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We've made getting started on the BEST Robotics Polycraft COVID Challenge as straightforward as possible. Walk through the following steps and you'll be curing patients in no time!

  • Sign-up at | Best Robotics.
  • Go to | Polycraft World.
  • Click "Participate in 2020 BEST Robotics COVID Challenge".
  • Download and Install the proper launcher for your system.
  • Open the launcher, and sign in with your Mojang account.
  • Click "PCW Update", then "Play Polycraft World"
  • Connect your Student BEST Robotics account with your Minecraft account through the in-game pop-up screens.
  • In game, type "/teamspace" to teleport to your team's private property where you can start the challenge!

Alternate Installation

  • Direct download of .jar file instructions coming soon...


  • The launcher won't sign me in. What's the problem with my Java?
    • You need to confirm you have java version 1.8.XX.

  • Why isn't my Mojang sign-in working?
    • You need to make sure you have Minecraft:Java Edition to play on Polycraft World.

  • I'm not part of BEST Robotics. Can I still participate in this Challenge?
    • No, this challenge is exclusively for individuals taking part in BEST Robotics 2020. You can still play Polycraft World as a free mod on top of your existing Minecraft license using instructions here.

  • What about Parent/Teacher/Mentor BEST Robotic accounts?
    • Students must link their own student account to be able to play. Parent/Teacher/Mentor BEST Robotics accounts are not eligible to participate in this challenge and will not be able to enter the team’s private property

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