COVID Challenge Round 1

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Round 1 of the BEST Robotics Polycraft COVID Challenge will take place from October 1-Nov 7, 2020.

Teams of BEST Robotics students will work together to solve puzzles, develop strategies, and meet milestones to accumulate the highest score possible.

Each team's first 50 hours of gameplay will be used to determine their progress and resulting score for this round.

Round 1 is all about rapidly responding to the COVID outbreak in Polycraft and managing the growing number of patients coming to your clinic.

There are 3 Medical Milestones for Round 1:

  • Medical Milestone 1: Create a Clinic.
  • Medical Milestone 2: Stock the clinic with PPE and Testing Kits to activate it.
  • Medical Milestone 3: Cure 128 infected Polycraft Citizens.

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