First Two Days

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This page is meant to take you through your first two days (40 real world minutes) of Minecraft play. It takes you step by step though how to make tools, build shelter, and secure food. Don't be discouraged if you're not able to accomplish all these tasks in the first two days, as long as you are able to build some kind of shelter, you can learn everything else at your own pace.

Day 1 - Daytime (10 real world minutes)

The Controls-how to move around and do things
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E and the inventory Inventory crafting

Getting Wood
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Building a crafting table

Making Wooden Tools
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Harvesting Cobblestone
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Making stone tools
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Make a shelter for the night You want to be mining during the first night so you need shelter.

Day 1 - Nighttime (10 real world minutes)

Building a furnace

Coal and Charcoal

Finding Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Polycraft Ores

Day 2 - Daytime(10 real world minutes)

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