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One Done, Time for more Fun!

Composting is a great way to reduce waste! By combining materials that you would normally send to landfills, you can create a mixture that will fertilize and improve soil in anything from gardens, to horticulture to landscaping or farming projects. Basically, creating compost is done by mixing "green material" and "brown material". Brown materials for composting are dry, woody plant material like leaves, wood chips, sawdust, and newspaper. These act as a source of carbon for your compost pile and add bulk to allow air in. Green materials for composting are mostly nitrogen-rich wet materials like food scraps, grass clippings, and weeds. Together with air (oxygen) and water, these materials combine and break down (faster than in landfills!) over time to create a good fertilizer.
Another material that can be recycled into fertilizer is gypsum, which makes up the majority of drywall. Reclaiming drywall from building demolitions means less gypsum needs to be mined. Additionally, gypsum is widely used as an ingredient in the production of fertilizers, as an addition to soils and crops to improve plant health, and even as an additive for composting!

Find in the text above directions to your next puzzle:

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