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We will save minecraft images to the portal given the following. Metadata can be used to determine color for items like wool and stained glass. For a list of the unique Polycraft World IDs, please visit Polycraft Map.
Todo: Determine how to convey enchantments on the portal.
Hint: You can alphabetize by clicking on the header of one of the sort-able columns.


Minecraft-ID Display Name Portal Image Name
MC-0403 Enchanted Book enchanted_book
MC-0404 Comparator comparator
MC-0401 Fireworks fireworks
MC-0402 Firework Charge firework_charge
MC-0400 Pumpkin Pie pumpkin_pie
MC-0406 Quartz quartz
MC-0405 Netherbrick netherbrick
MC-0408 Hopper Minecart hopper_minecart
MC-0407 Tnt Minecart tnt_minecart
MC-0420 Lead lead
MC-0422 Command Block Minecart command_block_minecart
MC-0421 Name Tag name_tag
MC-0417 Iron Horse Armor iron_horse_armor
MC-0418 Golden Horse Armor golden_horse_armor
MC-0419 Diamond Horse Armor diamond_horse_armor
MC-0283 Golden Sword golden_sword
MC-0284 Golden Shovel golden_shovel
MC-0285 Golden Pickaxe golden_pickaxe
MC-0286 Golden Axe golden_axe
MC-0280 Stick stick
MC-0281 Bowl bowl
MC-0282 Mushroom Stew mushroom_stew
MC-0287 String string
MC-0288 Feather feather
MC-0289 Gunpowder gunpowder
MC-0296 Wheat wheat
MC-0297 Bread bread
MC-0294 Golden Hoe golden_hoe
MC-0295 Wheat Seeds wheat_seeds
MC-0292 Iron Hoe iron_hoe
MC-0293 Diamond Hoe diamond_hoe
MC-0290 Wooden Hoe wooden_hoe
MC-0291 Stone Hoe stone_hoe
MC-0298 Leather Helmet leather_helmet
MC-0299 Leather Chestplate leather_chestplate
MC-0260 Apple apple
MC-0261 Bow bow
MC-0262 Arrow arrow
MC-0263 Coal coal
MC-0264 Diamond diamond
MC-0265 Iron Ingot iron_ingot
MC-0266 Gold Ingot gold_ingot
MC-0267 Iron Sword iron_sword
MC-0268 Wooden Sword wooden_sword
MC-0269 Wooden Shovel wooden_shovel
MC-0270 Wooden Pickaxe wooden_pickaxe
MC-0271 Wooden Axe wooden_axe
MC-0274 Stone Pickaxe stone_pickaxe
MC-0275 Stone Axe stone_axe
MC-0272 Stone Sword stone_sword
MC-0273 Stone Shovel stone_shovel
MC-0278 Diamond Pickaxe diamond_pickaxe
MC-0279 Diamond Axe diamond_axe
MC-0276 Diamond Sword diamond_sword
MC-0277 Diamond Shovel diamond_shovel
MC-0257 Iron Pickaxe iron_pickaxe
MC-0256 Iron Shovel iron_shovel
MC-0259 Flint And Steel flint_and_steel
MC-0258 Iron Axe iron_axe
MC-0386 Writable Book writable_book
MC-0387 Written Book written_book
MC-0388 Emerald emerald
MC-0389 Item Frame item_frame
MC-0380 Cauldron cauldron
MC-0381 Ender Eye ender_eye
MC-0382 Speckled Melon speckled_melon
MC-0383 Spawn Egg spawn_egg
MC-0384 Experience Bottle experience_bottle
MC-0385 Fire Charge fire_charge
MC-0399 Nether Star nether_star
MC-0397 Skull skull
MC-0398 Carrot On A Stick carrot_on_a_stick
MC-0391 Carrot carrot
MC-0392 Potato potato
MC-0390 Flower Pot flower_pot
MC-0395 Map map
