November Scavenger 1

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Last time, we sent you all around the UTDallas campus; this time, your Teamspace is the arena! It will be valuable for you to solve the hunt around the UTDallas campus before embarking on this new hunt. Those rewards, while not essential, will be very useful.

It will also be useful to have a pencil, paper, and web browser handy to solve the puzzles. Upon completion, you will acquire rewards that will help you advance your Round 2 goals.

Welcome back to Polycraft World from the space station! You have completed the first step to start the Round 2 Scavenger Hunt! I'm glad you are back in one piece, but it turns out your first hint is in the black box in a SEPARATE space capsule! The capsule is supposed to splash down onto the Polycraft cube logo near your clinic, but it seems it is slightly off course! Why don't you go intercept it from the air and start the hunt?

Oh! One more thing to note, the airborne black box may require some specialized tools to access. Jump into the BEST orange mineshaft to gather valuable resources! (Hold SHIFT to stop bouncing)

Good Luck and Have Fun!