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'''Section 1 - Getting Started in Polycraft'''<br>
'''Section 1 - Getting Started in Polycraft'''<br>
1.1 Craft (''Level 1 - You will be a Level 1 Polycrafter when you make a [[Crafting_Table|crafting table]]'' ) <br>
1.1 Craft (''Level 1 - You will be a Level 1 Polycrafter when you make a [[Crafting_Table|crafting table]]'' ) <br>
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6weFDi6y2d8 video]] - How to craft and deploy a [[Tree Tap|tree tap]] <br>
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6weFDi6y2d8 video]] - craft and deploy a [[Tree Tap|tree tap]] <br>
* video - How to smelt your first [[Block_(PolyIsoPrene)|PolyIsoprene Block]] <br>
* video - smelt your first [[Block_(PolyIsoPrene)|PolyIsoprene Block]] <br>
* video - How to craft [[Pogo_Sticks|pogo sticks]] <br>
* video - craft a [[Pogo_Sticks|pogo stick]] <br>
1.2 Smelt (''Level 2 - You will be a Level 2 Polycrafter when you craft a [[Furnace|furnace]] and [[Tree Tap| tree tap]]'' '')<br>
1.2 Smelt (''Level 2 - You will be a Level 2 Polycrafter when you craft a [[Furnace|furnace]] and [[Tree Tap| tree tap]]'' '')<br>
* [[https://youtu.be/tvtZMDH4utg video]] - craft a [[Machining_Mill|machining mill]] and mill your [[Mold (Gasket)|first metal mold]] <br>
* [[https://youtu.be/tvtZMDH4utg video]] - craft a [[Machining_Mill|machining mill]] and mill your [[Mold (Gasket)|first metal mold]] <br>

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Welcome to Polycraft World

Quick Links


Minecraft is a popular world builder computer game in which each voxel in an artificial world represents a block of material such as wood, dirt, stone, water, glass, etc. Players are immersed in a 3-D world in which each block can be mined, chopped, dug or harvested and rebuilt elsewhere. Players collect resources to build better tools, collect rare resources and begin to build civilizations on massive multiplayer servers. Every 10 minutes, night falls and enemies emerge. Players must fight, or build structures to protect themselves. As the game progresses, players can mine materials like redstone which can be crafted into diodes, switches and triggers and allows users to build circuitry in this virtual world. YouTube videos show monumental constructions of working computers, automatic farming and mining and replica castles and civil structures. Millions of users interact in these creative virtual realms.

Polycraft World is a comprehensive mod for Minecraft that introduces features ranging from petrochemical refining and harvesting of new ore types to the construction of polymers, plastics and many specialty items based on the new additions. Enterprising players can build tree taps and extract natural rubber from trees to build rubber blocks, pogo sticks and more. Adventurers can find above ground oilfields and mine custom minerals and elements including copper, tin, nickel, platinum, palladium, silver and more... Engineers can construct machining mills to make molds from metal ingots such as titanium, magnesium, manganese, cobalt, nickel, antimony, tungsten, platinum, bismuth and aluminum and from alloys such as brass and bronze. Materials scientists can create injection molders and extruders to melt process a whole range of polymers into running shoes, scuba gear, plastic bricks, a host of gripped tools and more... Aspiring chemical engineers, can advance into the age of oil through distillation columns, steam crackers, merox treatment units and chemical processors. This allows the production of increasingly sophisticated polymers and other materials that opens the door for overpowered items such as jet packs, scuba tanks, flame throwers and phase shifters. This and more awaits in Polycraft World!

Setup Instructions

1. Download and install Minecraft
2. Download the one-click installer: polycraft-installer-beta.jar file
3. Make sure your Minecraft profile is edited to use version 1.7.10. 4. If you have a previous version of Polycraft World installed or non-compatible mods, you must navigate to the mods folder and remove those.

Note: If the one-click installer does not work, please report it to us and follow these manual instructions.

Major Differences from Vanilla Minecraft

  • You will start the game in the center of UT Dallas campus and not be able to edit things. You can venture outward, explore the UT Dallas campus or warp to your own Private Property using these teleport commands.
  • Communication over long distances has become more sophisticated.
  • Your preferred world will merge all private property you own into a global file every 24 hours and resync will all game servers. Thus private property syncs across the universe of Polycraft World servers.
  • Each week, a new $5,000 scholarship competition will be announced for the "Polycrafter of the Week" starting Sept. 3, 2015.

Item Page Links


Section 1 - Getting Started in Polycraft
1.1 Craft (Level 1 - You will be a Level 1 Polycrafter when you make a crafting table )

1.2 Smelt (Level 2 - You will be a Level 2 Polycrafter when you craft a furnace and tree tap )

1.3 Mill, Mold, Extrude (Level 3 - You will be a Level 3 Polycrafter when you build a machining mill, extruder, and an injection molder)

1.4 Distill (Level 4 - You will be a Level 4 Polycrafter when you build a distillation column)

1.5 Crack (Level 5 - You will be a Level 5 Polycrafter when you build a steam cracker )

1.6 Treat (Level 6 - You will be a Level 6 Polycrafter when you build a merox treatment unit )

1.7 Process, Condense (Level 7 - You will be a Level 7 Polycrafter when you build a chemical processor )

  • video - process plastics to improve their properties: faster shoes, better gripped tools, bouncier blocks, etc.
  • video - craft a condenser
  • video - craft an oil derrick

