17l Engineered Bronze Shovel engineered_bronze_shovel
17g Composite Nichrome Shovel composite_nichrome_shovel
18H Composite Iron Axe composite_iron_axe
17f Composite Tungsten Carbide Shovel composite_tungsten_carbide_shovel
18G Engineered Antimony-Lead Axe engineered_antimony_lead_axe
17i Engineered Steel Shovel engineered_steel_shovel
18J Composite Diamond Axe composite_diamond_axe
17h Composite Antimony-Lead Shovel composite_antimony_lead_shovel
18I Engineered Iron Axe engineered_iron_axe
195 Drum (p-Fluorotoluene) drum_p_fluorotoluene
18T Powder Keg (Phthalic Anhydride) powder_keg_phthalic_anhydride
17s Engineered Diamond Shovel engineered_diamond_shovel
194 Drum (p-Aminotoluene) drum_p_aminotoluene
18S "Powder Keg (9,10-Anthraquinone)" _powder_keg_9_10_anthraquinone_
17r Composite Diamond Shovel composite_diamond_shovel
18V Powder Keg (Disodium Hydroquinone) powder_keg_disodium_hydroquinone
197 Chromium (VI) Oxide Catalyst chromium_vi_oxide_catalyst
17u The Emperor's New Kevlar Pants the_emperor_s_new_kevlar_pants
196 Beaker (p-Aminotoluene) beaker_p_aminotoluene
18U Powder Keg (Maleic Anhydride) powder_keg_maleic_anhydride
17t Drum (Chlorobenzene) drum_chlorobenzene
191 Drum (Fluorobenzene) drum_fluorobenzene
18P Bag (Disodium Hydroquinone) bag_disodium_hydroquinone
17o Engineered Antimony-Lead Shovel engineered_antimony_lead_shovel
190 Drum (Tetrafluoroboric Acid) drum_tetrafluoroboric_acid
18O Bag (Maleic Anhydride) bag_maleic_anhydride
17n Engineered Nichrome Shovel engineered_nichrome_shovel
193 Drum (p-Nitrotoluene) drum_p_nitrotoluene
18R Powder Keg (Chromium (VI) Oxide) powder_keg_chromium_vi_oxide
17q Engineered Iron Shovel engineered_iron_shovel
192 Drum (p-Fluorobenzoyl Chloride) drum_p_fluorobenzoyl_chloride
18Q Vial (Cyclopentadiene) vial_cyclopentadiene
17p Composite Iron Shovel composite_iron_shovel
17z Canister (Nitric Oxide) canister_nitric_oxide
18W Drum (Cyclopentadiene) drum_cyclopentadiene
198 Sack (Chromium (VI) Oxide) sack_chromium_vi_oxide
17v Powder Keg (4-Nitrochlorobenzene) powder_keg_4_nitrochlorobenzene
18X Canister (Nitrogen Dioxide) canister_nitrogen_dioxide
199 "Sack (9,10-Anthraquinone)" _sack_9_10_anthraquinone_
17w Powder Keg (p-Phenylenediamine) powder_keg_p_phenylenediamine
18Y Powder Keg (Sodium Nitrite) powder_keg_sodium_nitrite
17x Drum (Nitric Acid) drum_nitric_acid
18Z Drum (Dicyclopentadiene) drum_dicyclopentadiene
17y Powder Keg (4-Nitroaniline) powder_keg_4_nitroaniline
19O Vanadium Pentoxide Catalyst vanadium_pentoxide_catalyst
19N Tool Shaft (Carbon Fiber Composite) tool_shaft_carbon_fiber_composite
19M Tool Shaft (PEEK) tool_shaft_peek
19L Mold (Tool Shaft) mold_tool_shaft
19K Beaker (p-Fluorotoluene) beaker_p_fluorotoluene
19W Vial (Epoxy-Carbon Fiber Resin) vial_epoxy_carbon_fiber_resin
18v Composite Brass Axe composite_brass_axe
19V Slab (Carbon Fiber Resin (P)) Item slab_carbon_fiber_resin_p_item
18u Composite Stainless Steel Axe composite_stainless_steel_axe
19U Slab (Carbon Fiber Resin (E)) Item slab_carbon_fiber_resin_e_item
18t Composite Steel Axe composite_steel_axe
19T Block of Fluorite block_of_fluorite
19S Fluorite Ore fluorite_ore
19R Jet Pack (Pro) jet_pack_pro
19Q Jet Pack (Advanced) jet_pack_advanced
19P Jet Pack (Intermediate) jet_pack_intermediate
19Z Vial (Positive Photoresist) vial_positive_photoresist
18y Composite Nichrome Axe composite_nichrome_axe
18z Composite Antimony-Lead Axe composite_antimony_lead_axe
19X Vial (Phenolic-Carbon Fiber Resin) vial_phenolic_carbon_fiber_resin
18w Composite Bronze Axe composite_bronze_axe
19Y Vial (Negative Photoresist) vial_negative_photoresist
18x Composite Tungsten Carbide Axe composite_tungsten_carbide_axe
19f Sack (Sodium Nitrite) sack_sodium_nitrite
19g Beaker (Dicyclopentadiene) beaker_dicyclopentadiene
19d Beaker (Cyclopentadiene) beaker_cyclopentadiene
19e Cartridge (Nitrogen Dioxide) cartridge_nitrogen_dioxide
19b Sack (Maleic Anhydride) sack_maleic_anhydride
19c Sack (Disodium Hydroquinone) sack_disodium_hydroquinone
19a Sack (Phthalic Anhydride) sack_phthalic_anhydride
19i Beaker (Fluorobenzene) beaker_fluorobenzene
19h Beaker (Tetrafluoroboric Acid) beaker_tetrafluoroboric_acid
19k Beaker (p-Nitrotoluene) beaker_p_nitrotoluene
19j Beaker (p-Fluorobenzoyl Chloride) beaker_p_fluorobenzoyl_chloride
19m Flask (Nitrogen Dioxide) flask_nitrogen_dioxide
19l Lighter Body (LDPE) lighter_body_ldpe
19o Vial (Dicyclopentadiene) vial_dicyclopentadiene
19n Bag (Sodium Nitrite) bag_sodium_nitrite
19q Vial (Fluorobenzene) vial_fluorobenzene
19p Vial (Tetrafluoroboric Acid) vial_tetrafluoroboric_acid
19s Vial (p-Nitrotoluene) vial_p_nitrotoluene
19r Vial (p-Fluorobenzoyl Chloride) vial_p_fluorobenzoyl_chloride
19u Vial (p-Fluorotoluene) vial_p_fluorotoluene
19t Vial (p-Aminotoluene) vial_p_aminotoluene
108 Stairs (PMA) Item stairs_pma_item
106 Stairs (PLA) Item stairs_pla_item
105 Stairs (Natural Rubber) Item stairs_natural_rubber_item
104 Stairs (PIB) Item stairs_pib_item
101 Stairs (PI) Item stairs_pi_item