List of Inventories

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ID Icon Inventory Crafting Release Version
3h Tree Tap Tree Tap
Oak Wood Planks
Oak Wood Planks
Oak Wood Planks
Oak Wood Planks
Oak Wood Planks
Tree Tap

3i Machining Mill Machining Mill 1.0.0
3j Extruder Extruder 1.0.0
3k Injection Molder Injection Molder 1.0.0
3D Steam Cracker Steam Cracker 1.0.0
3E Distillation Column Distillation Column 1.0.0
3F Industrial Oven Industrial Oven 1.0.0
3V Fueled Lamp Fueled Lamp 1.0.0
3J Chemical Processor Chemical Processor 1.0.0
3K Oil Derrick Oil Derrick 1.0.0
3L Plastic Chest Plastic Chest 1.0.0
41 Spotlight Spotlight 1.0.0
5N Merox Treatment Unit Merox Treatment Unit 1.0.0
5j Flow Regulator Flow Regulator 1.0.0
20 Condenser Condenser 1.0.0