List of Custom Objects

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ID Icon Custom Object Release Version
3l Metal Screw Metal Screw 1.0.0
3m Bucket (Crude Oil) Bucket (Crude Oil) 1.0.0
3n Flame Thrower Flame Thrower 1.0.0
3o Flashlight Flashlight 1.0.0
3p Jet Pack Jet Pack 1.0.0
5a Parachute Parachute 1.0.0
3q Laser Laser 1.0.0
3r Phase Shifter Phase Shifter 1.0.0
3x Scuba Tank Scuba Tank 1.0.0
3A Wetsuit Wetsuit 1.0.0
3C Structural Truss Structural Truss 1.0.0
3G Barley Barley 1.0.0
3H Grapes Grapes 1.0.0
3I Copper Pipe Copper Pipe 1.0.0
3M Regulator Regulator 1.0.0
3P Lighter Lighter 1.0.0
3Q Rubber Mesh X Rubber Mesh X 1.0.0
3R Rubber Mesh O Rubber Mesh O 1.0.0
3S Trampoline Mesh Trampoline Mesh 1.0.0
3T Trampoline Trampoline 1.0.0
3X Gas Mantle Gas Mantle 1.0.0
5b Kevlar Vest Kevlar Vest 1.0.0
5d Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger 1.0.0
5e Heat Fins Heat Fins 1.0.0
5r Flashlight Shaft Flashlight Shaft 1.0.0
21 Metalized PET film Metalized PET film 1.0.0