1.8 Frack (Level 8 - You will be a Level 8 Polycrafter when you build an oil derrick )

  • video - petrochemical refining at scale
  • video - getting to ABS and Plastic Bricks
  • video - rapid construction with Plastic Bricks

Section 2 - (Advanced) Engineering Automation in Polycraft
2.1 - A Drastic Fantastic Elastic Tactic: the Natural Rubber Farm (video - coming soon)
2.2 - Need for Speed: Creating a Shoe Factory to equip your server (video - coming soon)
2.3 - Handling your New Grip on Life: Mass manufacturing toward gripped tools (video - coming soon)
2.4 - Distilling it Down to the Basics: How to automate petrochemical refining (video - coming soon)
2.5 - Bouncing to New Heights: How to set up a parkour adventure (video - coming soon)
2.6 - Flame-broiled Steak - Using flame throwers and cattle to feed your server (video - coming soon)

Section 3 - (Expert) Polymer Tech Trees --Coming soon
3.1 - PolyIsoPrene (Natural Rubber)
3.2 - Low Density PolyEthylene (PE)
3.3 - PolyPropylene (PP)
3.4 - PolyStyrene (PS)
3.5 - PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC)
3.6 - Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR)
3.7 - Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS)
3.8 - PolyEthylene Terephthalate (PET)
3.9 - PolyCarbonate (PC)

Section 4 - (Experts Having Fun) Polycraft World Competitions --Coming soon
4.1 - A flamethrower, jetpack aerial battle for air supremacy.
4.2 - The floor is lava: bouncing your way into an air castle.


Version 1.3.6 - Updated 9/17/2015

  • Fixed whitelist, server, portal communications by passing all usernames as lowercase strings to accommodate capitalization issues.
  • Fixed recipes for making Powder Keg (PolyVinyl Chloride Pellets) and Sack (PolyVinyl Chloride Pellets) so that cleanrooms can be constructed.
  • Added in recipes for different versions of nylon and enabled the production of a Parachute.
  • Fixed issues with random teleporting when you enter forbidden properties.
  • Fixed issues that teleport you to the surface if you run into forbidden properties while mining.
  • Added Base Camps, single chunk private properties in the southeast. Once you figure out their coordinates, you can teleport back and forth from them to your private property and use them for more efficient mining.
  • Silicon and cinnabar will only spawn in chunks that had not been loaded when they were added, so you will have to do some exploring to find these materials.

Version 1.3.5 - Updated 8/19/2015

  • Note: This version is the last beta release.
  • Communication: We have tweaked major communication mechanics in the game to prevent text griefing on large servers. Default communication distance has been set at 32 blocks. Voice cones allow 64 block communication. Megaphones allow 128 block communications. Walky Talkies allow communications on select frequencies to others with Walky Talkies on that frequency up to 1,024 blocks away. HAM Radios allow communication on select frequencies to others with HAM radios up to 8,096 blocks away. Cell phones replace the "/tell" command. To use a cell phone type "username: message." Smart phones allow communications over arbitrary distances with other smart phone users. In a future update this will limit communication to only portal friends when using smart phones.
  • Photolithography: We have introduced the concept of a cleanroom and a contact printer that allows manufacture of integrated circuits. Cleanrooms must be built from Blocks (PVC) floors, Blocks (PP), pipes or stained glass walls and ceilings. There is list of allowed items in a cleanroom.
  • Minor recipe tweaks
  • Updated ~tp command to take you to the center of your Private Property
  • Updated ~tp user username to teleport you to a specific user if they are in a property to which you have access.
  • Added world merging code to pull and sync private properties from across the Polycraft World Universe of servers.
  • Built in back-end to manage scholarship competitions which begins Sept. 3, 2015.

Version 1.3.0 - Updated 6/5/2015

  • Note: This version is the first beta release and is available at our Polycraft World Portal. Full registration is open. Hosted servers with Private Property are available and supported by UT Dallas for at least the first 10,000 Polycrafters... Happy crafting.

Version 1.2.8 is available - Updated 5/28/2015

  • Note: In this version we have fixed issues with flamethrowers (they now work as intended). We have added two new types of fueled lamps (flood lights and gaslamps). We have fixed private property to respect collision blocks around 3D inventories. We have added water cannons and freeze rays. Other minor code fixes and tweaks.

Version 1.2.3 - Updated 5/5/2015

  • Note: In this version we are fixing issues with private property to scale across tens of thousands of private properties for large servers. We are providing updates to the 3D textures for the injection molder and the machining mill. We are fixing other small bugs with inventories dropping multiple items (thanks Chuck). We will also release a new texture pack to continue to refine gameplay experience.

Version 1.1.8 - Updated 3/25/2015

  • Note: In this mod release we are improving the look of several of the Polycraft inventories, including the distillation column, steam cracker, chemical processor, and injection molder. These units are now much larger than they were in the previous releases. If you've set up these machines in an enclosed space, you might want to break them down before you update your mod. You'll be able to place them back afterwards, once you've made enough room to hold them.

Found Bugs? Want to help?

We will continue to update the game to fix bugs and add compelling content into the future. Thank you for your support. Interested in programming? building new in-game items? working to make the wiki? general helping? Trust us, there's plenty of fun stuff to do. Shoot an email to the Polycraft World team at [support@polycraftworld.com].