MC-0396 Golden Carrot golden_carrot
MC-0393 Baked Potato baked_potato
MC-0394 Poisonous Potato poisonous_potato
MC-0350 Cooked Fish cooked_fish
MC-0352 Bone bone
MC-0351 Dye dye
MC-0358 Filled Map filled_map
MC-0357 Cookie cookie
MC-0359 Shears shears
MC-0354 Cake cake
MC-0353 Sugar sugar
MC-0356 Repeater repeater
MC-0355 Bed bed
MC-0339 Paper paper
MC-0341 Slime Ball slime_ball
MC-0340 Book book
MC-0349 Fish fish
MC-0348 Glowstone Dust glowstone_dust
MC-0347 Clock clock
MC-0346 Fishing Rod fishing_rod
MC-0345 Compass compass
MC-0344 Egg egg
MC-0343 Furnace Minecart furnace_minecart
MC-0342 Chest Minecart chest_minecart
MC-0370 Ghast Tear ghast_tear
MC-0372 Nether Wart nether_wart
MC-0371 Gold Nugget gold_nugget
MC-0374 Glass Bottle glass_bottle
MC-0373 Potion potion
MC-0376 Fermented Spider Eye fermented_spider_eye
MC-0375 Spider Eye spider_eye
MC-0378 Magma Cream magma_cream
MC-0377 Blaze Powder blaze_powder
MC-0379 Brewing Stand brewing_stand
MC-0363 Beef beef
MC-0362 Melon Seeds melon_seeds
MC-0361 Pumpkin Seeds pumpkin_seeds
MC-0360 Melon melon
MC-0367 Rotten Flesh rotten_flesh
MC-0366 Cooked Chicken cooked_chicken
MC-0365 Chicken chicken
MC-0364 Cooked Beef cooked_beef
MC-0369 Blaze Rod blaze_rod
MC-0368 Ender Pearl ender_pearl
MC-0307 Iron Chestplate iron_chestplate
MC-0306 Iron Helmet iron_helmet
MC-0309 Iron Boots iron_boots
MC-0308 Iron Leggings iron_leggings
MC-0313 Diamond Boots diamond_boots
MC-0314 Golden Helmet golden_helmet
MC-0315 Golden Chestplate golden_chestplate
MC-0316 Golden Leggings golden_leggings
MC-0310 Diamond Helmet diamond_helmet
MC-0311 Diamond Chestplate diamond_chestplate
MC-0312 Diamond Leggings diamond_leggings
MC-0304 Chainmail Leggings chainmail_leggings
MC-0305 Chainmail Boots chainmail_boots
MC-0302 Chainmail Helmet chainmail_helmet
MC-0303 Chainmail Chestplate chainmail_chestplate
MC-0300 Leather Leggings leather_leggings
MC-0301 Leather Boots leather_boots
MC-0329 Saddle saddle
MC-0328 Minecart minecart
MC-0331 Redstone redstone
MC-0332 Snowball snowball
MC-0333 Boat boat
MC-0334 Leather leather
MC-0335 Milk Bucket milk_bucket
MC-0336 Brick brick
MC-0337 Clay Ball clay_ball
MC-0338 Reeds reeds
MC-0330 Iron Door iron_door
MC-0319 Porkchop porkchop
MC-0318 Flint flint
MC-0317 Golden Boots golden_boots
MC-0322 Golden Apple golden_apple
MC-0323 Sign sign
MC-0320 Cooked Porkchop cooked_porkchop
MC-0321 Painting painting
MC-0326 Water Bucket water_bucket
MC-0327 Lava Bucket lava_bucket
MC-0324 Wooden Door wooden_door
MC-0325 Bucket bucket
MC-0041 Gold Block gold_block
MC-0042 Iron Block iron_block
MC-0043 Double Stone Slab double_stone_slab
MC-0044 Stone Slab stone_slab
MC-0040 Red Mushroom red_mushroom
MC-0049 Obsidian obsidian
MC-0045 Brick Block brick_block
MC-0046 Tnt tnt
MC-0047 Bookshelf bookshelf
MC-0048 Mossy Cobblestone mossy_cobblestone
