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As it's health lowers, the speed at which it attacks increases, up to almost double.  
As it's health lowers, the speed at which it attacks increases, up to almost double.  
== Strategies ==  
== Strategies ==  

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Gather a group of friends and get ready to take on the Obelisk of Death and the creatures it creates!

Many eons ago, an Obelisk was built by polycrafters of ancient. They built their civilization around it. Over time, they became consumed by it. Evil dark energy from another dimension seeped into ours, corrupting the Obelisk they worshipped. This made them turn on others around them, and its your mission to put a stop to this evil Obelisk of Death.


The objective of this minigame is to overcome challenges of increasing difficulty. The enemies you and your team will encounter will be increasingly difficult, starting off as some simple enemies and moving on to more hard custom enemies. The map consists of floating islands which must be traversed by jumping between them with pogo sticks. You and your team will start with gold tier pogo sticks, and you must work together to defeat all the enemies on each tier island before continuing to the next.

Once the small islands are completed, you'll be awarded with a better pogo stick and some armor.

Moving on to the next medium sized islands, the fight will get harder. You'll fight off this wave of enemies that the evil Obelisk of Death has summoned. You'll be rewarded with the remaining part of your armor, as the fight will get harder.

Once you fight your way to the boss, you'll have to play it safe. The Obelisk of Death can be a powerful enemy and you must work together with your team to defeat it!


The Obelisk has 2000 health, 1000 hearts worth of health.

To defend itself, it will shoot arrows at those nearby it.

Any enemies within range can be targeted by lightning, with a warning indicator.

The Obelisk will also spawn monsters to attack the players. If these monsters get too close to the Obelisk, it will automatically siphon their health to heal itself.

As it's health lowers, the speed at which it attacks increases, up to almost double.



The lightning cannot hit players if they're below a block; the island has a few hideouts they can hide in to restore health. Getting the Obelisk to target one member or two with arrows who are well armored will allow for an opening to attack it.

It is recommended to steal the arrows it fires to provide your team with ammo to hit it from range. Getting close provides a danger but also a benefit, and must be used to replenish arrows.