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Figure 1: COVID Clinic ready for patients


Coronavirus has spread through the Polycraft World universe and we need you to help combat the disease and save our citizens. You and your team will build a medical clinic and work to test, treat and keep patients healthy. Your team has limited time to get the highest score by curing as many patients as you can. You will need to come up with strategies to stay ahead of the disease as more and more patients come to your clinic each shift.   Your wits will also be tested with a variety of side missions. If you can complete these, you will get valuable resources to help your battle against COVID.

Polycraft World needs you! Good luck, engineers and clinicians!


Useful Commands

Users can press 'p' in game to pop up private property information on the top left of their screen.

Users can press 't' in game to enter the chat. Typing here and pressing 'Enter' will send messages to all other users on the server. Users can also type useful commands here.

Command Description
'/help' This command will pop-up some guidance and information about other useful commands
'/teamspace' This command will teleport a user to the team's private property. Users must be in a private property to use this command.
'/goto utd' This command will teleport a user to the center of UTD, Polycraft World's spawn point.
'/exit' This command will teleport a user out of an escape room back to UTD.
'/progress' This command will pop-up information about how far along you are in the COVID Challenge

Private Team Properties

Teams will have a private property where only their team can modify the environment and other teams can not interfere with their progress.

Team Time Limits

Teams will be scored for their first 50 hours of play time for Round 1 and an additional 50 hours for Round 2. This means a team of 5 playing together will have their first 10 hours of playtime scored (collectively 50h).

Team Scoring

Teams scores will be based on their progress in testing and treating COVID patients. Major score bonuses will be provided when each Medical Milestone is reached. There will be 3 Medical Milestones in Round 1 and 3 additional Medical Milestones in the Championship Round.

Puzzle Rooms

There will be puzzle rooms to challenge teams to solve problems together in the environment outside of the team's private property. Teams can complete these puzzle rooms to earn rewards that are critical for meeting their Medical Milestones.

BEST Robotics Polycraft COVID Challenge Round 1

Round 1 will take place from October 1-31, 2020. The 3 Medical Milestones for Round 1 will be as follows:

  • Tier 1 Medical Milestone: Create a Clinic.
  • Tier 2 Medical Milestone: Stock the clinic with PPE and Testing Kits to activate it.
  • Tier 3 Medical Milestone: Cure 128 infected Polycraft Citizens.

BEST Robotics Polycraft COVID Challenge Round 2

Coming in November...

Signing Up

More Detailed Set-Up Instructions and Installation FAQs

Troubleshooting and Gameplay FAQs


  • Problems with your Team's Private Property? Have your entire team log out from the server. Wait for 60 seconds, then try logging in again.
  • Problems with a Puzzle Room? Have your entire team exit the escape room, wait 20 seconds, then try re-entering.

Gameplay FAQs

Must the 50 hours be played consecutively?
Your team's fifty hours will be based on the timestamp of actions taken in-game. Our scoring analytics will log all of your team's actions on our servers that accrue points (see scoring) and the first fifty hours of actions across all team members will be counted towards your round score.

How do we 'submit' when we are done?
No submissions are necessary! The scoring analytics is logging your actions so we will know when you've successfully completed all of your tasks.

Are there any 'due dates' for when these tasks are due?
The round ends on October 31st at 11:59PM. Any actions taken towards Round 1 objectives after that time will not be counted towards your round score. Please see the scoring page for details on what actions count towards your team's score.

Our teamspace is in the ocean, can we have a new one?
We are not able to reassign teamspaces. If your team starts in the ocean, we are aware it isn't ideal, but having all that flat space can be a blessing in disguise. For ocean teamspaces, we have the following recommendations:

  • Utilize the land around Base Camps to gather resources.
  • Utilize Lily Pads to start building on the water.

Have more questions? Send them our way at

Patches and Bug Fixes

  • Oct. 13 - FIXED Too many spawns in teamspace - We have pushed a fix and it seems to be working.
    • We have removed duplicate animals/mobs in teamspaces. This should also help with some of the server issues players have recently experienced
    • We have removed COVID citizens that should have despawned
    • Negative points for killing COVID citizens and having disease spread will not be counted from October 1st to October 13th, but will be counted from now on.
  • Oct. 8 - FIXED Problems with scavenger hunt identified and fixed.
  • Oct. 8 - FIXED Problem with joining team server.
  • Oct. 7 - FIXED Missing Items from Chests & Inventories: Chests/Inventories in private properties seem to be missing items after logging out and logging back in. We've investigated and repaired a bug that removes items from chests & inventories.
    • The 50-hour timer will be reset to start at 12:00AM CST on 10/7/2020.
    • All teams who have played in the challenge so far will have their actions up to the reset scored as stated in the scoring rubric and added to their final point total.

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