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As of version 1.2.8, there are three types of Fueled Lamps in Polycraft World: Flood Lights, Gaslamps,and Spotlights. The fueled lamps operate by placing fuel into the GUI that pops up when you Right Click on a Fueled Lamp Block. The behavior of each type of Fueled Lamp varies. Spotlights light up long narrow distances (essentially 1D with spread), Flood Lights light up vast planar areas (essentially 2D with spread), and Gaslamps light up large cubic areas (essentially 3D with spread).

Fueled lamps shine for different distances depending on the heat intensity of the fuel source. More powerful fuels such as Drum (Sweet Kerosene) enable larger areas of the map to be lit up than say a Drum (Crude Oil). Fueled lamps take Drums, Beakers and Vials of Fuel and will last longer depending on the size of the fuel container and the properties of the fuel itself.


Name Value
RangePerHeatIntensity 5
AutomaticInputCooldownSecs 1
Release Version 1.0.0


Crafting Table

Outputs Components Recipe
Glass Pane
Copper Pipe
Glass Pane
Glass Pane
Gas Mantle
Fueled Lamp



Gui fueled lamp.png