MC-0054 Chest chest
MC-0055 Redstone Wire redstone_wire
MC-0052 Mob Spawner mob_spawner
MC-0053 Oak Stairs oak_stairs
MC-0050 Torch torch
MC-0051 Fire fire
MC-0058 Crafting Table crafting_table
MC-0059 Wheat (Block) wheat_block
MC-0056 Diamond Ore diamond_ore
MC-0057 Diamond Block diamond_block
MC-0020 Glass glass
MC-0021 Lapis Ore lapis_ore
MC-0022 Lapis Block lapis_block
MC-0023 Dispenser dispenser
MC-0024 Sandstone sandstone
MC-0025 Noteblock noteblock
MC-0026 Bed (Block) bed_block
MC-0027 Golden Rail golden_rail
MC-0028 Detector Rail detector_rail
MC-0029 Sticky Piston sticky_piston
MC-0032 Deadbush deadbush
MC-0033 Piston piston
MC-0030 Web web
MC-0031 Tallgrass tallgrass
MC-0036 Piston Extension piston_extension
MC-0037 Yellow Flower yellow_flower
MC-0034 Piston Head piston_head
MC-0035 Wool wool
MC-0038 Red Flower red_flower
MC-0039 Brown Mushroom brown_mushroom
MC-0080 Snow snow
MC-0089 Glowstone glowstone
MC-0086 Pumpkin pumpkin
MC-0085 Fence fence
MC-0088 Soul Sand soul_sand
MC-0087 Netherrack netherrack
MC-0082 Clay clay
MC-0081 Cactus cactus
MC-0084 Jukebox jukebox
MC-0083 Reeds (Block) reeds_block
MC-0090 Portal portal
MC-0091 Lit Pumpkin lit_pumpkin
MC-0099 Brown Mushroom Block brown_mushroom_block
MC-0098 Stonebrick stonebrick
MC-0097 Monster Egg monster_egg
MC-0096 Trapdoor trapdoor
MC-0095 Stained Glass stained_glass
MC-0094 Powered Repeater powered_repeater
MC-0093 Unpowered Repeater unpowered_repeater
MC-0092 Cake (Block) cake_block
MC-0068 Wall Sign wall_sign
MC-0067 Stone Stairs stone_stairs
MC-0069 Lever lever
MC-0060 Farmland farmland
MC-0062 Lit Furnace lit_furnace
MC-0061 Furnace furnace
MC-0064 Wooden Door (Block) wooden_door_block
MC-0063 Standing Sign standing_sign
MC-0066 Rail rail
MC-0065 Ladder ladder
MC-0079 Ice ice
MC-0078 Snow Layer snow_layer
MC-0073 Redstone Ore redstone_ore
MC-0072 Wooden Pressure Plate wooden_pressure_plate
MC-0071 Iron Door (Block) iron_door_block
MC-0070 Stone Pressure Plate stone_pressure_plate
MC-0077 Stone Button stone_button
MC-0076 Redstone Torch redstone_torch
MC-0075 Unlit Redstone Torch unlit_redstone_torch
MC-0074 Lit Redstone Ore lit_redstone_ore
MC-0013 Gravel gravel
MC-0012 Sand sand
MC-0015 Iron Ore iron_ore
MC-0014 Gold Ore gold_ore
MC-0017 Log log
MC-0016 Coal Ore coal_ore
MC-0019 Sponge sponge
MC-0018 Leaves leaves
MC-0011 Lava lava
MC-0010 Flowing Lava flowing_lava
MC-0009 Water water
MC-0004 Cobblestone cobblestone
MC-0003 Dirt dirt
MC-0002 Grass grass
MC-0001 Stone stone
MC-0008 Flowing Water flowing_water
MC-0007 Bedrock bedrock
MC-0006 Sapling sapling
MC-0005 Planks planks
MC-0000 Air air
MC-0144 Skull (Block) skull_block
MC-0145 Anvil anvil
MC-0146 Trapped Chest trapped_chest
MC-0147 Light Weighted Pressure Plate light_weighted_pressure_plate
MC-0148 Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate heavy_weighted_pressure_plate
MC-0149 Unpowered Comparator unpowered_comparator
MC-0140 Flower Pot (Block) flower_pot_block
MC-0141 Carrots carrots
MC-0142 Potatoes potatoes
MC-0143 Wooden Button wooden_button
MC-0157 Activator Rail activator_rail
MC-0158 Dropper dropper
MC-0155 Quartz Block quartz_block
MC-0156 Quartz Stairs quartz_stairs
MC-0159 Stained Hardened Clay stained_hardened_clay
MC-0150 Powered Comparator powered_comparator
MC-0153 Quartz Ore quartz_ore
MC-0154 Hopper hopper
MC-0151 Daylight Detector daylight_detector
MC-0152 Redstone Block redstone_block
MC-0166 Barrier barrier
MC-0167 Iron Trapdoor iron_trapdoor
MC-0169 0 0
MC-0162 Log2 log2
MC-0163 Acacia Stairs acacia_stairs
MC-0164 Dark Oak Stairs dark_oak_stairs
MC-0165 Slime slime
MC-0160 Stained Glass Pane stained_glass_pane
MC-0161 Leaves2 leaves2
MC-0175 Double Plant double_plant
MC-0173 Coal Block coal_block
MC-0174 Packed Ice packed_ice
MC-0171 Carpet carpet
MC-0172 Hardened Clay hardened_clay
MC-0170 Hay Block hay_block
MC-0110 Mycelium mycelium
MC-2267 Record Wait record_wait
MC-0116 Enchanting Table enchanting_table
MC-2266 Record 11 record_11
MC-0115 Nether Wart (Block) nether_wart_block
MC-2265 Record Ward record_ward
MC-0118 Cauldron (Block) cauldron_block
MC-2264 Record Strad record_strad
MC-0117 Brewing Stand (Block) brewing_stand_block
MC-2263 Record Stal record_stal
MC-0112 Nether Brick (Block) nether_brick_block
MC-2262 Record Mellohi record_mellohi
MC-0111 Waterlily waterlily
MC-2261 Record Mall record_mall
MC-0114 Nether Brick Stairs nether_brick_stairs
MC-2260 Record Far record_far
MC-0113 Nether Brick Fence nether_brick_fence
MC-0108 Brick Stairs brick_stairs
MC-0109 Stone Brick Stairs stone_brick_stairs
MC-0107 Fence Gate fence_gate
MC-0106 Vine vine
MC-0105 Melon Stem melon_stem
MC-0104 Pumpkin Stem pumpkin_stem
MC-0103 Melon Block melon_block
MC-0102 Glass Pane glass_pane
MC-0101 Iron Bars iron_bars
MC-0100 Red Mushroom Block red_mushroom_block
MC-0130 Ender Chest ender_chest
MC-0132 Tripwire tripwire
MC-0131 Tripwire Hook tripwire_hook
MC-0134 Spruce Stairs spruce_stairs
MC-0133 Emerald Block emerald_block
MC-0136 Jungle Stairs jungle_stairs
MC-0135 Birch Stairs birch_stairs
MC-0138 Beacon beacon
MC-0137 Command Block command_block
MC-0139 Cobblestone Wall cobblestone_wall
MC-2257 Record Cat record_cat
MC-2256 Record 13 record_13
MC-2259 Record Chirp record_chirp
MC-2258 Record Blocks record_blocks
MC-0121 End Stone end_stone
MC-0120 End Portal Frame end_portal_frame
MC-0125 Double Wooden Slab double_wooden_slab
MC-0124 Lit Redstone Lamp lit_redstone_lamp
MC-0123 Redstone Lamp redstone_lamp
MC-0122 Dragon Egg dragon_egg
MC-0129 Emerald Ore emerald_ore
MC-0128 Sandstone Stairs sandstone_stairs
MC-0127 Cocoa cocoa
MC-0126 Wooden Slab wooden_slab
MC-0119 End Portal end_portal